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    Hi guys. Sarah again. Time to tell you all some more of my confessions about the fun Barbara and I have had over the years, pissing all over the place. In our mid-40s today but been doing it since our teens., as you know. Quite a popular niche interest in the watersports community is so-called "naughty peeing", with confessions on pee forums from people who love doing this. Best pee forum out there for this today, by the way, is probably peefans.com. Quite a few naughty ladies have posted confessions there and elsewhere about themselves peeing all around in hotel rooms. As you have probably guessed, Barbara and I have fucked up quite a few hotel rooms over the years in this way. It's just so much fun. These days it is harder to get away with due to credit card checks, but when we were younger it was easy to pay up front in cash, and then just leave next morning before the maids did their rounds. There are ways around the credit check system that we use today, but I am not going to go into those boring details. Don't want to give all our legally dubious secrets away. Suffice it to say, such checks have never stopped us. When we were still pretty young - early 20s - and still in pre-internet days, we encountered a confession in an erotic magazine we'd bought by mail order, our interest piqued because of pee content. There was a photo-set depicting a young lady peeing on the bed and on the carpeted floor in what looked like a hotel room, and a confession letter from a husband and wife in America, who'd both deliberately peed on the carpet in a motel room just for the sheer pleasure of it. We decided we wanted to do stuff like this too. So we saved up some cash, and booked an overnight stay in a hotel in a seaside resort. And they let us pay cash up front. We managed to get a room with a single double bed in it. Am certain they thought we were lesbians. Well I suppose we are bi, I guess. Anyway, having booked in, we went down to the bar, downing several pints of lager, before purchasing some wine to take back to our room. We were bursting by the time we got back there, which was all part of the plan. I was immediately drawn to the plush, light blue pile carpet. I decided to fuck it right up by pissing all over it. I stepped out of my smart trousers and panties, kicking them aside, and adopted a semi-squatting position with hands on knees. And started pissing. A loud hiss filled the room as my piss splashed down onto the plush carpet - I really needed to go, lol. A large golden lake formed as I peed faster than the carpet could absorb it. I love that about carpet pissings, the way a full force pee cannot be absorbed fast enough so forms glistening golden puddles which only slowly soak in. By the time I was done, the puddle was rather massive, and I grinned with the realisation of how badly I'd fucked the carpet up. Awesome. Barbara herself had also removed her lower garments and popped a more traditional squat beside the bed, gleefully wrecking another patch of carpet by pissing on it. Time she was done, there was another massive puddle. After that, we cracked open the wine and had fun pissing anywhere and everywhere we felt like. We stood - very unladylike, lol - pissing against the walls and fucking up the wallpaper. We peed all over the en suite bathroom floor and just left it there. We peed in the wardrobe and in the drawers. We threw the bathroom towels down onto the floor in our piss, then stood pissing all over them anyway for good measure. We peed all over the carpet again, by this time naked, and standing with our hands on hips and legs apart, swaying our hips to spray as much of the carpet as possible. We totally fucked it up. In the morning, before leaving, we thought it would be a great idea to squat together on the bed and piss on it. Pretty confident we ruined that mattress, lol. We left before any of this could be discovered , of course. The number of hotel rooms we have fucked up like this over the years is beyond counting, I can tell you. Only last month, dressed as respectable middle aged ladies, we booked into a hotel for the night and spent much of it pissing everywhere - all over the carpet, the bed, the mini sofa, against the walls, in the wardrobe, on the bathroom floor. I guess now that we are both 45 years old we ought to be behaving more respectably, and not pissing all over stuff for fun like little girls. But fuck it, where's the fun in that? We haven't always confined our pissings to our own hotel rooms either. Countless times we have peed on the carpet in hotel corridors. Or on the floor in lifts or stairwells. Once - we were about 30 at the time - we peed all over the carpet in the deserted hotel reception area. It was pretty late, I suppose, lol. Once, after we made the error of doing it to several hotels in the same town in the space of one year, we made it into the local news - anonymously of course. An item appeared on the local news stating that the police were looking for two women who have been "vandalising" hotels in the area for reasons unknown. They described us - not accurately enough that it couldn't fit any number of women, thankfully. They even showed some grainy CCTV footage but it didn't catch us well, so even anyone who knew us would not have been clear it was us. The exact nature of the "vandalising" they wanted us for was never made plain, lol. But we decided to refrain from hotel pissings for about a year after that, and never again in that town. Lesson learned. Never piss around in the same town for two long, and always choose geographically widely separated locations. It is gratifying to know that we are not the only ladies into doing this shit. Since the coming of the internet, we have encountered confessions all over niche locations from ladies into pissing all over the place in hotel rooms, or just about anywhere really. Some do it in their own homes! Though for me there's no fun in fucking up my own stuff. But only a couple of weeks ago, Barbara let me pee on her living room carpet. It's very pleasurable to be fucking up someone else's carpet in this way, when they're right there watching you do it. I've done that a few times at her place over the years - bedroom carpet, and kitchen floor too. She gets off on the fact of another lady brazenly pissing on her carpet or floor right in front of her without giving a fuck. Once, she wanted to watch me piss on her bed! So I did it of course, lol. Anyway, I digress. Have seen vids over the years too featuring ladies pissing everywhere. One lady with a penchant for pissing all over the place in hotel rooms, went by the name of Tam Tam South. One of her best clips features her sitting back on a chair and pissing against the hotel room curtains. You can tell she is enjoying it too. In fact, I'll show you a screenshot from the actual vid..... I love that lady, lol. Anyway, this naturally inspired Barbara and I. We tend to enjoy pissing against the hotel curtains just like that ourselves, now. And yes, only last year - aged 44 - I adopted exactly that pose, sitting back on a chair with legs parted exactly like that, and pissing against the hotel room curtains just like she is doing in that pic. Was terribly good fun. Totally fucked up the curtains of course! Once - it was nine years ago so we would have been 36 - we decided to go for saturation damage on the hotel room bed. We never peed anywhere else but the bed all night, and of course never actually went to bed. We stayed up all night having "fun". And we probably peed on that bed at least 8 times each. Sometimes we squatted, other times we semi-squatted or stood with our legs apart. But we so totally fucked up that bed and mattress it was awesome. The sheets were soaked in their entirety, and the mattress was so utterly ruined that piss was dripping from underneath it onto the carpet beneath, to such an extent that there was a huge wet puddle there. The mattress itself squelched when we stood on it, pee pooling around our feet, lol. Another favourite is the kettle. Some hotels - and most bed and breakfasts where we also have pissing adventures - supply rooms with kettles so that guests can make their own tea or coffee. But we tend to prefer using their kettles for more enjoyable purposes. Because what else would we do with someone else's kettle except piss in it? Isn't that what hotel or B&B kettles are for? We like to think so, lol. In all the years we have been doing stuff like this - the TV news scare notwithstanding - we have never actually been caught. Least not in any sense that involved negative consequences. The closest we came to that was about three years ago, when we were 42. In the early hours of the morning during an overnight hotel stay, Barbara and I were squatting together in one of the corridors, pissing on the carpet. When suddenly the elevator doors at the end of the corridor opened and this semi-drunk young couple in their mid to late 20s stepped out, immediately spotting us. But they just laughed, thinking this sudden unexpected sight was if anything funny. So we carried on pissing anyway as they walked past us giggling. About ten yards beyond us, the female said something about needing to go too, and said with a giggle, "I'm going to go here!" And in no time, there she was, about ten yards away from us, squatting and pissing on the hotel corridor carpet too! Her partner was watching her with a big grin on his face. When she was done, she got up, pulled her jeans back up, and they walked off laughing. Barbara and I had hung around long enough to enjoy the full show, naturally. So that one worked out pretty well. Having been caught in full flow, we ended up being the inspiration for the lady who caught us to piss on the carpet too! So yes, over the years we have fucked up loads of hotel rooms, and corridor carpets. They have been pretty popular venues for our piss vandalism exploits. But I am guessing that we ourselves are a lot less popular with the hotel maids and management than their venues are with us, lol. Mind you, when luxury hotel chains advertise themselves with ads like this, they are surely asking for it........... And yes, that is an actual hotel ad! No kidding! Are they not inviting us to piss on the carpet with ads like that? Hahaha
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    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ____________________________________________________ The sun was shining through the fabric of our tent when I woke up the next morning. The campsite was quiet, so I guessed it was probably early. Even so, I felt wide awake, and I had a pressing need to go for a piss. I sat up and stretched, my sleeping bag falling away. I sleep wearing a pink nightshirt and no underwear. David was still sleeping, halfway out of his own sleeping bag. I pulled a corner of the tent door open and glanced around the site. As I had thought, there were not many people about yet. The rows of tents and caravans were still zipped up and closed. I looked across the site to the toilet block, two fields away. A longer walk than I felt like doing. Then it occurred to me -- why bother walking? If there was noone around outside, surely I could go anywhere? Excited by the thought, I climbed out through the door. I took a more careful look around the site. There were a few people about at the far end of the field, but nobody close. My nightdress hung down quite a long way, so I wasn't too worried about people looking from a distance. I stood with my legs shoulder width apart, holding the front of my nightdress forward a bit to keep it clear. It took me a few seconds to get going, but once it came there was no stopping it. My first pee of the morning was always a gusher. At the far end of the field there was a couple sat eating breakfast, looking vaguely in my direction. It was such a thrill being able to pee there, in the middle of a field, with people all around but nobody aware what I was doing. Once the stream finished, I wiped myself on the front of my nightdress. Part of the fabric caught on my clit, and made me shudder. I was more turned on than I had realised. I took another look around the campsite, and saw something that made me jump. In the window of the caravan next door to us, an elderly man was stood watching me. His eyes caught mine and he suddenly moved away, as though embarrassed. Had he seen, I wondered? In fact, had he been purposefully watching? I found that I didn't mind the idea too much. David was stirring when I climbed back into the tent. “Morning,” he said, sleepily. “Where did you go?” “For a piss,” I said, climbing back into my sleeping bag. “You weren't very long. Did you go down to the toilet block?” “Why walk all that way? I just went outside.” He laughed. “Thought I heard something.” He stretched, then pulled a face. “I've got some serious wood this morning. Do you mind if I masturbate?” “Go for it. I'm pretty desperate for that myself.” I pushed a hand inside my sleeping bag and started to rub myself, while in his own sleeping bag beside me David did the same. This kind of openness was a practicality we'd arrived at on previous holidays, when we were often sharing tents or hotel rooms without much privacy. Otherwise we'd both come back from holiday horny and gasping for relief. Although for years we had been open about masturbating in front of each other, it had only ever been that -- each of us doing our own personal thing. What happened last night at Maddie's house was different, but I hadn't worked out how I felt about that yet. David came first, and was out of his sleeping bag and dressed before I gasped my way to relief. By the time I had got dressed myself, he had the stove set up brewing a pot of tea. We sat outside to drink the tea and eat our cereal. It was another beautiful day. We had made plans with Maddie and Adam to go into town today; they would show us around, we would do some shopping and maybe catch a movie. David and I chatted about our plans while we ate. I was keeping one eye on the caravan next door, and so I saw the old man when he came outside. He saw me as well, and gave me a small smile. He sat in a folding chair outside, facing towards us, and started to read a book. Perhaps it was just me, but his eyes seemed to keep straying from his book towards us. The way we were sat, I was facing the old guy and David was facing away. I moved my legs slightly wider apart, pulling my skirt higher in the process. I did it subtly enough that it could be mistaken for just fidgeting in my chair. If the old man was looking, though, he would have a good view of my white knickers. This time I definitely caught his gaze lingering on my crotch before he quickly looked down at his book again. I chatted to David a few minutes more, all the while enjoying watching the gent's gaze dart towards me every few seconds. I wondered how far I could push the game. The cup of tea was going through me quickly. I could feel my bladder filling up. And after all, the old man had seemed to enjoy watching before. David was talking about a museum in town he wanted to go to. Continuing to respond to him, I shifted in my chair again, moving forward until I was sat right on the edge of the seat. Purposefully not looking at the old guy, I reached down and pulled my knickers aside. I let my muscles relax, and started to piss right there on the grass. It flowed in an arc to land about half a foot in front of me; not a forceful stream, but not hesitant either. “I'm just not sure I'm a museums person,” I said to David, looking up at him while the piss kept going. He looked startled at what I was doing, but didn't say anything. I risked a glance back at the old guy. He had given up on any pretence at reading, and was staring openly at the stream coming from my muff. David had no idea the old guy was watching. I kept up the conversation about that afternoon. Once I'd finished, I wiped myself with one hand, pulled my underwear back into place and sat back in my chair. While David busied himself with the stove again, I met the gaze of the elderly guy. He gave me a smile. I winked. He stood up to go back inside his caravan, holding his book self-consciously over his crotch area.
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    Wet Auto Shop Visit “Okay man, your total comes to two-ninety-three even. I replaced the seals in the camshaft, and did a tune up, you're all set.” Nate collected his payment from the customer and handed over the keys. Now three years into running his own auto repair shop at the young age of thirty, Nate's One Auto was doing good business, as he had slowly built a reputation for quality work on all makes and models of cars. Soon after the previous customer left, his next on schedule arrived in a black 2017 Audi A6, for an inspection and tire rotation. The customer, Ethan, was one of Nate's earliest, often bringing his old Jeep Cherokee in. The men had become friendly acquaintances, updating each other on their lives whenever Ethan stopped in. After a few minutes of chatting, he took his six-year-old son, Randy from the rear seat and left with a buddy. Nate took his time admiring the beautiful vehicle, enjoying its commanding appearance before pulling it into his shop to begin the inspection. An hour later, Nate was nearing the completion of his work on the car when his girlfriend Shannon arrived for a visit, as she often did toward the end of his day. Walking in, the twenty-four-year-old, slim-figured brunette had on tiny denim shorts, a white tank top and flip flops, catching Nate's attention as usual. Sipping an iced tea from the local corner store and admiring the car herself, she uttered, “Oooh, damn babe, you look sexy in that, who's is it, anyway?” Nate replied, “You remember Ethan, right? Used to drive the red jeep? I think you saw him in here once or twice. Dude went out and bought this thing.” "Oh, yeah, yeah, I remember that guy, he was staring at my tits like really hard one time. His girl was mad as shit when she caught him peeking! Like hey, it's not my fault I'm hotter than your fat ass, honey. That's your problem." “Ha, well, can you blame him for takin a peek? They're pretty awesome." “Hmm, yeah I guess you're right, they are pretty fuckin awesome! You almost done? Hurry up." “I'm just checking the tire pressure sensor, it's a little off. Why, what's up?" “Well...it's Friday. It's after four. I've had a long day and...these tight shorts have a way of touching a girl in a certain type of way when there's nothing underneath, know what I mean? I was hoping we could go home and help me get them off and who knows what else." “Ha! Damn, I...babe, I have to finish this right now. Just give me like fifteen minutes to double check everything and type up a service report. He should be here soon to pick it up. Then we can get you taken care of, I promise!" Rolling her eyes in Irritation at not getting her way as she was used to, Shannon ignored Nate's request and walked over to the car, bending over to show her generous cleavage to him while pretending to just be looking at the car's interior. He smiled, seeing her nipples as they showed through the tank top, unable to resist feeling aroused by her tasteful figure. Taking the last sip of her tea, Shannon puckered her lips around the straw in a sexual tease and sucked deeply, causing the distinct sound of bubbles rushing through it. Nate started to get an erection. He continued smiling and told her, "I know what you're doing, shoving those things in my face." She walked over to the garage door and pushed the button to close it, then placed the "Back in 20'' sign on the front door, and locked it. Nate watched as she made her way back over, opened the door and climbed atop his lap, saying to him, “And you know that I always get what I want." He couldn't resist feeling the curves of her warm body and smooth skin. As they locked lips for a steamy kiss, he took hold of her ample backside, squeezing firmly and enjoying the soft sound of her aroused moans. Throwing caution to the wind, Nate slid the seat back for more room and unzipped his pants. Enthusiastic as usual, Shannon crawled down to begin pleasuring him orally, nearly causing him to ejaculate at the first lick. Fully into the naughty sexual deed that she led him to, he was taken aback by her sudden pause and asked what was wrong. In a playful voice still, she replied, "I gotta piss." Barely able to put words together amid his arousal, he suggested that she hold it for a few minutes until they were finished. Looking around with a smirk and biting her lip, she leaned toward him and whispered, "Fuck that." After batting her eyes at him, she moved from his lap toward the center console and began unzipping her shorts. Nate sat speechless, and further turned on at the thought of seeing her do what it seemed she was doing. He looked on as Shannon kicked her flip flops off and slid out of her shorts, revealing no underwear and a bare pink pussy, swollen from arousal. She straddled her feet between both front seats, aiming herself directly at the rear seat. In an instant, a laser-focused stream, slightly yellow in color, squirted from her urethra with wicked pressure, striking hard and loud against the leather upholstery of the seat, pooling at he bottom of it. In the isolated, quiet confines of the car, Nate could hear perfectly as the gushing stream hissed while squirting from the tight folds of her feminine anatomy, and could see that some of her pee was also dripping down directly below her ass onto the center console controls. In a sexual sigh of relief, she slowly uttered, "Babe, this feels so gooood!" Noticing that Ethan's son left his backpack laying in the corner of the seat, Nate saw that it was also being soaked under her torrent. Shannon noticed the look of shock on his face and responded by keeping her body aimed at it longer. The blue fabric of the backpack darkened and flattened under the stream, with foam gathering on the surface. Seeing her display such a degree of depravity made Nate feel hesitant about still being aroused, but his desperate desire was too strong for her questionable morality to matter. His hunger for her was now at a boiling point. She continued peeing, swaying her hips to each side, and covering the entire surface of the seat. Pulling her labia upward, she then sprayed the rear dash and window as the stream reduced to a light trickle before stopping. With her deplorable act finished, Nate turned her around on the passenger seat, pressed her legs open, and buried his mouth in her pee-soaked pussy in one swift, assertive movement. He licked every stray drop from her labia, the inside of her thighs and anus, never having tasted her pee before. Shannon was on the edge of climax in short time, as his eager tongue ravaged her excited clitoris. With both feet locking into a tight curl while resting upon his back, she screamed out in pleasure, and jerked around in the seat from a near-blackout orgasm. Nate then pulled her up so she could take the cowgirl position. Shannon, still tingling with pleasure, immediately began riding him hard and aggressive, making the cars high-tech suspension add to the motion of their bodies bouncing in the driver seat. Leaning forward for longer thrusts, she enjoyed the feeling of her ass grinding against the steering wheel, arching her back deeper to increase stimulation from it. The smell of piss now saturated the interior of the car, as the windows grew foggy amid the steamy sex. A few minutes later, Nate came inside of Shannon. As usual, she continued riding, enjoying the power of overstimulating him at his most vulnerable moment, speeding up and grinding harder until he finished. After a brief reprieve, he felt shame at allowing such a vile act to take place in the car, despite also feeling that he would like to do it again. Following the intense, spine-tingling encounter, Nate and Shannon put their clothes back on and quickly wiped the car down with scented wipes to soak up the urine and hide the smell. Just a few minutes later, Ethan returned to pickup his car. Shannon greeted him cheerfully and even asked how he was doing. After a quick chat, he paid and took off. Nate looked at Shannon with a nervous smile. She replied while laughing, "What, you're still worried? Fuck him. Let's go home. I need a shower."
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    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ____________________________________________________ We picked Maddie and Adam up from Maddie's house on our way into town. The previous evening the two had promised to show us around the local sights. It was a Saturday and the roads were busy, and we got stuck in a traffic jam on the way into the town centre. Looking in the mirror, I could see Maddie starting to jiggle in the back seat. For a few minutes she didn't say anything. “So guys,” Maddie said after a while, leaning forward between the seats to speak to me and David. “I wonder if you have an opinion on people peeing in your car? Because I drank two coffees this morning and they've gone right through me.” “Probably best not to,” I said, while David rolled his eyes. “It's our parents' car, we don't want to get it messy.” “No worries,” Maddie said. “I can hold it a bit longer.” The queue crawled forward, and eventually we managed to find a spot in the multi-storey on the edge of the town centre. All four of us climbed out of the car and stretched. It was a hot day, and it had been stuffy inside the car. Given the heat, Maddie and I had both opted for pretty short skirts; I had leggings underneath the skirt and wore a pink tank top, while Maddie had put on a tight-fitting chequered shirt. Both boys wore t-shirts and shorts -- in Adam's case, the swimming shorts that he seemed to wear everywhere. “I'm going to have to pee here,” Maddie said, sinking into a squat beside the car. “Wait for me, will you?” “Watch out, though,” Adam said. “People coming.” He gestured towards the lifts, where there was indeed a couple walking towards us. Maddie swore under her breath and stood up quickly. “Let's get going, then,” she said. “There might be some toilets downstairs,” David said, as we crossed towards the elevators. “There are,” Maddie said, “but they've been out of order for months.” She scurried ahead of us to push the elevator button, and stood restlessly shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Once the lift arrived, she darted inside and waited impatiently for us to join her. “Listen,” she said, as soon as we'd caught up with her. “I need one of you to hold the 'close doors' button for a few minutes.” “Why?” asked David, startled. “Why do you think?” Maddie said. She rolled her skirt up, giving us all a clear view of the fact she hadn't put underwear on today, and adopted a high crouch position. In no time at all, a forceful stream of piss was hammering onto the hollow metal floor. The noise echoed in the enclosed room. Drops of spray bounced up the walls, and the floor was soon completely awash with her puddle. “My classy girlfriend, ladies and gentlemen,” Adam said, snickering. “You have a better idea?” Maddie asked, still pissing like a racehorse. “No,” Adam admitted, “and if it's going to be a mess in here anyway ...” He started to unzip his flies, before looking questioningly at me and David. “You two not joining in?” David shook his head, and I said, “I peed back on the campsite.” Adam shrugged and continued what he was doing. He didn't turn to face the wall, but pointed his cock towards the centre of the elevator, giving us all a good view of it. He played with it for a few seconds, making it harden a little, before he started to piss. He was facing me, and his arc landed between my feet. I felt droplets of spray land on my leggings, making them damp. I found it difficult to look away from that big, hardening cock pissing straight towards me. From the corner of my eye I saw Maddie standing up, her own piss finished. She was watching Adam and me, smirking. David was looking nonplussed. Adam finished up as well. He spent another second or two playing with his cock, before Maddie leaned over and grabbed it. “If there was time, I'd help you take care of this,” she said. She lowered her voice another notch, and added, “And I think Sarah wouldn't mind helping out as well.” I felt myself going red, but Maddie just gave me a wink as she tucked Adam's cock back into his shorts. David cleared his throat. “Er … What floor was it we wanted?”
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    ...and a few more.
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    I debated peeing through the Miss Naughty knickers onto the sofa. It would have been a little more ladylike rather than have my naked lower half on display to all and sundry. I gave it some thought before discarding the idea. Well, I didn't want to get my nice panties soaked whilst ruining her £1200 sofa..they cost £2.99 after all, and they are my favourite pair. Oh my word..that thought felt so naughty! So now I was naked from the waist down. I have a little landing strip, maybe 10mm wide. Nice and short. Blond. Everything looked tidy and neat down there. I should have been embarrassed that all the girls could see me like this. In fact I think I was a little, but that emotion was buried in the avalanche of adrenaline and endorphins I was feeling from the excitement of what I was about to do. I couldn't believe I would really do it. I think most of the girls had bought my lie, and having had a quick glance at my intimate parts to satisfy their curiosity, were happy to look away... but Debbie hadn't diverted her gaze at all, as she had her eyes glued to my lower half., her gaze never wavering. At least I trust that the fact she had guessed I was about to piss was why she was staring so hard at my most intimate area!! I should tell you a little bit about the sofa..well it was crushed velvet so it felt incredibly soft under my bottom..really comfy. I'm not sure Cass was too happy about me sitting on it naked (wait till she found out what else was going to happen!) but she had clearly decided she wouldn't complain as I was at least going to use a real toilet ..or so she thought :). So it was crushed velvet, and it was a lovely topaz colour..this was also handy as it should show the wet stain brilliantly. Oh and it had a couple of scatter cushions..and yep, you're right, I was thinking that with the amount of wee-wee I had just begging to be released, there would be plenty to get the cushions with too. I am just so bad..was that too naughty do you think? I enjoyed sitting on the sofa for just a few seconds more..and then I knew it was time. If I didn't do it now, they would all twig something was awry anyway, as I wasn't getting up to head to the loo. I didn't say anything..I just finally stopped fighting the urge to let go and release all the hot piss, and relaxed and told my bladder to go right ahead as we had found a suitable toilet. I think Debbie realized first (fractionally) as she saw the piss emerging, but the audible, inadvertent 'ohhhh' of relief I gave a couple of seconds later meant everyone knew very quickly. 'Oh my fucking god' laughed Debbie, 'you are actually doing it' , Michelle had her hand over her mouth, the way we girls are conditioned to do when we're laughing at something we shouldn't. So they were both shocked..but neither of them was objecting or condemning so I didn't have to try and stop, and pretend it was all an accident. Renee's mouth was just wide open in shock..and now all eyes were on me and I have to say, I was loving the attention "You cunt" yelled Cass but she was the only one who objected..and even Sarah had quickly made her way round to the front of the sofa to get a better view. "Oh my days...you've beaten us all" laughed Jessica "Might have known you'd have to go one better than a carpet piss" "It might have been an accident" said Sarah, but I don't think even she believed that "You filthy bitch" said Nikki and it was clearly meant as a compliment They were shocked, and clearly a little envious, at how daring I had been..but the great news was they clearly loved it..and all wished they'd had the balls to be the one to do it themselves..but they hadn't, and it had been me..and it felt amazing! The warm wet patch was spreading around my bottom and soaking into the topaz coloured fabric, leaving a clear dark stain..which was spreading like wildfire as I had so much piss to give. And reader it felt amazing..it wasn't a let down like things you've wanted for ages sometimes are. It was everything I hoped it would be..I felt triumphant and elated. I had risked a lot and got away with it. I had brought the other girls with me into this more extreme naughtiness. I love being a bad influence and there've been times where we've been walking to my car after a night at the pub (I'm not a drinker so I drive) and they've mentioned needing a wee, so I'll suggest they go in an alley or something. And if they suggest the idea first. I just encourage them! And here I was again leading by example and showing them just how naughty, naughty pissing could be. Like someone who has risked their life to climb a mountain or break a land speed record must do, I just felt elated (I had overcome all the risks and made it happen) and relaxed..I felt so relaxed. I felt like I was in heaven but equally I tried to stay in the moment and focus on every second of what I was doing..as the piss spread over more and more of the sofa, I knew I would want to replay this in my mind. for weeks..or years afterwards. Then I saw Renee with her phone out..maybe I'd be able to replay it even more vividly then, if she was taping it all. I had so much wee-wee, I wasn't even near stopping so I lifted my body up, swung my hips, and pissed onto the arms of the sofa thoroughly soaking them Cass looked on in disbelieving horror but the other girls were all laughing and pointing, and cheering me on and commenting 'go on Sophie" "that's it..soak the arms" "now get the back panels" just as I had hoped they would in my fantasy I did indeed swing round so I was kneeling facing the back and soak the back panels too..before soaking the second seating cushion. Then I reached for a scatter cushion "Oh my God..she's going to get the scatter cushions" yelled Michelle and they all cheered. Someone, maybe Debbie started a chant of 'soak them, soak them soak them' and so I did. My hot yellow powerful jet of piss played into the beautiful expensive cushions as I held each one in turn against my body. I managed to soak both of them. By now I had been pissing for just over a minute..I know from the video, though at the time it felt like hours...and finally, finally I was beginning to slow down. I sat down on a dry part of the sofa again and enjoyed a final fifteen or twenty seconds of sitting in that luxurious comfort and feeling so deliciously naughty as I just pissed exactly where I stood, or sat..like a racehorse or wild animal would. Then I wiped myself using the expensive scatter cushions..rubbing them against my pussy to dab it dry..well I am a lady after all, of course I was going to wipe. As I finally finished and inspected the damage to the sofa with pride, the girls gave me an almighty cheer and congratulated me..and then there was a slightly awkward silence as everyone looked to see how Cass was. to be continued
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    Part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ____________________________________________________ We bought coffees and walked around town for a bit, Maddie and Adam pointing out the major sights. It wasn't a big town, and there wasn't a huge amount to see, but it was a pretty place with a nice feel to it. Good company made it from a pleasant walk into a fun one. Once we'd finished our coffees we decided to split up. Adam volunteered to take David to the museum he was interested in, while Maddie and I thought we would go shopping for a while. We agreed to meet up again for lunch. Maddie led me to a big clothes shop, one of the chains, and we spent a while browsing what they had. I was looking for a new top, and Maddie found a couple that she thought I would like. Her tastes were generally a bit more revealing than mine, but when I pointed this out she just laughed. “We're going to be at uni together in a few weeks, right?” she said. “A couple of nights out with us and you won't be calling this revealing. I can show you sleazy if you want.” I took the top she was holding out and examined it. It was black, a kind of velvety material, and it had an open back with just a piece of string to hold it together across the shoulders. The front was shaped, and I thought it might be quite form-fitting when I tried it on. The open back meant it would look a lot better worn without a bra. “You might as well try it on,” Maddie said. As we looked further, Maddie asked me how I was finding the holiday so far. “Good,” I said. “Really good for having met you guys.” “Thank you,” she said. “I'm glad you think so. You don't … I mean, sometimes people find us a bit much, I think. A bit hard to get used to, what with … you know, the way we do things.” “It's different,” I said, “but I like it. You two are like nobody I've known before. It's cool.” “And how do you find Adam? I know he can be a bit forward sometimes, but I hope you haven't found that, you know, off-putting. I hope he's not going too far for you, last night in particular.” “No, I like him. He's kinda cute. And you didn't mind us -- you know, what happened last night?” Maddie laughed. “Course not. I've fucked far more people than he has, though it's not for lack of trying on his part. We are going out, but we're not jealous of each other, you know? We do our own thing as well. If I'm on a night out and Adam's not there, and I see a fit guy, I don't see why I need Adam's permission to fuck the other guy. And Adam does the same thing, obviously. Sometimes he'll bring someone home with him, and that's even more fun. I love him and he loves me, and we trust each other, so why limit ourselves? Anyway, Sarah, what do you think of this top?” She pointed out a sheer black shirt, made of some thin-weave material that was almost completely see-through. Any bra I wore underneath would be completely visible. “I can't wear that,” I said, shocked. “Sure you can,” Maddie said, picking it off the rail. “You just need good underwear.” There was a couple stood a few metres away. The guy had looked over his shoulder at us when he heard Maddie's words, clearly intrigued. Maddie threw him an exaggerated wink, causing him to blush and look away. His girlfriend, a freckly blonde woman of about our age, gave me an encouraging smile and pulled him away to a different aisle. “Sure, I'll try it,” I said. “We'll pick you out something good to wear underneath, too,” Maddie said. She dragged me over to the underwear aisle, where she immediately started looking through the skimpiest, frilliest bras they had. I was finding this all rather exciting, and a little nerve-inducing. I'd never thought about my body in quite the way Maddie was talking about it. I had been feeling a bit horny since that morning, and this shopping trip was only making it worse. I was also aware of a growing pressure in my bladder; I hadn't peed since the campsite. “Is there a toilet near here?” I asked Maddie. “Not in the shop,” Maddie said. “Closest are the public toilets on the seafront, maybe five or ten minutes away. But they're pretty grimy. I can hold your shopping if you want to go?” “Don't worry,” I said. We chatted for a few minutes more. I was aware of the pressure growing, and my own excitement with it. An idea had occurred to me that was at once thrilling and terrifying. I looked around the shop. There were several people in nearby aisles, and a member of staff restocking the shelves two aisles across, but in this aisle we were alone. I concentrated until I felt the tingle of pee coming. I adjusted my skirt slightly to pull it out of the way and let out a few trial spurts into my leggings. A damp feeling spread out from my crotch and down my legs, but there was no loud noise or other tell-tale signs of what I was doing. Trembling slightly, I relaxed my bladder and let it flow. Streams of warm pee ran down the insides of my legs, causing shiny streaks on my black leggings. The material was quickly drenched, and pee started to run onto my feet, flowing over my flipflops and soaking into the carpeted floor. Maddie giggled softly when she realised what was happening. “Wow, Sarah, you've gotten bold.” I couldn't reply. The piss kept flowing, and with it came waves of ecstasy. The warmth, the relief, the thrill of doing this in public -- I was tingling all over. Eventually the flow stopped. I squeezed out a last couple of spurts, and glanced again around the shop. Apart from Maddie, nobody seemed to have noticed. My leggings were pleasantly warm, and the damp made them cling to my crotch in a way that didn't help lessen my arousal. I wished I could start touching myself right there in the shop as well, but surely somebody would notice that. “I decided it wasn't worth the walk,” I whispered to Maddie, making her giggle again. “Come on,” she said, “we should move away before somebody notices your puddle. Here, try these. You've got a good figure for lace.” She gave me a black bra with matching panties, and we scurried over to the changing rooms. The blonde woman we had seen earlier was sat on a bench in the corridor outside the cubicles, fidgeting uncomfortably. There didn't seem to be an attendant around. “You go ahead,” the blonde woman said to us. “I'm just waiting for my husband.” Maddie joined her on the bench while I took one of the empty stalls. I stripped off my shirt and bra, and tried on the ones Maddie had picked out for me. The result worked rather well, I thought, as I checked myself out in the mirror. Maddie was right, the black lace was a good combination with my slender figure; and the see-through top certainly didn't hide anything. I poked my head around the curtain. “I like it!” I said to Maddie. “Well, don't be shy, let us have a look,” Maddie said. I pulled back the curtain to let her see. She winked and gave me a thumbs-up. The blonde woman on the bench raised her eyebrows at the see-through top, but said, “Cute.” “Thanks,” I said. Now that I was in the dress, I didn't find it as intimidating as I'd expected. If anything I quite enjoyed having everything on display. The blonde woman still looked uncomfortable and fidgety. “Wish he'd hurry up,” she said, indicating the stall beside mine. “I'm dying for a wee. Do you know if there's any toilets in here?” “There aren't,” Maddie said. “If you need to go, though, you could just go here.” The woman blinked. “What do you mean?” “In one of the stalls,” Maddie said. “No-one will see. And we won't tell anyone.” When the woman still looked undecided, Maddie stood up. “I'll show you,” she said. “Keep an eye out for me, Sarah?” She strode into an empty stall and turned to face us, not bothering to pull the curtain across. She lifted one leg up onto the stool in the corner, pulled her skirt right the way up, and directed a powerful stream of piss onto the carpeted floor. A dark stain spread across the floor, and froth started to form around the base of her stream. The blonde woman had clapped one hand to her mouth, but Maddie seemed oblivious to her shock. She kept her eyes on her stream until it slowed and stopped. Once finished, she wiped herself on a fold of her skirt and came out to join us in the corridor. “See?” she said to the blonde woman. “Nothing to be worried about.” The woman hesitated a moment longer, then shrugged. “What the hell,” she said, “you're only young once.” She went into the same stall, unbuckling her jeans as she did so, and perched on the edge of the stool with her jeans around her ankles. After a few seconds she started to pee. Her stream wasn't as focused as Maddie's; most of it spurted onto the floor where it joined Maddie's, but some too trickled down onto the stool, collecting around her backside. It was no lie that she had been desperate: she peed for at least a minute. When she eventually finished, she closed her eyes and gave a loud sigh. “That felt good,” she said. She stood up, brushing off her wet bum, and added, “I guess I was a bit messier than you.” I suddenly felt that I had seen as much as I could bear without some relief of a different kind. I hurriedly said something to Maddie about wanting to try on the other top, stepped back into my own cubicle and pulled the curtain closed behind me. Alone, I sank onto the stool in the corner, put my hand up my skirt, and gave myself the fingering I'd been dying for since breakfast.
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    First time posting so, I'll give you something to call me: AshPee. It's really close to my real name so I’m sure you can guess, but just playing it safe. I've been reading for awhile but it never occurred to me to post despite having the perfect thing to talk about. I belong to a local pool, and it used to be communal, but there were some incidents with some of the guys and the owner decided it would be best to split the pool into male and female sides. The structure was already almost split anyway. The men's changing room was on one side and the women's on the opposite of an Olympic size pool. The owner just build a wall down the exact center and split it into two small full length pools. It may sound odd, but at the time the wall was added they were closing for resurfacing and maintenance. That stopped most of the harassment, except the bathrooms were still on the men's side. A door that locked on the men's side only was installed too and women were given a key to get back. Unfortunately women were still getting bothered when they crossed over to use the facilities. As a result of this, the ladies got accustomed to peeing in the changing room whenever they needed to go. Eventually the hooligans got tired of never seeing anything but guys and left permanently, but the culture had already changed at least for peeing. There is actually a sign in the entrance hallway that reads, "Please be courteous when peeing in this room. Do not leave anything on the floor you do not want to get wet." The second line is there because, since we all pee on the floor regularly, it gets hosed down multiple times a day. The daughter of the owner comes in and does it about every two hours, making sure to pick some things up before she pees herself and then hoses it all to the drain. I asked if the males were allowed the same and she told me the sign on their side says, "If you are caught urinating in this room for any reason you will be fine, banned, and reported to local authorities." So as you can guess it's rare to enter the changing area and find no one taking a wee... sometimes it is hard to find less than three to five girls going. At least now you understand why I have things to tell you, it had been a regular thing for so long it never dawned on me that y'all might want to hear about my experiences. To open I have a fairly comical one to share. I'm pretty athletic and swim at least once a week to keep my figure. This particular day I had just left the showers and was headed to my locker, I passed by a mother and young teen daughter standing together peeing. I could tell they were related because they both stood with hands on hips and the stream shot forward almost to the wall they were facing before arching down to the concrete floor, I suppose now it could have been her aunt. Just past them was a pair of twenty somethings one was squatting to pee and the other stood brushing her hair and peeing too. They said, "Hi!" as I passed and asked how my day was going. Now I finally reached my isle and there on the bench are three teen girls, completely naked, sitting next to each going full force across the distance from the bench to the locker. That is roughly 4', and it was not like the three arcs were low to the ground. Of course this caught my eye and I stood to watch both impressed and blocked off. I was trying to come up with a reason to stare and not seem rude, so I decided to play a prank on them. I took the towel over my shoulders and dried myself a bit waiting for them to finish. When they were done they glanced at me and I started with this, "I don't recognize you three, but from what you've just done it is clear that you didn't read the sign by the door either. It says 'BE COURTIOUS when peeing.' I know these isles are wide, but when you shoot all way across and block access that is not ver~" and that was as far as I got before I lost it to laughing. To explain it in a way that makes more sense it went like this: I am drying off my boobs, I start talking and throw the towel back over my shoulders, I finish the first sentence and then start peeing on the floor myself, I was naked except the towel obviously and I shave since I wear a race swimsuit, I make a jet that comes down hard and fast in a straight shot to the floor at a sharp angle, so there was no mistake when I started and what I was doing, as I said the part about the width of the isles I bent my knees and swayed to spray from the bench to the lockers and back to the bench, this caused the girls to get a confused / surprised / amused look and seeing that was enough to make me lose the concentration on my tone. I started laughing, which caused them to start laughing and the harder I laugh my boobs bounce and my six pack abs show only then too. I was still going full force and the laughing made my flow erratic, so I turned to keep my pee from splashing them until I finished. Once we all calmed down I told that I was surprised at their control and in the future just to be aware that were blocking the path. They apologized and went about getting dressed. We all left about the same time and hollered at each other, "See you soon." I will write again when I get another good sighting. Until then, "Keep the Carpet Wet for Me."
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    I am just going to jump right in here. I work in a large office building doing janitorial work. It is somewhat thankless and definitely dirty work, but it has its benefits too. You have all heard of the women with weak bladders from childbirth, well I am one of them. I work a second to overnight split shift and during those hours the floor I work is closed and usually empty. This allows me to pee freely if the need arises and clean it up immediately if I choose to be a bit lazy about where I go. However, my letter is to tell you about another lady I met recently with a similar but different issue. I was doing my usual rounds one evening on a Tuesday, unlocking rooms, checking the bins, the regular stuff, when I opened a room and heard a strange but familiar noise, it was the hiss of lady filling a garbage can with spent liquid. I followed the sound and as I got closer I could now hear the lady groan with fear and start to apologize. "Sorry, sorry, I can't stop, please don't report me, at least let me explain, I'm so sorry, I just can't, I..." I interrupted and tried to calm her down, "Hey at least you are going somewhere that's easy to clean. I don't mind, go ahead and finish." She thanked me and continued to give the details of how she got in this situation. So I mentioned that her ailment was similar, see she had a child by C-section and ran into a complication. The baby was alright, but the birth caused some additional nerve damage to her pelvis. This left her with the odd problem of only being able to tell her bladder was full when it was about to burst. The nerves were deadened around it and so the only way she could tell her tank was full is when it's OVERFULL and pushes against the nerves above her bladder or near her opening. She told me that tried several control medications, some had no effect and others made it worse. When I told I had a weak one and would release discretely, she stated that was no good either. Whenever she releases, her bladder is full enough that her stream lasts a minute at minimum at full force, nothing "discrete" there. Being stuck with this malady also meant that her bladder continued to increase in size the longer she went without a regular break, so she usually stops ever two hours and tries to go even if she may not need to at the time. Now to punctuate this whole thing, she never stopped the whole time we were talking. An at least 2:00 conversation of non-stop releasing, not just a trickle but not full bore either. Her position was in IT and she had been working on the computer in the room, stuck on an error with no clear solution, and distracted so much by the task at hand she lost track of time and got into an emergency where she filled up to her limits. When it hit she knew it was a makeshift toilet or wet clothes with only seconds to decide. She was done at this point and I handed her a tissue to wipe and toss in the VERY full bag. I asked if she minded if I went too and she was totally fine, so I emptied my tiny amount in with all of hers and then carefully pulled and tied the bag and tossed it in the large can I roll with me. I told she had nothing to worry about and I wasn't going to say anything to anyone. As I went back to leave I saw something on my cart I had picked up long ago and just had there with me, it was a set of self-stick file folder tabs in all yellow. I tossed them to her and said if she ever got caught short again, to leave one stuck to the inside of the door. That way I knew the bag needed changed and there was less chance of someone removing it on the inside since she would lock the door after leaving the room. She thanked me profusely and it has worked well for a few months now. I still don't know how she does it, filling a bag over half full, but I guess we all have to deal with our own issues. Actually speaking of that, the plant in the corner looks a little dry. . . excuse me for a minute.
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    Just love being naughty sometimes
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    The last in this series, though I'd like to visit these characters again at some point. If you want to go from the start, part one is here http://peefans.com/index.php?/topic/8297-the-holiday-pt-1-on-the-beach/ ____________________________________________________ I woke up late on the morning of the last day of our holiday. From the sunlight filtering through the canvas I could tell it was another gorgeous day. I glanced at my phone and saw it was half past ten. Later than I would normally sleep, but we were on holiday after all. I had a text from Maddie telling me that she and Adam were on their way over. It would take them some time to get here, so there was no rush to get ready. The plan was to have a barbecue to celebrate our last day here. Not that it was the last we would see of them; we would be at university together in a month's time. I crawled out from my sleeping bag and into the outer tent. Our tent was quite small: we had an inner tent with enough room to sleep two, and a small area between the inner tent and the door that we called the outer tent, which was where we kept our bags. There was no ground sheet in the outer tent, which -- we had realised a few days into the holiday -- made it the perfect peeing spot. I squatted over the damp grass, concentrating until my pee started to gush. My first pee of the morning is always strong, and in the hot, enclosed air the smell was distinct. David sat up in bed, yawning. “Morning,” he said. He noticed what I was doing and chuckled. “Morning,” I said, finishing up. I wiped myself on my hand, and wiped that on my top. I climbed back into bed. David had stuck one of his hands down inside his sleeping bag, clearly administering to a different first-thing-in-the-morning need. I smiled. “Do you want a hand?” I asked. “No, I'm fine,” David said. Then a moment later he shrugged. “In fact, why not. It's hardly the weirdest thing we've done this holiday.” I reached over, feeling down into his sleeping bag. “You say that like you don't enjoy it.” As my hand found his cock, he smiled. “I didn't say that at all.” David's eyes were closed in pleasure, a slight smile playing around his mouth. I started absent-mindedly grinding my crotch against his leg through the sleeping bag as my hand dealt with him. We must have lost track of time. Before we knew it a car was pulling up outside the tent, and we could hear Maddie's voice outside. “Come on you two, get up.” “Ten more minutes,” I said. Maddie laughed. Adam said, “If you don't get up, I'm going to pee against your tent.” “If you must, we're not going to stop you,” David said. He leant into me, and I kept playing with his cock. “Don't say I didn't warn you,” Adam said. There were a few seconds of silence, then suddenly we heard the sound of water pattering on the canvas. David and I laughed. “I didn't think he was actually going to do it,” said David. “You should know by now,” I said. A few minutes later David tensed and came inside his sleeping bag. I was horny, but I decided not to finish myself off quite yet. I unzipped the tent flap and looked out. Maddie and Adam were busying themselves setting up the barbecue. Maddie was wearing a plaid shirt and red bikini bottoms, while Adam was in swimming shorts and a t-shirt. The campsite was quiet; a lot of people had packed up and left already. I climbed out of the tent, naked from the waist down. Adam looked up and gave a mock wolf-whistle. “You're spoiling us with that view, Sarah,” he said. “Oh, hush. It's nothing you haven't seen before,” I said. “Nice of you to join us,” Maddie said. “What have you two been doing in there, anyway?” “None of your business,” I said, smiling. Adam laughed. “Dirty.” David joined us outside, fastening his jeans; unlike me, he had decided to get dressed. “Sorry about peeing on your tent, by the way,” Adam said. “I hope that wasn't a joke too far.” David shrugged. “No problem. In fact, since we'll have to wash it anyway...” He turned to face our tent, pulling his own cock out. A few seconds later he was peeing right on the wet patch Adam had left. “Wow,” said Maddie, “you guys have changed. I like it.” Before long we had the barbecue lit and the sausages sizzling. While the sausages cooked, we talked about university. “You'll have to come find us the first day,” Maddie said, who was perched on Adam's lap. “We'll show you all the best places. We've got this house we rent -- but you'll see.” “It's a great uni,” Adam said. “The girls are hot as hell.” Maddie gave him a playful punch on the shoulder. “Adam likes to look at the girls, but they don't let him get any closer.” “Some of them do,” Adam said. “Besides, I have the best-looking girl right here.” He started to play with the buttons on her shirt, unfastening them one at a time. She didn't complain, and before long the shirt was open, her boobs exposed for the world to see. Adam started to massage them, his fingers playing with each nipple. “You know, I think these sausages are done,” David said, standing to look at the barbecue. “Do you guys want them now?” “Sure,” said Maddie, brushing Adam's hands away from her boobs, but not making any effort to cover herself up. I realised I had been absent-mindedly playing with myself, and quickly sat up straight. David picked the sausages off the barbecue and passed plates and buns around to all of us. As we ate, an elderly couple walked past on their way to the toilet block. The man was staring in disbelief at Maddie's boobs and at my crotch, while the woman was giving us a dirty look. I opened my legs a little wider to give them a better look. Maddie chuckled. “This food turned out good,” I said. “Yeah, well done team,” Adam said. “It'll be weird not having you guys around any more.” “We'll see you in a few weeks,” I said. “And until then I'll think of you every time I pee somewhere unusual.” “Speaking of which,” said Maddie, “this beer's gone right through me. Don't mind me, everybody.” There was a hissing sound, barely audible over the wind. A wet patch appeared at the crotch of her bikini bottoms, and then pee was trickling down over Adam's legs. It pooled on the camping chair, drenching Adam's shorts; and then it started to soak through the fabric of the chair. A stream started to fall from underneath the chair, making a pattering noise as it landed in the grass. “Me too, actually,” I said. “Don't let us stop you,” Maddie said. “Ah! I'd been needing that for a while.” I stood up. Peeing in the chair like Maddie was doing looked fun enough, but I had a better idea. I walked over to the barbecue, which was not needed anymore but was still smouldering. On the bricks Maddie and Adam had piled up it was about knee-height -- just perfect. I lifted one leg, pulled my slit up so that the stream would point forwards, and concentrated. At first my stream dribbled down my leg, but after a few seconds it built up some pressure and arced forwards. It hissed as it splashed over the hot coals. Strong-smelling steam drifted off. I pissed for a long time, and by the time I'd finished most of the embers had been extinguished by the blast. Adam clapped appreciatively. “Nice one.” I sat back down in my chair, feeling both relieved and pleased. “It was asking to be done,” I said. “Someone had to.” “Well, I think it must be my turn,” Adam said. “Mind if I stand up, dear?” Maddie stood to let him out. He pulled down his shorts, wet with Maddie's pee, and kicked them away. “We seem to keep upping the ante,” he said. “So I suppose I have to outdo Sarah now.” “Do your best,” I said. He took a couple of steps towards me. “Stay where you are, Sarah,” he said. My breath caught in my throat, but I didn't move out of the way. I just said, “Not on my face, please.” He started to pee. His stream hit my right boob first, dead on the nipple. I couldn't resist a shiver of pleasure. Warm pee quickly soaked the thin fabric of my nightie, running in rivulets down the material and pooling in the chair seat around my butt. I could feel drips running down the inside of my shirt as well, tickling the underside of my tits. A few drops sprayed up to hit me on the chin, so I lifted my head up slightly, keeping my mouth shut. He slowly guided his stream to one side, pointing at my other boob, moving it in small circles around my nipple -- which he could surely see by now through the wet fabric. The warm liquid, the sensation of it hitting me in intimate places, sent tingles of pleasure and anticipation through me. By the time he had finished the front of my shirt was absolutely drenched and all but completely transparent. I was sitting in a puddle, which was slowly dripping through to the ground beneath. My body was aching for more. Adam seemed to have enjoyed himself as well. His cock, still at my eye level, was hard already. I reached out for it with one hand, putting my other hand around one of his butt cheeks and guiding him closer. I opened my mouth and put my tongue on the end of his cock. Beside us, I was vaguely aware of Maddie and David standing up, and heard Maddie say, “We'll give you two some privacy, shall we?” I ignored them. I explored Adam's cock. I found there were certain spots that got a stronger reaction out of him -- not just the tip, but partway down the sides of the shaft as well. I played with it, experimenting with using my tongue and my lips, sometimes enclosing the whole head and sometimes not. He started to move with me, thrusting with my movements. His hands were on my shoulders and the back of my head, but he was oh so gentle about it. My own hand was down below, massaging my aching clitoris. It wasn't very many minutes before he pulled sharply away from me. His load spurted onto my already piss-soaked chest. My own climax came just moments later. I moaned softly. “Wow, Sarah,” said Adam, somewhat breathlessly. “No way that was your first time?” I shrugged, short of breath myself. “Must be natural talent.” Both still panting, we looked around. I wasn't sure if any of the other campers had seen us, but if they had, they were keeping their distance. Maddie and David had moved their chairs to the other side of the tent in the spirit of giving us some space, although from where they moved to they could clearly have seen everything if they had wanted. “Sorry about your shirt,” Adam said. “Don't worry, I've got others,” I said. I pulled the dirty shirt off and dropped it to the ground. At this stage worrying about modesty seemed silly. I crouched down next to the tent to look through my bag. I found a towel, which I used to towel myself down as much as I could, then dug out a shirt that hadn't been worn too much and pulled it on. I stayed naked from the waist down, as did Adam. We carried our chairs around to join Maddie and David. David gave me a strange look -- part exasperated, part in awe. Maddie was just smiling. “You owe me twenty quid, love,” Adam said to Maddie as we sat down with them. She raised her eyebrows. “Does oral really count?” “Sure it does. I let you count that bloke you sucked off outside TJ's.” “Were you gambling on me?” I asked, indignant. “Nothing personal,” Adam said. “Which of us would screw one of you two first. It's a long-running thing when we meet new people, or on nights out, you know.” “You'll find out in a few weeks,” said Maddie, “at uni. I assume you will be coming on nights out with us?” “If they're anything like you say they are, you try to keep me away,” I said. Before long, it was time for David and I to leave. Maddie and Adam helped us pack away the tent, and then we were hugging our goodbyes. “Look us up,” Maddie said, “as soon as you move in at uni. We've got so much to show you.” Then Adam and Maddie were waving to us as we pulled off the campsite, until we rounded the corner and lost sight of them. “It's been an interesting few days,” David said, winding the windows down a crack so that a breeze blew over us. “You could say,” I said. With one hand I switched on the radio. With the other, I absent-mindedly started playing with myself. David noticed what I was doing and smiled. It was certainly a holiday we would remember.
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    Perhaps this explains why I haven't had any complaints regarding how it tastes. I would believe that my morning pee is not as transparent if I may say and seems to have a lite odor, how ever, as the day goes, I don't seem to have any bad sent to it. I do drink a lot of water and my health is quite good and my husband has never complained once. Besides no one is forced to drink urine.
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    Dear Wet Carpet My name is Dave, aged 46 and I was on a business trip in Birmingham recently. In the evening I went out to this pub and hooked up with these two ladies aged about 40, both housemates as it happened. Josie and Jessie, their names were. And yeah I know, makes them sound like a couple of American rednecks, but they are in fact thoroughly British brummies. They look good too. As you can see with these pics they let me have as a memento. Josie is the brunette on the left, Jessie the blonde on the right....... And they are easily the dirtiest couple of bitches I have ever met, lol. I think they'd already had a few when I walked into the bar and got talking to them. We ended up sat at a quieter table in the corner, them on one side and me facing them on the other as we chatted and had a laugh. After a while, the blonde one, Jessie, said she really needed a pee, and laughed about how some guys love watching ladies pee, and kind of jokingly asked if I wanted to watch. I commented that it was a bit public, I think. Her friend Josie just laughed, "That's what gent's cubicles are for." Jessie came back with, "Shit, who needs cubicles! Last time I just pissed on the floor! The guys couldn't believe it!" Josie:" I know, I was there, haha." I couldn't believe my luck at hearing shit like this. I tried playing it cool, downing the rest of my pint, but am certain they knew this was turning me on. Which emboldened them further. Jessie laughed, "Why bother with the gents?" She turned to me and reached out with her hand. "Give me your beer glass." I handed it over, whereupon Jessie - watched by a grinning Josie - lowered it below the table and appeared to be hoisting the back of her dress whilst shuffling forward to the front of her seat. Then her grin broadened. "I'm pissing, hahaha." I couldn't believe what was happening. I stole a glance under the table, and there was the glass held between her legs. And she was actually peeing into it right there! I looked back up and she sighed, "Ah I needed that!" And both women laughed. When she was done she lifted the glass back into view. It was now three quarters full with piss. She laughed, "Now what am I going to do with this?" Josie: "If Dave was a true gentleman, he'd drink it for you, haha." Jessie: "If I was a true lady, I wouldn't have pissed in his beer glass in the first place!" Josie: "Haha, well we sure aint no ladies." Jessie: "Well if Dave's not gentleman enough to drink it, I'll just have to get rid of it here." And with that she began pouring the contents out onto the carpet under the table! I couldn't believe it! Josie then said, "Here, pass me that glass, I need to go." But as she took the glass from her friend, she hesitated, then put it down on the table. "On second thoughts, why bother? It's gonna end up on the floor anyway, so......" And she shuffled to the front of her seat, whilst hoisting the back of her dress. Then she gleefully announced, "I'm pissing!" And laughed. I stole another quick look under the table, and there she was with her legs open, and trimmed muff overhanging the front edge of her seat. And her piss was spraying down in a powerful torrent onto the carpet! I could barely believe this was happening, but it looked sexy as fuck! Jessie laughed, "I think Dave's enjoying the show, the perv." I wrenched my gaze away from the carpet pissing under the table, and responded. "You're calling me a perv, but your mate's the one doing the pissing! And getting off on it I can tell, haha." Josie: "Yes, this is rather fun." I joked, "You're a right couple of skanky bitches, aren't you!" Josie chuckled, still enjoying her piss. Jessie shot back with, "Well, if a girl's gotta piss she may as well have fun with it." By the time Josie was done, the carpet under the table was soaked with piss. ............................................................ Awesomely, I got invited back to their place. We went around to the back entrance because when they go out they leave the front door latched it seems. They unlocked the back door and we all strode into their kitchen which it opened into. One of them switched on the light switch. And I immediately spotted the huge, golden-hued lake covering a large area of the tiled floor. They noticed my eyes widen at the sight. Josie chuckled, "Oh, we just pissed there before we went out." I was stunned by the nonchalant, matter of fact, way they just seemed to be about it. "Didn't you want to clean it up afterwards?" Josie: "Nah, couldn't be bothered!" They laughed at my surprised reaction to this. Anyway, we all just strode through their piss lake into their living room. Josie immediately lifted her dress - neither lady was wearing any panties - and popped a squat right there in front of their coffee table. And gleefully started pissing right there on the carpet. A powerful hissy spray splashing forcefully down. I was struggling to believe the awesomeness of what I was seeing. "Fucking hell, that's your own carpet you're pissing on!" She chuckled, "Yeah, we do it quite a lot! It's just more convenient - and more fun!" And come to think of it, there was a pissy aroma about the place that bore testament to that. Jessie too soon lowered herself into a squat, her dress hoisted to expose her gorgeous ass cheeks. And she too was soon pissing another torrent right there onto the carpet, lol. By now I needed to pee myself, so when they were done I somewhat sheepishly asked where their toilet was. Jessie just laughed, "Don't bother going all the way upstairs just for that, silly. Just piss against that wall over there." She indicated an area of the living room wall beside their sofa. And so - incredibly - I found myself, trousers and underpants removed at their suggestion, standing there and pissing against their living room wall as they stood either side of me, enjoying the show with grins on their faces. They didn't seem bothered about the wallpaper I was fucking up, either. As my pee finally trailed off, I asked them, "Do you girls ever actually use the toilet?" Josie laughed, "It has been known! Last time Jessie used the toilet though, she was standing astride the fucking thing. With the lid closed at the time, haha." Jessie: "Seemed like a fun idea at the time." Josie: " Might as well have just pissed on the floor like we usually do. Cos that's where it all ended up, hahaha." ............................. Anyway, we ended up heading up to their bedroom, walking past the open bathroom door on the way. I couldn't fail to spot that there was piss all over the floor in there. Their bedroom smelt particularly strongly of pee, with some parts of their carpet so saturated that it squelched underfoot. I think they noticed that I noticed, because a smirking Josie said, "Yeah, we piss in here A LOT!" We ended up enjoying great three way sex on their large double bed. It was brilliant. Afterwards we all stood in the middle of the room - yes they were standing too with legs apart and hands on hips - and pissed all over the carpet. Was a very enjoyable pissy fun night. I never knew there could be such ladies around into doing all that. I will cherish the pics they gave me and the memories they invoke of their awesomely skanky pissings, lol. I still struggle to get my head around the fact that two such awesomely sexy middle aged women can get off by pissing all over the place in their own home, and apparently be happy to just leave it laying around. Dave.
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    A few more 'slots' (Take a peek...!)
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    Me peeing in a bowl
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    From an admin perspective I completely agree that people showing their appreciation for people willing to share stuff here should be very much encouraged, and I of course don't want to see such popular contributors leaving. That said, just because a post isn't literally liked using the button, doesn't mean a lot of people aren't liking it! I find your 'underappreciated' comments a little surprising - you literally won an award for your posts last year, and do have a very high amount of reputation points. It seems clear people would like you to stay, but we also don't want to turn this into a begging thread. If you are only coming back if there is sufficient demand and likes then I would say that's for the wrong reasons. I am fairly certain that is not the case though, and if you would like to continue being part of this community and sharing with us, then that would be brilliant news. Hopefully we'll see you back soon?
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    I made up my mind, and I'll be back soon But before all of that, I have to tell you all something When I got here, I almost "played" about being a Witch, I was dead serious but I never really took things as they were, because deep in my soul, I never really accepted I was one. You have to understand, I am a woman (but when I started about Witchcraft I was nothing more than a girl) which unbearably powerful sexual desire, during my childhood I had my first orgasms clutching my six years old little legs tight together watching at a marvellous collector-edition doll with a supremely. heart touching blue dress, on display in a shop but much over my parents budget. At the age when girls played knights and princesses, I played queen and hand-maiden and kissed actually (and I came up with thinking that the girl at a certain point talked with her mother, maybe thinking there were nothing wrong, because she was suddenly removed from visiting our house again and with no explainations). I Always felt religion was about something real and looked for love in those roundabouts, but as my mediumship abilities started to develop, I came up with the conclusion that yes, Jesus had existed, as magician, and as a man, but that all of the Christian mythology was a hoax. Then, I started to tak to the nameless things that visited me during my first, self-build (almost randomly) rituals. When in the end I met Alex, at first I was scared by him, thankful for his love but scared by his anger and the darkest corners of his Knowledge. The terrible secrets about unfathomably-rich secret societies around the world, aliens, Govs, and Neanderthal Age visit (of which some traces remains) from something so vast and terrible that in comparison both aliens and Earth Gods are little embers in the vast cold void of infinity. I learned about the power that comes from supremacy, and the predatorial (and NOT the parental) stance of superior, Multiversal entities, the "peace" They established (read my post 666 thread) more about "responsibility" than "goodness", though I had been taught about the fact that goodness is mandatory to be responsible, elsewhere you are just hypocrite. But when I started, I didn't want to learn about all of that. I just wanted inner peace. But as Caesar said, "Si vis pacem, para bellum", "If you want peace prepare for war". During my first tranche here, I tried to be both naughty and silly, shifting from trying to be both somehow scary (as an immature form of realism toward the seriousness of these subjects) and friendly (because I am!) as a form of balance from the abovementioned behaviour. I have Always loved the Gods but deep in my soul, I must now admit I would have preferred to discover a much more simple and human-centered Truth about the ways Life and Good-vs-Bad worked. What I found won my respect but not immediately my happiness. And THAT is the reason why I didn't really explained why I left: because to me it was quite obvious that a person enburdened by my overall dark feeling would have never been loved as much as plain and silly people was, and in fact it was starting to go that way: very personal posts obtained nothing in return and other people obtained something of the like of half a thousand likes in a week. But while I was away, I underwent a completely different level of initiation, which turned my world upside down. I started to understand the end of the circle, leading me back where I started but not going round, spiraling, getting where I began but on a higher level. I understood how it all entwine about life and Death, tenderness and violence, evolution and despair. I also started to understand how deep and real my love is for both Alex and the Gods. Now I'm more focused. More happy, less silly. More gentle, less merciful. Both lighter and darker, at the same time. I'm no more afraid of what I am and what I know and I'm no more ashamed of what make me myself. I'm less looking for being appreciated-at-all-cost. I'll be back soon, meanwhile, reflect about this, because I'm no more afraid of rocking things in people's life: how much do we take things for granted in our lives, hiding behind the fact that we asked nothing from them and then we owe them nothing, theoretically speaking? Forums can be blighted with that unvoluntary attitude. I never partake in something unless I want it to evolve. To really be back, I want to set a next level to evolution in this forum. I had experiences while I was away, I mean sex related, so mind-crushingly arousing that could make your cocks backfire and blow your heads. I will share gold-worth things. But show the proper appreciation. Not in a silly, like-asmuch-as-you-can, but in mature, and CONSCIOUS way. Nothing is granted, everything must be earned, first through valor, or AFTER receiving it as a gift, through appreciating it. My posts are not to be there until somebody in four years from now stumble upon them and answer/like without even know that maybe I quit forever because what I know I have been taked by aliens the following year. They are gifts for YOU. And THAT is the only kind of relationship that I want between you and me. Contributions will be obviously part of my being back here around, but more than else (mark my words) I will be back about FRIENDSHIP. Elsewhere I'll be gone FOREVER soon. It is not a threat, is a subtler concept: it's about making people understand how things work, so that they will have control. It's about YOU, it's up to YOU if I'll stay or not. YOU will have the power. Just like in both Science and Magick: energy will do your biddings, but first you must learn why it works the way it works, and why it should never work in a different way, and why it is right that in order to have it bow to you, first it must be YOU who bow to it.
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    My first pee experience was when I was in high school and I was at a party and this new girl at school named Katrina was there. And during the party that girl Katrina and me were play wrestling in the livingroom with around 25 people watching us. Well a few minutes later when Katrina ended up on top of me sitting on my chest I heard her tell me to open my mouth.. And when I did all of a sudden I felt her peeing down my wide open throat while I was just drinking as much of her urine as I possibly could right there in front of all these people. Needless to say while I was drinking her pee I fell in love with the warm salty yellow taste of that girl Katrina urine in my throat.
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    Seriously considering coming back, after all of this Just a little more growing up in my unconscious before Love you all
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    I noticed, as most here did, that you posted often and in many different threads with unwavering energy. As you said, you like action and passion. Unfortunately, this forum is not densely populated with equally passionate or competitive people that could scratch that itch for you. I suspected that you would tire of the lack of feedback eventually. I do understand your frustration because I have felt it as well here from time to time, seeing my own posts go ignored while others are showered with reactions and responses. I make an effort to go through threads sometimes and see who posted a topic that no one has answered and respond to it, just so that person can be sure that someone bothered. I think of a variety of topics I would like to start threads about and often decide against it, thinking what's the point, no one will answer. As time has gone on though, I moved past that and reexamined why I like this forum and ultimately I realized that it's the acceptance from like-minded folks who understand being shoved into a corner of internet anonymity by society because of our harmless fetish. That's number one for me. I adjusted my outlook to not need validation, or in your case, an active exchange. I like to write fiction and will continue to for this forum, for the satisfaction of sharing it with even the smallest handful of members that may like it, but I won't wait around for responses anymore. I think for you, your personality is so unique and energetic that you'll struggle to find the engaging community that you want, wherever you go. Even YouTube comment numbers are like 5 percent of views when you do the math. It's just the nature of the internet, I'm afraid. But I hope you won't disappear from the forum, and that you continue to participate, at least sporadically.
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    ok, this is the first true lesson First of all you have to discover the origin of shame and later, only later, you can overcome it Shame is a damage-risk-notification he who break the rules is exiled from the tribe and left to hunt alone, and arguably got killed soon by predators those who got this message well in their minds survived and procreated, rebels died without lefting any genetical children we are programmed by evolution to be submitted by what society thinks of us Now, to really get past all the problems of our lives, we must make an act of faith, and realize one powerful truth: Scientifical and Spiritual Truths are Greater than the laws of the tribe. We all know that, BUT our hormons and deep unconscious programming says elsewhere: if the chief exiles you, you'll get little use of Cosmical Truths Spiritually speaking this is blasphemy but we are talking now about crude materialism, isn't it? So ok, let's go with crude materialism: if you got the testosterone/adrenaline necessary to realize your chief isn't god, you can survive in the wasteland, or even challenge him to ritualized combat and take over the tribe The point is not violence, is how much DENSE is your convinction. Exiled and humiliated to the point that arrogance and pride could offer little shelter, would you still believe you were right, like of the fact that 2+2 adds to 4 and you got kidnapped by fools who cannot accept such a simple truth? would you possess that post-human eye that looks at your enemy so conscious of your own superiority that you even pity him for his unability to recognize that you are right? it is not arrogance, nothing of the like, is PURE POWER, shapeshifting your character and pushing you to be both bold and terrible to behold can you get my point? First step to demolish shame is to get in touch with the truth that we are genetically build to obey, yet genetic can change through evolution and as the Serpent leaves behind the skin that was once so useful, now we can go Beyond such prehistoric programming. But the fact that we should doesn't mean that our programming won't fight back. We need ALLIES First reflect upon this, when you will feel you absorbed this scenario I'll continue
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    All of us enjoying naughty peeing but i usually am turned on after i pee. I like to play with myself and cum on/in different places when i masturbate. Panties are my go to but i also enjoy outside, tables, or counters. Anybody else care to share?
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    Im sure we have all seen that classic film,beloved by all,"The Wizard of Oz". Think again compadres....no pissing,but very enjoyable all the same.Any porn is good porn,right?....https://www.xvideos.com/video11045872/the_wizard_of_oz_full_porn_parody_movie_thisisntporn.com
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    Like one of my mottos: Whatever is at hand, whenever the (desperate) need arises...
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    Hi I'm new. I love watching guys and girls peeing in public indoors and outdoors. I like to see it happen in risky places. I would love to find someone to pee in all the naughty places at my request. Any takers?
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    As we settled in to our bed for the night, myself on the now wet mattress on the floor, Jennifer on the couch, and Tara on the other couch, we decided we weren’t quite ready to go to sleep yet. “Well, girls,” Tara said, “I’ve been sharing stories all night. I think it’s your turn. Cassie, you first since you’re the lucky one who gets the mattress.” “What do you want me to talk about?” I asked “Wetting, of course,” she said. “Surely tonight isn’t the first time for you.” It wasn’t, but I didn’t say anything yet. “Come on, spill it.” I bit my lip and thought. “Well, there was this beach trip I took a few years ago with my mom and some of her friends.” Both Tara and Jennifer knew my parents were divorced and my mom never remarried. Instead, she enjoyed life as a single middle-aged attractive woman, often taking me along on vacations or for a night on the town with her friends. “Last summer we packed up and went to Hilton Head because one of Mom’s friends owned a condo down there. There were five of us in this place that had enough room for ten! We each had our own room, and on the first night the girl who owned the place decided to have a party. Before we knew it, there were twenty or so people in the house, most of them men with about four other girls besides us. As the evening wound by, people were getting really tipsy. So on my way out to the bathroom, I heard moaning as I passed one of the rooms. Inside I could see the girl who owned the condo riding one of the guys. She saw me and seriously looked right at me, not seeming to care that I saw. I blushed, though, and kept walking. I finally reached the bathroom and opened the door. But right away I saw my mom, and she was leaning back against a guy whose back was against the wall, and they were both really enjoying themselves. I shut the bathroom door and just stood there, trying to figure out if I should be grossed out.” “Well, of course,” Tara said. “You just saw your mom fucking somebody else.” “Yeah, it was weird. But I also kind of felt turned on. But I still really had to pee. So I went out to the deck. When I got out there, there was this guy standing there smoking a cigarette.” “Was he hot?” Jennifer asked. “Yes,” I said. “So I went out to pee, but since he was there I hesitated, but I could feel the pressure in my bladder getting worse. So I walked by him and around to the other side of the deck. I thought it would get me out of sight of him, but it didn’t. I sat on a bench near the edge of the deck, and after a few minutes I knew I couldn’t wait much longer. He finished his cigarette and snuffed it out on his shoe, then put the butt in the trash can on the deck. I looked at him, and when he noticed I could feel my face get red. He walked to the edge of the deck facing away from me. He just stood there, and then a few seconds later I heard a splashing sound and realized he was pissing off the deck into the grass.” A real splashing sound interrupted my story and I looked over at Tara to see her releasing a flow of pee into the couch as she just lay there. She was looking at me, though, so I continued with my story. “I didn’t know what to say or do, but it definitely wasn’t helping my situation. I still had to pee. So I took a chance and turned my back to him. I lifted my skirt, parted my legs, and pulled my panties aside. A few seconds later and my own flow was trickling out onto the wooden deck and soaking through the cracks. It wasn’t much, but it was still relieving. I heard movement behind me, so I turned around and saw the guy watching me. He still had his penis out, and it wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t small, either. He said ‘I’ll put it away and leave you alone if you say so, but that was one of the hottest things I have ever seen.’ I smiled and thanked him. ‘My name is Kenny,’ he said. I told him my name, and he repeated it. Maybe it was the alcohol, but hearing him say my name is what did me in. I turned around on the bench and motioned him to me. He walked over, and before even thinking about if it was right or wrong I was touching his penis with my fingertips.” Jennifer was stirring, and I looked over to see that she was rubbing herself gently. She sighed, and a few small splashes of pee soaked her fingers and the couch cushion. I felt my own pressure building again, and I just relaxed and dribbled more warm pee into the mattress as I continued my story. “I took it into my mouth and was soon sucking on it, licking around the head as I did, and I could just slightly taste his salty pee. He groaned as his dick got even harder. I took it out of my mouth and motioned for him to kneel in front of me. I asked him if he had a condom, and he nodded. He reached into his pocket and took one out, ripping it quickly with his teeth, then sliding it expertly over his dick. I spread my legs and grabbed him by the ass as he guided himself inside of me. And oh my god it felt so good. I was already really wet, and he knew what he was doing, moving in and out of me slowly at first while reaching down with his hand to caress my clitoris.” “Oh my god, I love that,” Tara said. She was rubbing herself again, sliding one finger along her slit. “After a few minutes, he was thrusting harder and harder. I was in ecstasy. And then, I swear to you, as he was fucking me my mom came outside on the deck.” “Holy shit!” Jennifer said. “Yeah. She just looked at me and smiled. Then she walked to the edge of the deck, pulled her shorts and panties down, and just started peeing off the deck. Kenny didn’t even stop, and I didn’t want him to. I started climaxing as my mom was emptying her bladder off the deck. Kenny groaned, and I felt his penis twitch. I came again, and I looked over at my mom, who just winked at me and went back inside.” “Wow,” Tara said. “I wish my mom had been that cool.” “Yeah, she’s pretty cool. Anyway, Kenny finished up, and I had to pee again. It was kind of funny because I felt like I needed to be modest or something, so I closed my legs and let it out. Kenny watched me, and I guess the warm feeling of my pee dribbling between my legs and him watching made me cum again. He seemed eager even though he had obviously already filled the condom. I smiled at him as he walked closer to me and gently nudged my legs apart. Before I could say anything, he buried his face in my crotch and started licking me, first around my inner thighs like he was licking the drops off pee off my legs, and then he moved closer and started licking up my slit to my clitoris. It only took about fifteen seconds, and I was screaming again, trying my damnedest not to crush him with my thighs.” “Been there,” Jennifer said. “My husband loves going down on me, and he makes me scream every time.” She was still rubbing herself, and as she said this her rubbing grew a little more vigorous. I felt a little wet and ready, as well, so I parted my legs and sprayed a little more pee into the mattress, feeling it splash the blanket and my thighs. I started rubbing my slit and stroking my clitoris as Tara also joined us. In less than a minute, all three of us were screaming, plunging our fingers deeper, and bucking our hips. Tara flopped onto the couch and started peeing a strong stream all over the couch cushion. “Ohhh, my god I don’t want this night to end,” she said. “Is there more to the story?” Jennifer asked. “Well, yeah,” I said. “But not between me and Kenny. We parted ways after that, and once the party was over I didn’t see him again that whole trip. My mom on the other hand really seemed to like the guy she was with earlier at the party. I found out his name was Evan. She spent most of the vacation with him. I caught them again later that day.” “Really?” Tara asked. “Yep. I went to go out on the deck, and I saw Mom out there, her shorts and panties down again to pee off the deck. So I started to open the door, but I saw Evan walk from the other side of the deck. Mom took her shorts and panties off all the way and he walked right up to her and they started going at it just standing right there on the deck. I turned away again because it just seemed wrong to watch my mom having sex, but seriously I felt that tingle again. I mean, hadn’t she watched me? I turned back around, and Mom had her legs wrapped around him while he grabbed her by the ass and was thrusting. I still had to pee, and I looked around the back room that you go through before you walk out to the deck, looking for a cup or a bowl or something, but nothing. Then I heard footsteps, and I turned to see the girl who invited us to the beach house. She said, ‘Hey, what’s up?’ I pointed to the window. “’Well,’ I said, ‘my Mom is out there having sex right now, and I really have to pee. I was going to go off the deck, but…’” “’I see,’ she said. ‘Well, I know the bathroom is occupied, because I was on my way out here to pee, too, for that very reason. And I don’t want to interrupt, either, so…’ I looked at her as she stood still and a few seconds later I could hear a hissing and see the clear trickles of pee running down her legs and to the dark carpeted floor. ‘I’m not wearing any panties, so this is a really convenient way to go,’ she said, still smiling. “My bladder was really getting full at this point, and I could hear my Mom outside moaning louder. I couldn’t help but sneak another glance and saw that Evan had laid down on the deck. It was then that I noticed he wasn’t wearing a condom. I gasped, but not out of concern. You know my Mom had a hysterectomy, and I trust she’s smart enough not to have unprotected sex with someone unless she trusted them, but I gasped because I was envious. I’m not even going to lie.” “Ohh, girl, I know what you mean,” Tara said. “So my Mom was walking to him. She faced away from him and squatted down over his dick and guided it into her, then just started riding him. Our hostess said something like, ‘You okay?’ but I barely heard her. I reached down and pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing myself. I let go of my bladder and just pissed a full stream all over the floor and my fingers, and I came so hard while peeing and watching them that I had to grab the door handle to keep from falling over. ‘Guess that’s a yes,’ our hostess said. My mom’s face showed total ecstasy as she smiled and then started crying out. Evan moaned, too, and I knew he was cumming inside her.” “Wow,” Jennifer said. “Totally,” Tara said. “And that was pretty much the rest of the excitement for that party. Sometime around 2am everyone left except those of us who were actually staying at the beach house and Evan, who slept with my mom. The next day we slept in, but I was woken up by the sounds of my mom and Evan going at it in the shower. Once everyone else was up, we got our bathing suits on and went to the beach. We stayed out for hours, and let’s just say that none of us left to go back into the house for the bathroom, including Evan. That was pretty much how the rest of the trip went. No more parties, just a lot of beach time and pissing our bathing suits, rinsing off in the ocean, pissing them again later.” “Sounds like my kind of vacation,” Tara said. “It was definitely memorable,” I said.
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    Hey all, super short one for you. I'll likely post again but needed something to break the ice and what I just did qualifies. LOL So you can call me Joan, but details later, I'm on my phone typing this so going to stay on point. I've gotten really comfortable peeing in garbage cans in bathrooms. Doesn't have to be a dirty bathroom, just a single with locking door. Still walking around the bookstore I just did this in acting completely normal. Went into the toilet, saw the there was tank on the back and thought about that, but the bin was full of used towels and feel like using them a 2nd time is better for the environment too. Anyway. I'm standing there pissing away from under my skirt out my muff and I look in the mirror. On the opposite side of the room by the door there's a short plastic cabinet with locks on it and the top doors are broken open. I stop my stream and close my legs so my panties drop and step out of them. I crossover and open the door to find the expected paper rolls. They looked like used ones with very little left on about 10 to a dozen roll. So yeah, skirt up, stream starts back up, and soggy paper ho! I had more than half my payload spent in there when I hear dripping over the splash and spray, I realize the top shelf is open and all my watering is going down to the NEW ROLLS below. At this point I'm all, "F- it!" I changed my angle and pushed to the end. Collected my panties into my purse, washed my hands (wiped my cunny with the towel), and now I'm waiting in line at the register. Need to pay for the books I'll pee on later. ROFL
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    Three girls went out for a night on the town. Having been their first time out together the girls were a little shy. They all went to the local community college and studied nursing. They decided to go to the beach and have a bonfire. Each of them brought their own wine, Melissa a leggy red haired goddess of a woman had brought two bottles. Lea brought one of those boxes of wine that reflected her country upbringing. She sported a long brunette pony tail with daisy dukes and a tank top. She had he largest set of breasts amongst the group, easily an E cup. Then there was Gemma who was only about 5ft, no more than 100 pounds with a bottle of wine, and a few wine coolers. Enough for each girl at least. Gemma was short and thin but had on a mini skirt, and just a bikini on. Earlier they swam at the beach and when the sun went down they started a fire, Gemma and Lea sat side by side on a log of driftwood and Melissa sat cross legged across from them on the sand. Each of them had a drink in hand. As the night went on they shared stories of interesting things they had learned in class. Melissa mentioned how she never knew so much about female anatomy until she got to school. Stating she never knew that it was totally natural for women to have different vulvas and labias. She said she always felt awkward because the genitals she saw in porn did not reflect hers. She said she had a rather large labia and one of her lips was larger than the other. Lea squirmed a little in her seat and mentioned she was uncomfortable talking about lady parts as she needed to use the restroom. Melissa having a few drinks said to Lea “I mean we all will be around our patients going to the restroom, I’m okay with you going here... besides, I’ve gotta go to.” Lea jokingly said “why so you can see if my parts are normal?”. Gemma sheepishly said “I always thought my lips were large too..., and I need to pee too, but I don’t mind if you look at mine, I’m not shy!”. Melissa separated her legs and pulled aside her bikini bottoms to reveal a puffy pink pussy with large meaty lips. She invited the girls to stare and told them it was okay to look. This prompted the other girls to spread their legs, Gemma having on no panties underneath her skirt revealed her even bigger puffier lips which seemed strange for her frame yet suited her well, and then Lea pulled down her shorts and took them all the way off.... she spread her legs the farthest to reveal she had a much smaller set of labia. Gemma spread her lips with her fingers and started urinating off the log onto the sand, Melissa had already begun urinating with her legs spread and her body laid back onto the ground... and Lea let go after the others and soaked the sand beneath her. After the girls were finished Melissa spread her lips to showcase her clitoris and told everyone hers seemed small for the size of her lips... everyone laughed and Gemma and Lea said they couldn’t see in the dark... Melissa got up, walked to them, spread her legs apart and spread her lips to show off her tiny clit. Gemma was secretly a lesbian and couldn’t help but reach out in front of her and touch the other girls little button. This caused Melissa to jump just a little causing a small squirt of lasting pee to dribble onto Gemma’s hand. Melissa apologized and said she was just surprised and was sorry for peeing. Gemma continued to rub her little clit and told her she thought it was kind of hot, and asked if she minded the attention. Melissa let out a moan signaling to continue... while Gemma continued playing with her new friends pussy, Lea started chugging more wine and then reached for her own pussy and began rubbing her own clit, and reached over to Gemma and played with her soaking wet pussy!!! The girls comtinued playing with each other until one by one they had orgasms, and one by one they let go of their bladders during climax to show trust and appreciation for the female orgasm and pussy.
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    Here you go, this'll be short and super simple just to make sure that I've got the idea right: [Imagine she's explaining this to a friend or relative after it happened] Hey, I had a weird thing happen the other day. I've been doing a lot of interviews trying to find work since I just graduated college and moved to the different state. The "Girl in The Big City" and all that non-sense, I guess. Well anyway, I had a good prospect and they sent me in for my blood and drug screening yesterday. Nothing too out of the ordinary, they got the blood sample just fine (usually have trouble finding a vein in my tiny arms). Then the nurse hands me a sample cup and I knew I'd be peeing in that, but here's the rub... I had to do it there in front of her. The scene keeps replaying in my mind: "We'll need a urine sample next, here's your cup. You need to fill it at least to this line here. If not you will have to wait and come back." "K, which way to the bathroom?" "I'm sorry, no bathroom. You will be doing it right here with me. You need to be observed giving the sample or we cannot verify it legitimately as yours and not faked. Please completely remove your pants and underwear and pee here." "Uh, I... uh... O... K... I..." "Please hurry, we have other people to see." If I'd known I was going to have an audience I might have put on some better panties at least. I kicked off my shoes and worked my butt out of my tight jeans, then took my panties off. Thankfully I had shaved the other day so my bush was presentable. I stood there naked from the shirt down (except my socks) and I immediately realized I was exposed in front of another women. I'm not gay, I might be a little bi-, but this had me so red faced embarrassed I could feel the heat in my cheeks. She asked if I'd do better sitting and if I wanted her to hold the cup for me... if I was red before, I'm sure I matched a boiled lobster after that. I decided to stand and hold the cup myself, but now that meant she was just staring at me. Waiting, expectantly, pee anxiety kicked into high gear. After two minutes of waiting, she said this: "Would you like me to help you?" "Ummmm...... HOW??" As she puts on a fresh pair of gloves, "I am going to touch, Okay?" "Sure?!" She reached up and began to massage my clit. If I wasn't bi- before I certainly felt it then, I also felt my face go red hot again. She worked in little circles, three clockwise and three back pausing for an up then down and repeat. It did the trick, she finished twice and it felt like everything was going to drain out of me. My pee dripped a few times and then I finally relaxed and started a torrent. It was all coming out now and my nerves had only made me more full. I overflowed the cup in literally seconds and she quickly swapped the cup with a plastic hospital urinal. I finished my business in that and it was almost half full after that. She handed me a tissue and told me I could redress and leave, my results would be sent to the company next week. So yeah, super strange... the other thing is, I splashed her hand with pee when we did the switch between the sample and the urinal and I swear I saw her lick her glove as she turned away to put the lid and labels on my sample. I can't be sure, I was too lost in concentration and relief... but I KNOW I saw SOMETHING. Alright, there you go... hope you enjoyed it. Just a quick 1 off the top. ^_^
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    Just a short intro here , I'm a 30yr old woman who secretly loves to pee in disposable cups.. the shower.. the tub but mostly the cups. Its something I held secret until today and glad to see I am not the only one who does things like this lol. Being what some may consider attractive kind of woman I never ever told any partner of this odd thing I enjoy. I also like holding a man while he pees. I done it jokingly couple times to see the reaction.
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    She's asking if she can post about it here and if she should cut out the sex part. @Ivy1989 go ahead and post it all as long as it features pee somewhat I'm sure we'll all be happy to read it.
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    Hi all, I'm new here. I'm glad to have found this site! My pee fetish started when I was quite young (in primary school), but I don't recall exactly when or how. My fetish is sorta "restricted" if you will; the stuff I'm mostly interested in the "I have to pee" like kind of "emergency" or whatever: I'm not into drinking piss or anything like that. That stuff kinda disgusts me. One complaint about so many peeing vids out there is that the camera guy zooms way in on the girl's pussy as she's peeing. Zooming way in is extremely annoying to me if the person filming it stays zoomed in for too long. Because I like to get the bigger picture overall. Some of the most "ideal" clips for me would be four or five from Got2Pee.com. Even though they zoom way in at the start, many of their vids zoom back out shortly after to encompass the girl's whole self. I'm also not very interested in peeing on someone else and stuff. Also, in most cases the threat of being discovered actually detracts from the excitement rather than adding to it like it does for many people. However, I'm fine in most cases as long as the picture itself doesn't contain anyone else staring directly into the camera or anyone else around besides the main subject(s). Peeing on carpet is kind of a thing, but it's mostly just girls popping a squat too: So, in short, due to the "girl-squats-and-pees" preference, I would call myself a "daily maintenance procedure" kind of type when it comes to this kind of fetish.
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    Another older shot of me filling a cup. Please forgive the low res. Some of those old early cameras weren't very good and the images didn't enlarge very well but if you like the color of fresh pee in a clear container you should like this one.
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    I like to see girls peeing but only fair to share. No nasty comments please but happy for comments. I'm just getting over my shyness
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    I wanted a pee so thought I would piss in a glass, and also on the floor
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    Hi guys. Here is my first attempt at a peeing fantasy. It took me way longer than I expected, and I even feel kinda overloaded out and meh, after all the time I spent on this. Enjoy! Claire's parents were always arguing, and it was keeping her up at night. This even resulted in her failing her final year at school. Her teachers could only urge her to try her best, but even they realised that she wasn't exactly put under the best circumstances. So one day her mum, Sally, suggested that she go to a boarding school (The School of Working on Education and Excellence ), that way she can sleep well and not have to be woken by their arguments. "In fact” said Sally “I've arranged with the school to allow you to arrive a few weeks early, so that you can... you know... get used to the place, and have enough time to establish a decent sleeping pattern. You'll need to be ready on the 15th of August at 8AM. Hopefully you'll get there in time for lunch”. There was something about the way she said "get used to the place" that made Claire wonder if there was something weird about it, but she didn't voice her concerns, because she was glad to get away from her parent's arguing. On the night before her arrival, Claire went through the packing list of recommended items; it contained many expected items: calculators, pens, pad of paper, etc. It also suggested students to take personal items such as: phones, laptops, tablets, books, and any other items to use in their downtime. Then there was a list of forbidden items. This contained items such as: anything illegal, tobacco, weapons, and... "all personal items of clothing, including bras and underwear"!? This seemed weird, but again, Claire did not voice her concerns. Maybe they would provide her with some clothes when she got there. Finally, on the day of Claire's departure, the limousine arrived. She was surprised that this was what she was being transported in, not that she would complain. Despite having gone to the toilet before she left, she soon found she felt the urge to do another wee halfway there. She felt awkward about asking and decided she could wait until she got there. Little did she know that if she asked, she would have been told to just do a wee in the car; even the driver had done so. Upon arriving at the school itself, Claire was struck by its sheer size. The surrounding fields easily went on for miles, all seemingly mown regularly. Surrounding this appeared to be some woodland in all direction. She walked down the yellowish gravel path as it meandered towards the large main building of the school. The school itself looked like a mansion of some sort, with three stories and countless windows on both sides of the door. Oddly enough there was a statue of a nude man and woman together in some kind of dance pose. But the thing that made Claire have to do a double take, was that it appeared that these statues were a water feature, with water coming out of the statues' genitals as if they were peeing. Even weirder, the man's penis was erect, and his piss was hitting the woman's chest. Claire was however snapped from these thoughts by the opening of the oversized door. Behind it was a mature lady who was presumably the head mistress. Claire was shocked by the fact that she was completely nude, except from a belt that had the school logo, and some pockets attached to said belt. Despite this lady being past her prime though, she still looked in great shape. "By the way, you're not technically allowed to wear those clothes here" She announced "but seeing as you just got here, I'll let you off. I will however have to confiscate those clothes until you leave. Now take them off" "Ok..." replied Claire nervously "Where are the changing rooms, and where are the clothes for me to change into?" "Ok" replied Samantha, with a loud sigh "I would have hoped your mother would have told you, but we don't wear clothes here unless it gets cold, as we believe that that helps to create the most relaxed atmosphere for learning. We only allow you to wear this kind of belt with pockets, unless you are outside, in which case you may also wear sandals, a sunhat and some sunglasses. In the winter we also allow you to wear: a coat; wooly hat; scarf; gloves; and our special winter thigh high socks and thigh high boots. Your genitals and bottom will still be exposed, but we'll manage to keep the rest of you warm enough to make up for it. Oh! And you are also allowed to wear anything that is there for medical reasons, like your glasses" Claire couldn't believe her ears. This seemed outrageous. Then again, there isn't anything inherently wrong with nudity. Maybe she would just get used to it. She decided that since she was there she might as well give it a go. She hesitated for a while before nervously removing her clothes. "See, that wasn't so hard was it?” asked Samantha, rhetorically “In fact it seems you'll fit in rather well here. Let's go to my office where I'll fill you in on our rules here, and we can discuss any arrangements we need to make. Come." "Ok, but I… um... could use a toilet right now" replied Claire. She probably wasn't all that desperate in the limousine (you know what nerves can do), but now she properly needed it, although could probably wait a fair bit more. "Look" said the headmistress "you'll be able to wee soon enough: this won't take long". Claire simply nodded and they began walking to the headmistresses office. On the way there she thought she could smell a faint whiff of something. It couldn't be urine could it? Soon they arrived at The headmistresses office. The door simply said "Samantha Wilde, Headmistress". Inside, was a small desk, several chairs on one side, and an office chair on the other. The desk itself was unremarkable, with paperwork, a computer and all that jazz, but the room did surprisingly contain a few beanbags, a cd player and a few lava lamps in one corner. Claire guessed this was because the headmistress was serious about this being a relaxed environment, but whatever. "Ok, please take a seat" said Samantha as she sat down on her office chair, she briefly got something up on her pc, before returning her attention to the new pupil. "Claire Robinson, correct?" "Yes Mrs Wilde" replied Claire. Samantha only rolled her eyes. "You know my first name, and to be honest, we feel that these stiff hierarchical ways of addressing people just makes this place less relaxed. You can call any teacher by their first name if you wish. Also, I'm not married, not that that matters though." "Ok, Sam" "Great! But I prefer the long version of my name. Call me Samantha. Now first things first, you said you need to go to the toilet, right? Well, there are probably some things I need to explain first. First off, we don't have many toilets, and those we do have aren't really designed for you to wee in them. For this reason if you only need to wee, you might as well just do it here; all our other students and staff do so as well." "WHAT!?" exclaimed Claire, unable to believe what was just said. "You... expect me to just piss in my chair!?" "Or on the floor, or wherever really, well, except things like computers and paperwork" explained Samantha "but I suspect you would find it easier to start in your chair as you are sitting down like you would at a toilet. Also, I much prefer the word wee, it sounds much nicer." While Samantha was speaking, there was a strange sound in the room that Claire would not have been able to identify, but she thought it might be Samantha doing a wee in her chair. She did say it was OK after all, but she didn't seem to give any indication she was doing so until she continued "In fact, I'm weeing right now. Would you like to watch? If so just peek under the desk; I don't mind." Claire wasn't the sort to want to look at people peeing, but she needed to see it to believe it, so she gingerly peeked for just a second, before sitting back exasperated, still unsure she could really go. Then as soon as Samantha had finished her wee, she offered "I'll tell you what, I'll go outside for a while, and give you some privacy for now, and when you have finished your wee, just come outside and let me know. We'll work on you being able to wee on the floor around other people later." And with that she left Claire, who needed a moment to gather her thoughts. While Samantha was gone, Claire decided instead of wetting a chair that she might have to continue to sit in, it might be easier to squat and pee on the floor, like she had done in the woods during a camping trip one summer. with this resolved she got up and moved to the plainest corner in the room, with her back to the corner she dropped to a squat. She also grabbed her waist, as if to pull her trousers down, forgetting that she was already naked. Her heart was pounding. A rush of anticipation coursed through her veins. She was weeing... on the carpet. It astonished her how thrilling this was. She must have peed for around a minute. the carpet couldn't absorb all of it and so some formed a puddle, as if it were on a more solid surface. Once she was done she got up, gingerly stepped over her puddle and went to greet Samantha on the other side of the door. "I... urm... did it, but... urm... on the floor." Claire announced nervously. "Well done!" Samantha said with genuine praise in her voice. "But there is no need to be so euphemistic. Just say you did a wee on the floor. Also, you'll need to get used to standing and sitting in urine, as I can guarantee you that when the students come in the seats won't be dry for long, and neither will most of the floor. So I want you to go back inside, step in your own puddle, then sit in my office chair while we sort out the rest of your details." Once they were inside, Claire did as she was asked. While she was expecting to be grossed out, she found she actually liked the warmth. She then sat in the office chair. She found it a bit cold at first, but soon got comfy, and continue discussing, the rules, expectations, as well as filling out forms about things like, her dietary requirements and medical problems. Samantha gave her her school belt, then it was time for her to be shown around the school, but first, lunchtime. Claire was surprised to find even the canteen had a carpet. Then Samantha answered Claire's unspoken question "By the way, the reason we have carpets here is because they are better for weeing on, besides, we're fine with cleaning it up." The two then sat down on some upholstered chairs (which were also presumably better for weeing on), and read the menu. "So, what are you having?" asked Samantha "Cheese toasty sounds good. I'll have a banana as well." "Cool, I'll place our orders." She went over to the serving hatch and asked to chef for their orders, before waiting a while and returning to her seat with their orders. "So, did your mother say anything about this place?" "No, not really, I was just told it'd be a chill place. I didn't expect to be... Urm weeing on the floor." "Well there are probably more things that might shock you, but I'll explain them later, for now I think you need to get used to the weeing part. I just wish your mother would have told you. How do you feel?" "I actually found the weeing enjoyable. But I'm concerned about what you haven't mentioned." "Great! I mean we wouldn't want you to be miserable here. I was a bit concerned at first, but it seems you might just fit in. Also, I wouldn't worry about that. It'll only be a few things and you'll probably be cool with it. If you do decide to bail out though, there are other schools for you to go to." Once they finished they started walking towards the classrooms. Most of it was what you'd expect, with desks, chairs and the such. There were also some relaxation rooms with bean bags and all that jazz, for when students wanted some alone time. There was also a library, and the school nurse's office. At one time during the tour, Samantha casually started weeing while walking from one department to another. Claire stopped and looked to briefly see was going on, but then the two continued onwards, Clair trying to not make a big deal out of it. Halfway towards the common room, Claire announced "I need another wee." "You know you don't need to announce it, although you can if you want. Let's just keep walking and see if you can do a wee on the go." Claire took until she reached the common room to be able to start going. "Hey I'm doing a wee" Claire announced. "Cool, keep walking" was the response. They got to the middle of the room. The common room seemed really chill. The were board games, cards, 2 pool tables, 2 table football games, some couches and a tv. What really surprised Claire was the modest collection of sex toys. "What are those about?" She asked, somewhat confused. And pointed to the sex toys. "Oh! Feel free to help yourself, just wash up after yourself and use a condom to cover anything you plan to use anally." "Yeah but then people will know I'm using them, I mean if I were to, which I wouldn't. And where would I have the privacy? Wouldn't people see me take one?" "Listen, we encourage a relaxed attitude to sex and masturbation. If you wanna do either, you can do it anywhere, with whomever (providing they consent), regardless of who is around to see it. You can even have sex with teachers if you wish. Just don't disrupt lessons, or wake people up. I mean: we’re all over 18; you're hopefully going to be responsible; there's nothing to be ashamed of; and we're cool with it; so yeah. Oh! And keep quiet in the library." Claire just stood there like a deer in headlights. "I'll tell you what, let's show you around some more while you take that in." Then they got to the dormitories. There about 8 double beds per room, a wardrobe? (maybe to store personal items?), and an en suite. "Ok, so I know this may seem really strange to you, but the dormitories are unisex. This means you will be sleeping in the same room as several boys. Also you are free to share a bed with anybody you like, regardless of their sex, although you don't have to. You are also allowed to have sex with said person if they consent, but try not to disturb anybody at night. In the en suite there were 4 showers with no privacy, 4 sinks and a toilet. Again with no privacy. And the entire floor, save the showers, was carpeted. Samantha went on to explain "I know, there isn't much privacy here. If this really bothers you, you are free to leave. Claire was a bit apprehensive, but, she couldn't deny that weeing on the floor had been fun, so maybe she should give this place a go. "I'm cool" she said. "Excellent! In the meanwhile, I should probably go over a few more things. First off, when using the toilet, you should sit like this." she then sat on the toilet in such a way that her pussy was overhanging the edge, although that wasn't hard given how it was barely large enough to sit on. "This is to make sure that even when you are on the toilet you are still weeing on the floor. The toilet is for pooing only and make sure you remember that." she then happened to start weeing in just the manner she described, right over the edge of the toilet and onto the floor. Then she continued "Also if you happen to be more than about 800 meters from the building, we don't expect you to go all the way back inside to do a poo, just don't do it near the gravel, or any sports pitches." Once they got back to the dormitory, Samantha continued "Oh, and before I forget, you aren't allowed out of bed after lights out time, except to go to the toilet. That does mean though, that if you need to wee in the middle of the night, you'll just have to wet the bed. We kinda expect you to anyway." Claire was at first repulsed, but after having enjoyed weeing on the floor, she thought that maybe wetting the bed wouldn't be so bad. The walk down to the sports area and gym was quite long. Once they got there Claire was still somewhat surprised to see a locker room, apparently it was mostly to store their belts and whatever was in their belt pockets (like maybe phones), and their bags, while they they exercised. It also surprised Claire, perhaps more than it should, that it was just like the en suite in her dormitory, in that there were showers and a toilet with no privacy. There were also some sinks. It too was unisex, and carpeted. Then they went on to the gym, it had the unsurprising feature that the machines were waterproof (guess why). It had treadmills, rowing machines, weights, weight machines, cycle machines, and even a punch bag. One of the things that Samantha pointed out, is how the machines had the option of adding a sex toy extension, like a dildo to attach to the cycle machines. Then they went to the various other rooms, like the gymnasium, sports hall and the Olympic sized swimming pool. The pool apparently used some sort of revolutionary cleaning system which meant you could pee in it without it producing all the nasty chemicals they warn you about. Also, absent from the classic pool rules was the no heavy petting rule. Finally they went outside into the fields with all the various outdoor sports pitches there. Apparently the students also do long distance running around the vast fields. And occasionally do camping trips in the woods outside. Then they returned to the common room and sat down on the sofas. "So how do you feel so far?" Asked Samantha "I think i need more time to get used to this, but you know what. I think I'll really like this" and with that she did a wee into the couch. "Ahh!" She exclaimed. "Feels so warm." "See! Your getting the hang of this." Said Samantha, with a genuine smile. "But how do you feel about the fact that people are allowed to openly masturbate or have sex here?" "I don't know. I always felt that masturbation was a dirty thing, maybe this'll help me feel otherwise. I mean, why did we have to make it private in the first place?" "Who knows? Anyway seeing as for now we are pretty much the only two people here, and I don't have much to do, would you like me to keep you company?" "Urm... What do you mean?" "Well maybe we could play a game, watch some TV, or have a chat. We could even play some porn on the TV." "I'm not sure about watching porn. How about a game of pool?" "OK, but first, I could use some water. In fact, I'll drink plenty, after all, I don't have to worry about when it comes out the other end. In fact, shall I get you a drink too?" "Yes please" and with that, Samantha got a drink while Claire set up the table. They played many rounds of pool. While Claire was a bit shaky at first, she soon got the hang of the game, and letting it flow . She even managed to do a wee while concentrating on a crucial shot. That night, after dinner, Samantha accompanied Claire to her dormitory. After Claire had gone into her bed, Samantha asked "So, do you think you'd like to stay here" "Yes!" Replied Claire enthusiastically. "Great! Let me fetch you some water." She came back with 750ml "But you aren't supposed to drink so much before bed!" Protested Claire "Why not?" "..." "I mean you don't have to worry about wetting the bed. If anything you'd have to be worried about not wetting the bed." "There doesn't seem to be enough protection here?" "It feels better when your wee soaks into an unprotected bed. Besides, what is the worst that can happen? We clean these thoroughly each morning, and if it's a bit damp by evening, then you can warm it back up with your wee." With that Claire drank the water The two of them had been chatting for a while when Claire started squirming a bit. "Do you need a wee?" Asked Samantha "Urm yeah." "Well go on then. Wet the bed." Claire had enjoyed peeing her chair, so she thought why not try the bed as well? She took a while to start weeing, but once she did, she moaned luxuriously. She writhed in the naughty feeling that she had- despite the fact that she was supposed to do this. She suddenly recalled a repressed memory, that she had wet the bed deliberately as a kid once, to see what it was like. She found she liked the warmth, but her father was rather cross. Now he wasn't around. She then felt aroused at the warmth that caressed her. "Urm I actually kinda wanna, you know. Masturbate right now" she confessed. "Go on then, we are all human here." Samantha encouraged, before sitting on the other side of the bed. And with that Claire tentatively reached for her clit, gauging Samantha's reaction, gradually working up the nerve to masturbate more boldly. She actually surprised herself when she found she enjoyed having an audience- even if she wasn't particularly attracted to women (right?) She then quickly got really into it and started touching herself all over while humping the pillow, and moaning loudly. It didn't escape her attention that Samantha was now joining her adding her own moans. Suddenly Samantha added her own wee to the already wet mattress. “You know. I don't actually have any bladder control” she explained “but it's always nice when I happen to do a wee in the middle of jilling. Feels so good.” The two of them happened to reach orgasm at the same time. Claire had never had such an intense orgasm in her life. “How do you feel about this place?” asked Samantha. “I wanna stay here!” exclaimed Claire. Genuinely excited about the prospect of peeing and jilling in front of her fellow students. “I'm relieved to hear it.” Said Samantha “Well we'd better get washed, brush our teeth, and go to bed.” They did so. The final surprise that day was that Samantha was sleeping in the same dorm as her. But Claire didn't mind. After all, Samantha was cool. Claire took a long time to sleep, excited about what tomorrow might bring. But finally did drift off to sleep.
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    Wore a purple dress with spaghetti straps, had an intensely full bladder , stuff on table fell on the floor
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    So is anybody going to start with some pee wank stories or pics and then we can all join in. ....
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    I can confirm that uploading images to the clubs works. I'm having an issue trying to upload multiple images though. The pictures upload fine, but if I try to edit the info (title, description etc) it works for the first photo, but upon selecting the next I just get the spinning loading icon. Single images work fine however