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    An idea I've had in my head for a while. I'm planning for this to be an 'anthology'-type series rather than a long-running story arc. Shoutout to @Vassal, whose great story about Lavatria was one of the inspirations for the country where the rules don't apply -- hope you don't mind me pilching your ideas ... __________________________________ Before Simon had even found his seat on the weekly plane from Copenhagen to Kaymala, he could tell it was no ordinary place he was going. He had been stood in the queue to board the plane for what felt an age; first in the airport gate, then on the walkway, and then -- even once they'd boarded the plane -- there was a queue down the aisle as the people ahead stowed their luggage and got themselves seated. It seemed even more painfully slow than the London to Copenhagen flight before this had been to board. Of course, this wasn't too unexpected. The handful of travel blogs he'd been able to find for the little-known nation of Kaymala had warned not to expect snap-to-it efficiency from the locals. Kaymalans tended to have a more laidback, laissez-faire attitude to life -- and, as one of the blogs had said, wasn't that the point of going? Still, Simon's backpack was heavy, and the plane seemed uncomfortably hot. He was looking forward to sitting down. His first sighting of one of the unique aspects of Kaymalan life occurred while he was in that queue. They had come to a standstill about a quarter of the way down the plane. In front of Simon, a middle-aged man in a chequered shirt was shifting from foot to foot in what Simon had taken to be impatience. The queue showed no sign of moving. Suddenly the man in front of Simon shrugged, turned slightly to face an empty row of seats beside him, and unfastened his flies. Simon watched, wide-eyed, as the man peed on the floor in front of the empty seats. Piss arced forward in a clear stream, before splashing up from the hard floor and leaving damp flecks on the surrounding seats. Noticing Simon's gaze, the man gave him a friendly nod before turning his attention back to what he was doing. As the man shook himself dry, Simon glanced around the cabin. None of the other passengers seemed at all perturbed by the man now refastening his flies in the middle of the crowded plane. Of course, they were Kaymalans and were perfectly used to that sort of thing. This was their normal. In fact, now he was alert to it, Simon could see several of the other Kaymalans making themselves at home. Many of the other passengers had started to remove their outer clothing in the heated cabin. A few women had stripped down to their underwear, and at least one that Simon could see was naked from the waist up. A girl a few rows down was squatting to pee on the floor in front of her chair, chatting amicably with her friend as she did so. Beside Simon, a man in a business suit had booted up his laptop and was conspicuously watching porn while loosening his belt. It was as though these people were no sooner off foreign soil and into the Kaymala-owned aircraft than they couldn't wait to get back to the Kaymalan lifestyle. Simon couldn't help but stare at these sights, even though he knew that by doing so he was singling himself out as a tourist. The peeing teenager and her friend giggled at the astonished stare he gave them as he passed. The topless woman gave him a friendly wave when he tried and failed to be surreptitious in his ogling. The flight attendant raised her eyebrows at the way he gazed at her short skirt and low top. At last Simon reached his seat, almost at the very back of the plane. He had the window seat. The aisle seat was already taken by a blonde woman of about his own age, wearing a yellow sundress and black leggings. She stood up to let him pass, and he stowed his bag and sat down gratefully. Before she resumed her own seat, Simon was surprised to see her reach under her sundress and pull down both her leggings and panties. She folded these and pushed them inside her handbag, saying something to him in Kaymalan and laughing. Simon laughed as well, rather awkwardly. Her dress swayed as she clambered back into her seat, flashing him a brief glimpse of a shaved pussy. She either didn't notice she had flashed him or didn't care much, because she simply pulled out the in-flight magazine and started leafing through it. He turned to look out of the window, not wanting to come across as rude by staring. The plane taxied to the runway, accelerated, and took flight. The captain's voice came over the intercom to tell us, in Kaymalan and English, that we had left Copenhagen in good time, that we would land in Kaymala in just under two hours and -- her voice took on a reassuring tone -- that Kaymalan laws were of course in effect during the flight. Now he saw it up close, Simon noticed some of the ways this plane was set up for the Kaymalans. Each seat had its own footwell, sunk below the level of the floor, each with a sloping floor and a drain in one corner. On top of that, there was no carpet anywhere; the floors were plastic and rubber, and the seats were upholstered in leather. Even the in-flight magazine was printed on laminated paper to protect it from the damp. Simon couldn't help wondering if this wasn't a better system than the one the rest of the world used. The plane had a single toilet at the very back, but he didn't see a single person queueing outside it all flight. The blonde girl said something else to Simon. From her tone he thought it was a question. “I'm sorry, I don't understand,” he said. “Oh, you speak English?” she said, switching fluidly into English herself. “Where are you from?” “England, actually,” Simon said. “From London.” “Ah. Wow. We don't see many from England here,” she said. “Perhaps you find us a little strange?” Simon shrugged. “Some people do, I suppose.” “Anyway, what I said was, mind your feet,” she said. She folded back the front of her dress, baring her pussy for all to see, and she shuffled forward to the edge of her seat. Simon watched avidly as she used two fingers to spread her lips, and directed a stream of pee with some force into the space below the seat in front of her. Her piss was yellowish in colour, and smelt quite strongly. “To me, I think it's Europe that's strange,” she said, not taking her eyes off her stream. “So many rules.” Her stream petered out after a few seconds. She pushed out a couple of extra spurts, then wiped herself on the front of her dress, to Simon's chagrin putting her vagina out of view again. She went back to reading through the magazine, clearly thinking nothing of what had just happened. Simon knew that Kaymalans rarely travelled abroad. The culture of the tiny country was so unique, even compared to the rest of Scandinavia, that most Kaymalans preferred to stay within its borders. The country attracted very little tourism, perhaps for the same reasons. For Simon, though, the culture was a part of the attraction. He imagined finding a quiet beach resort, doing a spot of nude surfing, then going into a beachside bar where you could drink cocktails and piss on the floor until the sun set. Perhaps he would meet a girl at the bar, and they might find another Kaymalan way of passing the time. Looking around the cabin now that the seatbelt signs had been turned off, Simon could certainly see how Kaymalans liked to spend two hours when they were locked in a plane. Across the aisle from him, a truly beautiful woman with lush hair and gorgeous breasts had taken off her seatbelt and knelt down to give her boyfriend head. In front, the girl he had seen peeing earlier and her friend were both moaning, each with one hand down the other's trousers. In the row behind Simon, an older couple had leant their chairs back and were screwing each other under a blanket. Simon almost laughed at the blanket -- a bizarre gesture towards privacy. And yet among all this, there were also people reading the newspapers, playing games on their phones, listening to music. A clatter from the kitchens momentarily caught Simon's attention. Two flight attendants were busily preparing a drinks trolley to bring around. Both women had removed the uniform tops they had worn at the airport, revealing two pairs of full breasts. They now wore just gloves, boots, and their short, black skirts. After a few minutes they seemed to finish preparing the trolley, but they didn't bring it out straight away. As Simon watched, the closest lady to him reached under her skirt with one hand. For a few seconds she seemed to fiddle about with something up there. Then a stream of urine poured straight down between her legs. She didn't bother to squat but stayed standing, leaning on the side with her free hand and keeping up an uninterrupted conversation with the other stewardess. If he only looked at her from the waist up Simon would have had no idea that she was pissing in the middle of the kitchen floor. Once the woman had quite relieved herself, they brought the drinks trolley round. The couple behind Simon paused mid-coitus to order two glasses of wine. Simon himself ordered a coffee. The blonde woman next to him ordered the same, and also asked for some tissues. Simon took the coffee and sipped it cautiously. He was aware of a growing burden in his own bladder, which he would probably have to take care of before they landed. The blonde woman said something to Simon, but he didn't quite catch it -- he was distracted by the lush-haired woman across the aisle, who was now wiping her mouth and asking the stewardess for a glass of water, while her boyfriend fastened his trousers. “What was that?” Simon asked. “I said, how do you find Kaymalan people so far?” the blonde woman repeated. “I like it,” Simon said. “It's very different from home, but … in a good way.” The woman was fishing in her handbag. “Do you mind if I use this? I wouldn't ask, but since you're not Kaymalan I thought I'd check.” She pulled a vibrator from the bag and looked at Simon questioningly. Simon was taken aback once again, and not sure how to respond. He settled for saying, “Go for it.” She started to attend to herself, leaning back in her chair, eyes closed. Because her eyes were closed, Simon thought that there was no harm in him watching, which he did quite intently. Before long she began to moan under her breath. Her moans mingled with the grunts and gasps coming from the other passengers, creating a strange surround-sound of pleasure, punctuated by the occasional spatter of somebody pissing on the floor. The air in the plane had taken on a distinctive smell -- not the usual plane smell of unwashed bodies and bad breath, but various flavours of urine mixed together with cum and the smell that comes from sweaty naked people. Simon finished his coffee, still keeping one eye on the woman with the vibrator. He was damned horny, but more pressingly his bladder was feeling quite heavy now. It was time to do something about that. The blonde woman's eyes opened. Simon turned away quickly, trying to pretend he hadn't been staring, but she only laughed. “It's okay if you want to watch,” she said. “A Kaymalan would watch without feeling embarrassed.” Simon cleared his throat. “I was actually wondering … do you mind if I pee here? I sort of need to go.” At that she laughed again. “What else are you going to do, walk over to the toilet?” “So … should I stand up, or …” “It's up to you. Act like a Kaymalan: do whatever the fuck you want.” Simon shrugged and unfastened his jeans. He pulled his cock out with some difficulty; he had one hell of an erection. He adjusted his position in his chair and aimed down as much as he could. It took him a few seconds to get going. Perhaps he was shy. He had peed at urinals and sometimes in the swimming pool, but never anywhere as public as this. Eventually it started to come. He felt a mounting pressure in his bladder, becoming a tingling feeling as it moved towards his cock. At first only a few dribbles came, but then -- he relaxed some muscles and pushed with others -- then came a proper stream. It struck the back of the chair in front and spray flew off in all directions. He could feel droplets soaking into his jeans, and was sure a similar amount must have landed on the blonde girl's bare legs. Most of his piss washed down the chair back like a waterfall. It collected in the chair pocket before pouring out through holes that had been cut in the bottom. The blonde woman was watching through one eye, still panting as she moved the vibrator around. “You're learning quickly,” she said. “You have a good stream.” Simon kept pushing until his bladder was empty. His stream slowed to a dribble, then stopped completely. He shook himself off and squeezed to get the last drop of pee from the end of his penis, ignoring the shiver it sent through him to touch himself in his state of arousal. “You also have quite a stiffy there,” said the blonde girl. “Do you mind if I touch it?” “If you like,” said Simon. Thumbing her vibrator off, the woman reached over and wrapped one hand around his cock. Her skin was cool against his warmth. Her long fingers explored their way around his shaft, finding all the tender spots. He felt his breathing quicken, and she smirked. With her spare hand, she tucked the vibrator back into her handbag. “I don't think we need that any more,” she said. She pushed the armrest between them out of the way, and climbed up onto his chair, so that she was sitting astride his legs, facing him. She kept one hand on his cock and used the other to lift her skirt aside, as she guided him into her. “Let's give you a proper Kaymalan welcome,” she said, as she started to move forward and backward. Her face was flushed, her eyes wide, and Simon was sure the same must be true of him. In what felt like no time at all Simon felt himself reach his climax. He came inside her, shooting his fluid deep inside. She continued to grind against him, and a few minutes later she came as well, letting out a gasp that turned into a moan as her body tensed against his. For a few minutes they leant against each other, panting. The captain's voice came over the intercom to announce that she was turning the seatbelt signs back on as they began their descent. Several people groaned. The blonde woman laughed. “I think a few people will be finishing themselves off this flight,” she said. She clambered back into her own seat, using the tissues the stewardess had given her to wipe around her vagina, his cock and the front of his trousers. “Well, thank you for that. A more enjoyable flight than I expected to have.” “Likewise,” Simon said. “I never asked your name, by the way.” “It's Simon.” “Ellen,” she said, shaking his hand. “Look me up while you're in town.” The plane landed at the island's tiny airport, and the passengers started to file out. Ahead of Simon in the aisle he saw Ellen stop, lift her skirt and pee standing, her stream washing over the aisle's polished floor and slowly draining away. A few rows further on, he passed a man who was enthusiastically pissing over an entire row of chairs, watching the pee collect in the leather seats. At the plane doors, a topless stewardess smiled and bowed at Simon. “Welcome to Kaymala,” she said. Simon smiled. He was going to like it here.
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    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ I joined my new friends Maddie and her boyfriend Adam in their kitchen, stepping over the slowly-spreading puddle Adam had left in the hallway. Both of them wore shirts and their swimming stuff, a bikini bottom in one case and a rather tight set of speedos in the other. Adam was stirring a pot on the hob, while Maddie waited for the kettle to boil. The windows had been thrown wide to let some cool evening air into the stuffy kitchen. “What are you making?” I asked. “Chilli,” said Adam. “It'll just about be ready when David comes down.” “Do you want a drink, Sarah?” Maddie asked. “Tea? Coke?” “Just coke, please,” I said. “Tea goes straight through me.” “Don't worry about that here,” Maddie said. “We'll mop the floor before we go to bed.” She poured three teas and one coke for me, just as my brother David reappeared, his hair wet from the shower, still wearing his knee-length swimming shorts. Adam dished up the chilli and we sat down around the kitchen table. The table and chairs were both wicker, old and worn but perfectly comfortable. I noticed Adam's glance dropping to my legs as I sat next to him, my skirt riding up slightly as I sat down. Aware of my lack of underwear, I crossed my legs and pulled the skirt down slightly. While we ate, we talked about what to watch after dinner. I was interested in Doctor Who, but Adam and Maddie had a film they both wanted to see, and in the end we decided to go with that. The chilli was good but hot, and I quite quickly finished my coke trying to cool my mouth down. We finished eating and all sat back in our chairs. “Good food, Adam,” Maddie said. “Yeah thanks for cooking for us, both of you,” I said. “No worries,” said Adam. “What you two are doing tomorrow?” “No plans,” I said. “Maybe going back to the beach if it's good weather.” “Adam and I were thinking of going into town at some point,” said Maddie. “Hang on a sec.” An unmistakeable pattering sound came from under the table. Glancing down, I saw Maddie holding her costume aside, peeing through the wickerwork of her chair onto the floor. “Ahh,” she gasped, closing her eyes. “I needed this. I didn't want to interrupt while you were all eating.” “I love it when you do that,” Adam said. “Well, you keep your hard-on to yourself while there's company over,” Maddie said. “Shall we watch TV?” The four of us moved through to the sitting room, grabbing cokes and beers on our way. Three of us sank onto the sofa, while Maddie sat on the armchair turned half towards us. I had turned down the tea at dinner because I knew it would go straight through me, but the trouble is that coke and beer aren't much better. By ten minutes in I was getting a bit fidgety, and by twenty minutes I had my legs crossed to try to hold it in. I didn't want to be the first to interrupt the movie, though. After about half an hour, at a quiet part of the film, Adam stood up. “Anybody want another beer?” he asked. “Bring me one, love?” Maddie said. “I'll come with you,” I said. I followed him through to kitchen, where a small room off to one side housed a second fridge full of beer and coke. “What do you want?” he asked, holding the door open. “Whatever you're having,” I said. “Listen, do you mind if I pee here? I didn't want to interrupt the movie.” “I don't care,” he said. “Pee if you want.” I didn't need any further pursuasion. I lifted my skirt out of the way and peed, stood upright, onto the tiled floor. My piss came out crystal clear and with a lot of force. I sighed with relief. “You sure did need to go,” said Adam, staring. I nodded. The stream kept coming for a full thirty seconds or more, and by the time I was done there was a sizeable puddle around my feet. Adam stepped back a little to avoid it. “You've made me feel like I need to go,” he said. He winked at me. “Watch this.” He took his cock out from his speedos, pulling back its flesh. Once again it was pretty solid. Still holding the fridge door open with one hand, he used the other to aim his cock towards the fridge's interior and squirted his pee up towards it. “Really?” I asked. “Relax, it's all in cans,” he said, still peeing. “It's not the first time.” I watched, fascinated, as he sprayed up over the lines of cans and bottles. His piss ran in rivulets down the cans, looking just like innocent condensation. It collected in a puddle on the bottom of the fridge and started to drip down onto the floor. Adam finished up, shook himself dry, and tucked his cock away again. “Wasn't that fun?” he said. I raised my eyebrows. “You looked like you were enjoying it.” “The secret of our pee-anywhere lifestyle,” he said. “It's fun as well as easy. Want a beer?” I took the can from him and wiped it on my shirt as we were heading back to the living room. “Beer, Maddie?” Adam asked, holding another can out to her. She took it, felt the moisture on the can, and licked it. She raised her eyebrows at him, and he winked. David jumped to his feet as we sat down next to him. “Just going to the loo,” he said. “We're coming up to the good bit,” Maddie said. “You don't want to miss it.” David hesitated, then shrugged. He went out into the hallway, leaving the door wide open so he could see the TV. We heard the powerful gushing sound of him peeing against the wall. “He's settling in,” Maddie said. “They both are,” said Adam. He reached out a hand to brush my leg. “You've got pee on your knees, Sarah.” “Must be splashback,” I said. He didn't take his hand off, and I didn't object. David re-entered the room, retying the draw string on his shorts, and sat back down on my other side. “Well, you've made me need to go,” Maddie said. She pulled the front of her bikini aside and peed where she sat. I could see her pale stream disappearing into the seat of the chair, and a dark patch spreading quickly out on the seat until it had surrounded her. “In fact, I'm feeling a bit turned-on,” Maddie said, her eyes still on the TV. “Do you guys mind if I rub one out?” Without waiting for an answer, she slipped a hand inside her bikini and started to do just that. Within a few minutes she was breathing heavily and grunting softly. “Fuck, I'm horny as well,” Adam said. “How about you, Sarah? How are you feeling?” I shrugged. “A bit, I guess.” In fact, Maddie's brazen masturbation was making me feel pretty aroused. Adam's hand moved further up my leg, until it was inside my skirt. I could feel my breath quickening, my pussy moistening. I glanced at Maddie to see how she would react. She shot me a wink before concentrating on what her own hands were doing. That was enough for me. I reached down for Adam's hand and pulled it further up. His fingers found my cunt and got to work. My breath caught. He was good at what he did. Beside me, David was looking from Maddie's crotch to mine. His face was confused, but his cock was hard and straining against the elastic of his shorts. On an impulse I reached out and grabbed it through the fabric. I felt him tense for a second, then he relaxed into it. With my other hand I reached out for Adam, slipping my fingers inside his briefs to wrap around the trunk of his penis. For a few minutes all four of us sat there, grunting and sighing, lost in our pleasure. David came first, his load splattering against the inside of his shorts. Adam's fingers inside me were well-practised. He teased, bringing me to a swell and then leaving me to sink back before driving me to another crest. Eventually I reached orgasm, letting out a moan as it crashed over me. Then it was Adam's own turn to come, his juice filling the inside of his trunks and covering my fingers. Maddie came last, bringing herself to a moaning orgasm a few seconds after Adam. A few seconds of breathless silence passed. I felt like my brain was struggling to take in what had just happened. I drew my hand slowly back from my brother's crotch. “Man,” said Adam. “You guys can come over again!”
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    After catching our breath and coming down from the high of what just happened, Tara walked to the bar and grabbed a few towels from a drawer. We had a nice time dabbing the droplets of pee from each other and did our best to wipe up the floor and couches, even though we knew it was a mostly lost cause. But we placed the towels on the couch cushions under us anyway. “I think we can go change into our night clothes if you want, girls,” Tara said. “We’re probably just going to sleep down here.” I looked around the basement room and did not see any beds and wondered where we would sleep, but I didn’t question it. My mind was also still on Tara’s story. “I don’t know about you,” I said, “but I’m not even thinking about sleep. I want the rest of that story.” Tara laughed. “Okay, I’ll finish the story, but let’s get dressed and have some more drinks.” She stood up and walked to a dresser at the corner of the basement. Jennifer reached beside the couch and pulled a think pink nightgown from her bag. I reached into my own bag and took out my black sleep shorts and a gray loose tank top. I looked over at Tara as she slipped a light green teddy over her head. “I’m not going to bother with panties, though, since I would just soak them anyway.” She laughed. “Same,” Jennifer said. I slid mine back into my bag. Tara walked to the bar and started mixing us drinks again. I couldn’t tell what she was making, but I looked forward to it anyway. She poured something pink into three glasses, brought one to me and another to Jennifer and grabbed her own off the bar and returned to her seat. “Alright, then.” She took a sip of her drink. “Mmm. Tasty.” “What is it?” Jennifer asked. “Kiss on the lips,” Tara said, grinning. “So, story. Anyway, Cheryl was peeing all over herself and the couch. When she finished she sighed and the rest of us just looked at her. I was amazed, but Kiki, Danielle, and Lara seemed unphased like they’d seen it before, and I’m sure they had. But if you girls met Cheryl you would understand why I was floored by this the first time. She’s just so womanly and like the mom everybody loves, and yet here she was pissing herself and her loveseat. She looked right at me after she sat up, letting her puddle of pee just fall to the floor and in between the loveseat cushions. “’Are you okay, Tara,’ she asked me. I nodded. She slid her panties and jeans back up and sat back in the loveseat, still smiling at me. “’That was just…unexpected,’ I said. She laughed and my heart jumped. “’Well, you did it, Mom,’ Kiki said. ‘You broke our guest.’ They all laughed, and I know I blushed. ‘And you made me have to go, so…” Now Kiki sat back, but she didn’t seem to make any move to take her jeans or panties off. She spread her legs and sighed. We all watched the dark stain form and grow in the crotch of her panties and after a few seconds we could hear it hissing. ‘Ohh, I love that feeling,’ Kiki said. I noticed that the recliner was not vinyl and as her jeans glistened a flow of pee just soaked right into the seat. No one seemed to care, though, and Kiki was clearly enjoying herself. The glistening stopped, and there was a big dark stain in her crotch. She sat up again back to how she was before pissing herself and made no move to take her wet jeans off.” I heard hissing next to me again and turned to see Jennifer with her legs parted and dribbling pee on the couch cushion and to the floor. I just smiled. “Kiki stood up and smiled at me and Danielle. ‘Well, girls, are you planning to stay the night?’ I didn’t know what to say and looked at Danielle. Danielle nodded. ‘Then let’s show you your room for the night. We’ll be up late, of course, but you can crash anytime you want.’ She led us down the hall, and I was amazed by how long the hallway was and that there were at least ten rooms in this hall. Danielle and I were taken to the third room, which was a gorgeous bedroom with a king-sized bed topped with elegant looking blankets and pillows. “’It’s beautiful,’ I said. Kiki thanked me, and then she surprised me. “’Same rules apply in this room as the rest of the house,’ she said. I wasn’t sure I heard her right, so I said ‘What?’ ‘If you need to pee, you can do it here.’ “’But,’ I said, ‘that bed is so…’ “’It can be cleaned,’ Kiki said, laughing again. ‘and don’t think it’s never been peed in before, because it has. Haven’t you ever wanted to just let it go in a king-sized bed?’ I had honestly never thought about it, but now that she’d mentioned it, I kind of did want to. ‘How do you feel about sleeping in a wet bed?’ Kiki asked. “Danielle said, ’If she’s sleeping with me, it’s going to get wet.’ We all laughed. “’I guess I’m okay with it,’ I said. “’Do you want to try it now?’ Kiki asked. I smiled and looked at the big and obviously very soft bed. “’I think so,’ I said. I stepped up to the bed and pulled the covers away. I was still naked from the waist down, so feeling brazen by this point I just pulled my shirt over my head and then unsnapped my bra. I crawled up onto the bed, enjoying the feeling of the soft sheets on my bare skin. I sat up and scooted back to the headboard, but then I leaned back onto the pillows. ‘Are you sure I can do this?’ I asked. Kiki smiled and nodded. “She said, ’Trust me, it will be amazing.’ And that was all I needed. I bent my knees and spread my legs and just seconds later and warm trickle started and tickled my slit and down my butt crack. I could feel it warming the sheets and mattress under me, and I closed my eyes and just let go. It grew to a flow and soon I was peeing full-force. I lowered my legs and put them together and gasped as it sprayed my inner thighs and soaked the sheets under me even more. I knew it was soaking the mattress, too, but I looked at Kiki and saw her smile of approval. Then Danielle walked up to the foot of the bed and started taking her pants off. “’Tara, I have to pee, too. Do you care if I get up there?’ I just nodded my answer because by now I was dribbling messy pee all over myself and the bed and rubbing myself. I watched her, though, as she climbed onto the foot of the bed on my side. I thought she was going to crawl over to her side, but she just knelt there with her knees bent and her feet behind her. ‘Oh, here it comes,’ she said and threw her head back. I watched and kept rubbing myself as her pee started as a dribble that left a few drops on the blanket and then she moaned and started going full stream, splashing her hot pee all over the covers. She reached down and pulled them up close to her vagina and we could hear her pee hissing into them. Kiki walked closer to us, and then I saw her unbutton her wet jeans and reach her hand into them. Danielle was rubbing herself with the wet covers, still hissing pee into them, and I was now stroking my clitoris.” Tara paused and spread her legs and as if she were demonstrating she started stroking her slit and touching her clearly swollen clitoris. Then a small but obvious trickle of pee seeped out and soaked into the couch cushion under her. I also had to pee again, so I just opened my legs and let go, feeling my flow warm my bottom. “So,” Tara continued, but sounding like she was struggling to focus, “pretty soon the room was filled with the sound of our moaning. Just then Cheryl appeared in the doorway and at first I felt horrified and stopped masturbating. But then she smiled and said, ‘So you like the bed.’ I just nodded. ‘Please, finish,’ she said. I obeyed and went back to rubbing my clitoris. Then she reached to her still naked bottom and started rubbing herself, as well. I was about to lose my mind when I saw a stream fall from between her shapely legs, all over her hands, and drip to the floor. ‘Mmm, I love to pee while I masturbate.’ That did it. I screamed as I climaxed and soon Danielle followed. I warmed the sheets under me again, still cumming and peeing, and I closed my eyes to just enjoy it. I could hear Kiki orgasming and then Cheryl moaning and crying out. When I opened my eyes again, Danielle was laying on her side at the foot of the bed, pee seeping from her bottom and still soaking the covers. Kiki was leaning against the wall, panting, and Cheryl was leaning in the doorway, also panting.” “Oh my god,” Jennifer said. She was rubbing her slit now and getting a little red in the face. “Don’t masturbate yet,” Tara said. “I have a surprise.” She stood up and walked to a closet at the far end of the basement. “Can you girls help me with something?” We stood up and joined her. Tara opened the closet door and started pulling out a single-sized mattress. We helped her get it out, and then sat it in the middle of the basement floor. “It’s far from king-sized, but…” “No,” I said. “You mean we’re going to…?” “Yes, we are,” Tara said. “Well, one of us is. Because whoever pisses on this is also sleeping on it. Who’s gets the pleasure?” she asked. In spite of everything that had happened, I hesitated. Jennifer must have been reluctant, as well, because she also didn’t speak up. “Well, I guess I get the first pleasure,” Tara said. “Which means this is where I’m sleeping tonight.” She reached back into the closet and pulled out a sheet and a blanket, then spread the sheet over the mattress and tossed the blanket on top. She reached in again and took out a pillow. “I’ll do it,” I said. Jennifer and Tara both looked at me. “I haven’t pissed my bed since I was a kid, and I don’t know when I’ll get to do it again.” “Okay,” Tara said, smiling. “You get the mattress. Jennifer, you get the couch where you and Cassie were sitting, and I’ll take the other couch. But first, I want to watch Cassie enjoy herself.” She winked at me, and I smiled and looked down at the mattress. “Go ahead,” she said. I walked up to it and knelt down to pull the covers away. “I’m just going to leave my pajamas on,” I said. “They’re going to get wet anyway.” “Whatever you want to do,” Tara said. I crawled onto the mattress, which was surprisingly soft and comfortable for a single. “I don’t know if I have to go yet since I just peed on the couch,” I said. But I could feel my bladder filling, so I might have been wrong about that. I laid back onto the pillow to get more comfortable and tried to relax, but I looked up and both Jennifer and Tara were watching me. “It’s okay, really,” Tara said. “Just relax and let it go.” I closed my eyes and tried to relax again. This time I could feel it reaching my urethra and soon I was dribbling just a bit. I could feel it soaking through my panties and shorts and dripping onto the sheets and mattress under me, just like Tara must have in her story. “Oh, that feels nice,” I said. I sighed and my flow increased to a steady stream that flowed out and down my slit and warmed the sheets even more. “Ohh, wow.” I reached down and pulled the crotch of my shorts and panties aside. Now my flow was coming fully as it hissed out and I let go and peed freely into the mattress, splashing my warm pee all over my legs and the bed. I heard another hissing sound next to me, and I opened my eyes to see Jennifer standing there, pee flowing unabated down her legs. My flow was coming to an end, but Tara was touching herself again, and soon Jennifer and I were joining her, rubbing our soaking wet slits and caressing our clits until almost in unison we all three cried out as we climaxed. “I’ll sure sleep good tonight,” I said.
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    To all the peefans, I send you my love..
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    Always glad to post in this thread when I find something appropriate and relevant! X
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    Just a short intro here , I'm a 30yr old woman who secretly loves to pee in disposable cups.. the shower.. the tub but mostly the cups. Its something I held secret until today and glad to see I am not the only one who does things like this lol. Being what some may consider attractive kind of woman I never ever told any partner of this odd thing I enjoy. I also like holding a man while he pees. I done it jokingly couple times to see the reaction.
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    Resurrecting an old topic because I find it so thought-provoking. A lone incident of watching a girl pee in the woods next to me was all it took. We were 18, already sexually mature, but I guess it's never too late to develop a new kink. I've detailed the story in my introductory post. Everyone has already touched on the anatomical differences which make it a turn-on at the most basic level. I think everyone has the potential for a pee fetish. When girls pee outdoors, why do they often have friends standing around to 'block' the way? So nobody looks. But why would anybody even WANT to look unless there was a temptation involved, unless catching sight of the girl pissing had some erotic potential? Why are those accused of looking or trying to look usually called perverts? But the girl that hip-checked me into this fetish has the most to do with it. I already found her extremely attractive, but she was a prude. Never had a boyfriend before 18 or had any sexual experience. She had awesome tits but always tried to hide them with big t-shirts. Even catching the SLIGHTEST hint of flesh from this girl (as much as a belly button or a hint of thigh) for me was like seeing other girls naked, as she was my crush in high school. The day I saw her pee was the first time I saw her wearing a formfitting shirt and short shorts. Again, the fact that she hid her body made it all the more desirable. So when she and I were smoking weed in the woods before she peed, i was satisfied just to finally see her legs, as shapely as in my fantasies. So when she announced she had to go, suddenly a possibility beyond my wildest expectations presented itself: i had the possibility to see a LOT more. We were sitting next to each other on a log a few yards away from a trail and i offered to return to the trail. She refused, saying I'd block the view of her if anyone should pass by on the same trail. So she was still concerned with onlookers, but I was trusted enough to remain. When she finally sprayed, she made no attempt to hide the action from me; we were so close her bared-to-the-butt leg was touching my own. The way she spread her shorts aside revealed her ENTIRE pubic area. The very specific idea of her very casually exposing herself to me, despite her prudish nature, drove me wild. She glanced at me mid-stream, saw where my eyes were fastened, and continued. I've known guys who couldn't even pee in a movie theatre bathroom and here's an inexperienced virgin unwittingly giving me the best sexual thrill i've had outside of physical contact. Also, something that isn't brought up too often is the smell. Studying her puss before the stream started, I noted she was wet...really wet, and we all know the subtle-but-wonderful scent associated. I'm guessing the weed we smoked had some aphrodisiac effect, but the combination of her girlyjuices and urine gave off a glorious aroma that made me think of primal and animalistic things. Pheremones, maybe? I dunno, but the smell of fresh female piss is enough to drive me wild. That's all i can think of for now
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    So unlike many of you on this forum, I came to this fetish a bit later, 18 years old to be precise. I think, however, that after you hear my story you’ll understand why pissing, in all its forms, represents the supreme sexual thrill for me. My high school decided to hold its senior picnic at a local state park which featured a decent-sized lake and several trails for hiking. The school had the largest pavilion set aside for us, and there was food, soda, and iced tea provided in abundance for all. It wasn't long before the students split off into smaller groups and began to wander about the grounds of the park. For the occasion I had procured a small quantity of high-quality kush and was planning to smoke it with a classmate of mine I'll call C. C...wow. She was the hottest girl of our graduating class but didn't seem to know it. She was sexually inexperienced and somewhat of a prude. She had a gorgeous body...not much of a butt but her 36c breasts more than made up for it. Shoulder-length chestnut hair with fringe bangs, dark eyebrows and a beautiful, petite featured face. She was slim but still had wonderful hips, and her skin was so pale, milky, and smooth...yeah. Easy on the eyes is an understatement. She usually wasn't one for revealing clothing, opting on most days for large t-shirts and jeans. On this day, however, she was wearing a babydoll shirt that outlined the wonderful curvature of her breasts, a pair of those Candies platform sneakers, and a pair of cotton Aero short-shorts, the kind with a drawstring at the waist that were loose and roomy around the thighs. This last detail will come into sharp focus. It didn't take long for her and I to pick the most secluded-seeming of the trails to get high and avoid getting caught. Once we were out of eye-and-earshot of our classmates, I packed the bowl, lit up, and we passed it back and forth between us. It wasn't long before the weed loosened us both up and we were giggling and sharing barely-coherent inside jokes. Now all this time I had been nursing a chub by stealing every glance I could at her lovely thighs, plenty full for a petite girl. Eventually, we passed a large , fallen oak just off the trail that made a perfect seat for us to sit side by side whilst I packed a second bowl. The way she was sitting caused her shorts to run a few inches up her thighs, and I kept my arms carefully folded across my lap to hide my reaction to this development. We were sitting close enough for our clothing to touch. I noticed, halfway thru the bowl, that she was shaking her leg up and down with increasing rapidity. I asked her what was wrong, wondering if the weed was making her nervous. "No. I have to pee, like, really bad." Hoo boy. Now up until this point I wasn't into pee but i did know that a girl peeing outdoors involved a degree of baring her vagina to the open air in one form or another. My thoughts, already clouded by the pot were stirring uncontrollably and my heart started racing. I felt it beating against my T-shirt as I tested the water: “Well…do you think you can make it back to where the bathroom is?” "Not gonna happen. I'm sorry, not to be gross but I'm gonna pee here." I became rock hard with staggering rapidity. I believe this was the moment my fetish was born, but what followed gives me goosebumps of extreme satisfaction to this day. That said, at this point I still wanted to be a gentleman and not a creep. "Okay, you want me to walk back to the trail until you're done?" I figured, with her shy nature that catching a peek was out of the question but maybe I could at least hear her urine hitting the dirt from the trail. "No, please just stay here, I don't wanna feel like I'm alone, you know?" She lightly grasped my arm as if to prevent me from stirring. But like a tree standing by the waterside, I would not be moved. "I'm sorry, please don't think I'm gross." I attempted to sound cavalier but my voice trembled yet. "Not at a---all." I guess the weed made her paranoid of being alone. I had all the excitement of a kid on christmas morning as she set to work. She scooted her little butt up to the edge of the fallen oak until she was perched just below her tailbone and spread her legs wide with me still next to her. Her bare left knee touched my right. Now, remember that loose-about-the-thighs detail? She took great advantage of this, pulling the leg up and across her crotch, exposing her left thigh to the ass cheek as she hopped slightly so her bum would hold it in place. I was already leaning forward to hide my priaprismatic boner and only had to look peripherally to see her lime green panties. What happened next, I swear to this day I saw in slow motion. Her right hand, still clutching at the leg of the shorts, swept across the panties' crotch and pulled it completely to the side. Dear God. Her pubic hair was very close-cropped, its outline still discernable, and the slightly puffy outer labia parted to reveal the bubblegum-pink folds within, slick and shiny. Perhaps the weed made her horny. She was preoccupied looking down at this but had to know I was watching. My body was aquiver and sweat pops were blooming on my forehead as, with both hands, she spread her labia out with a slightly upward, diagonal angle. She exhaled slowly through her mouth and it started, not gradually, but almost instantly, spraying forth maybe 2 1/2-3 feet infront of her, a strong, singular stream with a slight parabolic arc. As her urethra had a clear shot, the only sound was of her urine hitting the forest floor where a mound of foam began to build up between her sneakers. It had to have been 45 seconds to a minute, but for me, time had frozen. My senses heightened by the weed, I caught hints of ammonia in the air, accompanied by an undercurrent of her own secret, sticky-sweet girlish scent. My mind was overloaded. The stream died down almost as quickly as it started, the last few drops running down the fallen tree between her legs. She air-dried for a monent, then as she replaced her clothing she turned and made a coquette's face, winking one eye and sticking out her tongue. That did it. I swear my dick recoiled as it shot out the most massive wad of my life up to that point. She quickly stood, adjusted her shorts and brushed the debris from her ass. I was dumbstruck, barely feeling the damp slickness in my boxers as I listened to the foam dissipate. I recovered enough to realize I ought to say something. "It looks like someone poured out a beer," I said in monotone, gesturing to the foamy patch. She agreed, giggling. On our walk back we were in a mirthful way, joking about her bladder size and her good aim. She knew I saw it, bare pussy and all, and her cheeks were flushing red on-and-off all the way back. When we got back to the pavilion I ran to the restroom to clean myself as best I could, stroking myself to two more explosive orgasms in the process. So that's my story. Would it be okay if I posted it in the "True Stories" section as well? I think it would be of interest. I'd challenge any man to walk away from that experience without a passionate and lifelong urine fetish.
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    I am a female who thoroughly enjoys piss. Today I chose on my ride home to not use the restroom, just place my jacket under me and let loose. In addition, I ordered a large Coke at Burger King. I have been pissing my pants off and on for 45 minutes and I am so horny.
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    Cherry woke up in the morning feeling giddy like a kid on Christmas. She and her best friend Lisa were going on a road trip to Texas. It’s hot, there’s sexy men and women, plus there’s some pretty great food. Cherry hadn’t visited since she was a little girl. She yanked herself out of the bed and drug herself to the shower. As she started to wash her porcelain skin, She considered having a little play session. She glanced over at the clock and made a pout of disappointment. She had to be ready in 10 minutes. She sped through the shower process and pulled her blonde hair into a sleek ponytail. She purposely made sure all her bags were packed and ready to go before she went to bed. As she ran down the stairs, she heard a familiar car horn outside the door. “Let’s go Cherry! Texas waits for no one!” Lisa shouted in a dramatic tone. Cherry originally got her nickname in kindergarten. Everyday, her mom would pack her 2 turkey sandwiches, green grapes, and a cherry coke. To this day, it’s still her soda of choice. She grabbed her heavy suitcase, purse, and house keys before heading out the door towards the red truck sitting down in her driveway. Once Cherry entered the car, she leaned over and gave Lisa a sloppy kiss on the the cheek. “Sorry I took so long. I was up all night packing.” Cherry states with an apologetic smile. “It’s alright. Everyone knows you like to procrastinate.” Lisa responded before sticking her tongue out at her best friend. Cherry rolled my eyes and reclined back in the car seat. “Oh hell no! You are not falling asleep on me Cherry! Wake your ass up!” Lisa yelled in an excited tone. “Ok ok I’m up. Let’s stop at the gas station. I forgot to pick up some snacks.” Lisa nodded towards the blonde and put the car into drive and slowly pulled out of the driveway. Halfway down the road, Cherry turned on the radio. You know how every group of friends has a song that they absolutely have to sing anytime they hear it? Fantasy by Superfruit instantly brightened their mood. Both girls belted out the lyrics as the rode down the vacant street. Once they pulled into the gas station, Cherry pulled of her seatbelt and turned down the radio. “What would you like?” Cherry ask her friend. Lisa took a few seconds to contemplate her options. “The usual.” She answered back nonchalantly. Cherry grabbed her wallet and made her way towards the gas station. It was very early in the day so she wasn’t surprised to be the only customer. She picked up a small, red basket by the entryway and began to scavenge the isles for snacks. She grabbed 3 bags of chips, 4 granola bars, and 3 2 liter bottles of soda. Cherry smiled at the elderly man working the register and removed a crisp 20$ bill from her wallet. “That’ll be 12.65$ darling.” He said in a cheerful voice. She slid him the 20 while bagging items in plastic. “You can keep the change Sir.” The old man put his hand over his chest and gave Cherry a genuine smile. “Bless you, sweetheart!” She gave him one last smile and headed back to the truck. “Okay I got some chips, granola bars, and of course, cherry coke.” Cherry said while nudging Lisa with her elbow. “That should hold us for a good while. I don’t plan on stopping until about 1:00pm. We’ll fill up on gas and have some lunch.” Lisa said while pulling out of the gas station. The blonde girl reached down and pulled up one of the 2 liters and took 3 huge gulps before screwing the cap back on. “Cherry you better be careful. I’m not gonna pull over just because you need to take a piss.” Lisa said with her eyebrows raised. Cherry rolled her blue eyes in response and took another huge gulp of the cherry coke. “Oh please! I’m not a child. I can hold my piss just fine.” She replied. Lisa rolled her eyes at the retort and turned her focus to the road. After about an hour of driving, Cherry had finished 1 2 liter and was halfway through the next. “Damn girl! How much can you drink?” Lisa asked with a loud cackle. “As much as I want!” Cherry replied before finishing the second half of the 2 liter. After 30 more minutes, Cherry started to feel the pressure. She stared out the window and took in her surroundings. They were driving on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. Cherry perked up when she saw a sign stating where the nearest restaurants and rest stops were. “Hey Lis, we gotta stop at a gas station or something.” Cherry said while shifting uncomfortably in her seat. “I thought you said you could hold it!” Lisa sneered teasingly. Cherry shot her a scowl on continued to squirm in the car. “Either you take me somewhere to piss or I can piss in your car. The upholstery looks a bit thirsty.” Cherry challenged with a smirk. Lisa quickly slammed on the break and a small spurt of piss leapt out onto the seat of Cherry’s pink panties. “If you piss in my car, You’ll be walking to Texas!” Lisa shouted out dramatically. “Damn it! You made me pee a little when you slammed on the breaks!” Cherry whined out. Lisa quickly sped off on the dirt road in search for a restaurant or rest stop. Cherry continued to writhe in misery as the pressure in her bladder grew stronger and stronger. Finally, they pulled up to a busy gas station. Cherry hopped out of the truck and sprinted urgently into the gas station. “May I have the bathroom key please?” She asked the young-looking cashier. “Sorry Babe someone already has it.” The female cashier responded with sympathy. Cherry could tell she was quickly running out of time. She ran to the back of the gas station where the bathroom was and softly knocked on the door. “Hey do you think you’ll be coming out soon?” She asked in a polite tone but was met with a harsh, deep voice. “If the door is closed that means I’m busy!” The man screamed from the other side of the door. “Go fuck yourself!” Cherry responded as kicked the door. She looked around the isle and noticed no one was coming. Cherry quickly pulled her shorts and damp panties down her long legs. She squatted all they way down to the floor and let her dam burst. Her piss jetted out hard against the dirty tile and she sighed with relief. A puddle formed under her quickly but she wasn’t even close to being done. She heard loud footsteps coming toward her but was too in the moment to care. “Eww you’re disgusting!” Cherry looked up once she heard the familiar deep voice and saw a tall bearded man with a beer belly standing in front of her. Instead of responding, Cherry quickly flipped him the bird and continued to piss all over the floor. “Hey bitch I’m talking to you!” The man shouted once more and quickly walked towards Cherry. She swiftly directed her aim to the sneakers the bearded guy was wearing. He quickly scurried away in disgust and Cherry stood up and redressed herself like nothing happened. She made it back to the car without being caught for her dirty deed. She sighed in relief as she buckled her seatbelt. “All better?” Lisa asked in a concerned tone. Cherry giggled and nodded. “Yes. I feel much better.” (I attached a picture of Cherry)
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    Messy Mary At Rills and Turner law firm, Bret was two months into his job as one of the cleaning staff. Long-ago divorced, middle-aged, weathered from life and having an admiration of women peeing, he especially enjoyed tending to the women's restrooms on the first and second floors. He would often service them during the busiest hours of the day, which allowed for an excuse to be in or around the women's and listen as they relieved themselves. Even when not inside one, the vents at the bottom of the restrooms' doors combined with the usual quietness of the halls allowed for easy listening. He took his time mopping the floor close by multiple times each day, knowing that his bad knee, which caused constant pain, a noticeable limp and slower work pace, wouldn't draw concern. Each woman he heard was music to his ears, from gentle trickles to power streams, from five seconds to over a minute. His favorite was Sherry, the petite receptionist at the front desk, despite her close resemblance to his ex-wife. Not once had Bret heard a gentle trickle from her, but instead strong and loud each time he caught her heading in. Now, he found himself presented with a unique opportunity. Mark, the janitor that usually worked on the top floor, took a two week leave to rest a sprained wrist. Bret volunteered to cover his evening hours, not just for the extra pay that would ease the strain of his alimony payments, but also for a chance to hear any of the ladies on that floor that may be working late, should they visit the restroom. On Tuesday, the first day of covering for Mark, Bret made his way to the sixth floor for the evening. He soon realized after arriving that he wouldn't be hearing any women in the restroom, as everyone had already gone home, save for a few guys. Upon entering one of the three stall women's restrooms with zero expectations, he was intrigued to find in the third stall, a huge mess. The toilet seat was covered with yellow splashes. On the floor behind the toilet was a puddle that trailed into the next stall, still wet as it must have been a recent accident. The stink of urine lingered. Bret was now curious as to what woman or women were careless enough to have left without at least wiping the seat. Still, he was excited by the visual and incredible disregard, being that only successful, high-class business women worked in the building. He knew from years of being a janitor, that even women of high social status are often primitive in their restroom behavior. The next day, Mary, one of the firms attorneys, known for her aggressive style in court, went to see her Ob/Gyn about an embarrassing issue. When asked by Doctor Miller what concerned her, she replied, “Well, ever since I had my baby three years ago, my pee has been...really crazy? Basically it just goes everywhere and I can't pee without making a mess. I mean, when I'm home, I sit and it's usually not an issue except for when sometimes it goes under the seat down to the floor. But I hover in public restrooms and when I go, it's just awful, sometimes it splits into 3 streams. It gets all over me and the seat gets completely soaked. It even gets on the floor. And I've always had a big bladder, so it's a lot. I don't want a coworker to see me come out, go in after and know that I'm one of those bitches that leaves piss on the seat. I'm so tired of wiping down my legs, butt, pants and shoes all the time. It's just too much work to clean the seat off every time too, you know? Hold on a sec, this could be my client calling,........no it's just my husband...Um, so is there anything you can do? I'm only thirty-four, this seems like an older woman issue, no offense.” Doctor Miller chuckled and said, “Oh honey, I know exactly what you're talking about. I get a lot of women in here complaining about the same thing, you wouldn't believe it. It's been happening to me ever since menopause a few years ago. If you're serious about correcting it, I can do a labiaplasty procedure to tighten and reshape everything. This will clear the way for your stream to make a clean exit. Just let me have a look at what you've got down there and see what I can do.” After pulling her pants down and moving her thong to the side, Dr. Miller confirmed that Mary's long inner labia were the culprit, as she pulled on them gently to see how far they stretched. “Oh yeah, your lips are kind of loose here. So when your pee comes out, these get in the way and cause your pee to go everywhere, just like putting your finger over a hose. I can fix that for you.” Mary decided that she would consider undergoing the procedure in a few months, after the case she was wrapped up in was settled. Thursday evening, Bret arrived on the top floor a few minutes after five o'clock. He hadn't found any toilet disasters on Wednesday due to Mary having taken the day off. Still holding onto hope that his mysterious pee bandit would have stricken again, he went straight to the women's and once again, found nothing exciting, as Mary hadn't used the restroom, instead having used the one at the restaurant she visited for lunch earlier that day. Disappointed, he accepted that whoever made the mess two days prior would probably never do so again, at least not before his two week assignment to cover for Mark was over. Nearly eight o'clock, Bret was late, still making his way around the offices and desks collecting additional trash, the result of a celebration from a case having been won. Pain kindly reminded him that his knee didn't appreciate such late hours. To his surprise, walking out of the office of Greg, CEO of the company was Mary, straightening her hair and collar. He had seen her come and go from the building on occasion and knew she was an attorney but not much else, other than how hot she was, and how fast she drove her Mercedes, having quite a heavy foot when pulling up in the morning and leaving after work. Mary didn't even notice him, as she immediately looked at her phone to text while power walking across the floor toward the hall. Already taken by surprise to have seen her emerge from the closed door of the CEO's office, he received another pleasant surprise when she headed straight for the restroom. With a sudden opportunity to listen to what he might hear, Bret walked toward the women's and positioned himself outside right after she went in. He heard the loud clanking of her heels walking to the stall, the door closing, and then was treated to the beautiful sound of her heavy stream cutting into the water at high pressure. It echoed and screamed through the restroom, leaking from the door vents into the empty, whisper quiet hallway. His heart pounded with excitement over the volume she was producing. After a few seconds, Mary was letting go with full force and the sound became louder and stronger. Bret couldn't recall the last time he heard any woman pee that hard. Several more seconds passed and then he heard nothing. His urgent curiosity couldn't tolerate not hearing what she was doing, and in what was his boldest move ever, he threw caution to the wind and nudged the door open, sticking his head inside the restroom. He was now able to hear a high pitched noise that was the sound of Mary's pee hitting the toilet porcelain with tremendous pressure. He could also make out the slight sound of a hiss, astonished that she was still peeing at all given how hard it was flowing. Her stream then returned to landing in the water, finally weakening. The joy of hearing her was enough that for that brief moment, the constant pain in his knee was gone. With nearly a full minute passed, the pee stopped and then a few more high pressure squirts rushed out. She exhaled audibly, exerting herself through the final pushes. Now done, Mary sighed in relief with a long-winded breath and looked behind her, seeing her latest mess, and resting assure that she would leave it. Quietly stepping back outside, Bret heard the rattle of the toilet tissue dispenser, and then a flush, followed by the clanking of her heels walking out of the stall toward the door. This time, she saw Bret in the hall, as he pretended very convincingly to be absorbed in mopping the floor, with earbuds in place. Thinking nothing of him as a janitor, she headed toward the elevator to leave. He then looked up briefly and saw on her face a subtle look of concern that revealed her discomfort. Her facade of secrecy was shattered in an instant. Before the door slid open, her phone rang, to which she answered, “Hey. I had to work late again, I'm leaving now.” After the elevator went down, Bret walked to a window at the end of the office and peaked out. Mary came walking across the lot down below, heading to her car. Upon getting in and starting it, she lowered the window to dump her ashtray full of cigarette butts on the ground. Then as usual, she put the car in gear and gunned it, the engine revving loud as she sped across the lot, merging onto the highway and disappearing into the night. Now having the restrooms to himself, Bret made his way back across the office area, to the women's room. Excitement peaked again at what he might find in Mary's stall, wondering if she was his mysterious pee bandit from Tuesday. As he entered, the sweet smell of her perfume was still in the air. Bret made his way inside the stall and saw what he hoped to see, what he thought he would never see again, or ever know who did it. The toilet seat was doused in a heavy layer of yellow splashes, with a few drips still falling from the outer edge of the seat to the floor, more so toward the back of it. The rear structure extending from underneath the seat attached to the wall was also covered in her pee. Bret stood in awe of what Mary did, slowly surveying the magnificent disaster left behind. Continuing to study the area, he saw that her pee also splashed against the back wall itself a few inches above the toilet. A small cluster of visible drips rested upon it that trailed downward, staining the spaces between the tiles. Looking at the floor, the reflection of the overhead light drew attention to the puddle created from some of her stream having completely missed the toilet. Mary's puddle ran across the floor, again into the next stall. Closer inspection revealed that she also managed to spray the feminine waste container next to the toilet, as a few stray drips rested on the lid and side of it. Seeing her piss sprayed everywhere in such careless fashion, Bret felt an increasing sexual attraction the longer he looked. He now knew that despite her elegant appearance and high rank in the firm, she was quite self-serving with no remorse over her behaviors. He wondered if the concerned look on her face at the elevator was due to suddenly realizing she may have been seen with Greg, or because she made an unforgivable mess of the toilet and intentionally left it. She certainly never expected a janitor to be in the building so late to connect her to either one. Before beginning the process of mopping up the large puddle, Bret took his phone out for a few photos of the toilet. Returning a few minutes later with the mop bucket, he cleaned the floor in both stalls, eventually making his way to the messy toilet. He paused before wiping Mary's piss from the seat and began entertaining an idea he never had in the past. Bret stood pondering for a minute, what her pee would taste like. On one hand, it seemed gross to even consider, while on the other hand, tasting her bodily fluids seemed like a harmless form of mild intimacy, along with having the satisfaction of having tasted a woman's piss for the first time. Pushing through strong nervousness, he decided to act on his curiosity, slowly kneeling down, careful to accommodate his knee while leaning in closer to the toilet. Mary's golden drips of pee were easily visible as they laid resting on the white seat. Still nervous and hesitant, Bret stuck his tongue out and made contact with the cold wet surface. Tasting her salty pee in his mouth was strangely arousing in a way he didn't anticipate. The potency of it fired up his taste buds to the point of making his face tingle. He remembered her sexy, smooth-skinned legs and round ass in a tight black skirt walking toward the elevator just some ten minutes prior. The taste and visual of her body triggered Bret to give in to the intense arousal and slide his tongue all the way around the toilet seat, licking every drip Mary left behind. Smiling in the excitement, he whispered to himself, “Damn I'm a sick fuck!” After licking the seat, he finished wiping it off with a disinfectant wipe, as the strong aroma of her pee coated his mouth. As he came out of the restroom, Greg was heading for the elevator and both men nodded a goodnight to each other. The next morning, Bret was walking down the hall of the first floor with his cleaning cart, as Mary made her way into the building to head for the top floor. Seeing him, she again held eye contact for just a moment longer than normal, enough to convey her unease as to what he may know. She quickly looked away and continued walking as they passed each other. Bret simply said, “Good morning.” Annoyed at having been spoken to by a limping janitor, Mary reluctantly replied the same, without looking back. Bret then smiled to himself and continued onward.
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    Omg my hubby wanted to do a private film of what we just did omg , it was incredibly hot and wet, he picked out what he wanted me to wear , omg thinking about what just happened is turning me on but I don’t wanna pee myself again I showered and put a load in the wash and dressed for church, think clean thoughts >.<
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    So desperate for a piss I thought I would piss on the floor
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    Would love to see a pee all over a hotel window, where others could see in.
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    It would be interesting to see if they could keep up with production. "Britney, drink more! You're slowing down the whole factory!" "Oops, I did it again"
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    @steve25805 Yes, that's her
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    This girl? I am quite a fan of hers too. I'm into any highly attractive girl into doing stuff like this.....
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    Am doing my bit as you know......but I possess the lottery tickets. All lady luck needs now is for the right numbers to come in and I will bank-roll the whole thing, maybe buy the site and pay you to run it, video gallery and all, lol. Still, pigs might fly someday too but it aint happening anytime soon, lol. Seriously though, if anyone else feels like helping out financially it would be appreciated.
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    2 rings on...... and a bit harder
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    Having fun peeing on the hotel balcony within full view of the freeway.
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    Hi all, sorry about this. The content is not lost and so may be reinstated at some point, but unfortunately there were a number of issues with the clubs, especially around uploading. It got to the point where most people didn't seem to be able to add any new images to the clubs at all. The clubs section was really a trial, as in a sense they take away from the forum aspect somewhat (every club gallery can be a picture thread etc). From the usage levels I didn't think they would be greatly missed. I haven't given up on the idea of them returning as long as I can get them working again, but it depends if people think they are worthwhile? I have unfortunately not had as much time as I'd like to spend on the site recently. I'm hoping that will change soon and I can start working on any fixes and additions people would like.
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    Part 5 Following Lizzy’s collapse, Hawk carried her into one of the tents and placed a cold cloth on her forehead like Lilith had ordered him to do. As he placed a blanket over her, he couldn’t help thinking what a crazy day it had been. He then exited the tent to help take care of the also unconscious Lisa. “What are we supposed to do with Lisa?” asked Hawk. “Wrap her in a soft blanket and carry her to one of the other tents and lay her on her side.” responded Lilith as she began carefully removing the bandages she had placed on her hands so as to avoid being contaminated by any of the mandrake root’s oil that might have still been on Lisa’s clothes. “Alright,” said Hawk as he wrapped his sister in the softest blanket they had and carried her into her own tent. He then gently put her down on her side and ran his fingers through her short brownish red hair. “Everything’s going to be alright now,” he whispered before exiting the tent. The moment he left the tent he noticed that Lilith was beginning work on the medicinal powder that would help with Lizzy’s fever. “Is there anything else I can do?” “Sure. Take the pot we used during dinner and wash it down by the river and bring it back with as much water as it can carry. We will then put the clothes and towels in the water and boil away any oils that might be on them.” “Got it,” said Hawk as he grabbed the large pot and carried it off to the river. Minutes after Hawk left, Lilith finished making the powder. She then heard moaning coming from inside Lizzy’s tent. As she entered the tent, she saw that Lizzy was awake and breathing heavily. “Tell me what your feeling,” said Lilith as she crawled over to Lizzy and sat down beside her. “My entire body feels like it’s on fire and I’m sweating bad,” whined Lizzy, her discomfort becoming more and more noticeable. “This medicine should help deal with the fever. As for the sweating, it might be better to strip you down a bit to help cool you off,” said Lilith as she handed Lizzy the medicine. After Lizzy finished the medicine, Lilith helped her strip down, revealing that she was not wearing underwear. While Lilith thought about teasing her for this, she ultimately decided that it wasn’t the right time to do so. As Lilith grabbed the shirt that Hawk had lent Lizzy she said, “I’ll just give this back to Hawk.” “No!” screamed Lizzy as she sat up and yanked the shirt out of Lilith’s hands. She then noticed the confused look on Lilith’s face. “There’s no need to do that. I’ll return it to him after I wash it.” “Okay, I’ll just leave it here then,” said Lilith, having realized Lizzy had grown an attachment to the shirt and possibly to its wearer. “I’ll come back in to check on you in a little bit.” As she exited the tent, Hawk was just returning from the river. As he set the pot down, he looked at Lilith and asked, “How is Lizzy doing?” “She’s awake right now. I gave her the medicine so the fever should go down soon,” said Lilith as she took the pot and set it above the fire she had used to cook dinner. “Now I need you to take another pot down to the river and collect water so that we can wash the sweat off her body.” Hawk did as he was told and set off once again for the river. As soon as he was gone, Lilith carefully grabbed the towels, clothing, and bandages that might have been exposed to the mandrake root’s oil and threw them into the large pot the moment the water began boiling. A short while later, Hawk came back with the second pot of water and once again set it down. “The last thing I need for you to do is to make sure this fire keeps going,” ordered Lilith as she grabbed the pot of cold water and a cloth before making her way back into Lizzy’s tent. As Hawk began stoking the fire, he said to himself “I’m sure glad that Lilith is here.” ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… The moment Lilith entered the tent with the pot of water, Lizzy asked, “What are you planning on doing with that?” “Don’t worry, I’m just here to wipe some of the sweat off you,” she said as she soaked the cloth in the pot of water. “Now just sit up and let me do what I need to do.” “Fine,” said Lizzy. Lilith proceeded to start cleaning Lizzy’s back. As soon as the cool cloth hit her back, she felt a sharp tingling sensation throughout her body. With each touch of the cloth on her skin, the tingling sensation became stronger and stronger. Each water droplet that ran down her back brought with it spikes of ecstasy. “Please stop,” she moaned, hardly able to handle what was going on inside of her. Lilith did as she was told and placed the cloth on the floor of the tent. She then noticed that Lizzy’s body was reacting in a similar fashion to what she had seen after Lisa’s treatment. “Wait a second. Are you getting off on this?” asked Lilith. “Of course not,” replied Lizzy, although the crack in her voice told Lilith otherwise. When Lizzy saw that Lilith was not buying it, she decided to tell the truth. “Fine, you’re right. But it’s not what you think. My body is reacting on its own. I don’t have control of it. It must be that increase in sexual desire effect that you told me could happen as a result of the snake bite.” “I highly doubt that. That side effect was a lie. What your feeling right now is actually a side effect of the potion I gave you to stop your trembling,” replied Lilith. “Why would you do something like that?” “The moment I saw the trembling side-effect from the snake bite, I knew I was going to have to give you a potion. However, I also knew that one of the potion’s ingredients can be used as an aphrodisiac and that there was a possibility that it might increase your sexual desires. I also knew that Hawk would be mad if he knew that I was going to give you a potion with this potential side effect so I came up with the snake bite as an excuse for any increase in horniness that you might have incurred as a result of drinking the potion.” “If I had known that I never would have drunken it,” screamed Lizzy, her voice becoming ever louder. Realizing that Lizzy’s loud voice might alert Hawk, Lilith quickly wrapped her hands around Lizzy’s mouth. “Mmmmmmfff,” cried Lizzy as she struggled to get Lilith’s hands off her mouth. “Shut up!” whispered Lilith harshly. “If Hawk finds out, I’m done for.” Realizing what Lilith was saying was true, Lizzy calmed down enough that Lilith was able to remove her hands from her mouth. “Just for the record, I didn’t lie to you to be cruel. I did it because I knew that if I told you about the potential side effects that you wouldn’t drink the potion and that the trembling would get far worse before it could get better. Please don’t tell Hawk.” “I won’t,” said Lizzy. “But you need to fix this now.” “I can do that but you won’t like it. Just try to stay quiet okay.” Before Lizzy could ask Lilith what she meant by that, Lilith grabbed Lizzy in a tight embrace from behind and began fondling Lizzy’s breasts. “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING! PLEASE STOP!” Lizzy loudly whispered. She could feel Lilith’s hands caressing her nipples in a way that was far more skillful than what Lisa had done to her earlier at the river. If Lilith washing her back had only brought on spikes of ecstasy, what she was doing to her now was creating a series of ecstasy explosions. Within less than a minute, she could no longer find the words to speak, her words now being replaced by the moans she was working so hard to repress. “The quickest way to treat horniness brought on by magic is to satisfy your sexual urges. The moment you finish, so too does the aphrodisiac. I’m merely helping things along.” Lilith then slipped one of her hands down Lizzy’s crotch and began to rub it. The moment she did that, Lizzy opened her mouth to let out a scream. However, Lilith was ready for this and used her other hand to muffle Lizzy’s scream. Unfortunately for Lilith, Lizzy was counting on this and bit down on Lilith’s hand the moment she tried to stifle her scream. As Lilith yanked her hand back, Lizzy broke free from her and managed to scoot away. “I told you to stop,” said Lizzy as firmly as she could as she turned to face Lilith. By this point, Lizzy was using her arms to cover her bare breasts as a defense against Lilith’s advances. “Would you rather have Hawk do it?” asked Lilith as she began sucking the blood that was coming from the bite marks on her hand. “Absolutely not. How could you even suggest such a thing?” Lilith could see how uncomfortable Lizzy was at having heard such a thing but decided to push her a little further. “Well, I just thought that since you and Hawk are together and all it wouldn’t be such a big deal to have him do it.” “Where did you get such an idea?” asked a red-faced Lizzy. “Lisa told me that she saw you kiss him earlier. I just assumed that it meant you and Hawk are a couple.” “Hawk and I are just friends. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s been that way since the day we met. What Lisa saw was nothing more than me repaying a bet that I lost,” explained Lizzy, no longer able to make eye contact with Lilith. As Lilith looked at Lizzy’s face, she could tell that there was more to Lizzy’s feelings than she was letting on and decided that the only way to find out the truth was to provoke her. “You know, among the types of people I dislike in this world, I especially loathe cowards who cannot be honest with themselves and have use a mask to hide their true feelings. And if you want to know what I think about you right now, I think you’re probably one of the biggest cowards I’ve ever seen. Hawk deserves better than the likes of you.” Lilith could see that her words were getting underneath Lizzy’s skin. Now it was time to push her to the limit. “You know I’ve had my eye on Hawk for a while now but I’ve held myself back out of consideration for you since I thought that you were in love with him. But since you’re telling me that you’re nothing more than friends, I think that maybe I’ll pursue him myself. He and I would make a pretty great couple, don’t’ you think?” “SHUT UP! YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT I FEEL!” she screamed, tears beginning to form in her eyes. “Quit acting as though you know everything and that every problem has a simple solution. This problem is not like that. I honestly don’t know how I feel about Hawk.” “Bullshit,” scoffed Lilith in attempt to push Lizzy even further past her breaking point. “Deep down you know exactly how you feel about Hawk but you’re afraid that by revealing your feelings to him that he might reject you or that you might destroy your friendship. Face it, you’ve just been stringing him along out of fear that he might leave you if he knew you’re true feelings. While I can’t force you to stop, I will warn you that the longer you wait, the more likely a rival will swoop in and take him away. If that happens, then you will truly be all alone.” As she said these things, she actually began to feel angry at Lizzy for taking advantage of Hawk’s kindness all this time while never answering his affections. “I have to go check in on Lisa now. Do what you want, though I suggest you hurry up and satisfy your urges before they get worse.” With that, she left the tent and went over to Lisa’s tent to make sure she was doing okay. As Lizzy sat alone in her tent, she couldn’t help but feel that Lilith had a point. Could it truly be possible that deep down she had known what her feelings towards Hawk were and that she spent so much of her life repressing these feelings out of fear of being hurt or hurting him that she could no longer contemplate her true feelings? All she knew at that moment was that she was more confused than ever and that thanks to Lilith’s potion, her sexual frustrations were building. “I guess I have no choice,” she said as she reached her hand towards her crotch and laid down on the tent floor. The moment her fingers began to move, so too did her moans of pleasure and ecstasy. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. While Hawk was stoking the fire, he began to hear what sounded like moaning coming from Lizzy’s tent. Fearing that her condition was getting worse, he shot up and began moving toward her tent. He was just mere feet way when Lilith came out of Lisa’s tent and intercepted him before he could go any further. “Get out of my way Lilith. Lizzy’s in pain and I need to help her.” “Trust me when I say that going in there right now will not do anything to help her,” stated Lilith as she began pushing Hawk away from the tent. “If you want to be of some use, why don’t you go refill all our flasks with water.” Lilith then walked over to her pouch ad grabbed her flask and her journal. She then flipped to a page of a weird looking plant and said, “While you’re at the river I’ll need you to pick this plant for me. I need it just in case I have to make more medicine.” “Alright,” said Hawk as he turned around, grabbed his pouch and the flasks and prepared to make his way back to the river. By this time, the sun had gone down and the night sky was now illuminated with thousands of stars. Before Hawk could leave, Lilith shouted, “Don’t you need a lantern or something? Do you want me to summon a familiar who can light the way?” “No need,” said Hawk as he turned to face her, his once brown eyes now green as a cat’s. “While I can’t perform magic, my father did teach me how to use my spiritual energy to strengthen my ability to see in the dark.” Hawk noticed that Lilith seemed confused. “As you know, magic is essentially the conversion of spiritual energy into one of the eight magical elements - water, air, fire, nature, light, lightning, ice, and darkness - from which all spells are born. While most humans lack the capacity to convert their spiritual energy into one of these magical elements, it is possible to channel one’s spiritual energy into different body parts thereby enhancing one’s senses or physical strength. By channeling it into my eyes, I can see almost as well in the dark as I can during the day.” “That’s cool I guess,” said Lilith, slightly intrigued by the notion of using spiritual energy to enhance the body instead of using magic. “Anyway, you should get going.” And Hawk did just that. As he walked away, Lilith breathed a sigh of relief after realizing that Hawk had no idea what was actually going on in Lizzy’s tent. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. It took a bit longer for Hawk to reach the river than usual, because even though he could see in the dark, the path was still extremely dangerous at night. When he finally reached the river, he knelt down and began filling the flasks with water. As he did so, he began to think about the side effects that Lilith had mentioned could result from the snake bite. The one that had really stood out was an increase in sexual desire. He had spent a good chunk of time since then questioning whether Lizzy kissing him was a result of the snake bite increasing her sexual desires. He also questioned whether Lizzy holding his dick earlier was the result of curiosity towards the art of piss writing or the result of her being horny. Suddenly, it occurred to Hawk that the moaning he heard coming from Lizzy’s tent might not have been moans of pain but something else entirely. Perhaps something more sexual. As he placed one of the full flasks on the ground beside him, he began to envision Lizzy laying in her tent completely naked, drops of sweat glistening on her body. He could see her face flush with ecstasy, one hand caressing her supple breast and the other playfully dancing along her nether region. He could hear her trying to stifle her moans so that no one would hear her, not knowing that it only made her look and sound more erotic. Hawk could feel himself stiffen as he thought these things and before he knew it, he was stroking the crotch of his pants. He was quickly brought back to reality when he accidentally knocked over the uncapped flask causing some of its contents to soak the side of his pants. “Just what the hell was I thinking about just now?” he asked himself aloud. “There is absolutely no way that Lizzy would ever do a naughty thing like that, especially when she could easily be caught doing it.” Suddenly an idea hit him. “Or maybe she was doing something like that and wanted me to catch her in the act. I mean that could be the ultimate turn on for an elegant girl like her whose been taken over by her sexual desire.” The very thought served to arouse him all the more. “Dammit! Now I’m all confused,” he screamed as he began messing his hair in frustration. Deciding that there was no use in thinking about it, he went back to filling up the flasks. As soon as he finished filling the flasks, he stood up and began looking for the plant Lilith had showed him. While looking around, he saw what looked like the plant from the picture he saw. As he walked over to it, he grabbed one of the leaves and thought to himself that it felt slightly oily. He simply shrugged his shoulders and began digging the plant out of the ground all the while completely unaware of what he was digging out. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Back at the campsite, Lilith was busy stoking the fire. As she was doing so, she couldn’t help but feel that something was amiss and that it had to do with Hawk. She looked over at her journal which she had placed beside her while she tended the fire. Without thinking much of it, she grabbed the journal and began thumbing through the pages. She suddenly stopped on one of the pages and looked down at it in horror. The picture of the plant that she had showed Hawk was not the one that she needed to make medicine, rather it was a sketch of the pygmy mandrake root. It was then that she realized in her haste to get Hawk out of the campsite that she hadn’t really been looking at the sketch she had showed him. Quickly grabbing her pouch, she ran off in the direction of the river. Luckily for her, succubi are highly adept at seeing in the dark which would make it much easier to find her way. She only hoped that she would make it in time. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. While Lilith was on a mission to stop Hawk from doing something stupid, Lisa who had been unconscious for the last couple hours had finally woken up. The first question she asked herself was why was she laying in her tent, naked from the waist down, underneath a blanket. Suddenly she began to remember how Hawk and Lilith and both taken turns peeing on her in order to treat her rash. While she hated that they did that despite her telling them not to, she knew that she needed to thank them. As she tried to get up, she quickly realized she was not able to move her body. What was worse was that she was now feeling a really strong urge to pee. Not wanting to piss herself, she cried out, “Is anybody there? I can’t get my body to move and I really need to pee. Can someone please help me?” She waited silently in the tent but there was no response. Minutes passed and nobody came. She cried out three more times in the space of twenty minutes but nobody came for her. Lisa finally realized that either nobody was around or that if they were, they couldn’t hear her. She could feel the pressure building up in her bladder. All the while she couldn’t understand exactly why her desperation was so strong. She had always prided herself on being able to hold her piss for hours on end when she really needed to. In fact, her personal record was about twelve hours which she had done on a dare. Lisa couldn’t help but think that her paralysis and bladder desperation were the result of the potion that Lilith had given her earlier. A couple more minutes passed before Lisa began to feel something warm dripping down her legs. The first few drops of piss made her realize that it was only a matter of time before the dam would burst. While this was not the first time that she had pissed herself, it was certainly the first time in years that it had happened accidentally. Another minute passed before she finally gave in and allowed the torrent of piss to run down the side of her legs and pool beneath her. As she was laying on her side, the puddle of piss she created began to spread upward. Her ordeal lasted about two minutes and by the time she was done, she had soaked the portion of the blanket covering her bottom half, most of the tent floor, and even the side of her shirt right up to her shoulder. While she was finally free of her desperation, she was now stuck sitting in her own piss until someone saw fit to come check on her. She prayed that somebody would come soon for while she didn’t mind being wet, she found the smell of this particular piss puddle to be especially foul. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. While Lisa was busy lying in her own piss, Lizzy was in her own tent completely deaf to what was going on in the world outside that tent. She had tried stroking herself in several different ways and positions for the past twenty minutes, yet she was still no closer to finding her release. As she turned over on her side, she noticed the shirt Hawk lent her sitting in the spot that Lilith had left it earlier. Not knowing what else to do, Lizzy sat up and grabbed the shirt. She then placed the shirt up to her nose and inhaled deeply. Despite her having worn it, Lizzy could still smell Hawk’s sweat from when they had sparred earlier. While she typically hated the smell of sweat, this smell was somehow different, perhaps even intoxicating. She lay back down, once again on her side As she held the shirt up to her nose, she suddenly began to think about seeing Hawk naked at the river earlier in the day. She thought about the way his muscles had glistened in the sun. Her mind then moved to how Hawk had stood there in all his naked glory as if he did not care if anybody saw him. She could even remember how Hawk had stiffened at the very sight of her naked body, something she had always been told was a sign of sexual attraction. Whether it was more than that or not, Lizzy didn’t seem to care because the thought of Hawk reacting to her body in such a manner was somehow making her feel good. Then she remembered how they had touched each other’s sensitive areas when they were pissing earlier in the day. The thought of her touching his dick and him touching her pussy made her feel dirty and yet she still wanted more. It was as though her erotic side that had long been dormant inside of her was finally breaking free. It was both scary and exciting. Without really realizing it, Lizzy began to move her free hand back down to her crotch. She began stroking one more, this time all her thoughts were on Hawk. It didn’t take very long for her to finally reach her peak and the moment she did, all the sexual desire that had been building up inside her began to vanish. As she removed her hand from her crotch, she rolled over on to her back, her lungs panting and her heart beating rapidly. Suddenly she felt the urge to pee. Not really caring if anybody saw her, Lizzy snuck out of her tent completely naked. She then walked behind a bush that was behind her tent and proceeded to squat down. As she let it flow, she couldn’t help but think about how good she felt after having gone through what she had just went through. Of course, it wasn’t until she got back into her tent and saw the small stains on the blanket and tent floor that she began to feel embarrassed at what she had done. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Back at the river, Hawk had finally succeeded in digging out the plant. As he prepared to put the plant in his pouch, he heard a female voice scream, “STOP!!!” As Hawk looked up he saw Lilith tearing through the trees. “DROP THAT PLANT NOW!” Hawk did as he was told. “What’s going on? I thought this was the plant I was supposed to get.” “That’s the wrong plant,” exclaimed Lilith as she tried to catch her breath. “I accidentally showed you a picture of the same plant that caused Lisa’s rash. We need to treat your hands right away.” Lilith grabbed one of the flasks from Hawk’s pouch and began pouring the water over Hawk’s hands. “We need to get as much of the oil off your hands as we can before we can start treatment.” “Wait a second. You’re not going to pee on my hands, are you?” “We don’t have much choice,” replied Lilith as she put the flask down, lifted her skirt and removed her panties. “Now hold out your hands and remember to move them around in the piss stream so that every spot is covered.” Hawk placed his hands out in front of him. Lilith then moved in closer so that she was now standing directly over his hands. Using both her hands to hold her skirt up, she began peeing what was first a small trickle and then a small waterfall of piss. Hawk began moving his hands around in the stream, lathering his hands with Lilith’s piss. He could feel the foamy warmth through his fingers and felt both disgusted yet sort of turned on at the same time. By the time Lilith was done, there wasn’t a dry spot on Hawk’s hands. They were then forced to wait several minutes for his hands to dry before Lilith bandaged them up as a precaution. “Thank you,” he said. “You’re welcome,” she responded back, blushing a little. As the two began making their way back to camp Lilith asked, “Hawk, how would you feel if somebody that you cared deeply for but weren’t in love with confessed their feelings to you?” “That’s a weird question,” said Hawk. He had to stop a moment to think about it. “I guess I would feel happy that they cared about me that way,” he said with a carefree smile. “Would you accept their feelings and learn to love them the same way that they love you?” Hawk was silent for a moment as he thought about the question. “Honestly, I think that would be a bad deal for the confessor. While it may be possible to learn to love somebody over time, I think trying to force a love that isn’t there would only serve to hurt the confessor more than they would be if they were turned down outright.” “I see, “said Lilith with a hint of sadness in her voice. Hawk couldn’t stop wondering why Lilith was asking these questions but figured he was better off not asking. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Not long after returning to the camp, Lilith went to check in on Lisa and found her lying in her own piss, unable to move. Lilith was then forced to clean her up and had to allow Lisa to sleep in her tent. Luckily by the time Lisa was cleaned off, the paralysis was beginning to wear off. As Lilith lay in her tent that night, she couldn’t help but think about what Hawk had said and how complicated things might get in the near future. As she turned over, she noticed that Lisa had already fallen asleep. As she looked at her, a single tear ran down from her eye as she said, “It looks like you and I are in the same boat from here on out. One that is surely destined to sink before it meets its destination.” To be Continued…..
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    So there I was..feeling like I held all the power. I could decide whether to be nice, and use the loo, or naughty and piss somewhere in Cass's living room. With the other girls all making suggestions as to where I could go, & me pretending to be unsure as to whether to have a naughty piss or use a toilet (lets be honest, I was always going to naughty piss) I felt in a very privileged position.. There were two reasons I was pretending to be unsure; firstly, if you are going to be extremely naughty and piss over your friend's carpet or wherever, it's probably best that you at least make it look like you have some pretence of it being something you were talked into by others, or by circumstance. You don't want to appear too immediately keen to do it.....you never know when the tables might be turned. But secondly, and for me anyway even more importantly, is it just builds the naughtiness. You have 5 or 6 girls...all really keen to know if you'll have a naughty piss somewhere you shouldn't, somewhere really naughty and 'unladylike'..... I love that word. You're in control and it feels great. They're all keen to know whether you're going to do it, for conflicting reasons. One of them doesn't want you to do it and is desperately hoping you'll use a proper toilet like a good girl..the others all want you to treat yourself, give in to the temptation and have a wee-wee somewhere you know you shouldn't....so why not enjoy that anticipation. 'A pleasure deferred is a pleasure increased' is a phrase you rarely hear nowadays in this 'everything now' culture, but it is so true. The thought of having a naughty piss somewhere in Cass's room..the tingle of anticipation, the thrill of choice and of listening to my friends call out suggestions. This was almost as good as the actual piss, and I wanted to enjoy it as long as I could. I also wanted to be absolutely at bursting point when I finally went. Knowing that relief was at hand; that although I was bursting, I would be able to piss whenever I needed to, took away the negative feelings you have when you need a wee but are nowhere near a loo and fear embarrassment and shame. There was none of that here; there would only be acclaim and cheering from the vast majority of the room, so I could wait until the last possible second before spraying an incredibly powerful jet that the girls would love. Again the anticipation of that was amazing..another pleasure worth deferring, the acclamation of my peers. Or pee-rs to be more accurate!!!! It would be amazing to hear their response. Plus the longer I could wait the more I'd be able to piss for, and the greater impact it would have. I wanted to soak my chosen target with every possible drop, so every minute I could hold on meant I would have more ammunition for my naughty pee..and I knew I could hold a few more minutes at least, if I kept my hand shoved in my crotch. So I waited and listened as the girls made suggestions "She said anywhere but her carpet..what about one of her beautiful vases?" yelled Jessica "You cow!" yelled Cass at Jess and then to me "don't even think about it" "I could bring her kettle through and you could go in that" suggested Nikki "Don't listen to them" said Cass "PLEASE just use the toilet" "There's always the curtains..they look expensive" suggested Michelle "oh..or one of her books from the bookshelf" suggested Debbie "will you guys just shut the fuck up and stop giving her ideas?" yelled Cass, futilely I was quite surprised no-one suggested the sofa. Maybe they thought that would appear too much. After all it was not a cheap sofa, so maybe they, who weren't actively into naughty pissing like me, felt that was going too far. Mind you Renee hadn't made any suggestion at all..there was always the possibility she had thought of it and was keeping it to herself. After all if I did piss on the sofa, how would she top that? She couldn't. But equally she might have not mentioned it as she thought it was beyond the pale too. Was I crossing the line?. Thing is, I knew it would be amazing to wee on a sofa. I'll be honest, I've wanted to do it ever since I was a little girl. It just seems so wrong..so bad..so exciting and dangerous. But could I really? Cass was my mate....but then again we would make it right with her afterwards and 3 girls had already had a wee-wee on her carpet..including Cass! But given that the others hadn't suggested using her sofa as my toilet, would I cause too much shock? Would it suddenly go quiet, like when everyone is exchanging banter and someone goes that bit too far and there's an awkward leaden silence. What if I did it and they turned on me? I was still debating this when Sarah gently said "Maybe she's had enough..can you make it to the toilet Sophie?" Everyone looked at me. To be honest I wasn't sure..maybe I could have..but there was no way I was going to. The one place I wouldn't be pissing was a loo..what a waste of an opportunity that would be. But equally maybe the sofa was a step too far. I made a decision. "I don't think so....maybe I could use a vase?" The other girls began to giggle and murmur and I was feeling good about myself for overcoming temptation. The vase piss would be naughty but it would wash out really easily and Cass would be grateful. Michelle reached out and picked up the opaque blue vase and handed it to me. "No" yelled Cass "you are not going to piss in my vase..I absolutely forbid it..just use the toilet you selfish bitch!" Now..I know Cass didn't mean anything by the use of that word...and I know she was just trying to save her stuff, as I would have in her position, but in my mind I now knew I had desperately wanted an excuse to soak her sofa. I needed a reason to be able to give that sofa a thorough drenching in my fresh hot wee-wee. I had just wanted or needed an excuse.. any excuse.... to allow my conscience to say 'you are allowed to do it'..and she had given me it. In reality most of my brain, and other parts of me had effectively tied up my conscience and put a gun to it's head and told it to give me the okay..and this really was the flimsiest of reasons to justify using my friend's sofa as my personal toilet...but it worked. I decided right there and then I was going to do it..I had made up my mind now..there was no going back. If my friends thought I'd gone too far, if I lost Cass's friendship..all these rational objections were overriden by the thought that this was the one chance I would have to live out my fantasy of ruining another girls' expensive sofa..so I just could not turn it down. Not that I was going to reveal my hand too soon..revenge being a dish best served cold, unlike my piss..which would be served hot and fresh from me and onto her precious sofa. "Okay" I said.. "you win. I will try and make it to the loo..but if none of you are offended I'm going to take my skirt and knickers off here..when you're near the loo itself you need to go even more so the last thing I need to be doing then is trying to get my clothes down". The great benefit of this lie was it had a lining of truth..desperation really does increase the closer you get to a loo so if I was going to use the loo, it made sense for me to strip off here. But of course I had no intention of using a boring real toilet. There were several glum faces as I gingerly sat down on the sofa....the gingerly sitting wasn't acting either..I really was absolutely bursting for a wee, and I didn't want to waste any of my precious cargo. The glum faces told me they had believed my story too and thought they wouldn't get to see another naughty piss. "Close your eyes if you like" I said as I began to disrobe.. but no-one did. All eyes were fixed on me, and I have to say I quite enjoyed that, as I undid my shoes and removed them, before unhooking my short black skater skirt and throwing it off. Now..I bet if I asked you what colour knickers you were wearing you wouldn't be able to tell me without checking (you'd probably want to ask what the hell business of mine it was too, but we'll leave that for now) . You don't remember the panties you're wearing do you? Unless you're selecting underwear especially for a date that might lead somewhere! But day to day you just pick the first clean pair you find..or at least I do. So imagine my delight when I saw I was wearing my 'little miss naughty' panties. How perfect. I do like them..they're cheeky, and normally no-one (except my hubby if he's around when I'm dressing) knows I am wearing them. I get a little frisson of excitement when I wear them in the school where I teach. It's silly really, but it just feels quite sexy. Because we all know the connotation when a grown woman wears panties that say 'little miss naughty' and they aren't paying homage to Roger Hargreaves! So that slightly risque notion always gives me a warm glow.. and in fact when I do spot I'm wearing them at work, when I peel them down when having a wee in the loo, I often imagine a situation where all the kids and other teachers have left, and it's just me and I'm able to find somewhere very naughty in the school to wee. I've never done it of course. (far too dangerous) but when wearing my 'miss naughty' panties, I often think about doing it..and so for me to be wearing them today, of all days..well that was special. I was going to be very naughty..but not in the sexual connotation usually associated with a grown up woman being 'naughty' ..I was going to be really naughty ..I was going to piss on a sofa. to be continued
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    How about a nice pee outside. In daytime of course...
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    I found it! I had even photoshopped the "hot part" of the letter onto it.
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    I have had rape fantasies as well. I didn't think this topic would be brought up here. Anyway (I don't want to screw up here), I feel I'd quite like to discuss this further, maybe flesh this fantasy out into a full on story or some kind of role play. What do you think? Is there a messaging system here of some kind?
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    I love a good pee related sex story <3
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    I had a secret that I wasn’t sharing with the ladies. It is true that since my pregnancy, my bladder isn’t what it used to be. It is also true that some of my accidents weren’t accidents, and it is definitely true that I enjoyed each of them, starting with the very first one. I was with my husband, shopping for baby items. I was close to full-term at this point, and so the pressure on my bladder was common. I had managed to mostly avoid accidents, but lately I was cutting it close. As we were walking through the store, I felt it coming as the baby moved. “Babe, I’ve got to pee,” I said. We weren’t close to the bathroom as I said this, and both me and my husband looked around to see how far we would have to walk. “It’s at the front of the store,” he said. “Can you make it?” “I don’t know,” I said. “I mean, I guess I’ll have to try.” He took me by the arm and led me towards the bathrooms while pushing our cart. I was close to telling him to just leave it because it was slowing us down, but it was already filled with stuff. We did our best to get to the front end of the store, but as we got closer I could feel the pressure growing. The baby moved again, and I gasped as a small spurt warmed the gusset of my panties just a little bit. “What?” my husband asked. “What’s wrong?” “I just peed a little,” I said. “We’ve got to hurry, or I’m going to piss all over the floor.” I quickened my steps as he continued to follow me and push the cart. We finally reached the front of the store, and just as I saw the bathroom doors I could also see a bright yellow chain across both bathrooms with signs that read “Closed for cleaning. Please use other restrooms.” I groaned and looked at my husband desperately. “What do we do now?” “Can you make it back to the other bathrooms in the back?” He asked. I started to answer, but another wave of pressure hit and I stood tall, squeezing my legs together. “No,” I said, “there’s no way. What am I going to do? I’m seriously about to move that chain and go in there anyway.” “You can’t do that, sweetie,” he said. “Let’s make our way back to the other bathrooms, and if you can’t make it we’ll figure something out.” “What?” I asked, annoyed. “What will we figure out?” “I don’t know,” he said. “Just try your best to make it, and then we won’t have to figure it out.” I groaned again, but we started towards the back of the store. We didn’t make it very far, though, before I felt another wave of pressure and the baby moved again. I kept back a spurt this time, but it was clear I would not be as successful the next time. “I can’t do this,” I said, feeling close to tears. My husband stopped and looked at me, and then he looked around as if he was trying to find something. He nudged my arm and led me down an aisle through the women’s clothing section, grabbed a few random items off of racks, like a gown and some shirts, and then we stopped at the changing rooms. “Umm…what are we doing?” I asked. “It’s not the bathroom, but it’s the closest I could get,” he whispered. I was about to protest until the baby moved again and I felt another warm spurt. “Look, babe, I know it’s not ideal, but it’s this or you piss yourself out here in front of everybody.” He handed me the clothes, and the concerned but determined look on his face was enough to convince me. I had no other choice. There was no attendant at the counter but the doors were all opened, so I stepped into one of the changing rooms, and I couldn’t help but giggle as I saw that the bench along the back wall of the room was covered with a thick black cushion. My bladder screamed again, and I dropped the clothes onto the floor turned around to place my bottom on the soft seat. I didn’t even bother with my panties as I just sat back and relaxed. Seconds later, a hot flow of pee filled my panties. I could feel it spray through the gusset of my panties and soak into the cushion under me with a warm, tingling comfort that made me sigh. It was also making me quite horny as it gently swirled around my pussy and clitoris and warmed my bottom. I reached down and slid the crotch of my panties aside and squirted the last bit of my pee right into the cushion, licking my lips at the warm spray against my inner thighs and vagina. It was over too soon, though, and I stood up to survey the damage. The cushion was only a slightly darker shade of black around where I was sitting. You would have to be looking for it to notice something. I straightened my skirt and walked out of the changing room, leaving the clothes on the floor. I grinned at my husband and his face reddened a bit as he also smiled. I stepped up to him and touched his arm. “Feel better?” he asked. “I do,” I said. “Thank you. Let’s check out and get out of here.” Then I leaned closer and nibbled his ear before whispering, “My panties are soaked, and I need a good reason to take them off.” Later, after we checked out and took everything to the car, he drove us to the back parking lot where no one was around, and I slid my wet panties off. He watched me, licking his lips eagerly. “Come on,” he said, “let’s get out.” I smiled as we opened our doors. We walked to the back of the car and he took a moment to look out at the view of the mountains behind the store. But he was also leaning against the trunk and unzipping his fly. I walked to him and placed my back against his chest and soon my skirt was up and his hands were touching me beneath it, feeling and caressing my vulva. It didn’t take me long to get wet again as I felt first his finger and then the tip of his penis touch the back of my pussy. I lifted my hips and butt the best I could until he entered me and I moaned. He kissed the back of my neck and reached around to caress my breasts. “Easy,” I said. “They’re sore.” He whispered Okay and we continued to writhe and move together, me rocking my hips gently and he lifting his pelvis. I could feel my climax getting close, but I could also feel the familiar pressure building in my bladder. I wasn’t sure how bad it was until another wave came over me as my husband’s thrusts grew quicker. “Umm, I kind of have to pee again,” I said. “Okay,” he said and stopped thrusting. “No, no, don’t stop,” I said. He laughed. “What do you mean?” he asked. “I mean I really want to fuck you right now, and if we stop I might lose it, so please, don’t stop.” He chuckled again and grabbed me by the hips as we continued. I moaned again as he continued to enter me, each thrust a little deeper than the last. I was getting closer and closer to coming, so I placed my hands behind me onto his thighs and moved quicker and quicker, feeling his penis pulse inside of me with each thrust. He grunted and I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. As my climax built, I felt a wave of pressure and the baby moved again. I cried out and just let go. Immediately, my warm pee flowed out of me, all over my thighs, and down over my husband’s penis. I could feel it flowing under me, soaking his jeans and the back of my skirt, but he didn’t stop thrusting and I didn’t stop moving. He finally groaned and I could feel his penis pulse again and again as he ejaculated inside of me while my warm pee trickled out and soaked our crotches. When we were finished, I leaned back against him and he kissed my neck and shoulders again. “I love you so much,” he said. “I love you, too,” I answered. After this experience, each time I had to pee I would simply find a way to let it out. A few times, I let myself get as desperate as I was in the store, and then find a quiet or secluded place to just let my warm pee trickle down my legs or sit in a cushioned seat somewhere and feel it warm my bottom. My husband and I repeated the wet sex one night when we stepped outside naked onto our back deck and he sat on a chair as I straddled his lap, again facing away from him, and again I had to pee and just let it go when I climaxed. This time, though, when I finished, he said he couldn’t go because he had to pee, as well. So I scooted forward in the seat and said, “Go ahead.” I felt his warm urine against my back, hot and wet, and I turned around and knelt down to let it soak my breasts. “Oh my god, that’s so fucking hot,” he said and continued to spray his hot urine all over my chest. I rubbed it into my nipples and felt it trickle down my tummy to my vagina and slipped a finger inside myself. “Let’s go to the bed,” he said. In spite of my wetness and our nudity, he was able to pick me up and carry me to the bed. I laid down and turned on my side, exposing my ass and very ready pussy to him. He pressed his warm body against my back as we spooned, and he was soon inside of me, thrusting madly this time, panting and groaning. I was surprised when I came again and dribbled more pee all over the bed and us as we cried out together and he again ejaculated inside of me. We fell asleep just like that, wet and messy but comfortable in each other’s arms.
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    It would make buying "Britney Spears",or "Beyonce" perfume more interesting wouldnt it?
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    Try it in front of someone. I think if you wanted to get someone else into it you could play it off as convenience but make sure to give them a worthwhile show in the process. I think any straight guy would get rock hard watching you fill a cup. I have a theory that more guys are into this fetish than will admit because of the stigma attached to a 'waste' product even if its clean and sterile.
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    I like voyeur pee stuff not so much because it is voyeur, but because it allows you to see how women pee in a candid, unposed way. Although my preference is for younger, fit females; as Brutus says, there's still a nasty, almost primal urge I experience watching a girl urinate unposed.
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    To be fair, almost all my gallery pics were duplicates anyway. The same ones in the gallery that I posted in the forums. I began posting them in the galleries because Admin asked if I could contribute towards filling them, but found increasing issues re pic sizes and posting failures, and eventually found it wouldn't let me add new stuff at all. After a week of that, at that point I gave up trying. Good that they have not been lost though, because others may well have posted some original content there.
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    I would like to know too. Some people put a lot of work into their clubs, and they have just disappeared. What happened?
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    I'm not as daring as others. I'd want to have pee fun, but not leave any suspicion at all. I'd definitely soak a few towels, either laying in bed with it between my legs or squatting over one on the floor. I would love to have a sneaky pee on the balcony. It would be great in broad daylight with lots of people around, as I'm wearing a dress and just let the pee trickle down my legs and no one notices. I would definitely also have a pee at on in the pool too.
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    It depends on bodily features. For me is almost natural, my urethra is so frontward-inclined that what is difficult, for me, is backside piss! Unless I position carefully, in that case my backside piss is quite thick and good As daily features, pissing standing is quite normal to me. Yet, I have thaught many of my lesbian lovers to pee standing regardless of urethra shape or inclination. It CAN be thaught, I mean with actual results
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