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    In town there is a street with various bars and restaurants where a lot of college aged people go to hangout. One night a group of my friends and I went out drinking. There were 4 of us, 3 girls and 1 guy. We bar hopped from 3 different places, having beer after beer. I could feel the urge to pee slowly building and building. We all decided to walk home which was about 1.5 miles away. Immediately upon our walk home I realize I am getting desperate to pee. I whisper to one of the girls that I need to pee. She giggles and says she also has to pee... she blurts out to the group that she is desperate to take a piss. Our guy friend laughs too and says he knows of a place. He walks ahead of us nearing one of the bars. There is a very small alley where there are 3 walls of neighboring buildings and a dumpster. He tells us this is where he always goes for a pee on a night out. The only problem is that it is a reasonably wide alley and a street light is right in front. I decide I am drunk enough that I don't care... my friend follows my lead. I stand right against the wall looking ahead to the street light. I hike up my dress, pull my panties to my knees and let go with my back against the wall. You can hear the hiss of my stream as it hits the pavement. My friend pulled down her jeans and went for a low squat. As her first drops of pee fell out, two other girls run into the alley and look embarrassed as they blurt out that they had the same idea. The two new girls go towards the wall facing the dumpster, both have on jeans and pull them to their ankles, then squat down. I can't help but notice how they look at each others pussies as each begins to go. As soon as I stand up, our 3rd female friend shyly runs to the same wall I leaned on and follows my previous actions. She has on a short dress, but surprisingly no panties... she leans against the wall and spreads her legs and lets go. I stand watching the two random girls and my other friend forcefully pissing onto the ground. All of us soak the ground. Our guy friend watched all of this and had quite the erection. We all made ourselves decent and continued on our journey. The 2 girls got dropped off at their houses while my guy friend and I decided to sit on his porch and talk. He confessed to me he has a thing for watching girls pee. I tell him I really enjoyed being watched... this is where he mentions how he has always wanted a girl to piss down his porch steps. We are sitting on the 4th step, right below the porch. I do have to pee again.... I tell him it's only fair if I can watch him too. I tell him I want him to unzip his jeans, pull out his cock, and lean forward to piss while sitting. He agrees... he unbuttons his pants, pulls out his cock and at the same time I spread my legs and pull my panties to the side. I start first and let out a steady strong stream that continues for at least 20 seconds. He is now pissing down his stairs while looking at my pussy. We are watching each other not even paying attention to if anyone is watching us or not. It felt so good to let go and to watch him do the same. When we finished he put his now chubby cock back into his jeans, and I took my hand off my panties. This prompted him to reach over and put his hand against my panties. I took his hand and slid it into my panties and he started slowly circling my moist clit. This continued until I came against his fingertips on his porch where our puddles sat below us.
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    Category One : Best forum contributor @Sephora Category Two : Best picture contributor @steve25805 Category Three : Best video contributor @Ozabot Category Four : Best fictional writer @pobox9847 Category Five : Best real story/sighting @Starks2010 Category Six : Best Newcomer @Grizzly Man Category Seven : Wettest member @puddyls
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    so a few weeks ago, i had gone to have a massage and i guess i was way relaxed afterwards. plus it didn't help being kneaded while not having been potty for awhile. 😜 anyways, despite using their bathroom to tidy up a bit, i opted to hold instead of go potty. i was going to walk around the shopping center a bit, and maybe eat, but that pressing feeling was becoming more urgent. it wasn't long before i found a low pillar that offered some privacy from the main parking lot. i slid my pants and undies off, my pee began escaping as i squatted.
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    It looks like it's going to be a wet Christmas this year.
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    Category One : Best forum contributor Steve25805 Category Two : Best picture contributor Ozabot Category Three : Best video contributor Will64 Category Four : Best fictional writer So many amazing choices, it is hard to say. I'm going to nominate PrincessMermaid, who produced a number of stories I really enjoyed. This is no slight on the other writers I considered. Category Five : Best real story/sighting sillyme Category Six : Best Newcomer Spywareonya
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    I want to thank Nopjans for nominating me as best newcomer. Sincerely, I gave this forum my soul. I took it from a very personal stance and I am feeling at home here, the way I write clearly demonstrate it. Obviously, advices and comments are always welcome! Thank you all in advance!
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    If mine is the last post, you can bet the custom story will involve girls peeing in naughty places, lol
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    On my way home from work I just peed in an elevator a few hours ago. It was one of those with a metal floor. It was an elevator for a parking garage that has no cameras. I rode it to the bottom level of the garage saw as it was late at night no one was nearby in that level. I waited for the doors to close. I realized no one was on that floor of the garage so it wasn't going to open soon without me pushing the button. It won't open on a different floor with out going up first. I unzipped my pants and let out a wee peeing on the floor of the elevator letting my beautiful yellow pee hit the metal floor and make a noise. I kept on letting it out making a large puddle on the floor, until the last drops. Then I put it back in zipped my pants up, rode the elevator back to street level and headed on to the bus. Now I'm really horny thinking of this fun adventure.
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    Sincerely, I'll just pee on the floor scouting a bit from the edge though remaining seated on the backseat itself. No tissues, I never wipe (unless they are a chance to ask somebody -a stranger or a friend I'd like to fuck- to stay with me while I pee) 'cause I shave it completely and keep it open with my fingers as I pee so I do not need to wipe. And sincerely speaking, I wouldn't do it anyway. Also, very probably I would soak the back of the frontseat too as I spray particularly forward. (All of this is because you asked about backseat pissing. If I should have stopped reading at the first line where you asked how would I use your car for my relief without reaching the part where you wrote about the backseat itself, I would have told you that I largely prefer to piss croughing on the passenger frontseat, with my back almost horizontal and my pussy stretched forward, swinging left and right, spraying everything from the steering wheel to the inside of my-side car door. Driver seat and driver seat occupant included. You said "offer your car", never talked about damage-limit sadly, I never had to opportunity to do something like that. Alex pissed all over the inside of one of his ex's car (her included) without asking permission as a sign of male dominance. She got mad at first but later they fucked hard and made peace. She is the one, among my man's ex girlfriends, I would really like to have a fuck with, the most. She's gorgeous and wild. Back about backseat pissing, I had been about to do that after a marvellous fuck with one of my lesbian lovers (I was a bit tipsy and it still was not afterdark and we were in a parking lot outside a residential complex) but as soon as the first trickle came out she understood what I was gonna do so she laughed loudly and shouted at me not to pee there 'cause it was her mom's car. For a while I thought about keep doing that anyway as some kind of cruel joke/ psychological S/M, but the need was too great so I just opened the car door and simply scouted my muff outside, spraying in out with full force on the concrete below. I also remember I farted loud and she started laughing again. Do not know how did I managed not to be seen by anybody. That place is CROWDED. We stopped there simply because we didn't know about that in first place. Furthermore, when you are horny you don't give a fuck anyway, isn't it? As back as I go with my memory, never took an actual piss into someone's car, only let out small dribbles on the seat after drunk partying while going home (mine or my sex-prey's one). Sometimes done with friends too, and when they asked me explainations about stranges spots I said they were pussy-marks because I never wear panties and the party made me feel hot. They were so embarassed that they quit asking for more!
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    This morning I woke up with a hard on, then the pee videos I was watching on my phone didn't help any. I started stroking The Tool though I had to take that morning leak. Didn't want to get up but I know if I pissed the ejaculation would feel better. I got up, still watching the videos on my phone, opened the shower door, my long, hard, dick was already pulled out above the waistband of my boxers and I let out a long hard stream that hit the opposite wall of the shower. I shook the best I could being so rock and returned to bed to beat.
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    Category One : Best forum contributor @Sephora Category Two : Best picture contributor @steve25805 Category Three : Best video contributor @Ozabot Category Four : Best fictional writer @Alfresco Category Five : Best real story/sighting @Starks2010 Category Six : Best Newcomer @Grizzly Man Category Seven : Wettest member @puddyls
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    Forgive me if I got this picture off this forum. This girl really had to relieve herself.
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    If I remember correctly, it was voted the 9th most common/popular fetish in the UK so I'd say there's a very large amount of people who share our interest. Even if it's just a slight interest, like finding it interesting watching the opposite sex peeing just because it is different. Or fascinated by how women are all unique with how they pee. The different streams, tinkles, wiping etc.
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    I started as a really young kid; loved peeing while sitting in the water's edge at the beach or standing knee-deep & letting if out before getting fully into the water, plus pissing through my swimsuit in the shower afterwards. Around the same time, not sure which came first- friends & I would sometimes take baths together & we'd watch each other stand up & pee. The naughtiness of it was definitely a motivating factor..
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    If only life were so simple, eh? Post some of your past experiences though, or even just share some details about what you're into, and you may have some chance at least.
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    Mrs Claus joined the fire brigade! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph567a61ecc7f52
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    It takes time for people to stumble across a thread like this. But people will. Give it a couple of days and if members still haven't noticed it, we can post links to it in some of the other most popular subforums.
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    Thanks for the effort you put into this Sophie. My nominations are......... Best Forum Contributor - Sophie Best Picture Contributor - zzyzx52 Best Video Contributor - Ozabot Best Fictional Writer - Nopjans Best Real Story/Sighting - Sophie Best Newcomer - Natapee Wettest Member - zzyzx52
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    Cant get enough of it!
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    Best videos OZABOT Best Pictures ZZYZX52 Best Fiction SOPHIE Best real sightings SEPHORA Best newcomer GRIZZLY MAN Wettest PUDDYLS
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    Only a bit on the floor so not too spectacular. But better than nothing! Train: http://www.eroprofile.com/m/videos/view/TRAIN-TRAVEL Changing room https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5a228b7980523
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    Now you're thinking my style I also like the idea of scooting off the edge and pulling my panties down
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    How about you find a park bench and sit on the top part so your butt hangs over then let it flow.
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    Dear Wet Carpet, Road trips can be boring sometimes, but I need to tell you about one that was anything but boring. Last spring, two of my friends, Susanna and Dharla, and I decided to drive to the mountains for a day trip. We knew the trip would take us through some windy back roads. We did not, however, expect it to be so far in the middle of nowhere that we would struggle to find places to stop for the bathroom. As you’ll see, this didn’t turn out to be such a bad thing. I won’t bore you with all the trip preparation details, but we first ran into a problem about two hours into our trip when we were getting deep into the mountains and there was literally nothing around except trees, rocks, and the road. Susanna, who was sitting up front with me, was the first to speak up. “Hey, are we near a bathroom? I’m gonna need to go soon.” “Um, I really don’t know,” I said. “This is my first time on this road. I’m just following the map.” Out of the corner of my eye I could see her moving around in her seat, shifting her legs and putting her hands in her lap. “How bad is it?” I asked. “I could use a break, too,” Dharla said. “I mean, I’m not about to explode or anything, but it’s definitely a need,” Susanna said. I sat up a little in my seat, aware of my own growing need. I also wasn’t feeling desperate, but it was definitely noticeable. “Well, I’m about to go,” Dharla said. “I was trying to hold out hoping we’d find something soon, but there’s nothing.” “Nope,” I said. Susanna sighed as we stopped at an intersection and I turned left, still seeing nothing, not even houses. Just road, guardrail, signs, and the woods. “Yeah, we’d better find something soon,” Dharla said. “Well, I can’t really pull over because there’s pretty much no curb. The guardrail is so close to the road because I guess they’re worried someone might drive over the mountain. “Oh my god, girls, I’m about to bust,” Dharla said. I could see her in my rearview mirror rocking back and forth in her seat, holding her crotch. I thought for a moment as I looked around and still did not see anywhere to pull off. I finally thought, Screw it, and glanced back at Dharla in the mirror. “Do whatever you have to do, Dharla,” I said. “Are you serious?” she asked. “Yes,” I said. “There’s literally nowhere to pull off safely, and you’re about to wet yourself anyway. It’s okay.” “Thank you,” she said, and I could see in the mirror that she didn’t waste any time unbuttoning her jeans and tugging them and her flowery panties down her fit mocha colored legs. I tried to keep my eyes focused on the road, but Susanna turned back and watched. “I’m sorry, Kristen,” she said as she scooted forward. Within seconds, I could hear a soft hissing followed by an unmistakable splattering sound as her pee fell to the floor of my car. I could her it splashing against the stuff in my floor, which I was pretty sure was just trash anyway. “It’s okay,” I said. “I need to get it detailed anyway, and you couldn’t help it.” Dharla was still peeing full-force as she moaned to show her relief. “Ohhh, that’s so much better. I can’t believe I’m pissing in the back of your car, but I really had to go.” She laughed. “And I think I see a cup in your floor. I could’ve used that.” We all laughed then. “Too late now,” I said. “I need to go, too,” Susanna said. “Do you want the cup?” Dharla asked. The sounds of her pee were dwindling. Susanna glanced at me as if she wanted my permission for something. I smiled, knowingly. “No,” Susanna said. “I’m in the front seat anyway and it would be too obvious if we passed anybody and they looked in the window.” She winked at me and I laughed again. I kept trying to focus on the road but could not help but watch as Susanna unbuttoned her jeans and then slid them just enough that they exposed her pale but round bottom and her vagina to the cushioned seat under her. “Are you sure?” she mouthed to me. I just nodded. “What are you doing?” Dharla asked. I could see in the rearview that she was pulling her jeans back up and then she leaned forward in her seat. “Oh my god, are you going to…?” “I am,” Susanna said. She sat back in her seat and closed her eyes. A few seconds later we could all hear the soft hissing of her pee as it sprayed out of her and soaked into the passenger seat of my car. She opened her mouth and gasped as the sound got louder and her flow increased. “Oh, god that feels good,” she said. “But your jeans are going to get soaked when you put them back on and sit on that seat,” Dharla said. “Mmm,” Susanna said, “don’t care…worth it. Ohhh, god, Kristen, I hope this isn’t the last time you let me do this. Ohhhh, god.” She gasped again, and to my surprise she pulled her jeans down further and now we could see her warm flow of pee spraying into the seat under her. “Oh, it probably won’t be, because I’m about to join you,” I said. When we planned the trip, I had anticipated that bathroom stops might be a problem, so I had worn a skirt with the thought that I might have to squat by the roadside. Never did I expect my friends and I would be wetting in my car. I sat up enough to move the back of my shirt out of the way. I thought about trying to slip my panties off but changed my mind. I glanced over and Susanna was still peeing a little and very obviously touching herself, as well. She looked at me through half-lidded eyes and smiled. “That is so hot,” Dharla said. She was sitting as close to the edge of the back seat as she could, watching Susanna intently, and her hand was stroking the crotch of her jeans. I tried to focus on the road, and finally I saw a small section of the shoulder open up, so I pulled the car over as far as I could. I put it in park and then sat back comfortably in my seat. “Let it go,” Susanna said, smiling at me. I closed my eyes and soon my warm pee leaked out and warmed the crotch of my panties. I gasped as my flow increased and my hot pee flowed out unabated and sprayed into my panties and the seat between my legs in a loud hiss that echoed in the car. “Oh, wow, that does feel good,” I said. “Yeah, I’m totally going to be soaking my seat again. Mmmm.” I reached down and pulled the gusset of my panties aside and then took my hand away as a messy spray of pee shot forward and soaked the seat and some drops splashed the floor. Most of it, though, pooled between my legs, warming my crotch. Susanna was now rubbing her clitoris furiously, and a quick glance in the mirror let me know that Dharla has slipped her hand into her jeans and was also rubbing herself. I joined them, and it only took a few brief but wet strokes of my clitoris and I was crying out as I climaxed. Dharla and Susanna both screamed almost together as they also orgasmed. “I can’t believe that just happened,” I said. Both girls agreed that it was unbelievable, in a good way. Knowing our trip was still a few more hours long, we all agreed there was no point stopping for any bathroom breaks now. Susanna reached into the small cooler at her feet and took out three water bottles, handing one to Dharla and sliding mine into the cup holder. Once during the trip, Dharla had laid down in the back seat to take a nap and woke up abruptly. “Gotta go,” she said. I glanced in the rearview and could see her pull her jeans and panties down to her ankles while still laying down. She sighed and I could hear the sound of her pee splashing out of her and drumming down onto the back seat as well as her sighs of pleasure. A little later, I felt the need to pee again, so without saying anything I let go and felt the soothing warmth of my pee as it dribbled out and soaked into my panties and seat. I looked over at Susanna who was watching me and smiling. She winked again and pointed between my legs. I just nodded and then glanced down and could see what she was pointing at. There was a small, shiny stain appearing on my skirt in the divot between my legs. I didn’t care, though, as I relaxed and let the last of my warm pee spray out of me. Susanna turned away from me and sat back in her seat. She sighed and even while driving I could see the dark spot begin to form in the crotch of her jeans. “They were wet already,” she said, still smiling but sounding out of breath. “Ohhh, that’s so warm.” I managed a quick glance and watched as the stain grew and her jeans glistened as her pee flowed out of her and soaked her pants and the seat. I heard Dharla laugh. “We’re a mess,” she said. “We’re going to have to get cleaned up before we stop anywhere.” “Who said we’re stopping,” I said. “I still have over half a tank of gas, it’s a beautiful day to just go for a drive.” They both looked at me and I smiled. “Or, we could just turn around and head back home…see what happens next?” “I like that idea,” Susanna said. “Same,” Dharla said. We drank more water and each peed at least two more times, Dharla still seeming to enjoy laying down and spraying the seat and Susanna and I just letting go just as we were sitting. It was a great drive home. And maybe someday I’ll tell you what happened when we got there.
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    Nopjans without any doubts for the best fictional writer, here and now and forever after. The Piss Empire IS a motherfucking novel
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    This happened back in late 2013. I was dating a childhood friend. I had a key to her place and sometimes I would beat her there. It was about a 45 minute drive from my place to hers. I usually had to take a leak when I got there. Me pissing places turns me on so on a few occasions I'd go in her walk in closet, make an opening in a rack of clothes, pull my dick out and relieve myself in a corner of the closet with a long hard stream (If it was a little piss I didn't bother). It felt so good to let that piss out then shake the last few drops, put my meat away and go on about my business. As I'd piss I wouldn't be hard but thick and heavy feeling, like on the way to getting hard. She knew of my fetish, she was a drinker and had plenty experiences with pissing in public which kept me turned on with her. She was pissing on her patio to the point it smelled like piss when she opened the patio door. I would clean her patio to keep her pissing out there for me.
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    For the record, I am circumcised. I wish it would've been my choice to make when grown. That being said, a coworker of mine has a daughter that just gave birth recently. The next day, another woman in the office said "she had him circumcised right?" and the other woman replied "oh yeah, he's all set." Then she continued on laughing about how the boy screamed in pain and how much blood there was. The other women found this funny as well. I've always hated how male genital cutting is mocked and written off as something to laugh at. In the spirit of equality, it should be met with as much disgust as female circumcision. It sickened me that these women were laughing at a baby experiencing so much suffering, just because they like the cut look. I've seen videos of the procedure and find it disturbing. Aesthetics is not a valid reason, nor is the so called hygienic benefits. With such logic, it would make sense to cut girls breasts out to prevent breast cancer, or removing teeth because brushing them is so much work. Yes these are extreme examples but the reasoning is the same. Some doctors have enough nerve to say that no sensation is lost in the procedure. The same doctors will freely admit that foreskin develops from the same sensitive tissue as the clitoris. Others say it's no big deal since the boy won't remember. Still not a valid reason because that is no different than striking the baby or an Alzheimer patient because that also will be forgotten. There is new research coming out revealing how the procedure alters the nervous system and pain perceptions permanently and the additional pain of urine pouring over the open wound as it heals. Circumcision rates are going down so that eases my mind to a degree but still the fact that it is still allowed and parents, particularly mothers still often want this done to their sons gets under my skin. Sorry for the rant but it was all relevant. Bottom line, nature put it there for a reason and no one should have a right to alter the most intimate part of a child's body in the name of personal preference. This is a gross violation in my view. I am not starting this topic to argue but to allow others to say where they stand. Agree or disagree?
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    That's fine It's only happened to me once and I thought it might be something good to suggest.
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    We were busy today at working cooking for a ton of people. Ny shift was almost over and i notice the the boys in the dish pit were a little backed up. I decided to give them a hand and got them caught up. Every time i do dishes like thati have to pee right after! I decided to clock out and wait till i got home. It seemed like i hit every light! But i made it home and was able to take record it. Im not gonna lie i was a little shy at first! Felt relieved and pretty horny after. Here are some screen shots.
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    Waited all day to have a naughty pee in the bedroom. It felt relieving and arousing at the same time! some of it got under the door and rolled down the hallway!
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    I worked at a bbq restaurant and on fathers day we were always ridiculously busy. Well i go out to our back dock to get another pallet of wood and as im uncovering it one of our cashiers walked right past me in a hurry! I asked what she was doing and she said desperatly that she had to pee so bad and the line was to long. Our bathrooms only had 2 stals so ya the line could get long. I watched her walk to the corner and drop her pants and started to pee all over the back dock! Her face of relief was super arousing and this girl was a looker! She peed for probably 2 minutes and i staryed the whole time. The sound of her peeing made me need to piss. As she finished up i told her i need to go now. She looked at me and said "good now i get to stare at you now." So i went over to her puddle unzipped my pants and started peeing over her spot. She watched and giggled as i went, which was turning me on. I told her i was marking my territory! She laughed and said "thats kind of sexy actually." After i finished i zipped up and grabbed the pallet jack and she went back inside. The rest of the day she would look over at me and blush evert time.
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    Hey Again Everyone! It is Margo Astra back with more good stuff to share. These just happpened today and I am typing this on my phone in the hotel on WiFi, so if there is grammar or spelling issue... please understand. ON. MY. PHONE. :1_grinning So, as I said these were both today and I wanted to make sure I got you all the details while they were still fresh in my mind. I was hanging out with the naughty pee girls Lauren and her sister Laura at the hotel for another trade show. I was off hours so to speak, as I was hired only part time for the booth I was working. Now on to what you want to hear, actually context first right? Lauren had a video she found online of an elevator trick. Im sure you have seen them, the button codes that are supposed to put it in express mode? Well her video actually showed both normal operation and override scenarios. We made sure to test it, we dropped Laura on a floor and ran all the way to the lobby. Lauren entered the code and texted Laura to call the elevator from her floor. So heres the thing, it WORKS! The only difference was that the elevator stopped on Laura's floor but the doors would not open. We tried the door open button and Laura actually knocked on the doors from outside and then the elevator went on and delivered us to our chosen floor. So now you can kinda guess what we had in mind. A private carpeted elevator that we knew would not open (YES, we were going to pee in it). We would only have 1 attempt and we were going to try and cover every inch of carpet. The cabin had fully cover floor and up to the railing with carpet. Now as I have said previously, this whole peeing where you are not supposed to is not really a thing for me, but I was on-board here for he the challenge. Besides, the carpet in hotel elevators is made to handle the wet from pool patrons. Our first try was thwarted though. We got in at the lobby, put in the code, and just as the doors closed a couple stopped them closing and joined us. They got off at their floor and the elevator run us to the top. This was actually beneficial, because we timed it for an approximation. We figured out the full ride would be just about 2:30 (two minutes: thirty seconds), so we knew we were all good. None of us pee more than 40 seconds, even (long-distance) Lauren. When we hit the top floor, we had already started prepping. Pants unbuttoned, thumbs in hemlines, you get the idea. Lauren hit the door close and entered the code for lockout and then the lobby. Laura and I were already half naked before the cabin started moving. I squatted in the middle and did surprisingly well in cover the corner (just about 1/4 of the floor). Since we were going for coverage we did not want puddles, which meant I had to work on controlling my flow. It was difficult, but I think I am going to continue working on it. If I get good enough I could pee anywhere and stop then leave or change places quickly. Laura was in a opposite corner and I was shocked to see she had covered half the floor and half way up one wall in the same time it took me to do my (tiny by comparison) area. Lauren was the real showoff, she stood and literally sidestepped along each wall, swaying her hips and drenching everything from the railing to the floor. When that was totally covered, she stopped in my corner and finished the floor off from across the area. That girl can go and she even had enough left to spot check areas. By floor three we were all dressed again and stand in the middle of very squelchy floor. We hit the lobby and dashed for hallway to conference area and disappeared in the crowd. However there's one more story to tell. The site that Lauren had used to watch the video had a code calculator for card keys. It seems that an employee for the security company that produced the keys leaked the way they are encoded and that the keys will almost always work for at least two rooms at the same time in the same building. Someone else took that info and created a web plugin that allowed you to enter your room number and output the other room you could enter. There were several comments saying the plugin was not perfect, it was often off by rounding errors and might be the room next to or across from the number it gave. We tested that too with their card and the comments were right, but we got in a room. Before the door even closed Lauren had kicked off her shoes in the bathroom and was shedding her jeans, Laura was pulling the desk chair down the hall and sitting in front of the now closed door, before getting out of her jeans too. I looked around the room to make sure no one was actually staying there and it was all clear. Real quick though, this was an average room. When you step in the bathroom was first on the left, then the closet, and the room proper from there, desk by the TV and this was a queen single. Now, the girls had wanted to show me a trick they had been working on and you sort of have the set-up already. Lauren was sitting with legs spread on the toilet with the seat down, one foot on the bath and the other on the counter. Laura had her naked butt planted on the desk chair with her heels on the edge of the seat. They were talking about coordination for a few seconds, basically making sure Laura was ready to go. I stood by the desk and looked down at Laura. Lauren started her release and from the toilet was dowsing the wall of the room. So all the way across the distance of the bathroom AND hall and still with a enough force to splash back higher than the desk. Laura started and her stream shot forward and climbed in height passing through her sister's until it hit max distance. SO, here is what you have... one stream blasting through the open door and impacting the wall, while a second stream makes a graceful arch OVER the first and soaking into the carpet on the opposite side. One girl peeing over another. ONE. OVER. THE. OTHER!!! It was the most impressive skill display I had ever seen. It didnt last very long, but it was super cool. I wanted in the fun, but I was empty, so I told them we would have to do it again sometime when I could join. They agreed of course, I would love to figure out how to get a picture (or video) of that though, because it will be THREE streams vertically next time. Not sure when I will get to write again. Trade shows have been pretty slim this year and I am getting some more modeling work but not enough really. I am taking some classes for school again and my time is not as free as it used to be... Anyway, that is enough depressing stuff for now. Hopefully I'll be back with another incident real soon.
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    "Lisa's" Story Part 2: Adventures with "Dr.P" by Dr. P. On a particularly beautiful moonlit evening in the fall, we decided to visit one of our favorite bar/restaurant establishments. It had a bit of a reputation as a "meat market", in the late '70's, but we liked it because the music was pleasant, the drinks were not as watered as those of the competition, and there was a small, but adequate dance floor, if the mood struck us. The crowd was about our age at the time, 30's and 40's, so the music was not too loud and irritating. You could actually carry on a conversation. I was wearing a close-fitting knit sheath dress, which was kind of "clingy." It ended a few inches above my knees. Under this, I was wearing "Thi-Hi" stockings, with elastic tops, no garters (or "suspenders"), and shiny black heels with ankle straps. I knew I looked good, as the dress rode up to mid thigh, when I sat down. We had 2 or 3 drinks, and ordered another round, talking and laughing intimately, when I told him I had to "go". With a wink and a grin, he said, "Well, you know where the Ladies' Room is. Come back and tell me a good story!" I said I had another idea. I wanted him to go with me, and I did not want to use the Ladies' room! "Let's go outside," I said. We walked outside together. It was a pleasant, warm night in late Fall, in L.A. The full moon had just risen, casting a surprisingly bright glow over everything. We looked in the parking lot. No way. Too small and well lit by the moon. Too many cars and people going in and out. Then we looked across the street, seeing trees and bushes, and remembered that the street was at the western edge of a large park. We crossed the street at the light and continued on the dry grass, to the east of a large grove of trees, which would shield us from view from the street. Further to the east of these trees, the grass and trees of the park stretched for as much as a half mile. It was predictably deserted at this time of the evening. We chose a spot between two cusps in the line of bushes and trees, which faced east, toward the rising moon, and was somewhat protected on the other three sides. I stood, smiling and facing the moon, and slowly raised the hem of my dress, looking alternately at him and at myself. I slipped my panties down, and leaning on him for balance, took them off and put them in my purse. Then I adjusted the hem of my dress until it was just an inch or two above my pussy, and spread my legs comfortably, until my feet were about shoulder width apart. I held my dress up, but it stayed pretty much in place, because it clung to my body. I smiled at him and said "Ready?" He dropped to his knees about 2 feet in front of me, to get the best view possible, as I started to pee. He watched me intently in the moonlight. I was able to keep my stream straight and under control, landing about 6 inches in front of my feet, in the grass. I peed for a long time, possibly for 20 or 30 seconds, until my stream weakened to a trickle and stopped. At the end, a few drops sprinkled my shiny shoes, but my legs and stockings were completely dry. I noticed the dribbles on my shoes, and giggled, a little. He leaned forward, still in his kneeling position, hugging my thighs to his face, pulling me toward him, so he could lick my pussy dry. Just then, I squirted a few final drops, and he caught them in his mouth. I giggled again. He licked my lips for a minute or so. Then I brought some Kleenex out of my purse and had him wipe me, just to make sure. He even wiped my shoes when he was done. I fluffed the hem of my dress, to free it from my body, and he helped me pull it down evenly, front and back. I did not put my panties back on. I totally enjoyed having him help me with all of these little details. His willing, enthusiastic attitude gave me a nice feeling of being well cared for. Since I hated public restrooms anyway, I suggested to him that we agree that I wouldn't use them when we were together. Instead, we would find discreet places to park the car, or other sheltered locations, where I could pee, with him watching, and protecting me from other eyes. He thought this was a wonderful idea, and readily agreed. We had some very erotic, fun adventures, as a result of this agreement. He has described most of them very well in his memoir, so I won't repeat many of them here. There was one incident which was spectacular and exciting, but almost ended in a wetting disaster, for me, so it is worth my telling about it. We had tickets to a play at a theater that was about a 40-minute drive from where we lived and worked. So we met beforehand for drinks and snacks in our local area. We were both dressed well; I was wearing a garter belt and real stockings, under a very pretty dress. We wanted to keep our pact, and I certainly wanted him to see me pee in this outfit, so I didn't do it in the bar, before we left for the theater. We agreed that we would find a place for me to "go," on the way. Traffic was heavier than expected, and we had a hard time finding an exit from the freeway where there would be some chance for privacy. I was fidgeting and getting more and more desperate with every minute, as he drove. I had my hands between my legs, pressing hard on my pussy, through my dress, trying desperately to hold my pee in. Finally, I lifted my dress, pulled it out from under me, and gathered it around my waist, exposing my bare thighs above my stockings. I told him that in case I squirted or dribbled, my legs and panties might get wet, but my dress would stay dry. I pressed my hands against my pussy, over my panties, which were thankfully still dry, and crossed my legs, for added pressure, to stop leaks. I saw him sneak a peek at my legs, showing obvious excitement and admiration. Somewhat to my surprise, I was feeling a little embarrassed by my own desperation and the extreme measures I was taking, and letting him see, to keep from wetting myself in front of him, even though I had let him watch me pee many times, under a variety of circumstances, at that point in our relationship. I told him very emphatically that he absolutely had to take the next exit, no matter what, because I couldn't possibly hold my pee a minute longer. He could see that I was very serious, and more desperate than he had ever seen me. He did take the next exit, and we were extremely lucky. The exit took us into a quiet, poorly lit residential neighborhood, with older houses set back from the street, and quite a few trees. He stopped under a tree, which afforded some privacy from the houses, and there was still some light from one of the street lamps, so he would be able to see me pee. I couldn't have cared less at that point, whether he, or anyone else could see me pee. I had to go now! I had my door open, panties off, dress already around my waist, and was sitting on the running board with my legs spread wide, before he could even get out of the car. When he got around to my side, I was already pissing a hot, ragged, wickedly hissing stream, which splashed on the pavement. It sprayed wildly and splattered on the street, pretty much out of my control. A few drops sprinkled my upper, inner thighs, above my stocking tops, but my dress, stockings and shoes stayed dry. This went on for about a minute, until my stream slowed to a stop. Then a few more drops came out, in a couple of spurts. He was there with the box of Kleenex to help me wipe my thighs and pussy. I would much rather have had him lick me, as he wanted to do, but there was no time. Besides, we didn't know anything about the neighborhood we were in, or whether we had been seen. I looked at the huge puddle on the pavement, and told him I couldn't believe that all of that had come out of me! We closed the car doors and got back on the freeway, continuing to marvel at how much I had peed, and how spectacular it looked, as it hissed and gushed out of me, in a raging torrent. I was amazed at the size and power of my stream, and how forcefully it sprayed. I told him how desperate I had been, and how I would have wet myself and my beautiful dress really badly, at any second, if we hadn't stopped when we did. He said I looked incredibly sexy, sitting there in the car, with my dress around my waist, showing my beautiful legs. He told me that my lifting my dress, pressing on my pussy with my hands, and crossing my legs tightly were all incredibly erotic in his eyes, and also gave him a very intimate look into me, and made him feel much closer to me, sharing my anxiety about wetting myself and my dress. He confided that he was feeling panic that we wouldn't find a suitable place on the first exit we took, off the freeway, but was profoundly relieved, when we did. He had no idea that I might be put in such a desperate situation, and he felt guilty that he hadn't encouraged me to pee in the Ladies' room at the bar we had left, earlier. That made me feel much more relaxed, and less anxious, knowing that he was totally on my side, and he hadn't been secretly enjoying my extreme discomfort. We remembered this incident warmly, reminisced, and chuckled about it, for months afterward. He decided that he liked to lick me dry after I peed, instead of just wiping me with t.p., when we were in the privacy of our hotel room. I enjoyed that a lot more than using t.p. He seemed to really enjoy having my pee on his tongue and in his mouth, so it occurred to me that he might like me to actually pee in his mouth. I didn't have the nerve to ask him whether he wanted me to do that, and he never asked me to do it, directly. But I noticed that the wetter I was when he licked me, the better he liked it. We occasionally met for drinks at "happy hour" in one of our favorite bars, which also had a nice, relatively secluded parking lot behind it. On this evening, when we left the bar, we got into my car, a large Cadillac, where we had room to get comfortable. We got situated in the back seat, and started kissing and fooling around. I don't know what came over me, whether it was the alcohol giving me courage, or some strong, subconscious desire, but I looked him in the eyes and said "I have to go." He looked very pleased, and started to open the car door for me to pee outside, sitting on the running board. I stopped him, saying, "No, I want to do it right there," and patted the car seat. Then I told him to lie down with his head on the spot I had pointed out, and get ready. He quickly understood what I wanted to do, and got into position, as best he could. It was summer, and I was wearing only panties under my dress, no stockings or pantyhose, so I slipped them off quickly. Then I lifted the front of my dress, and knelt over his face, with one thigh on each side of his head. My dress blocked my view of him, but it also blocked the view of anyone from outside, so I left it there, covering both of us. I had to guess where his mouth was, as I lowered myself onto his face. I really had to pee, and knew I wouldn't have any trouble getting started. Holding it while I got into position was more of a challenge. When I thought I was there, I peed a little, and felt it gush, wetting my right thigh. I stopped, and asked if he was getting any. He said yes, he was, and it was delicious. So I started again, but I could feel the warm pee running down my right leg, so I knew he must have been catching most of it with his mouth on my thigh, which I could feel. That was fine with him, but I really wanted to do it directly in his mouth, and to be a little neater, in the process! So I stopped again, shifted position, and restarted. This time, my pee gushed straight into his mouth, and he loved it, but I had to slow it down by stopping and re-starting several times, to give him time to swallow. I finally gave him all that I had, then lifted the front of my dress to watch him lick my wet thigh and lips, between my legs. He looked like he was enjoying that too, even though his face, hair, and shirt collar were soaked with my pee. We dried him off as best we could with Kleenex, but his knit shirt was still damp, when we said good night. He told me later that he loved my scent so much that he didn't wash that shirt until my pee smell faded from it, after several weeks! This gave me a couple more ideas for us to have fun. First, peeing in his mouth was an option, when we couldn't find any other place for me to pee. That could be both fun and practical, at times. And second, his keeping his pee-wet shirt unwashed after our "happy hour" adventure gave me a naughty idea: I would give him a pair of my panties, with my pee scent on them, to remember me by when we were apart. He would return them to me the next week, in exchange for a freshly scented pair. So I decided to start by wetting my panties right in front of him one night, as we were getting dressed and ready to leave the hotel room. I called him into the bathroom, wearing only my bra and panties, telling him that I wanted to show him something. I stood over the toilet, facing outward, straddling it, with the seat up, and peed in my panties, after catching his eyes, when he walked into the bathroom. When it started coming out, it gushed through the thin cloth, soaking them instantly, which surprised me a little. I was glad it kept on going through them instead of running down one or both of my legs, as I was afraid it might! I shared that concern with him. He said that if it ran down my legs, it wouldn't have been a problem, at all. He would have been more than happy to lick them "dry" for me! I knew he was making a promise on which he would deliver. I had seen how turned on he was, on the rare occasions when my pee wet my legs, and he got to lick them dry for me. There was something about seeing my pee dribbles on my legs that excited him more than anything else. I was very curious about that, and asked him why? He told me about an experience in his early life. He said he had looked up a girl's skirt, in grade school, as she returned to her desk from the bathroom, and he had seen pee dribbles on her inner thighs. This was incredibly exciting to him. He fantasized about how she peed, and how her legs got wet, for years afterward. From that time on, he confided that seeing pee drops on a woman's legs was a fantastic turn-on, for him, reminding him of that early experience. That was a very interesting revelation to me, and I kept it in mind for the future, which turned out to be fun, on several occasions. He loved watching me pee in my panties, which he had never seen me do, before. He loved it even more when I slipped those wet panties off, and handed them to him. He sniffed them and kissed them, then put them in his pocket. Kneeling on the floor, he hugged my thighs, and licked my wet pussy dry. We repeated this ritual for several weeks. To keep it interesting, I did it in different positions or styles, every week, first in a high squat, then sitting with my legs spread wide apart, then pressed close together, as if I were trying to stop my pee from coming out. I even peed sitting with my legs tightly crossed, which he didn't believe I could do. It hissed and sprayed a little at first, and my upper inner thighs got wet, so it was a little messy, and I knew he would love that! He was only too happy to lick me dry when I was done wetting my panties, and handed them to him. There were situations on our dates when there was no outside place for me to pee, and I had to use public restrooms. In one such situation, I told him I had to "go" just as we were leaving a bar. It was summer, and I had nothing but panties on, underneath my skirt. "Please don't wipe," he whispered in my ear. "OK," I said, wondering what he had in mind. I often skipped wiping in our hotel rooms, because he was going to lick me dry. But this was different. We were in a public place, and I was worried about visible dribbles running down my legs, as I walked back to the car. The restroom was relatively clean, so I sat when I peed, with my legs spread wide. I peed a lot, gushing and hissing. When I finished, I saw that my lips and hair were quite wet, but my legs were dry. So I didn't wipe, but just pulled my panties back up, thinking that they would absorb everything. But as I walked out to meet him, I could feel some dribbles running down the backs of my legs, toward my knees. That made me very anxious, so I grabbed his arm and told him we had to hurry back to the car, laughing nervously. As soon as we got in the car, he ran his hands up my legs, all the way to my damp panties, and found the dribbles on my thighs, as well as some that had already reached my calves. He dove under my skirt immediately, and started licking his way up my legs to my panties, then buried his face in them, moving them aside with his tongue, as he licked my pussy. His tongue felt awfully good, and I soon forgot my anxieties. I told him I wanted his cock in me. I took my panties off handed them to him, and straddled him on the car seat, just like I was squatting to pee, and took his hard cock into my wet pussy. We both came very quickly. There was a time when I wanted him to fulfill a fantasy of mine, where we fucked standing up, outdoors, as part of our noontime jog. He was very willing, but he said he didn't know if he could "rise to the occasion," under those circumstances. I told him not to worry. I drank a lot of liquids and held my pee for five hours, then stood, with my legs wide open, and let it all fly out, in a fantastic spray, just relaxing, and letting it go, without trying to control it. I noticed that my legs got wet, too. He saw that, and had no problem at all, rising to the occasion! On another occasion, I deliberately peed on my legs for him. This started when I stood and peed on a hilltop, with him watching. I had planned this as a surprise for him, ahead of time, but pretended that the need to pee just hit me suddenly. I started to do it with good control of my stream, which I usually had, but the wind swirled around me, and blew my pee all over my legs, which was a surprise to me, and to him! He was ecstatic, and licked me from my ankles all the way up, afterward, then tongued me to one of the best orgasms I ever had. I think I squirted a little pee in his mouth, when I came. He swallowed it and said, "Delicious." (What a difference from my former lover, who was disgusted when I peed on his hand, during an orgasm!) I rewarded him by showing him how I could spread my lips and sprinkle pee drops on my legs, while lying down. I had already peed a lot, so I didn't know if I had enough pee left, but I managed to wet my upper thighs, with a few drops. He watched me intently, as I sprinkled my thighs. He wanted to rub his cock on my legs, because we didn't have much time left, and I wanted to make them wet and slippery for him, so he would cum as quickly as possible. He was so excited by what he saw and felt, that he squirted a huge load on my legs, almost immediately. Another time, when we were going to shower together, I deliberately saved my pee until we were in the shower, intending to put on a little show for him. Then I just let it go, making no attempt to control it at all. It gushed all over my legs, and I watched it run all the way down them to my feet, It was a dark yellow, so it was very visible, quite spectacular, I thought. It felt surprisingly hot on my legs, and I called his attention to that. I think he would have missed my little show entirely, if I hadn't said something. I didn't let him know I had planned to put on a show for him, claiming that I just wanted to be "efficient," peeing and showering at the same time. So remembering his odd little quirk about seeing me pee on my legs added to my fun, as well as his. We eventually disagreed about the future of our relationship, and broke off seeing each other regularly, which was disappointing to both of us. But we still got together a few times a year. Once I had experienced pee sex with "Dr.P," I realized that I really liked it. To me, it was just another expression of love, between two people. I shared that with him, and he agreed. More importantly, I lost my feelings of shame and revulsion about my bodily fluids and processes, which had influenced and inhibited me, for my entire life. So when I began dating other men, I told them stories and asked them questions, to gauge their interest in my peeing. I got a wide range of responses, from curiosity and enthusiastic interest, to disinterest and disgust. Some who professed disinterest, showed definite signs of arousal, during our conversations. One guy came in his pants, after listening to one of my little stories! So I have to say that my experiences with peeing and sex broadened my outlook, for the rest of my life. Dr. P.
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    I've never peed on a lady for fun, neither have I had a lady pee on me unfortunately. My most outrageous sexual fantasy would have to be having sex somewhere where it feels really public, or where I could be seen, but it's actually private. Like with one way glass where I can see out but nobody can see in. Mine would have to be Dianas death I think. I've used a urinal before but never while peeing through the fly. I think that would be almost impossible and extremely messy! I discovered it mid way through college. There was a girl in all of my classes, Elizabeth, and I just found her so attractive, every little thing she did. It took me a few weeks to realise that I had a crush on her and things spiralled from there.
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    Two?! Greedy! :P I kid... Like above, I discovered it in my early teens. It actually all started with me peeing in the sink, hopping onto the sink in the small single bathroom we had, just a toilet and basin. Peeing somewhere I shouldn't gave me a thrill and I liked looking over my shoulder, seeing my stream flowing into the sink in the mirror. It was easy to clean up too and nobody knew. I had a brief period where I enjoyed covering the toilet with paper and peeing through that, a faint patter before my wee soaked through. I think that's why I don't bother punching out the middle of toilet seat covers when I use them and just pee through the tissue instead. I'm a member of what I consider one of the largest communities on the internet. A forum starting in 2004 with 16,000 active members (out of 75,000 total ) and 33 million posts. Other than that I don't visit many forums and spend most of my time on Reddit.
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    At the very very beginning, I didn't even know this was going to become a forum (as the original WatchGirlsPeeing.com domain frankly suggests). However, when I eventually decided upon the idea of it being a community site, I would definitely not have predicted the position we're in a few years later; 110,000+ posts and 16,000+ members, and still growing every day. Having said that, this site took off relatively quickly. I remember that just a few months in and the site already felt quite active, which inspired me to devote more and more time to it. I've always believed this site had a lot of potential, and seeing things take off quite rapidly definitely made me believe we could be successful. Whilst it's true the site is quite big now, in all honesty it is not as successful as I'd like it to be yet. My vision for the site has always been to become the central online hub for pee fans, providing everything in one place. We already provide the chat/discussion ('community') side of things, and we've pretty much got the pictures aspect covered too. However, being forced to close to the video gallery was frustrating - the video link area is useful, but not the same. Likewise, there are areas we haven't even begun to explore yet: producing our own videos, live pee shows etc. Plus, I am aware there are probably hundreds of thousands more pee fans out there that we are yet to reach. To summarise that, the site has done better than I could have initially predicted, but I must admit I was always quite ambitious about what the site could become, and for me personally there is still a long way to go. When I took back control of the site in April, the decision was made to run it solely via donations and focus on the community/forums aspect, rather than the more commercial plans. Ideally, the site can have the best of both worlds, but for the time being I am happy to see what we can make of the current situation. Trying to be too many things to too many people may have been too difficult anyway. Instead, the emphasis is going to be on building a stronger, better and more active forum. After all, that has always been the core of the site. As for competitors, that's a tough one. As far as I know, there are the 3 big pee forums currently being run: Omorashi (which seems to have a strong focus on wetting/hentai, and thus is arguably in a different category altogether), PeeSearch and us. The parallels between PS and PeeFans are very obvious, and whilst I've always maintained there's room for both and that having two options is a good thing for us all, there's no question that the two sites do take members from each other. PeeSearch is about 10 years older than us, and thus is undoubtedly larger, but I'd agree with Steve that in terms of activity it is much more even, possibly with PeeFans having a slight edge at times. What PeeSearch has done is incredible, and it still remains a great site. From what I gather though, the PS admins aren't very active there anymore (understandably), and the site is unlikely to change any time soon. For many, it is already pretty perfect, so that's fine. PeeFans is still growing and changing though, and for me personally represents a more modern approach to things. I don't know exactly where we'll end up, but I'm very optimistic about this site's future.
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    Sorry for the delay: Chapter 4 – The Coach Trip At Tuesday Training, we were sitting at pitch side after training whilst Susan announced that our next match would be on Saturday against Benton – a small town about 2 hours’ drive away. I was elated to find that I was selected for the team; albeit only as a reserve, but at least I was going as a bone fide member of the squad. Susan continued to say that given the distance and time, we would be travelling by coach so that we could travel together as a group. As Susan was speaking, I heard the unmistakeable hiss of someone peeing behind me. I turned to see who had the audacity to pee whilst Susan was talking and saw Jenny kneeling with her knees apart, shorts hooked to one side and a dancing fan of pee spraying from beneath her well-manicured pubic hair. The stream glistened in the sunlight before hitting the grass a few inches in front of the source and soaking the ground between her legs. Jenny’s attention never wavered from Susan’s talk and Susan didn’t take any notice of the activity – it seemed that it was just a natural thing to do and no different to scratching an itch or moving hair away from one’s face. Susan went on to inform us that Benton was a small club similar to ours and that we were pretty evenly matched as a team, so it should be a good game, although there would be limited numbers of spectators because they didn’t have any stands, so it would just be people stood round the touch line. The last thing that Susan said was that it would be acceptable to bring some alcoholic drinks to enjoy on the return bus ride and therefore we should probably be either leaving our cars at home, or if we wanted to leave them at our ground then we’d most likely have to collect them the following day and find alternative ways home. On Saturday, we gathered at our ground early in the morning and waited for the coach. We had all arrived in our tracksuits, portraying the team image. I took the opportunity to pop a quick squat behind the portacabin to release my morning coffee; by now, this was second nature to me and I couldn’t believe how much stress I’d endured over the previous years in always trying to hold on and find a toilet, crossing legs, bouncing, little squirts in my clothes, when it was so simple – feet a little apart, a quick squat down, lowering my jogging trousers as I dropped, relax and enjoy the feeling of pee surging to the end of my urethra then emerging first slowly then into a stronger stream for about 20 seconds then dropping back, finish with a few drops, quick wipe, toss the tissue in the bin and stand up pulling my trousers up at the same time. So easy that I can’t understand why people put themselves through the pressure of holding to find a toilet, which is probably going to be filthy anyway! As I’d finished my pee and my musings, I returned to join the others. Several other people popped behind the portacabin and a couple also simply dropped into a squat behind their cars whilst continuing their conversations. I had in my mind that we’d have a nice air conditioned, comfortable coach, so was somewhat dismayed when the bus that turned into the car park appeared to be something from a previous age. I made a comment to Fiona and she said “It suits our purpose, it’s cheap and they don’t mind what we do on it. We’ve had trouble in the past when we have booked coaches and got a bit drunk on the way back – people have messed up the coaches and they never take booking from us again. Derek is on our wavelength, and the bus is old so he doesn’t mind if we get a little rowdy and carried away.” We all boarded the bus and I sat about half way back, taking the window seat with Fiona next to me. “Don’t forget”, announced Susan, “All bags on the overhead racks please”. The seats were vinyl and the floor had no carpet. As the bus pulled out, it was apparent that it wouldn’t be the most comfortable of rides. Everyone chatted and Derek put some music on, so the journey passed pretty quickly. We drank coffee that we’d brought in our travel mugs and everyone was happy. About an hour into the journey, Derek braked hard at a set of lights that changed just as he was approaching them. A stream of liquid came out from under my seat and ran forward, so I presumed someone had spilled their drink from the braking. Shortly afterwards, I was starting to feel the effects of my second cup of coffee and I asked Fiona if there were any planned pee stops. Fiona laughed and said “Don’t be daft – I’ve already told you Derek doesn’t mind what we do on the bus. What do you think that is?” as she pointed to the stream of liquid on the floor. It dawned on me that it wasn’t someone’s drink – or at least it wasn’t spilled directly from the cup, but only after it had been through one of my team mate’s bladder first. “Seriously?” I questioned. “Yes, of course! It will be much worse on the way back and that is why we like this bus. Derek really doesn’t mind and he just hoses it out at the end of the day. That’s also why Susan said about putting your bags in the overhead storage. If you need encouragement, watch!” Fiona pulled down her trousers to her knees and sat forward on her seat with her muff just clear of the seat. After a few seconds I heard a beautiful hissing sound and a pattering as the pee fell to the floor and spread into a widening puddle. Then, as the bus rounded a bend, the puddle spread sideways and flowed out into the aisle. Fiona sat with her trousers round her knee whilst she fished in her pocket for a tissue. She delicately wiped herself and dropped the tissue into the still spreading puddle, then raised her bum off the seat and pulled her trousers back up before sitting down again. “See”, she remarked, “No need for pee stops. Go on – if you need to go, go!” Although I’d become quite accustomed to peeing outside, this was a new experience for me and it didn’t seem quite right. It seemed somewhat naughty. However, whilst I was deliberating, I heard another pattering and observed that Sam, who was sitting two rows in front had her trousers at her knees, but she was sat back in her seat and there was pee falling in a wide stream from the back of the seat where the seat met the back. She must have had pee pooling between her legs and running backwards under her bottom, but she continued to sit there casually peeing. About a minute later, the pouring reduced to a few drips and Sam lifted her bottom and quickly used the side of her hand to swipe the remaining pee off the seat before pulling her trousers up and sitting back down – bound to be damp, but she didn’t seem to mind. My mind was now made up by the increasing pressure in my bladder, so I worked my trousers down to half way between my bum and my knees, shuffled forward on the seat and relaxed. Nothing happened. I had mixed feelings coursing through my body – a great feeling of naughtiness, getting me excited and tingling, a desperately full bladder urging for relief and yet an unconscious message from my brain that this wasn’t the right place to pee, so it just wasn’t happening. So, I just sat there, trousers down, feeling very self-conscious and probably looking more than a little silly. I tried closing my eyes and pretending I was sitting on a toilet. Eventually, I could feel the pressure increasing at my urethra and finally a couple of drips emerged and fell to the floor, “drip, drip, drip” then slightly faster until I eventually managed to relax fully and a proper stream began, pattering onto to the hard floor and gaining in strength until it was pouring out in an unstoppable deluge as I opened my eyes and looked down between my legs to see it splattering below me and splashing up onto my trainers and the bottom of my jogging trousers as well as flowing from the expanding puddle under the seat in front towards the front of the bus. The relief was ecstasy and I peed for about a minute before the stream waned back to a fine dribble and the last few drips fell into the puddle. The bus rounded a bend and some of it spread out, hitting Fiona’s trainers, merging with her puddle and spreading into the aisle. I worked my trousers back up and sat there feeling a mixture of guilty pleasure and relief. I didn’t see anyone else peeing on the journey, but I did occasionally hear a hiss or a pattering and by the time we got to the ground the floor of the bus was awash with pee. We pulled into the car park and Susan directed as we all filed off the bus, thanking Derek for driving. “No problem, pleasure as always” he said and smiled at us as we left. I noticed that even the very front seat where Susan had been sitting had a puddle under it which had run down the front steps towards the door and I also noted that Derek’s mirror had been angled downwards, so I’m sure he enjoyed the view whilst Susan had relieved herself just across the aisle from him. As we walked away from the bus, I turned and noticed through the windscreen that Derek had left his seat and was stood in the aisle, adding his own contribution to the already flooded floor. Fiona said to me “If you enjoyed that trip, you’ll love it on the way home when we break out the beers!”
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    Strictly speaking not a video, but fun nonetheless :)