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    Meanwhile. another teaser for my beloved friends!!! Shoot by a female friend during concert! Up here posing Down here, peeing!!! ps 2nd one taken without warning!!! Naughty friend!!!
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    ADVERTISEMENT FOR EVERYONE. I found my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon I'll begin to post videos!!!!
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    A slit for 'Fanny'.
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    For science, I timed every wee I've had so far today. 5 in total. 53 seconds - first thing in the morning, I was bursting! 32 seconds 17 seconds 21 seconds 36 seconds
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    Drunk piss is the best. PERIOD. Done great things while drunk
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    I love to see guys wearing panties and tights, peeing and cumming in them nice too!
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    This is Mistress T.Watching her videos,i cant think of any sexual activity she doesnt indulge in.Even peeing..highly recommended.
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    After looking at these photos, I seem to have lost my train of thought. But, give me a minute... I'm sure it's at the tip of my tongue.
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    Girls,do you like to see our penises?Do you like watching us guys pee too?Even secretly,you wouldnt maybe admit to it to a friend?Or do you really more enjoy seeing other women pee?Which i totally understand... I know that the kind of visual stimuli that works for men,such as seeing naked women,isnt quite the same for women,but does the sight of a thick long willy,stir something down below,or if it has pee,or "other fluid" coming out of it?
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    Great cum pics....
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    That's the right way to make boys love their country AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    Shit Remi this is heart-touching, seriously. Fuck it... speechless
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    Stunning I somehow imagined that you would look a bit 'wild hearted' after reading your descriptions of yourself but man....sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. Very sexy!
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    if you ever were registered at WDG or mydrunkenstar you can still enter the site. i was only registered at mydrunkenstar.com once. this account still works. inside mydrunkenstar you can swap over to WDG an watch the current contenct (you can watch trailers and pics for free). you can also buy single sessions for $ 15 each. but when you are mostly interested in the outdoor pee scenes like me, (there are only 1 to max. 3 each session as much as you can see at least in the preview) the price is a bit to high in my opinion. even as the drunkness and the effects of alcohol itself doesn't really give me anything. i simply like when they lose all inhibitions due to the drunkness when needing a urgent pee i wish they would offer a pee-only-compilation...
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    Yes, that's the point. But I'm not gonna let you down, I swear it
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    I think we cant wait for more pics or vids,one sexy lady!
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    wow, so sexy thx for sharing!!!
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    i dont know why thats arousing but it works for me..
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    It was a warm summer day as a young lesbian couple strolled down a private beach. One of the women was named Daphne and she had firey red hair and emerald green eyes. She was wearing a black bikini, the bra of which was just barley supporting her ample bosom. Alongside her was a blond woman with saphire blue eyes. Her name was Serena and she was wearing a pink bikini. While not as endowed as her partner, her breasts were nothing to scoff at. What she lacked in chest size, she more than made up for in being curvy in all the right places. In fact the mere sight of her was known to raise the flagpoles of men. One wouldn't know by looking at them that they both had a pee fetish, although Serena was less open about it than her partner. As they walked down the beach, Daphne turned to Serena and asked, "Do you want to see something cool?" "Sure," said Serena. Daphne than proceeded to remove her bikini bottom and slung it over her shoulder. She then bent her knees forward, leaned back, and used her hand to spread her labia as much as she could. Suddenly a golden arc sprung forth from her nether regions and slammed into the sand. For the next couple of minutes she would move her hips, pinch off her stream, take steps to the right, and start all over again. By the time she was done, she had pissed both their names in the sand and incased her masterpiece in a heart also drawn from her piss. "Its beautiful," replied Serena. "I'm glad you like it. It took me four bottles of water to produce that much piss," said Daphne, quite proud of her accomplishment. Before she could put her bikini bottoms back on, Serena said to her, "You should really clean yourself off before putting your bikini bottoms back on." "It's no big deal," replied Daphne. Suddenly Serena got down on her knees, grabbed Daphne's legs and began running her tongue along the piss drops on the inside of Daphne's thighs. " Ahhhh," moaned Daphne. "If you're going to do this, don't forget to get my pussy too." Serena did as Daphne said and to Daphne it felt like heaven. After Serena was done, Daphne put her bikini bottoms back on. "Thanks for the drink," said Serena cheerfully. The two then proceeded to continue their stroll down the beach. A bit further down, Daphne tripped over a rock partially buried in the sand and face-planted in the sand. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her abdomen causing her to roll to the side screaming in pain. To both girls' horror, Daphne had landed on a dying jellyfish that had been washed ashore during the high tide. "It hurts!" screamed Daphne. "You need to pee on me now!" Serena meerly looked at Daphne with a horrified expression. The truth was that despite having a pee fetish, she had never pissed in front of her partner due to her immense stage fright. Seeing the look of agony on her lover's face, she knew that she would have to overcome her fear. "Please stay still," said Serena as she removed her bikini bottoms and proceeded to stand over her lover. She then used her hands to spread her labia just as she had seen Daphne do. Minutes passed but nothing happened. "Can you close your eyes?" she asked. "If you keep looking at me I don't think I'll be able to pee." Daphne closed her eyes and ten seconds later a waterfall of piss came cascading down from Serena's pussy onto Daphne's wound. Serena's stream lasted about three minutes and in that time she was able to douse Daphne's abdomen with golden piss. When she was done, Daphne sat up and began to partake of the remenants of the sweet nectar that had spewed forth from her lover's pussy just seconds earlier. "Ahhhh," cried Serena. "If you keep being so rough I might cum." After the ordeal was over, Serena helped Daphne back to the beach house where she was better able to treat the sting. In the end Serena was able to overcome her stage fright and gained a fetish for giving golden showers, much to the delight of Daphne.
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    I'm still looking for my camera... Meanwhile,, a little gift for you all, to show my appreciation for you making me win the Belt for Best Newcomer (shot by a female friend with professional cam)
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    Morning, more to follow here. I will find some of my videos too.
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    Obviously I cannot speak for every woman but I find it incredibly difficult! I've tried many techniques and had plenty of practice in the shower and no matter what I do, it's a lottery whether or not I'm going to soak my legs. When I successfully do it, it's great! A nice straight stream that lands a little in front of me. Not high enough to pee through the zip of my jeans, but I wouldn't have to undress much. When I don't do it right? It's like someone didn't quite properly put their thumb over a hosepipe. My wee seems to fan out like a sprinkler and completely soak my legs, and as I adjust it just gets worse and goes everywhere.
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    He loves reading your comments !!
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    I lived in a dorm for 4 years with no private bathroom you learn a sweep of tp around the rim does a great job
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    So last night my internet wasn't working rightand no videos would load. Idk about anyone else but my favorite thing to do to get ready for bed is to get off. The only thing that helps me cum is piss. I love piss so much. And i got a naughty idea that i have a blanket in my closet i need to wash any ways what a little pee going to hurt. But as a female i love the challenege of standing and aiming and the sound piss makes hitting the wall makes me so fucking horny. So i got myself out of bed already naked, picked a wall in my closet and moved the blanket over. I spread my legs and opened my lips and took aim and nailed the wall with a huge burst of piss. I was so horny i decided to rub my clit and take turns squirting on the wall and rubbing my clit. I dud this till i covered the wall in front of me, soaked the blanket and the floor and legs were shaking in pure pleasure. Im tempted to just use my wall all weekend.
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    I have done this three more times now. It's too much fun not to
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    i don't always let him cum on my face, but when i do, there's always so much. and now, owie, my eye kinda stings. lol ???
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    Some older photos . I hopr you like.
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    Ex's panties- You should see the dried stain! this was the morning after the night before...
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    Wife Bonnie agrees with you and sometimes I oblige her by cupping my ample foreskin over a nipple retaining that hot cum so she can enjoy its warmth, and then going down on it. Of course I share it with her in a kiss then.
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    Not too many things hotter than a guy cumming on my breasts, then licking it off. Something really hot about watching a guy lick his own cum.
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    There have been times in bed when I did not have a tissue ready and available to catch my ejaculate, so I had to catch it in my hand. The only way to keep from making a mess is it eat it. No, it is not bad, but not a flavor that I would go after.
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    Some more from my collection...X
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    Vaginal, in the 'doggy' position, taken from behind with me on all fours, but I do like the combination of a finger inserted into my anus whilst being screwed.
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    Thankyou for all of your lovely comments...just look at what you have done to my nipples! Love you to pee on them...:thumbsup:
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    Merry Christmas to all of you :). I just found this forum, as your administrator have joined my hub. You are of course all welcome to join my hub, if you follow our rules. http://hub.don-des.dk don_des