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    Warning, reading this story may seriously affect your ability to view a certain pantomime in the same way ever again. It is also a little lengthy. Chapter 1 – background Cindy Yella was the 18 year old beautiful daughter of Baron Hardup of Hardup Hall; a country estate in a beautiful wooded part of the world. Cindy’s mum had died young and the Baron had re-married to Esmeralda, who had two daughters; Gertrude (21) and Grizella (19). Esmeralda was herself beautiful and had entrapped the Baron with her good looks and charms, however, once they were married and the Baron went away on long business trips, she showed her true colours and turned against Cindy, who she thought was a threat to her own daughters. Cindy was forced to do all the work around the large house, lived in cellar where the kitchen and scullery were located and only came out to do chores for her stepmother and stepsisters. Whilst in the cellar, she found that she could keep herself to herself and nobody bothered her. She liked it that way. Chapter 2 - The lazy ladies One evening in winter, Gertrude and Grizella were relaxing in the drawing room with their mother, sitting by the fire. They had been drinking copious amounts of wine and were a little worse for wear. Esmeralda had been feeling her bladder getting fuller for sometime but was reluctant to get up and leave the fireplace to go to the cold toilet room and release the building pressure. She finally had to go and stood up to leave. She moaned to her daughters about how inconvenient it was that they had to leave the nice warm fireplace just to pee. Then she said something that surprised the girls: “Do you know, I have half a mind to pee here, but I don’t have a chamber pot.” Then after a pause, “What does it matter, that lazy Cindy can clean it up, she doesn’t do anything” Esmeralda walked over to the corner of the room to the r get of the fire and lifted her copious skirts as she squatted down. Within a couple of seconds a splashing and pattering could be heard as her overfilled bladder released its pent up contents onto the bare stone floor as the girls looked on gobsmacked. “What are you looking at?” Quizzed Esmeralda. “You have seen me pee enough times before!” “Yes, maybe in the woods or in the chamber pot, but never on the floor” exclaimed Grizella. “What’s the difference? It can be mopped up. Cindy can deal with it later” “Well, that does make sense. I was about to go and pee myself. So, ..... would it be ok to follow your lead?” “Well of course. Two puddles are not much harder to clear than one. Do carry on.” By this time, Esmeralda’ jet was dwindling and the puddle was spreading out from under her skirts. She gave a quick bounce and stood up, allowing her full skirts and petticoats to fall back into place. Any stray drips being adsorbed by the petticoats as she sat back into her comfy chair. Grizella, was getting a little excited about the prospect of making the usual ordeal of peeing so much simpler. She stood and headed to the corner to the left of the fire where she followed her mother’s example and squatted above the waiting stone floor. “Oh that’s disgusting” exclaimed Gertrude. “You can’t pee there”. “Why not? Mother just did and we have been drinking a lot, so it is not like it is going to smell much or anything”. Grizella opened her flood gates. She lifted the front of her skirt and Gertrude could see her sister’s muff spraying a fan of pee in front of her, splashing down onto the waiting stone and also splashing her legs. “There you go”, said Esmeralda. “That’s so much better isn’t it.” Grizella sighed with relief “I don’t know why we haven’t done this before!” As she finished, she stood and held her skirt up a little as she walked away from the scene of her pee before letting her skirts fall back into place. “Well I am not stooping to your level” said Gertrude. As she stood and left the room, walked down the draughty corridor and squeezed herself and voluminous dress into the small chamber room, where she fought with her dress to lift everything high enough to sit on the toilet. Well, toilet may be a grand term for the contraption. All it was really was a wooden box with a hole cut in the top. The hall had been built to incorporate the device in an overhang which was over the outside walls and bodily excretia dropped to a stream below to be swept away from the hall. The icy drafts blew up from below and caused Gertrude some discomfort as she relieved herself, her own stream falling unhindered from the toilet and blowing away in the wind. The wind was strong, so most of it ended up being blown against the outer walls of the hall and adding to the streaks already present from years of use. When she finished, she straightened herself as best as possible in the confined space and returned to the drawing room. She saw her mother and sister enjoying another glass of wine and was slightly jealous that they hadn’t had to go through her ordeal. “Be a love and ring the bell, Gerty” her mother requested. Gertrude obediently pulled the cord which rang the servants bell in the cellar. Shortly after, Cindy appeared. “Yes m’lady” “Fetch us some more wine and you may need a bucket and mop - we’ve had a little spillage” Esmeralda said as she indicated the two puddles either side of the fireplace. As the evening wore on, the sisters and their mother became more drunk. They finally decided to head for bed, but they all needed to pee again. Esmeralda had no hesitation in backing up to the fireplace, lifting her skirt and peeing from a high squat onto the fire to quench it for the night. She did a good job with a high volume pee impacting the embers and instantly creating clouds of steam. Grizella repeated her performance of earlier, but this time she squatted directly in front of the chair as she was heading to bed, so the puddle wouldn’t cause her any issues. The uneven floor caused much of her pee to run backwards under the chair, where it would no doubt dry before being cleared up. Gertrude decided that if this was now accepted, she wasn’t going to repeat the trauma of going to the freezing chamber room, so she slid forward on her chair, bunched her skirts up behind her and after a bit of nervous pause, managed to release her bladder. Her nerves an uncertainty meant that she peed slowly and a fair bit of her pee ran down her bum cheeks to the front of the chair, the onwards down the upholstered front of the chair to the floor. The other two hadn’t realised what she was doing until she relaxed a bit and her stream increased, leaving her body with a distinctive hiss. Soon she was peeing a forceful stream directly onto the floor. “There you go” commented Esmeralda, “that wasn’t so bad, was it?” Secretly, Gertrude was actually enjoying her new found freedom and felt a tingling down there which she might just have to attend to in the privacy of her bedroom. They left the mess and retired for the evening, knowing that Cindy would be up before them and would clear up before it would cause them any issue in the morning. Chapter 3 - Cindy’s revenge Over the next few weeks, Cindy kept finding puddles around the place and dutifully cleared up as was expected, but she quietly resented the additional work and wished she could have the same freedom. She knew she couldn’t pee and leave it as she would be scolded, but she found that she could exact revenge in other subtle ways. On Tuesday, it was laundry day. Cindy dutifully collected the ladies’ clothes from their bedroom and brought them to the scullery. She knew she would not be disturbed as nobody else came down there. After Cindy had washed the clothes, she laid some of the girls’ best dresses on the floor and stood over them. She lifted her ragged dress and squatted down, releasing her own washing fluid onto the dresses. She took great pleasure in moving her body around to spray as much of the dresses as possible until they were well and truly soaked. She then left them to air dry before returning them to their owners with a faint, barely detectable odour. When she next saw the girls wearing the dresses, it gave her great pleasure to know that they were wearing her pee. Cindy was also finding it to be a pain to go upstairs from the cellar kitchen to the draughty toilet for a pee, so she started taking a leaf from her stepsisters book and finding other options - but ones where she wouldn’t need to clear up. The most common one was the scullery sink. Sometimes there would be pots and pans in the sink waiting to be washed, but that didn’t worry her. She would pull up her rags, reverse up to the sink and let fly all over the pots. After all, it helped to give them a pre-soak. Over time, Cindy resented her stepsisters more and more. She had a wicked idea and decided to pee a bit in their broth. Just a little at first. They didn’t notice. So next time it was a bit more. Still they didn’t complain. She upped the anti and started regularly peeing in the water that was used to cook vegetables, add her own flavour to soups and stews and even sometimes she would take a goblet of wine for herself and top up the bottle by holding it to her muff and releasing her bladder into it. As long as she served that bottle of wine once they were already drunk, they didn’t seem to notice. Chapter 4 - A walk in the woods Cindy had to go out in the woods to collect firewood. She had been out for a couple of hours when she felt the need to relieve herself. She was no stranger to peeing outside as she often ended up staying out for hours just to avoid her annoying stepmother and stepsisters. There was rarely anyone around these parts of the woods, so she didn’t worry too much about hiding herself. She simply squatted down where she was, lifted her ragged dress, exposing her naked bottom to the elements and released her bladder onto the mossy carpet of the woodland floor. However, on this particular occasion, just as she had assumed the position it happened that Prince Charming was out riding his horse and rounded a bend in the path to be greeted by the sight of Cindy’s beautiful derrière in the distance. He was mesmerised and quietly rode a bit nearer. Cindy didn’t notice as she was facing the other way. The Prince silently enjoyed the vision unfolding before him with Cindy’s pale cheeks on show and a glistening stream falling gently and almost silently to the springy moss below her. As the Prince was captivated by the beautiful sight, his horse whinnied. Cindy was startled, jumped up and turned to see the the well dressed gentleman and was mortified that he had caught her in full flow. She curtsied an apology and fled into the thick woods. The prince called after her to stop, but she knew the woods too well and was quickly gone. Over the next few days, the Prince couldn’t get the vision out of his mind and he was determined to meet this girl again, but How could he do that. He didn’t know her name or where she lived. He rode around that area over the next few days but didn’t see her anywhere. Then he came up with the idea of throwing a ball and inviting every lady in the area. Chapter 5 - The invitations Cindy was sweeping the hallway when the great door bell rang. She went to answer it and was greeted by a well dressed man who said he was representing Prince Charming. She showed him in to the Drawing room where Grizella, Gertrude and Esmeralda were sitting having morning coffee. The Prince’s aide announced the Prince’s decree that all ladies should attend a ball that Saturday evening and provided invitations for the four of them. The girls all got very excited, including Cindy, who had never been to a ball or seen the Prince (she didn’t know who it was who had seen her in the woods). No sooner was the Prince’s Aide gone than Grizella turned on Cindy saying “Well don’t think for a minute that you are going! The Prince wouldn’t want to see a scruff like you and you don’t have a dress!” Gertrude continued “And anyway, who is going to stay and clean the house? You will have so much to do that you won’t have the time.” Esmeralda snatched the ticket from Cindy’s hands “This is what your ticket deserves” as she tore it in half and threw it on the floor, then she proceeded to squat over it and pissed a torrent right there in the middle of the room so that the ticket became a soggy mess in a growing puddle. Cindy fled from the room down to the cellar where she slumped in a corner and wept. __________ That's as far as I've got. More to follow shortly.
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    This is a continuation of Emmy and Jade so I would suggest reading those first. Enjoy. The lovely trio of Emmy, Jade, and Leena had been living together for 3 years now. Jade and Emmy finally graduated college and work together as co-directors of the choral program at a High School. Leena had also snagged a position as the coach for cheerleading and girls soccer. "Great job ladies! Hit the showers. Tomorrow we need to work on our routine for regionals." Leena said with a smile as she wrapped up practice. She had also been sweating so she decided to hop in the shower as well. She undid her blue sports bra and slowly pulled down her black leggings. As she did this, she thought about the which songs to use for the competition. A sharp pain in her butt snapped her out of her thoughts. With a squeal, she quickly turned around a spotted her tiny, dark-haired girlfriend. “Jade! For fuck’s sake don’t sneak up on me!” Leena shouted while clutching her chest. Jade pulled her lips into a pout and looked at the floor. “I thought you’d be happy to see me. I forgot to text you that I couldn’t make it to lunch today. I was giving a voice lesson.” She replied as she took a seat on the bench. Leena’s face softened and she took a seat next to Jade. “Aw Pooh don’t be so sad. I love you.” the blonde said as she pulled Jade in for a kiss. Jade pulled back with a blush and pushed her glasses back into place. “I’m going to be late for rehearsal. See you at home.” Jade said as she stood up with a rush and walked towards the door. “Woah not so fast. You’ve got 10 minutes until rehearsal starts.” Leena states while pushing the smaller girl into the corner. Jade blushes and peeks over the black rims of her glasses. “C-can we do this some other time? I really should get going.” Before Jade could ramble on any longer, Leena’s lips once again met hers. Leena slipped her hand under Jade’s skirt and started to rub her pussy through her white panties. Jade whimpered quietly and allowed Leena’s hands to wonder. “Wait I need to have a piss.” Jade said shyly while trying to push Leena off. The blonde simply lays down on the floor and spreads her legs. “Do it here babe. I was just about to shower anyways.” A mischievous smirk appeared on Jade’s face as she moved closer to Leena. She squatted slightly and spread herself. Her pale yellow piss stream leapt forward and rained down onto the gorgeous blonde’s body. Leena moaned out and rubbed Jade’s delicious piss into her skin. Jade shifted slightly and aimed her piss right at Leena’s face. She parted her lips and allowed the lemon colored nectar to enter her mouth. Jade groaned and bit her lip at the sight of her lover drinking her piss. She finished and looked back down to Leena. “Lick me clean?” She asked in a low, sultry voice. Before the blonde could answer, the bell rang out. Jade hurriedly pulled up her panties and adjust her clothes. “Sorry love looks like you have to wait.” She replied with a giggle. Jade reached her hand out to help Leena off the floor and gave her a quick kiss. “Bye! Love ya!” Jade yelled as she hurried out the door. “Love you too!” Leena called back as she watched Jade walk of the locker room. She grabbed the mop and cleaned up the small puddle of piss and then proceeded to enter the shower. Leena turned on the hot water and began to hum a tune quietly while she rubbed the sweet-smelling soap into her skin. After washing every bit of her curvy body, the blonde turned of the water and dried her hair. Once Leena was fully dressed, She decided to head to the auditorium. Jade and Emmy were quietly watching the talented group of kids run through the final scene of the play when they heard the door open. Both women turned their attention to the back of the auditorium and saw Leena walk through the doors. “Hi. How’s the rehearsal going?” She asked the girls as she took a seat in the row behind them. “Awesome! Everyone has their lines down and the props are all finished and stage-ready.” Emmy said with a bright smile. Both her and Jade enjoyed their jobs and loved to see the kids blossom into professional artists. “That’s lovely!” Leena replied with the same amount of enthusiasm. Rehearsal had been dismissed but the trio sat in the auditorium and continued to discuss the details of the production. “The only thing left is costumes. I’ll pick everything up this week. That’ll leave us with a solid 2 weeks for alterations.” Jade stated. The other two girls nodded their heads in agreement. “That sounds like a good plan. I found a bin with some old costumes and accessories. We could look through it. It might have something we need.” Emmy said as she stood up from her chair. Jade and Leena followed Emmy to the dressing room area behind the stage. Jade took a look through the box and pulled out a few pieces they would need for costumes. “Everything else looks pretty old. We should just throw it all away.” Jade said while putting some of the old items back into the box. “Wait they could still have some use to us!” Emmy said slyly. Both the other girls gave her a curiously look as she emptied the box onto the floor. “I don’t know about you ladies but that was a long rehearsal and I’m in need of a toilet.” Emmy states with a laugh as she hikes up her red dress. Immediately, a stream of hot piss starts to pour out of Emmy and onto the pile of costumes. She focused her stream onto a silk skirt until it had been completely saturated. “Your turn ladies!” She said, barely containing her laughter. Leena looked around the room until she spotted her own place to relieve herself. She walked over a pile of shoes a squatted down. Both girls watched a Leena pissed all over the pile of shoes. She filled each pair to the top with her warm, yellow liquid. “The Janitor will assume so rotten kids did this.” Leena stated with a giggle as she pulled her pants back up. Jade then stood up from one of the seats in front of the mirror and looked down to pile of old costumes. “Emmy it looks like you left this dress a little dry.” Jade said with smirk. She lifted her skirt and started to take her second piss of the afternoon. The long blue princess dress quickly absorbed Jade’s thick piss stream as she swayed her hips back and forth over the garment. Almost out of piss, she directed the last few spurts onto a sweater right beside the dress. The girls collected their belongings and exited the dressing room and returned to the auditorium. They all sat around drinking soda and coffee until Jade spoke up. “You guys want to know what I’ve always fantasized about?” She asked. Both Leena and Emmy nodded their heads and Jade proceeded to tell her story. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to piss in one of the empty classrooms. Ms.Rassim is always a bitch so naturally I’ve always thought about the look on her face when she saw everything.” Jade giggled at the mental picture of the short, stubby woman’s expression. “Well my bladder’s full so let’s do it.” Emmy said with glee. All the girls hopped up and marched down to Ms.Rassim’s classroom. She had already left for the day so the girls knew the coast was clear. Without hesitation, Jade hopped onto the desk. After a few moments, she began pissing on the various assignments below. Each paper became completely soaked by Jade’s piss but she wasn’t completely satisfied. She looked around the room until a black leather hand bag caught her eye. She reached down beside the desk and grabbed the bag. Jade searched through the bag and found most of Ms. Rassim’s belongings. She emptied the contents on the desk carelessly and resumed pissing. She soaked the car keys, wallet, make up bag, and several crumpled up coupons. “Maybe next time she’ll think twice before stealing my lunch!” Jade laughed and re-adjusted her skirt. She threw the handbag itself onto the floor. “You ladies should piss in that!” Jade squealed in excitement. Both girls nodded and disrobed themselves before squatting over the handbag. “No one fucks with our Jade!” Emmy shouted as her and Leena pissed furiously into the handbag. All three girls stared down in amazement as the handbag began to fill with piss. Jade reached her hand down and started to play with her pussy slowly as her two lover’s destroyed expensive handbag. By the time they were finished, the bag was filled to the brim with piss. The girls continued laughing as they exited the classroom. “When will anyone learn not to fuck with us?” Jade asked herself quietly. She secretly hoped people would continue to give them reasons to piss all over their belongings.
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    i was doing laundry, and felt incredibly sexy wearing a wrap and thigh highs. anyways. while loading the wash i rubbed against the side of the machine and for some reason it gave me a tingle. i was horny and when i started it, i lifted one leg onto the drier so i could lean against the washer and press my muffin onto the corner. i ended up sitting on it and fingered myself til i came.
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    I'm still looking for my camera... Meanwhile,, a little gift for you all, to show my appreciation for you making me win the Belt for Best Newcomer (shot by a female friend with professional cam)
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    Here it is the post I was talking about The robe and the knife are real, and the performance too. It simply was a celebration more than a Conjuring, and celebrations requires less stuff (the altar) and can be shown to outsiders IF THEY ARE TRUSTWORTHY Robe (originally from another coven but re-consecrated to the Gods) and Knife (From Egypt, forged on purpose from another powerful magician) Peeing out the brew, to greet the Gods and cheers to you (black candles all aorund, hard to see in this pics) closer Cannot stress enough how personal all of this is
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    My robe is S-E-R-I-O-U-S BUTt meanwhile say hi to my sassy ass&pussy
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    These are the best one till now, keeping them in stok First one is absolutely intimate, that is my personal talisman, and it's not a toy It was with me during times which most rude man would shit their pants about this is for YOU AND FINALLY, a pic of my pissy pussy!!!!!!!! Pic shot by a girl, obviously
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    Chapter 7 – The return of the Fairy Godmother and the journey Cindy was excited by the prospect of going to the ball on Saturday but was conscious of the Fairy Godmother’s strange request to find a pumpkin, 6 white mice and two frogs. She still wasn’t convinced that she hadn’t dreamed the whole thing, but she set about the task. The pumpkin was easy – they were growing in the kitchen garden, so she selected a large one and brought it into the kitchen. The frogs were a little more difficult. She managed to find frogs in the pond in the grounds, but they were slippery customers and she struggled to catch them. Eventually she managed and kept them in a small barrel in the kitchen. The only option that Cindy could think about for the white mice were those which Gertrude kept as pets in a cage in her room. On Saturday afternoon whilst Esmerelda, Gertrude and Grizella were getting ready for the ball, Cinderella offered to clean out the cage. Gertrude was dismissive as she was more interested in getting ready for the ball. So, it was easy for Cindy to take the cage away down to her kitchen. At 4pm, Cindy was in the kitchen when once again a loud “CRACK” made her jump and she turned to see the Fairy Godmother stood there sparkling in her white gown. “I have come to make your dreams come true. Do you have the items that I requested?” Cindy curtseyed slightly and showed the Fairy Godmother the requested items. “Very good, you have done well my child. Now first we have to do something about your clothes. My magic is a little unconventional in method, but very effective. Close your eyes and face away from me.” Cindy did as she was asked. Meanwhile, behind her, the Fairy Godmother lifted up her long dress and spread her labia, arching her back. She released a short burst of golden sparkling urine which sprayed in a fan pattern over the back of Cindy’s dress. She stopped as quickly as she started and allowed her dress to fall to the ground whilst saying some strange words: “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”. Cindy’s dress grew in length and volume to form a beautiful ball gown and changed colour to a lovely deep yellow. Cindy opened her eyes and was overjoyed with her new appearance. “Oh, Thank you so much, It’s beautiful!”. “You are quite welcome, but we are not finished yet. Sit on that chair and put your feet out in front of you.” Cindy did as she was bid, legs out in front and pulled up her voluminous dress to reveal her old grey dirty sandals. The Fairy Godmother positioned herself over Cindy’s feet and hitched up her dress once again. Cindy was startled as a warm sparkling golden stream fell from between the Fairy Godmother’s legs and bathed her feet and her shoes. At first she was shocked, but then she savoured the warm caressing feeling and felt her tired feet relax and soften and her old grey sandals changed into dainty golden crystal shoes. At that point, Cindy heard a voice from upstairs “We are going now, enjoy your evening stuck in the kitchen!” followed by raucous laughter. “That’s good” commented the Fairy Godmother “We don’t want them to be around for the next bit. “Put the pumpkin, mice and frogs in a box and take them outside on the drive” Cindy at once scooped up the items, putting them in a wooden fruit box, which she carried outside. The Fairy Godmother squatted over the box and hitched up her dress. She released a torrent into the box and again said the words “Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo”. Her golden rain poured over the pumpkin and down all the sides, and the mice and frogs started to drink the puddle that formed in the bottom of the box. The Fairy Godmother quickly jumped up and away from the box as the pumpkin started to grow in size and change in appearance until it was transformed into a beautiful golden carriage. The frogs stood upright and grew to form fine footmen and the mice grew into dashing white horses. Cinderella couldn’t believe the sight that she was beholding. The carriage and horses were fit for royalty. The footmen invited her to take her place, so she climbed in and found herself sat on plush velvet seats with silky golden curtains and a golden carpet on the floor. The footmen closed the door and climbed up to the drivers seat in front of the carriage. The Fairy Godmother looked into the window and handed Cinderella a golden ticket to replace the one which had been destroyed. “This ticket is for the VIP experience – it will guarantee you a dance with the prince and you will enjoy the silver service meal instead of the standard buffet. Now enjoy your evening, but I must send you with a warning. My magic does not last for ever – all these things will revert to their former selves at midnight. Be sure to leave the party in good time. The only exception is your shoes, which will remain as a souvenir for you to keep.” “Thank you ever so much, Fairy Godmother, I cannot believe what you have done for me and I will be sure to enjoy the evening and treasure the memories”. With that the carriage departed towards the palace. Cindy savoured her sumptuous surroundings and was excited by the thoughts of what lay ahead as the carriage bumped along the unmade tracks. The bumps made Cindy realise that in all the excitement, she had not made time to relieve herself before leaving home. That now gave her a quandary as she could hardly arrive at the palace and immediately request the use of the royal facilities, but nor could she easily communicate with the coachmen and ask them to stop so that she could pee in the woods before her arrival. Besides, her sparkly shoes and extravagant dress were hardly designed to go into the woods, they would surely be ruined. Cindy considered her plight further, by which time the carriage was leaving the woods and rolling through the town below the palace. The option of peeing in the woods had been taken from her and she was suddenly very worried, that was until she realised that the answer was right there with her. The coach was only a temporary existence. She could find relief inside the coach and nobody would know. She wouldn’t be spoiling the interior because as soon as the coach returned to a pumpkin, her deed would be irrelevant. Her mind made up, Cindy now decided on her options. She could squat on the carpet and spray her pee into the deep pile, but that might mean she would splash her new shoes and if anyone should happen to gaze in the window to see who was travelling in style, they would be sure to find it strange that she were squatted down on the floor. Alternatively, she could wet the seat; that would mean that she would have to get all that ball gown out of the way first, but at least anyone looking in wouldn’t see anything unusual and she was sure that the seat would adsorb all her liquid and keep it from splashing down to her beautiful shoes. Cindy was running out of time and rapidly decided that the seat would be the better option, so she briefly stood up and lifted the back of her dress up high before sitting back down on the luxurious softness of the velvet cushions. She spread her dress around her hiding the naughtiness of what she was doing from anyone who may possibly have seen into the coach. Cindy relaxed as much as she could and felt the pressure building within her. Then she allowed a short spurt of pee to escape, wetting the surface of the velvet and caressing her young womanhood. All seemed to be OK, so she peed some more, gently, slowly allowing her bladder to empty as she felt a warmth spreading under her. Growing in confidence, she fully relaxed and with an increasing hiss, her pee surged forth directly into the cushion beneath her. She continued until she was spent, whereupon, she stayed as she was to allow the last of her pee to soak into the cushion. Cindy then slid across the coach to wiping her pussy on the cushion as she moved. She stood and allowed her dress to fall back into place around her before retaking her seat on the dry side of the carriage. The side of the seat where she had previously been sitting was now displaying a much darker patch in the red fabric. A few moments later, the carriage drew into the palace grounds and Cindy looked out of the window as they pulled up at the steps of the palace. One of the footmen jumped down from the carriage and helped Cindy to dismount. A palace official took her by the hand and led her up the palace steps.
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    It is a very British tradition I believe. Most UK people will be very familiar with Cinderella and this is indeed based on that. Fairy godmother, magical coach and the pivotal glass slipper all to come. to whet your appetite further: Chapter 6 - Fairy Godmother While Cindy was sobbing her eyes out, there was a flash of light and almighty CRACK! A vision of beauty with long blond hair and shapely figure adorned in sparkling white short flared dress appeared before Cindy in the cellar. “on’t be afraid. I am your fairy godmother and I have seen the evil which has befallen you. I see that you are pure of heart and you shall go to the ball. First though, I need you to get me some things; A pumpkin, 6 mwhite mice and two frogs.”. Get them for me by Saturday at 4pm and I will return to make your dreams come true. Then with another flash, the fairy Godmother was gone. Cindy couldnt believe what she had heard, and thought it was a dream until she found sparkling dust on the floor where the fairy had been. Over the next week, Cindy took opportunities to get revenge on her step sisters and their mother. She went out to the kitchen garden to collect vegetables for dinner and whilst attending to the gardening Cindy squatted down and peed over the a cabbage, imagining it was her step mother’s head, before harvesting it to use to prepare the dinner. She peed in their food as she prepared it every day. She even took one of the carrots and used it to pleasure herself, thrusting it in and out of her vagina before chopping it up and adding it to a stew. When Cindy cleaned Grizellas room, she knew that Grizella would be out all day so she lifted the rug by her bed and peed, flooding the floor and savouring the sound of her pee impacting the floorboards and the warmth of the droplets which splashed up and impacted her bare feet. When she was done, she stayed in position for a moment to let the last drips fall from her before covering the evidence with the rug and leaving it to soak up her pee. She stoked up the fire to make sure the heat drie things out before Grizella returned. Meanwhile, Gertrude had been thinking about her experience of relieving herself in the drawing room. The thought of it still made her tingle down below. One night, she was laying in bed, having woken up early, needing to pee. She stuck her arm out of bed and found it was cold. She was warm and cosy. But she needed to pee.... Quite urgently. She thought about how she had felt when she peed on the front of the chair. She thought about the cold, draughty cloakroom. Could she dare? Well maybe just a little to relieve the pressure wouldnt hurt? She relaxed a little and allowed herself to feel her urine descending her urethra until a little spurt escapedbetween her legs. Oh, how warm it felt. And slippery, caressing her hot pussy. A little more, coating her inner thighs, then it ran down, creating a small damp patch on the mattress. She let a bit more go. It felt warm, but ever so naughty, yet ever so jice at the same time. Gertrude was confused. But the mattress was already damp. A little more would be OK, wouldnt it? She relaxed again and this time there was no stopping. The pressure built and her bladder poured forth its contents with a subtle hiss emanating from within the bed. Gertrude thrust her hand between her legs to stem the flow, but only felt more turned on as the warm liquid caressed her hand and her hand caressed her pussy. Soon Gertrude finished her pee and quickly brought herself to orgasm, one of the best she had experienced in a long while. She fell asleep in her warm puddle as it sank into her matress. Next morning, Cindy was cleaning the bedroom and turned back the sheets. As she leaned across the bed, she put her hand in the centre of the mattress for support. She was acutely aware tha5 her hand felt damp. “What the........ ?” she thought to herself. “Why, the dirty bitch has pissed her bed! Well if she thinks I am changing it, she can think again!”. Cindy had other ideas. She climbed onto the bed and planted one foot either side of the wet patch, adopting a high squat, she hitched her ragged dress out of the way and pissed a torrent onto the bed. She moved her hips a little, spreading her golden rain around the already wet area. “Well, for that, Gerty can sleep in both our pee!” she thought as she took great pleasure in soiling the mattress further. That night when Gertrude retired to bed, she found that her mattress was still wet. She was sure it shouldn’t have been that wet, but there was nothing she could do about it. Or maybe there was? She relaxed again and felt that familiar warmth as she rewarmed the bed . A warm puddle was much nicer than a cold damp patch after all!
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    Meanwhile. another teaser for my beloved friends!!! Shoot by a female friend during concert! Up here posing Down here, peeing!!! ps 2nd one taken without warning!!! Naughty friend!!!
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    A Knight and Her Problems Author’s note: This story takes place in a medieval fantasy world. I wanted to try my hand at writing something like this for a while. This story is a bit more graphic in places and may contain some sexual acts not directly related to pee. However, rest assured that there are several pee scenes throughout this story. Because of length and the time it would take to write the entire story, I will release it in parts as I write them. Now without further ado, I shall begin the story Part 1 The tale begins with four knights camping out in a mountainous region for training purposes. The first knight and the main heroine of this story was named Elizabeth, though those closest to her called her Lizzy. She was an elven knight standing at roughly 5’10”, which was on the small side for a full-grown elf. While not as muscular as other female knights, she was still adept at hand to hand combat and an expert at using weapons like staffs and spears. The second knight was a female human by the name of Lisanna, but most people called her Lisa. She stood at roughly five feet tall and had a somewhat muscular frame. While not especially adept with weapons, she could easily hold her own against a man twice her size in hand to hand combat. The third knight was a male human who went by the name Hawk. He was Lisa’s younger twin brother and he towered over her at roughly six feet tall. While his birth name was not Hawk, he had earned the name on the battlefield for his precision with a bow and arrow. All three knights had been friends since childhood and since becoming knights had tried to build a guild of their own, with very little success. The fourth knight was a succubus who had joined their guild only recently bringing the grand total of guild members to four. Her name was Lilith, although Lisa called her Lily, much to her chagrin. She stood at approximately 5’5” and had the bustiest figure of the girls. Lilith was not necessarily adept with weapons, but showed great talent with close quarters combat and magic. She was known as the prankster of the group, often taking great pleasure in teasing Hawk. It was on this trip that she would be the one to have the most fun. It was around noon on the first day of the trip, and the group of knights had decided to set up camp for the day. They had been walking through the mountainous region in full armor since dawn and all of them were exhausted. As they sat down to rest, Lilith began to remove her armor. Much to everybody’s shock, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath. “Can’t you show any damn decency!” cried Hawk as he averted his gaze. “Oh, come on,” Lilith said playfully. “I just love the feeing of the cold steel caressing my bare skin. Besides you know you love seeing me naked. The ringing sound your armor makes each time you see me naked doesn’t lie.” she said as she pointed to the crotch of Hawk’s armor. Hawk’s face went beat red since he couldn’t deny that seeing her naked had an effect on him so instead he tried to drink nonchalantly out of his flask. Lilith noticed this and teased, “Awe, is the virgin knight embarrassed.” This caused Hawk to do a spit take for the record books. Just as he was getting ready to respond back with a witty retort, Lizzy got up and said, “Now stop it you two. We came here to have fun and to train.” She reached into her knapsack and pulled out some clothed and began making her way for the forest. “I’m going to go change. None of you better follow me.” And with that, she headed off into the forest. By this time, Lilith had put her clothes on and Hawk was just beginning to remove the top half of his armor. “How much you want to bet that the reason that she doesn’t want anyone to follow is because she has to pee?” teased Lilith. “I wouldn’t put it past her, after all she does have the weakest bladder out of all of us,” said Lisa. “We shouldn’t be talking about what a person does in private nor should we be making bets on it,” said Hawk, although he could imagine that both girls were probably right. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Meanwhile, Lizzy had found a spot to change out of her armor. She placed her clothes on a tree stump while she began removing her armor. While not naked underneath her armor like Lilith was, she did not want anyone to see that she was only wearing underwear underneath. While this normally would not have been a big deal to other female knights, for elven knights it was a matter of pride as it was looked down upon for a female knight to be seen in such a state of undress by a member of the opposite sex that was neither family or their lover. As she removed her armor, she placed it on the stump where the clothes were. Suddenly she felt a strong urge to pee. Looking around to make sure that nobody was around to see her, she quickly pulled down her panties and squatted down. She watched as a jet of piss arched out from beneath her and slammed into the dirt and grass in front of her, creating a foamy puddle. She estimated that her stream must have been about three feet long and her face became flushed as she realized how loud it was. However, she was thankful that no one was around to hear her. At least that was what she thought. About twenty feet in front of her the bushes started rustling. Lizzy stopped her stream and grabbed the dagger she had taken with her for protection. Before she had time to react, something darted out of the bushes and went straight for her. All she could do was scream. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Back at the camp Hawk and the other two girls were still conversing. “Oh, come off it virgin,” said Lilith. “Everyone pees, even the high and mighty Elizabeth.” She noticed that Hawk was blushing. “Or could it be that you don’t want us to know that the thought of her peeing turns you on.” “Shut up!” screamed an irritated Hawk. “It’s not like that at all.” “Awe, it looks like I made the virgin upset,” teased Lilith. “You know honestly I think you should just fuck her already.” Hawk’s face couldn’t become any redder as he gave Lilith the death stare. “Lily is actually right for once,” said Lisa. “You’ve had a crush on Lizzy since we were kids. Why don’t you just tell her that you want to be more than guildmates.” “I would if I could, but it’s not that simple,” replied Hawk as his gaze shifted from Lilith to his boots. “She’s an elf and I’m a human. Her family would never accept a lowly human like me as their daughter’s husband. Plus, her family has already chosen another elf to be her fiancé.” “Well, does she like the guy?” asked Lisa. “As far as I know she doesn’t, but it is tradition for a female elf’s parents to decide who she is going to marry,” said Hawk. “That’s a load of horseshit!” screamed an angry Lilith. “Women have the right just as much as men to decide who they’re going to marry and if I had to bet, Lizzy probably feels the same way.” “Even so, it doesn’t matter,” said a depressed Hawk. “To elves, tradition is practically binding. It’s better for everyone involved if I don’t try to violate that tradition.” Suddenly Lisa grabbed her brother by the collar of his shirt and pulled him close to her face. “Listen here you virgin piece of shit. Stop being such a goddamn coward. All you need to do is unsheathe your holy sword and storm her sacred palace.” “What the hell are you talking about?” asked an extremely confused Hawk. “She’s telling you to be a man and make a woman out of Lizzy,” replied Lilith. Before Hawk could say anything more, he heard a scream coming from the direction that Lizzy had walked off to. Grabbing a dagger from his open knapsack, he ran in the direction of the scream while yelling at the other two girls to stay where they were. He only hoped he could make it in time. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. As Hawk neared the spot where Lizzy was he saw her sitting on the ground in a state of shock. As he continued running he saw the source of her shock was a giant green snake that had climbed a tree a few feet away from her and looked like it was getting ready to attack her again. Thinking quickly, he hurled his dagger at the snake, pinning it to the tree and ultimately killing it. As Hawk ran towards Lizzy, he slipped on the puddle of piss and fell forward. Hawk blacked out for a second. As he came to, he realized that he had landed face first into something soft and slightly hairy that also had the faint aroma of urine. Hawk lifted his head up only to realize that he had landed face first into Lizzy’s bare pussy. He quickly jumped back and bowed his head furiously as he apologized. As Lizzy stood up with her hands covering her pussy, Hawk suddenly noticed that there was a trickle of blood running from Lizzy’s inner thigh down her right leg. “Did you get bitten?” asked a worried Hawk. Lizzy, still in shock nodded her head. Hawk grabbed her hand and led her to the tree stump. “Let me take a look at it.” Lizzy opened her legs while still doing the best to cover her pussy. Unfortunately, Hawk could not see the wound with her hands in the way. “I can’t see anything with your hands in the way,” said Hawk. Lizzy removed her hands, allowing Hawk to see a pair of fang marks high up on the inside of her right thigh. “Try to stay still while I suck the poison out.” “Okay,” said a blushing Lizzy. Hawk then proceeded to stick his head between her thighs and began sucking out the poison. Part way through the procedure he heard his sister yell, “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing. I know what I said back at the camp but this is certainly not the place for that sort of thing.” Hawk turned around to see both his sister and Lilith staring at him “Wow,” said Lilith. “I guess you got balls after all. Good job mister virgin.” “It’s not what you think!” cried Hawk. “Lizzy got bitten by a snake and I’m trying to suck the poison out.” Lilith looked over at the dead snake pinned to the tree. “Just so you know, if that’s the snake that bit her, there is no need to suck on the wound. While it does secrete a toxin, it’s perfectly harmless.” However, what Lilith didn’t tell them was that the toxin did have some side effects that were sure to be amusing. Hawk turned his head back towards Lizzy. “Isn’t that great? You’re going to be just…” but before he could finish his sentence a torrent of piss splashed all over his face, some of it landing in his mouth. Lizzy had reached her breaking point and could no longer hold back the stream she had pinched off before the snake had bit her. She pressed her hands against her crotch and closed her legs but the damage had been done. “I’m so sorry,” she cried as tears rolled down her face. “It’s alright,” said Hawk calmly as he took his shirt off and used the dry part to clean his face. “Accidents happen,” he said with a reassuring smile. “And I’m sure drinking her piss was a happy little accident for you,” teased Lilith. “Oh, shut up you damn demon!” screamed Hawk. “Let’s go get you cleaned up,” said Lisa to Lizzy as she walked her to the river where the group would be bathing the next few days. “We should probably get you cleaned up too,” said Lilith as she looked at Hawk and pinched her nose. “You absolutely reek.” All the while she thought to herself that this trip certainly was going to be interesting. Part two coming soon!!!
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    Ok friends this is the new deal This is my pussy And this is my motherfucking boyfriend taking pics of me while down on ANOTHER pussy 'problems editing the pic to eliminate the other girl.... her face was much more visible than mine AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    As promised, new pics!!! From the same concert of the previous one, blowing kisses!!! And this was shot by one of my lovers. I have to come to accept the fact that from the pics itself it is hard to notice (grrrrr angry) but I just ended taking a really big piss exactly in front of her, with a naughty look on my face (that you guys should just imagine due to privacy needed!!!!)
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    Part 2 Immediately following the pee incident, Lisa escorted Lizzy to the river to help clean her up. Realizing that she had not brought anything to dry off with, she told Lizzy that she was going back to the camp to fetch a towel and some bandages for the leg wound. As Lisa returned to the camp she found nobody there. Thinking that the other two had gone off to get Hawk cleaned up, she decided that she would use the time to take a bath in the river as well. She grabbed her knapsack with her clothes in it along with a pair of towels and some bandages and headed back for the river. What she didn’t know was that while she was preparing for a bath, her brother was being tormented by Lilith. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. While Lisa was escorting Lizzy to the river, Hawk was busy trying to process what just happened. As he turned to Lilith to ask if he was dreaming, he noticed that she was busy removing the dead snake from the tree. “What do you plan on doing with that snake?” asked Hawk, not really sure if he wanted to know the answer. “I plan on cooking it for dinner,” said Lilith. “Also, the toxins extracted from these bad boys make great ingredients for potions.” “While you’re doing that, I’m going to go get cleaned up,” said Hawk. He went back to the campsite grabbed some clean clothes and a towel and set off for a different part of the river than where Lisa had taken Lizzy. As he arrived at the river, he proceeded to strip naked and began stretching. Hawk then walked over to the edge of the river and stuck his foot in it. “A little cold, but it will have to do,” said Hawk to himself. Just as he was getting ready to enter the river, he heard whistling coming from behind him. To his horror, Lilith was standing behind him and she was now holding his clothes her hands. “What are you doing here?” he asked furiously. “I just wanted to have a little fun at your expense,” teased Lilith. Before Hawk could say anything more, Lilith took off running up the river bank with his clothes. “Get back here you damn demon!” screamed Hawk as he chased her, completely ignoring the fact that he was running through the forest buck naked. A few minutes later he caught up to her on a hill that dropped off just above the river. “Give me back my clothes,” he said desperately trying to catch his breath. “You mean those clothes down there,” Lilith asked motioning towards the drop-off. “You didn’t!” screamed a horrified Hawk as he ran to the edge of the drop-off. “Don’t worry,” said Lilith calmly. “I would never do something that cruel. But trust me, you’ll thank me later for what I’m about to do.” “What the hell are you talking about?” asked Hawk. Just as he turned around, Lilith slammed her body into his causing him to lose balance and fall over the drop-off. “YOU BITCH!!!”, he screamed as he began falling towards the water. “Like I said, you’ll thank me later,” screamed Lilith back at him. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. While Hawk was busy being tormented by Lilith, Lisa and Lizzy were enjoying their bath in the river. “Do you mind if I ask you something about what happened back there?” asked Lisa. “Go ahead,” said Lizzy. “Why did you piss all over my brother’s face? Is it some sort of weird kink you two have?” asked Lisa. Lizzy’s face became red with embarrassment. “Look, it was an accident and nothing more.” However, the look in Lisa’s eyes told Lizzy that she didn’t believe her. “Fine, I’ll tell you the truth. The thing is that I have a condition where I tend to lose control of my bladder when I become extremely embarrassed. What happened was truly an accident though.” “That’s weird,” said Lisa. “I’ve seen you embarrassed loads of times and not once have I ever seen you do something like that.” “That’s because it only seems to happen when Hawk is around,” said Lizzy. “I don’t know what it is about him but every time I embarrass myself in front of him I tend to have a bathroom emergency. It’s been that way ever since we were kids. The only difference is that I wasn’t able to get away in time.” “That’s gotta suck,” said Lisa. “Do you think it could be because you have feeling for my brother?” “Absolutely not! I don’t even see your brother that way,” denied Lizzy. Although truthfully, she wasn’t quite sure what her feelings were towards Hawk. “Do you think we could maybe talk about something else?” asked Lizzy, trying to change the subject as quickly as possible. “Sure,” said Lisa. “What do you want to talk about?” “How about how the water feels a little chilly today despite how sunny it’s been?” asked Lizzy. “Oh, I can fix that,” said Lisa smiling. Before Lizzy could ask Lisa what she meant by that, the water around her felt suddenly warmer. It took a few seconds for Lizzy to register what was going on. “Are you peeing?” asked a horrified and slightly disgusted Lizzy. “If you are, that is incredibly disgusting.” “I’m not,” lied Lisa. “If you’re not, then stand up right now and prove it,” demanded Lizzy. “Fine. You’re right,” said Lisa as she stood up, a stream of yellow piss cascading down her pussy directly into the clear water below her.” “Please stop,” begged Lizzy. “It’s gross.” “How is it gross?” asked Lisa as she pinched off her stream. “Fish and other creatures pee in rivers, lakes, and oceans all the time. How is this any different?” Lisa noticed that Lizzy’s face had gone an even brighter shade of red and that Lizzy could no longer meet her gaze. “Hold on a sec,” chuckled Lisa. “Are you honestly telling me you never once peed in a river or lake while taking a bath?” “Of course not! It is improper for a lady to do such things,” replied an indignant Lizzy. “Besides my mother always said that good girls don’t urinate where they bathe.” “Wow,” said Lisa. “Your childhood must’ve sucked.” She then walked over to Lizzy and grabbed her breasts, causing Lizzy to shoot up from the water. “What the hell do you think you’re doing!” cried Lizzy as Lisa ran her fingers around her nipples. “You always were such a little princess,” said Lisa. As she maneuvered her hands around Lizzy’s breasts, she couldn’t help but feel envious as her own were rather flat in comparison to those of the other two girls. “Please let go, and don’t call me that” said a desperate Lizzy. This was the first time anyone had ever groped her breasts and it was making her both uncomfortable yet slightly turned on at the same time. “I’ll tell you what,” said Lisa, “if you pee in the river with me right here, right now, I will let go of your breasts.” Lizzy began shaking her head in defiance forcing Lisa to press down hard on Lizzy’s nipples. As Lizzy let out a squeal of both ecstasy and pain, Lisa knew she had her right where she wanted her. “Come on now Lizzy, you’ve spent your entire life doing what your mommy and daddy said was proper for a young lady. Don’t you think it’s time you did something a little bit naughty for once? Just think about how fun it would be to do something you were always told never to do. There’s no one around to judge you for it so why hold it in any longer. You know you want to. Now you need to make a decision. Do you want to be a good girl or a naughty girl?” Lizzy carefully listened to Lisa’s sweet words of persuasion. Everything Lisa was saying was absolutely true. She had always acted in the way that her parents told her a true lady should act. Never once had she dared to be even the slightest bit naughty and secretly she had always envied Lisa for her ability to be naughty without worrying about what others might think. Lizzy bit her lower lip as she contemplated the answer to Lisa’s question. “I…I…I… want…I want to bbbbeeee….” “Come out and say it,” ordered Lisa. “Say you want to be a naughty girl.” “I WANT TO BE A NAUGHTY GIRL!!!” screamed Lizzy finally giving in to temptation. Suddenly the water beneath her started to turn slightly yellow as she unleashed a small waterfall of piss. “That’s my girl,” said Lisa as she began letting her stream out once more. “Doesn’t it feel good to do something naughty for once in your life?” Lizzy nodded in agreement. Suddenly a loud scream penetrated the air as something large fell into the river from the drop-off directly above them. Whatever had fallen burst to the surface. It was Hawk. Luckily for him, he and landed in a deeper part of the river just inches from a giant rock. “Dammit Lilith!” Hawk screamed as he climbed up on the rock and shook his fist angrily. “You could’ve killed me.” He looked down at the rock and thought himself lucky that he had not landed on it. The rock itself was high enough that when he stood on it, the water only went up to his knees. If he had landed on it he knew that things would have been bad. Suddenly he noticed that the water was warmer here than where he had tried to get in earlier. Without really thinking, he turned around and was shocked to see both Lizzy and Lisa standing naked and pissing in the water. Unfortunately for him, he could not get a good view of Lizzy’s breasts as Lisa’s hands were still covering them. “I know what this looks like, but it’s not what you think,” said Hawk. The girls just stared at him. “I swear I wasn’t trying to peek or anything. The only reason I’m here is because Lilith stole my clothes and then pushed me off the drop-off.” The girls continued to stare at him. “Come on say something,” pleaded Hawk who was now uncomfortable due to the silence. “What the hell are you staring at?” Just as he said it he looked down and realized that the entire time he had been talking, he had been letting it all hang out for the girls to see and to make matters worse somewhere along the way things had stiffened down there. Suddenly Lizzy began screaming, frightening Hawk to the point that he jumped back into the deep end of the river and began swimming downstream for all he was worth. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. Hawk swam a couple miles downstream before he finally stopped. He figured that by now he must have been a safe distance away from the girls. “That was quite a show you put on,” said a voice on the embankment above him. He turned and saw it was Lilith. “YOU BITCH!!!” screamed Hawk. “This was your plan all along. Wasn’t it?” “Not initially, no” replied Lilith. “Honestly I thought you were going to be a man for once and take Lizzy right then and there. The only thing I didn’t account for was that Lisa might be there. That’s life I guess.” She proceeded to walk down to the water’s edge and gently laid Hawk’s clothes and a towel on the grass and turned her back to give him some privacy. “Don’t worry about the girls, I already explained to them that the whole situation was my fault. I don’t think they’ll be too angry at you, if at all.” As Hawk got out of the river, he dried himself and then began putting his clothes on. “Lilith, turn around and look me in the eye,” demanded Hawk, his voice full of anger. As Lilith turned to face him, he asked her, “Do you honestly think that explaining the situation to them is going to make things better? Lizzy was so traumatized by seeing me naked that all she could do was scream in terror. Tell me how am I supposed to face her again?” “Don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit?” replied Lilith. “I can see how your pride might be hurt as a result of hearing her scream after seeing you in all your naked glory, but trust me, both you and Lizzy will get over it. But if it makes you feel better I am sorry that that happened as it was not my intent.” “Fuck you,” said Hawk angrily. “I don’t care what your intent was. This time you went way too far. From now until the trip is over don’t talk to me, don’t touch me, don’t even look at me. As far as I’m concerned, any friendship we might’ve had is over “Look I said I was sorry,” pleaded Lilith trying to hold back her tears. “What more do you want me to say? What more do you want me to do? “There’s nothing more you can say,” said Hawk as he walked past her. As Hawk began walking up the small hill and back towards the forest, Lilith suddenly ran up behind him and threw her arms around him, using all the strength she could muster to try to keep him from leaving. “I’m so sorry,” she screamed as tears began forming in the corners of her eyes. “If I could take it all back I would.” “But you can’t take it back,” said Hawk coldly as he broke free of her grip causing Lilith to fall backwards onto the grass behind her. As Hawk turned around, Lilith could see that the shine that had once been in his eyes was gone. “The moment we get back to town I’m kicking you out of the guild.” From the look in his eyes, Lilith knew that Hawk wasn’t joking. “You can’t!” screamed Lilith as she grabbed hold of Hawks legs in a mad embrace. She looked up at him, her once beautiful face was now desecrated by the cascade of tears rolling from her eyes to her cheeks and the bits of snot now running down from her nose. “Our guild is like a family and families forgive each other. I swear that I’ll never do anything like this again so please forgive me. Say you won’t be angry anymore. Please, I’m begging you to forgive me this one last time.” Hawk bent down and pried Lilith’s hands from his legs. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look him in the eye. “You think I’m angry with you? If so, you’re wrong.” “Oh, thank God,” said Lilith, her voice still choked up by her tears. “If you’re not angry then will you forgive me?” “No,” said Hawk. “I understand now that you were trying to help me in your own misguided way so I can’t say I’m completely angry with you. Instead I’ll say this. I’m not angry, I’m just done.” Having felt like he said all he needed to say, he got up and continued walking towards the forest. “PLEASE DON’T KICK ME OUT OF THE GUILD,” screamed Lilith. “I don’t have a home or a family to go back to. This guild is the only thing I have left. Please don’t take it away from me.” Hawk stopped in his tracks and without looking back he said, “You should have thought about that before pulling this stunt.” As he continued walking he raised his arm in a waving motion and said, “Have a nice life.” As Hawk vanished from sight, all Lilith could do was cry as it felt like her world was being torn apart. She was so distracted that she didn’t hear Lisa or Lizzy come up behind her. “So, this is where you’ve been hiding," stated Lisa. "How much of that did you hear?" asked Lilith. "Enough," responded Lizzy. “Did you two come here to yell at me too?” Lilith asked as she turned around. “That was our original intent,” said Lisa. “However, it would seem that Hawk has already said what needed to be said,” commented Lizzy. “So, I guess you two are going to abandon me now too, right”? asked Lilith. She watched as the girls inched closer to her. She proceeded to close her eyes to await any punishment that the two girls might see fit to give her. However, instead of a punishment, the two girls squatted down to her level and wrapped their arms around her in a tight embrace. “What are you doing?” sobbed Lilith. “You should be punishing me right now.” “I think you’ve been punished enough,” said Lizzy slightly teary-eyed. “Besides what you said is true, our guild is like a family and families forgive each other,” added Lisa, also slightly teary-eyed. “But what if Hawk never forgives me?” asked Lilith, her face now a complete mess. “Don’t worry,” said Lisa. “I’ve known my brother long enough to know that everything he said to you was said in anger. I doubt that he meant what he said.” “She’s right,” replied Lizzy. “He just needs sometime to cool off. Hawk might not look it but he is one of the most forgiving people I’ve ever known. Just give him some time.” As Lizzy and Lisa began to release their embrace from Lilith, Lilith tearfully asked, “If you don’t mind can we stay like this for a while longer?” “Take all the time you need,” said Lizzy as both she and Lisa retightened their embrace around Lilith. As she said this, the once quite forest erupted in the uncontrollable sobs of Lilith as she was embraced by two of the three people she could truly call friends. As all four knights began to digest what had just happened, all of them had to wonder if things could ever go back to the way they were. None of the knights knew it but they would face more trials and tribulations before the day was through. Nor could any of them have known that this trip would set in motion a chain of events that would change their little group forever. Part 3 Coming Soon
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    so a few weeks ago, i had gone to have a massage and i guess i was way relaxed afterwards. plus it didn't help being kneaded while not having been potty for awhile. 😜 anyways, despite using their bathroom to tidy up a bit, i opted to hold instead of go potty. i was going to walk around the shopping center a bit, and maybe eat, but that pressing feeling was becoming more urgent. it wasn't long before i found a low pillar that offered some privacy from the main parking lot. i slid my pants and undies off, my pee began escaping as i squatted.
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    Dear Wet Carpet. I'm an attractive busty blonde lady in my early 20s. My name is Jade. This is me..... And I just love pissing on the carpet, lol. Have done since I was at school and one of the boys I went out with used to get me to pee on his bedroom carpet. And I've been pissing on carpets ever since. I just love the sound it makes as my stream splashes onto it. And I love how it darkens as it absorbs my pee. I've done it in loads of places. I always piss on the carpet in hotel rooms. I've also done it in other people's houses during parties, in a show house, and in an ex's house for revenge.I have just split up with my boyfriend and moved into a cheap rented flat temporarily until something better comes along. So I've kind of really let my hair down in there. I often piss off the sofa onto the lounge carpet whilst watching TV. Or I piss on the bedroom carpet from the side of the bed instead of getting out of the warm bed to use the toilet. Truth is, it's just easier and a lot more fun. I even let other people do it. My best friend Dee, for example, who is in her 30s, has been into pissing all over the place for as long as she can remember. This is her..... She owns and runs my local pub, and more than once - after closing time and the place is empty - we've both pissed on the pub carpet together just for a kinky laugh. Her husband has a thing about watching her piss on their bedroom carpet, I've been told. Anyway, last night we were both enjoying a heavy drinking session at mine. Neither of us bothered using the bathroom. We just kept pissing on the lounge carpet whenever we felt the need. I love the wet squishy sound it makes whenever I walk on it now, lol. Jade
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    Hey everyone, I found this place after doing some searching about a situation that happened to me recently. My parents got divorced and my Mom remarried... to another Mom. Which is fine, I have no problem with that. I however, ended up with a new older step-sister. Things have been a little strange between us; she seems to treat me like someone she is babysitting. I am not that much younger than her and she is in college, so you kind of see what I mean when I say odd. The thing that happened just recently though has really altered our interactions... and I can't seem to read her anymore. I guess let me explain first and then it will make more sense. Since it is winter right now and close to Christmas, it has been snowing recently. My Moms told me to go shovel the walk, I'm getting ready when she comes by and says, "Hang on squirt I'll come help too." She gets a jacket and wraps a scarf around my face and helps me with my gloves before doing the same. We head out to the garage and grab the shovels and get to work. It's fairly slow going, the snow is heavy and there is a layer of ice on the concrete so we have to scrap and chip it loose. We’d been working maybe a half-hour when she stops and turns to me, "I don't know about you, but I could use a warm drink." I replied, "Nah, I'm not cold but I really need to pee." "Well if we take a break now, well never get done." She stares at me for a few seconds, then does this fake laugh and starts to work again. Not even a minute later, still shoveling snow she says, "So are we going to do this or what?" I stop and look at her puzzled. She grabs my shovel and tosses both on the walk, grabs my arm and pulls me to the side of the house. She drops to her knees and starts to unbuckle my pants, grabs my dick and pops it out and then as she lets go of it says, " Just aim right, I don't want to get soaked that'll just make me colder... AHHHH~" and opens her mouth with her tongue out. Thank goodness I really had to go; I think the super cold actually helped. My stream shot out and splashed her, so she wrapped her mouth around the head of my dick and swallowed all of it. My whole reservoir drained, I finished with a few spurts and squeezed my dick out of habit even though she sucked the last drops out on her own. "Thanks, that has me all toasty in my core now. I guess I'll do something for you too." This of course turned out to be a BJ. It was really nice, her mouth was super warm and I came in her mouth in no time. "Wow that was a BIG HOT load too. I could feel the warmth sliding down my throat and that was almost as much as you pissed. Alright, back to work!" She bounces up and just goes right back to the walk and grabs a shovel. I get myself together and head back over and we finish with nothing else said. So, now she's been the same babysitter sort of person, but like everything she says is an innuendo now. I'm not talking subtle either... some of them are pretty obvious; quite a few about drinking me dry again. I don't know if it was a one-time thing or if I should ask or what to do. I mean she is cute in that mousey sister way, unless she's getting dressed up, then she can look stunning. I do like her boobs; they are just the right size... a little too big for her frame. Ack!! What am I saying...? I said I found this place because I was searching, I didn't know people actually drank pee. I'm not naive, just never occurred to me, but clearly she knows about it and has no problems doing it. I'm not going to ask for advice, because I don't think I'll get any here... but if somebody has some send it my way.
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    Sincerely, I have had no problems at all. The server had always worked fine, posting never underwent problems of any type, ever. People are marvellous, site rules are few yet worthy of respect, and nobody is pointlessly strict about them. Videos and pics had been posted with good regularity by the usual colossal contributors, who keep the wheel turning. I personally deeply endorse the fact that the site do not separate peeing and wetting because though one can be into one and almost absoutely-not into the other, what really matters is to keep the community as it is, I mean "a community". It is much more easy and friendly swinging from a kind of experience into others and I actually vote for this to never change. Other contents (not as a defined forum section but as everything pee-unrelated that can be found all around) is better than any forums inherently dedicated to whatever the subject is each time, and this is mainy because people on this forum are fucking great. Many time I have felt alone during my life, because what I am, what I do, scares people. But what turn them off mainly, is not when I tell them that last night the offering bowl on my altar actually moved by itself during a seance, is when I tell them that I consider my pussy my actual Church. They are not grossed out by the hypothetical blasphemous tone of my adfirmation (since I do not intend it that way) but exactly because IT IS NOT. I mean, I say that so sincerely, so calmly, so TRUE, that they reflect about their relationship with their own body, their emotions, their unconscious, and that make them feel uneasy. I use my pee as a mean of worship as people had been doing for 10 000 years, from Congo to India, from Norway to America, from Egypt to Ireland, and I flow away with my own flow, because it is not fucking symbolism (symbols don't make object move by themselves during fucking Conjuring), it is that we are not alone, not only in this Universe but on this Earth too, and we are loved, though we do not deserve it that much, because we are HOLY. What is fetishism if not trying to re-conquer an innocent, funny and positive attitude toward our bodies? Pee is the greatest of fetishes because pee bring along our signature, not only from a spiritual point of view but from an actually chemical, scientifical one. It is our mark, our name, our essence. We are open persons. We play, we love. I feel at home on this forum, in a way that is unusual. People here are much more gentle and polite than anywhere else, nobody ever were rude to me, regardless of the fact that I love being flirtitious Thank you all
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    Accidents do happen, but there's something about seeing semen on clothes that turns me on!
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    Ok guys! As already promised, now it is time to take action!!! Soon I'll be free from all relatives at home and therefore I will be free to look for my camera which is a bit lost So, now, all of you: you read me as I wrote that I can be anything people desire (or at least I wish, and I try!), that I was willing to give a hand in realizing your fantasies! Soooooooooo Where would you like me to pee? How, which position? Would you like me to wipe? Spread my pussy? Talk to the camera (anyway NO face)? I am NOT promising I would be able to do what has been requested. I am just saying that I'll try because I want to play, and you are my friends Make proposal, and description
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    Part 2.5 Author’s Note: The following is a side story that takes place four years prior to the beginning of part one. This side story focuses more on Lilith’s character and her first encounter with Hawk. While I was waiting to release this story until after writing part 3, after reading some of the comments I decided that it would make more sense to release this story earlier as it will help readers understand the characters better going forward. Don’t worry though, this story still contains pee and other potentially sexy scenes. After her conversation with Hawk that had left her feeling emotionally shattered, Lilith was escorted back to the campsite by the other girls, whereupon she climbed into her makeshift tent, and eventually cried herself to sleep. As she slept she began to dream about her past and her first encounter with Hawk. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………........................................................................................................ Lilith was an unusual child, even amongst the various succubi clans that made up her village. For starters, she was the biproduct of a love affair between a succubus and human. Succubi and incubi, much like humans of the era, tended to mate for life. The only difference being that succubi and incubi were allowed to have relations with as many members of different species as they liked. However, there was one rule that had to always be followed. Under no circumstance could a succubus give birth to a child whose father was not an incubus. As it was of the utmost importance to keep the succubus/incubus bloodline pure, any mixed-blood offspring born in the village was to be executed. The only relief from such a fate would be if the mix-blood offspring had been born somewhere else and that it could be proven. Knowing full well the potential danger her unborn child could face, Lilith’s mother was determined to bring her offspring into the world. Despite much criticism from her people, Lilith’s mother decided to make the human father her lifetime partner and for a time they were happy. As the pregnancy progressed, the couple made plans to leave the village so that their baby would not be executed. However, the baby came earlier than expected. Days after the baby was born, the village elders and a group of armed villagers came to take the baby away. Pleading for the baby to be spared, the father attempted to make a deal. In exchange for his baby girl being allowed to live, he would die in her place so that no other mix-blood succubus or incubus could be born. As the village chief was the grandfather of the child, the deal was accepted and the father was imprisoned to await execution. As the day of his execution arrived, the entire village gathered in the square to watch his beheading. Before the execution could start, the village chief said to the man, “Regardless of you being a human, you make my daughter happy and thus I will offer to spare your life if you do one thing. Allow us to execute that monstrosity of a child in your place.” The man simply laughed. “You may have sired a child, but you know nothing of what it means to be a father. If it means that my child will live, I would gladly die a million deaths but I’m afraid I only have one life.” “Here you are about to die and your telling me that you have no regrets?” asked the village chief. “That’s not entirely true,” responded the man. “I regret that my wife will be a widow at such a young age and that my daughter will have to grow up without a father.” As the man looked at his wife and baby girl he said, “By the way that child is not a monstrosity. Her name is Lilith and she will bring about change, just you wait and see.” As he uttered these final words, the axe came down. With her lover gone, Lilith’s mother was left to raise the baby all alone. This task was made even more difficult as her own people began to ostracize her. As Lilith grew older, she too would have to deal with being ostracized by the other children and villagers. Every day, she had to deal with people telling her that she didn’t belong, that she wouldn’t amount to anything, and that she should die. Even her grandfather, the village chief, verbally abused her. Lilith angry with how she and her mother were treated, responded by getting into fights and pulling pranks. This only served to further isolate her from the village but she didn’t care so long as her mother was on her side. However, when Lilith turned eight, her mother became very sick. While the disease was curable, the cure was expensive and there was nobody willing to help out. In the end, Lilith was forced to watch her mother die a slow and agonizing death. Following her mother’s death, she was sent to live with her grandfather who made it a habit of hitting her every time she did something bad or something he didn’t like. By the time she was ten, she had had enough. One night she decided to run away, taking with her nothing but a bag with a couple pairs of clothes, a few days’ worth of food, and the little money she had hidden away since her mother’s passing. Over the next two years she moved from village to village, stealing what she needed to survive. On her twelfth birthday, she made a mistake that would change her life forever. While she was pickpocketing people during a major festival in the country’s capital, she made the mistake of pickpocketing a fat slob of a lord and got caught. “What have we here?” said the lord, grabbing Lilith’s hand to prevent her from escaping. “I’m sorry,” said Lilith. “I’ll return everything I stole, just please let go of me.” “That’s not good enough,” replied the lord. He looked her over and a wicked smile came over his face. “Now that I get a good look at you, I see that you would fetch a hefty profit. Be a good girl and come quietly before things get ugly.” As he tried to take her away, Lilith bit his hand causing him to let go. “YOU LITTLE BITCH!” the lord screamed as blood began running down his hand. He then slapped her with enough force to knock her to the ground. He then beckoned for his hired guards who had been standing mere feet away to restrain the girl and take her by force if necessary. As the guards inched towards her a mysterious hooded man wrapped in a cloak stood in front of them and said, “Forgive this child. From the looks of her she was only stealing so that she could have enough to eat. Surely you have enough money to spare but a few coins.” “This girl is a thief, nothing more than gutter trash,” spat the lord. “Now get out of the way or I’ll have you thrown in jail.” When the hooded man did not move, the lord ordered the guards to capture the both of them. As the guards drew their swords and advanced, the hooded man lifted his cloak and unlatched his sword from his belt. Without unsheathing his sword, the man was able to dispatch the guards in mere seconds. “Who are you?” asked the lord, now visibly shaking, the crotch of his pants growing darker by the second. “I am a knight and as knight it is my duty to protect the innocent from scum like you. Now get out of here while I’m still inclined to show you mercy,” said the knight as he began to slowly unsheathe his sword. The lord backed away before taking off at full speed down the busy streets of the festival, leaving only a urine trail behind him. “Are you okay?” asked the knight as he turned to Lilith. When she didn’t respond he asked her, “Do you have a place to stay?” Lilith shook her head. “Alright then, come with me. I know a safe place where you can stay,” he said lending her a hand. Lilith looked at the hand cautiously. Sensing that this supposed knight had no malintent, she grabbed his hand and allowed him to take through the town. Lilith was shocked by the strange man’s generosity as he bought her something to eat and new clothes to replace her tattered ones. “Why are you being so nice to me?” she asked. “I don’t have any money or goods to trade so there is no reason to help me out.” The man simply laughed at this. “Do I need really need a reason to help you out? Don’t you think it’s possible that I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart.” Lilith stared at him, unconvinced by his words. “Alright, alright. The truth is that you remind me a lot of my son and daughter back home. They’re both about your age. Being a knight means that I don’t get to see them very often so every time I see a person that reminds me of them, I get the strong urge to help them out.” “So, knights help people even if they are complete strangers,” said Lilith to herself. Never once had she received such kindness from anyone other than her mother so she found it hard to believe that people like this truly existed. “If a knight’s job is to help people who are in trouble, then I want to become one as well,” declared Lilith. “I’m sorry to tell you kid but becoming a knight is not an easy thing to do,” said the man. “It takes years of training as well as passing an exam that only a few knights pass each year.” “I’ll do whatever it takes to become a knight, no matter how long it takes or what I have to go through,” declared Lilith. The man laughed as he ruffled Lilith’s hair. “Now that’s the fighting spirit. If you’re really serious about this, then I will take you to a place where you can begin your training immediately.” Lilith nodded her head, her eyes glowing with excitement. True to his word, the knight took her to the house of an old friend who would become her instructor. “I must take my leave now,” said the knight. As the knight began walking away, Lilith cried out, “Wait a minute! You never told me your name.” “It Falcon,” yelled the man. At that moment Lilith decided that she would work had to become a knight worthy of Falcon’s respect. “I swear I’ll become a knight and make you proud of me,” she screamed. “I’m looking forward to it,” replied Falcon before disappearing from sight. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………........................................................................................................ Six years passed and at the age of eighteen Lilith was finally qualified to take the final exam required to become a knight. Each year those who had completed their training gathered at the capital to participate in a competition to prove their skills. Candidates were put in groups of three and were judged on stamina, bravery, fighting ability, and more. While hundreds of candidates would enter each year, only a handful would be selected to become knights. As she and her team entered the coliseum located on the palace grounds of the capital, she became extremely nervous, but as the competition progressed, she became more and more at home. During each round of the competition, scores of knights were eliminated either because they failed to win the challenges or because they dropped out. As the final round came to a close, only three teams remained. All that there was left to do was for the panel of knights acting as judges to decide whether to pass anyone on the three remaining teams. Lilith noticed that one of the teams seemed a little out of the ordinary. It consisted of a tall male archer, a female elf who was practically a master with a spear, and a short girl who had easily taken down candidate almost twice her size, using nothing but a pair of large gauntlets. This team was special because they had passed every challenge with flying colors and were sure to be selected to become knights. She couldn’t help but feel envious. Suddenly, the booming voice of one of the judges brought her back to reality. “While all three teams were good this year, it has come to our attention that the kingdom has almost more knights than it needs. Thus, this year only one team will be allowed to become knights. We will have the results tomorrow so make sure you get plenty of rest.” Lilith’s heart dropped. She knew her team was nowhere near good enough to be selected to become knights. In fact, they had the lowest scores out of the three remaining teams. She watched as the number one team left, her eyes burning with envy. It was then that she suddenly remembered the rules of the competition. · Rule 1: Candidates must participate in a group of three. If one member is disqualified or leaves, the entire team is disqualified · Rule 2: Candidates must abide by the six sacred oaths of the knights: bravery, honesty, loyalty, honor, justice, and self-sacrifice. · Rule #3: Should an individual violate any of these six oaths, their whole team will be disqualified. It was in that instant that she decided that she would do whatever it took to make sure that her team was chosen. She noticed that the tall man on the top team leave. Lilith suddenly came up with an idea. If she could blackmail him into abandoning the competition, her team would have a better chance of winning. Now that she had her plan, it was time to put it into motion. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….......................................................................................................... Two hours after the teams were dismissed, Lilith managed to track down her target. Her target was in the room provided him, alone and resting. She knocked on his door and within a minute of her knock, the man answered. “What can I do for you?" asked the man, still groggy from his nap. “Hi, my name is Lilith and I’m on one of the remaining teams,” said Lilith. “I just came by to congratulate you on making it to the final judgement.” “Thanks, I guess,” said the man. He watched as Lilith stood there and stared at him to the point that he became a little uncomfortable. “You look like you have more to say. Do you want to come in?” “If you insist,” said Lilith as she checked phase one of her plan. “By the way, I didn’t catch your name.” “It’s Charles, but my teammates and my father call me Hawk because of my good eye sight,” the man said. Lilith chuckled when she heard the nickname. “I wish you wouldn’t laugh. I understand how lame it sounds, so much so that I really hope it doesn’t stick.” “Oh, come on,” she said. “I think it’s cute. And from seeing you in action during the archery round I can see why they call you that. If you want to talk about lame nicknames, my teammates call me Lily and I absolutely hate it.” “I guess we have something in common then,” he said laughing. “Since you’re here, would you like something to drink.” “A cup of water sounds heavenly if you don’t mind,” replied Lilith. As Hawk turned his back to her to pour her some water from the pitcher on his table, Lilith began to strip. “You know I’ve been watching you for some time now Hawk and I think you’re very talented. With as good looking as you are, I bet you have to beat the girls off with a stick.” Hawk laughed as he said, “If only that were the truth. The thing is that I’ve never been all that good at anything other than archery and when it comes to talking with girls I get nervous and freeze up.” “That can’t possibly be true,” said Lilith in a more flirtatious tone. “You seemed pretty chummy with your two female teammates. Let me take guess. The small one looks sort of like you so I’m guessing she’s your sister while the elf girl you seem to have goo-goo eyes for must be your girlfriend.” “Well you’re right on the first count but totally wrong on the second,” said Hawk, his voice cracking a bit. “Lizzy and I are just really good friends from childhood.” “I see,” said Lilith. “Well if that’s the case then I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if I take you for myself.” “I guess she wouldn’t,” said Hawk. Suddenly the gravity of what Lilith just said donned on him. “Hold on a sec, what did you just say?” As Hawk turned around he dropped the cup of water upon seeing the naked girl standing in front of him. “What the hell are you doing?” asked an extremely confused Hawk as he grabbed a pillow to cover his now throbbing groin. “Isn’t it obvious Hawk?” asked Lilith seductively. She began walking towards him, biting her lower lip and looking him over with an intense hunger in her eyes. “I want you to make a woman out of me,” she said as she pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him. Lilith then grabbed Hawk’s shirt and tore it open, simultaneously running her fingers on his rugged chest. She then turned her attention to the pillow he was holding. “This simply won’t do,” she declared as she yanked the pillow away from him and threw it to the floor. She then began running her hands along his crotch. “Oh my, it seems like someone’s gotten pretty stiff.” “Please stop, this isn’t right” said Hawk both very confused and very turned on. “Don’t be such a baby,” said Lilith. “You’re a man. Act like it.” And with that she pressed her mouth against his lips and practically forced her tongue into his mouth. As soon as Hawk began struggling, Lilith backed off a little. “Well if a kiss is not enough to satisfy you, maybe I should do something that Lizzy girl won’t.” She grabbed hold of Hawks pants and tried to pull them down, but Hawk was ready for her and was able to keep her from pulling them down. “Fine,” she said growing frustrated with Hawk’s resistance to her advances. “I guess I’ll just have to do it over your clothes then. She proceeded to move her body down Hawks, until her giant bosom was directly above his crotch. Grabbing Hawk’s still clothed crotch, she placed it between her bountiful bosom and began massaging it between her breasts. As she did it she found herself getting more and more excited, almost to the point of forgetting why she was there in the first place. Hawk couldn’t help but moan, his willpower beginning to be weaken. Using his last bit of willpower, he forced himself into a sitting postion and pried her off. “I don’t know why you’re doing this but you need to stop right now.” A little hurt at having had her advances rejected, Lilith became angry. “You know Hawk, I really wish it didn’t have to be this way but you give me no choice. Here’s the deal, you’re going to drop out of the competition, or I’ll tell your little crush that you invited me into your room under false pretenses and tried to rape me.” “Go ahead,” said Hawk in defiance. “Lizzy knows I would never do a thing like that.” “Maybe you’re right,” said Lilith now majorly ticked off. “But the judges don’t know that.” Lilith smirked as she waited to see the sign of defeat on Hawk’s face. Instead of a look of defeat Hawk continued to stare her in the eyes, his resolve unwavering. “I see now. You couldn’t win by honest means so now you’re trying to win by cheating. How pathetic. As I was watching you during entire competition I thought you had what it takes to become a knight, but now that I see your true colors it’s clear to see how wrong I was. You could never be a knight.” His stare began to remind her of the stares of all those who had called her a monster. In that moment, she could hear their voices taunting her, telling her that she would never amount to anything and that she should have never been born. Lilith raised her hands to her ears and in a desperate attempt to drown out the voices she began screaming, “SHUT UP! SHUT UP!! SHUT UP!!!” As she got up and put her clothes back on she screamed, “This isn’t over. I’ll make you pay.” Before she left she grabbed a pair of Hawk’s pants that were lying on the floor and took them with her to help corroborate her story. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………........................................................................................................ Lilith hardly slept that night as she thought about what Hawk had said. Then she began to think of the man who had helped her all those years ago and how disappointed he would be if knew what she had tried to do. As she lay on the bed, she placed her arms over eyes and began to cry, something she had not done since the day her mom died. The next morning Lilith, still a bit delirious from lack of sleep began to pace around the palace lake, contemplating her next move. Suddenly she heard the sound of rustling grass behind her and saw a familiar hooded figure. “Are you still going to cheat? If you are, then I have to say that you’re the poorest excuse for a knight’s candidate I’ve ever seen. You don’t even deserve to call yourself a knight.” The words felt like daggers piercing her heart, each one weakening her even more. “I honestly thought you had potential but I can see I was wrong.” “Stop please,” cried Lilith trying to block out the words that she knew were true. As the figure walked towards her, she began trembling in fear. “Stay back.” But the figure kept moving towards her. “I’m so sorry,” she pleaded. “Becoming a knight is all I ever wanted.” “And you’d cheat to get it? How pathetic,” said the hooded figure walking ever closer. Finally, her fear got the best of her as a loud whizzing sound filled the air. She looked down and watched as her once clean brown pants became darker. Her piss stream was so heavy that a thick waterfall of golden fluid began leaking from her pants into the grass below. She could feel the warmth running down her legs and into her boots. Lilith desperately yanked her pants down, allowing her piss stream to shoot forward a couple feet infront of her, just missing the figure’s feet. She became overwhelmed by emotions and began crying. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she sobbed. “I won’t cheat, I’ll win the honest way just like I promised you I would. Please forgive me Falcon.” She closed her eyes and began desperately trying to wipe her tears from her eyes. Suddenly the figure wrapped his arms around her, ignoring the fact that Lilith’s stream was now dousing the front of his pants. “It’s alright now. Everything is going to be alright.” As Lilith, opened her eyes, she saw the man standing before her was not Falcon. “Everything is going to be alright now,” said Hawk as he rubbed her back. “Why are you trying to comfort me,” asked Lilith as she chocked on her tears. “It’s because the man you are asking for forgiveness from is my father,” said Hawk. “I remember him telling me and my sister about a young girl he had met who despite having been tormented her entire life still wanted to become a knight in order to help people. You’re that girl, aren’t you?” Lilith nodded her head. “I’m sorry to tell you this but Falcon died in battle roughly five years ago. Lilith wrapped her arms around Hawk and squeezed him tight. “He can’t be gone, he can’t be,” she said sobbing into Hawks shoulder. “I finally had a purpose. I was going to become a knight like no other and make him proud of me. What do I do now?” “My father always told me, when one dream ends find a new one,” said Hawk. “No life is truly ever without purpose.” As Hawk let go of her, he realized that they were both completely soaked in piss. Before he could say anything he heard the chime of the palace’s bell tower signaling that the final judgement was about to begin. “Shit, there’s no time to change.” Suddenly Hawk had an idea. He picked up Lilith and said, “You’ll thank me for this later.” Before Lilith could respond, Hawk threw her into the lake before jumping in himself. “Why did you do that!” screamed Lilith. As she lifted herself out of the water and pulled her pants up she realized that he had done it so that nobody would be able to tell what happened. “Thank you,” she said as she helped Hawk up. They ran for the coliseum, just barely making it in time. When asked about what had happened, Hawk merely said that they had been sparing at the lake and had fallen in. In the end, Hawk’s team was chosen to become the next round of knights. As the teams parted ways, Hawk caught up to Lilith and said, “Since my father is not here to give you his forgiveness, I wanted do it in his stead. I forgive you Lilith and in all honesty with a little more effort I think you will have the makings of a great knight.” “Thank you,” said Lilith, a little teary-eyed. “What are you guys gonna do now?” “I was thinking that we might start a guild,” replied Hawk. “Once you become a knight, and if you wouldn’t mind tagging along with a guy like me, maybe you could join our guild.” By this point Hawk’s face was red and he couldn’t meet her gaze. “I’d like that,” said Lilith, blushing and twirling a strand of her hair. As Hawk and his team set off on their own adventure, Lilith called out, “One of these days I’ll become a knight that you can be proud of!” “I’m looking forward to it,” said Hawk as he disappeared from sight. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………........................................................................................................ Lilith suddenly jolted straight up, a cold sweat running down her body. She felt something wet running down her cheeks and thought to herself, “How can I make you proud now?” As she left the tent she saw a shadow moving across the grass and as she looked into the sky she saw a falcon fly by. Like magic the sight of the falcon gave her an answer. With one arm she wiped away her tears and with the other she reached out to the sky as if she could actually touch the bird. “No matter how bad things get, I’ll keep moving forward and make you proud of me. Both of you.”
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    ADVERTISEMENT FOR EVERYONE. I found my camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon I'll begin to post videos!!!!
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    It was a warm summer day as a young lesbian couple strolled down a private beach. One of the women was named Daphne and she had firey red hair and emerald green eyes. She was wearing a black bikini, the bra of which was just barley supporting her ample bosom. Alongside her was a blond woman with saphire blue eyes. Her name was Serena and she was wearing a pink bikini. While not as endowed as her partner, her breasts were nothing to scoff at. What she lacked in chest size, she more than made up for in being curvy in all the right places. In fact the mere sight of her was known to raise the flagpoles of men. One wouldn't know by looking at them that they both had a pee fetish, although Serena was less open about it than her partner. As they walked down the beach, Daphne turned to Serena and asked, "Do you want to see something cool?" "Sure," said Serena. Daphne than proceeded to remove her bikini bottom and slung it over her shoulder. She then bent her knees forward, leaned back, and used her hand to spread her labia as much as she could. Suddenly a golden arc sprung forth from her nether regions and slammed into the sand. For the next couple of minutes she would move her hips, pinch off her stream, take steps to the right, and start all over again. By the time she was done, she had pissed both their names in the sand and incased her masterpiece in a heart also drawn from her piss. "Its beautiful," replied Serena. "I'm glad you like it. It took me four bottles of water to produce that much piss," said Daphne, quite proud of her accomplishment. Before she could put her bikini bottoms back on, Serena said to her, "You should really clean yourself off before putting your bikini bottoms back on." "It's no big deal," replied Daphne. Suddenly Serena got down on her knees, grabbed Daphne's legs and began running her tongue along the piss drops on the inside of Daphne's thighs. " Ahhhh," moaned Daphne. "If you're going to do this, don't forget to get my pussy too." Serena did as Daphne said and to Daphne it felt like heaven. After Serena was done, Daphne put her bikini bottoms back on. "Thanks for the drink," said Serena cheerfully. The two then proceeded to continue their stroll down the beach. A bit further down, Daphne tripped over a rock partially buried in the sand and face-planted in the sand. Suddenly a sharp pain shot through her abdomen causing her to roll to the side screaming in pain. To both girls' horror, Daphne had landed on a dying jellyfish that had been washed ashore during the high tide. "It hurts!" screamed Daphne. "You need to pee on me now!" Serena meerly looked at Daphne with a horrified expression. The truth was that despite having a pee fetish, she had never pissed in front of her partner due to her immense stage fright. Seeing the look of agony on her lover's face, she knew that she would have to overcome her fear. "Please stay still," said Serena as she removed her bikini bottoms and proceeded to stand over her lover. She then used her hands to spread her labia just as she had seen Daphne do. Minutes passed but nothing happened. "Can you close your eyes?" she asked. "If you keep looking at me I don't think I'll be able to pee." Daphne closed her eyes and ten seconds later a waterfall of piss came cascading down from Serena's pussy onto Daphne's wound. Serena's stream lasted about three minutes and in that time she was able to douse Daphne's abdomen with golden piss. When she was done, Daphne sat up and began to partake of the remenants of the sweet nectar that had spewed forth from her lover's pussy just seconds earlier. "Ahhhh," cried Serena. "If you keep being so rough I might cum." After the ordeal was over, Serena helped Daphne back to the beach house where she was better able to treat the sting. In the end Serena was able to overcome her stage fright and gained a fetish for giving golden showers, much to the delight of Daphne.
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    This morning I was out shopping with a friend and we were just walking, chatting etc. The usual. Suddenly she grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the left and down an alley. She quickly looked around before unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down as she crouched. Only seconds later she started a gushing stream with a big sigh "good lord, I was bursting!" I actually had to step to the side to avoid the river flowing towards me. She went for 10 or so seconds before stopping as suddenly as she started, wriggled her hips a little and pulled up her jeans as she stood again. She quickly fastened her jeans, looked at her puddle with a smile and then giggled "Come on, let's go before someone sees us"
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    Just to echo Sophie's message above: congratulations to all of the above, each of you are very worthy winners. That said, everyone who was nominated definitely deserved to be recognised for their excellent contributions to the site. In fact, there are plenty of members who didn't get nominations but have been a huge asset to this community - so a very sincere thank you to everyone from me. Whilst I could be here all day thanking people (this really is sounding like an awards ceremony), I'll keep this brief by just extending an additional thanks to the moderator team - the site simply wouldn't be the same without your help. In particular, @steve25805deserves a mention for not only continuing to help the site financially, but for being here right from the beginning of PeeFans and still to this day being one of our best and most frequent contributors. And of course I'm sure you'll all join me in saying a huge thanks to @Sophiefor not only running these Christmas competitions, but for being such an incredible presence on the forum all year round! 2017 was a turbulent year for PeeFans for sure - but in a slightly selfish way I am glad, as the troubles at the beginning of the year led to me returning, and I am very happy to be back. The site is now 4 years old, but my plans for the site are bigger than ever. I don't know exactly what the new year will hold for the site - likely additional features such as an improved return of the video gallery - but the core forum community aspect will remain unchanged (except for hopefully growing as more pee fans find us). It's nice knowing there's always this group of like-minded people and that we can share our weirdness together. Bring on 2018.
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    1 In a club, there was a cage people can climb into and dance. I always danced there in my corset - microskirt - stockings- no panties - high heels attire, and drunk-danced like the witch I am , often (I had been told by those on the floor, a bit lower than the cage-platform) showing my pussy for the world to see My fantasy had Always been peeing from there, down onto people, targeting casual bystanders or, even better, a fully willingly one!!! 2 Peed in a plant pot in the garden of night club, while talking to a girl I was desperately trying to hook up with. I wasn't so sure she was into peeing (usually, if a girl is not, I am not that eager to have her under me, but bitch she was gorgeous and I really wanted to twist my body with her own) and I was desperate for a piss and didn't want to stop talking with her, so I just let go without saying anything, as I was sitting on the edge, and peed into it. 3 Naughty public pissing. The victory of the Laws of Nature on the Laws of Men, the opportunity of being kinky and flirtitious, and above all, to shock people, to remember them all that we ALL are kinky sex-hungry pals. By the way, I actually like the physical sensation of urine streaming through my urethra 4 (and 8, 'cause they're one and the same) Mainstream movie "Frivolous Lola" from Italian director Tinto Brass. Known almost only for its soft-core movies, it had Always been indeed a very skilled (and deeply cultured) anarchist, and his first movies were very dark and politically oriented, utilizing porn only to enhance its actual moody feelings. Later on, he constructed experiments with particlarly funny soft porn, set in a world fringe were everybody's daily life merge with almost ridiculous situations where everybody seem to be a funny and unashamed pervert, from the lesbian stylist to the adorable priest. In Frivolous Lola, this girl (which has been one of my utmost inspirations) get out from a car after arguing with the driver, and is caught by rain. She dances among the heavy drops for a minute, then, overcome by need, simply squat in the middle of the the road, while the camera zooms on her pussy, as the actress actually starts to pee from a a 1-foot- distance-from-the-camera. She pees for a very long time, seen from behind, and laughs during all the time, with an actual sensation of relief on her face. From her very words, she was actually tipsy during that scene, and her effort to squeeze all her piss out (along with her expression of relief) wasn't staged at all, and much sincere. 5 As already said, Charlize Theron. I am very dominant in sex, submitting to my man and master only because the things he endured in his life had been more terrible than my own, but with anybody else, I'm the cock-provided one, and all other are my pussies (regardless of their sex). Only with strong and respect-worthy people I am in a peer-to-peer attitude, something which anyway happens rarely. BUT, and that is a quite big "BUT", I could let a woman like her pee on me. I am morbidly fascinated by her and, sincerely, I'll drink her like a lost person in the Sahara desert 6 Beach party with THOUSANDS of people around me. I was dancing almost naked, with just a Caribbean like transparent skirt, and nothing else. My boobs were bouncing in the air as I drunk danced wildly. Remembering how that party used to be in the previous years, I simply squat and started peeing among people, in full view and with the dance lights on which illuminated the place like it was full daylight. In the past, people did things of that sort as nothing was, even had sex while other complete strangers sat and drink by their side, girls bathing stark nude, or pissing like ten in a row on the beach, high squat, with streaming pussies for the world to see. So I simply squat and peed, almost targeting (I still remember her face) a girl's foot. Anyway, people looked at me in shock and disgust, and I understood that things had changed (and felt a bit sad abou that, anyway). Alex and I left immediately, and that was the last year the town actually organized it. 7 Peeing in blocks garden and/or hallways is a normal part of my life-routine. As already said in other threads, to avoid splashes on my shoes I usually pee down stairs flights, targeting (unvoluntarely, they're just on the fire-line!) bikes or other stuff people put there. I personal and satisfying experience is about the evening I went out to dispose of garbage, and the cold gave me urgent need to pee. Since I was cooking and the bathroom was a bit far, I just squat and peed on the flowers of my neighbor. She's really sexy but is very shy, and there's no way to create a girl-next-door porn situation with her! What a shame! 8 read #4 9 https://it.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=755996209 15.45 and 17.00 10 Given and received, countless times, both with my man and with my lesbian lovers. It is actually hot, not (only) in the meaning of sexy but as a temperature-related thing Kisses to you all!!!
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    I NEVER wear panties and Always wear only short dresses or short skirts Though I didn't understand the second sentence... amd thigh highs?
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    gathered up a bunch of drying and dried panties for laundry last night. these ones definitely needed it- after i had worn them for almost 24 hours and had been wet like 4 or 5 times. 😂😇
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    Have I started this thread before? My friend Chloe suspected that her brother had a secret collection of pornographic magazines. I was invited to stay over at her house for a weekend and as her brother had started University, we were free to explore his room. There was an old suitcase at the bottom of his wardrobe, we opened it and found a stack of magazines that you could see on sale openly in a newsagent, but another smaller pile, with paper dust jackets that seemed European, and we looked through them. We couldn't believe our eyes, one magazine was called 'Sex Bizarre' and depicted a photographic story where a slim woman wearing a close fitting striped dress enters a toilet at work. The toilet had been adapted so that the camera could film her from behind. She then becomes aware that someone is spying on her, and lifts the toilet roll holder to see a hole. A man is in the cubicle next door, and his penis can be seen sticking out of his trousers. She likes what he is doing and pops next door holding her knickers i n her hands, and sucks him off, before he puts it in her. Chloe and I giggled incessantly, as we turned the pages, but I also remember feeling wet down below, it was the first time that I had seen a photo of a lady pissing, let alone a cock, a nice one at that, I seem to remember. Another woman pops into the loo, and can hear them fucking, so she masturbates as she pees, but I also remember her doing something more than weeing. Now, with the internet it seems quite easy to find scans of these magazines. They were published in Denmark in the late sixties and early seventies, and I like them because the models look very natural in them.
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    I wanted my 666th to be something special and forever remembered. I dedicate it to all people here that allowed me to reach this number (in so little time) Thank you all, love you all, hope that my my main thread will keep entertaining you. This forum is great. I would have never posted those pics (visit "where would you see me pee" in the pee talk section and find out for yourselves) unless this place was so great I adore it. Thanks from the heart. I know there is a "interview" section but my thread is hitherto become one and the same, what I do (pissing and posting pics of me) cannot be separated from the Path I walk as a Witch and that place mixes them perfectly, it is not a tolerated or even a well-received off-topic, is that fetishism means that there is a soul behind a woman's decision to take a nasty piss somewhere she shouldn't, and that soul, the way it works, the fact that my decision to uphold the holyness of dirty sex in highest esteem than morals and limits comes from it, THIS is what turns people on. So I await you all there, obviously if anybody has a completely beside-topic interest it should be more fitting to make a thread dedicated to it, it would be against the rules to turn my thread in some kind of un-moderated side-forum, and that is why, when I started to post pics that were not of me I looked carefully for the fitting thread for each one. Rules should be broken when they are shit-like, but those of this forum are utterly worthy of respect and I will respect them forever. 666 has been misinterpreted as the number of the Devil because in the ancient past, the Jewish Empire was a military super-power, until it met the slightly-more-powerful Persian Empire, and was defeated. They learn to hate the Persian Gods, who's main guy, Mithra, was a direct derivation from Babylonian Marduk. Now, Babylonians, in their early period, took from the Sumerian an interesting habit, which was lost throughout the centuries and managed not to be passed onto the Persians, unless for what concerns 666: As a matter of respect and even fear ('cause the Babylonians were too "modern" and exceedingly anthropomorphized divinities, but rememebred from the Sumerians that the Gods were not to be taken lightly), Babylonians didn't call their Gods by a name, though obviously They possessed one; they called the Gods by a NUMBER. And when Hammurabi conquered all the isolated citadels building an actual new religion which merged all local traditions from every city he overcame, he listed 36 gods (minus "g" here mandatory because it is anthropology, not occult, only few of them were real entities), one of them was called "1", and another was called "2" and so on. Oviously they still possessed a name but was not pronunciated unless during festival about that very god. But when it came to Marduk, the one of his own city, that playful guy Hammurabi was decided NOT to call Him "37": instead, said that Marduk was the ruler of all gods and that his strenght in conquering other cities went from Him. So, unless calling Him "37" he called him by the total number of ALL OTHER GODS. 1+2+3+4 [making long things short] +34+35+36= guess what? 666 So Marduk was called 666, and his title was declared as "Lord of the Assembly of the Gods", or, to shorten things, "Highest seating" as in the seat of the Assembly obviously. Now, "High" in Sumerian is written "Anu" pronounced "Ah - noo", and "seat" was written and pronounced "Sat". So, Highest seating become Sat - Anu. Marduk = Sat-Anu 666 When the Jewish empire was destroyed by the Persians, Satanu 666 become their worst enemy, worthy of being considered the devil, they even manipulated the root-suffix STN which means "in front of" to sound like "Satan" and start to mean "against", which CAN BE a synonim for "in front of" but can also being used for much angrier purposes. Since that, a lot of incredible bullshit had been written about this number and the poor fucker that held it as part of His title. A little ps, this time as Occult and not about Anthropolgy and History: demons are real but a "personal devil" is not, and surely is not Satan or the word 666 is related to it. Marduk was a positive god, we only have been grown as Christian above this planet, our Birth-culture derives from a people (the jewish empire) that hated it. I have nothing against jews by the way!!! Simply stating a misunderstanding that went on and on and on and on. 666 is holy to Witchcraft, it means, in our numerology, "Absolutely correct", and I dedicate my 666th post to this forum in its Whole, hoping that you will like it after understanding my point. Kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My boyfriend has never been shy about peeing in public. He is the type to go anywhere anytime he has the urge to pee. The other day we decided to go to the grocery store, he didn't use the bathroom before we left or at the store. I didn't know the last time he went, it must have been a couple of hours. He was pushing the cart and I am one to take forever making decisions in the grocery store about what is the best value and what is not. He pushed the cart to the cash register and put the food on the conveyer belt. But the time we got to the parking lot he had to pee really badly. It was late at night, around midnight as we like to go late... our grocery stores are 24.7. After putting the groceries in the back, my boyfriend tossed me the key, opened up the passenger side door, stood facing the open door and pulled down his jeans a few inches. He has his cock and balls right above the nickel button on his jeans. He holds the shaft for a few seconds and then the stream begins. It goes right under the door onto the pavement! He must have a very full bladder as it is shooting out of his cock onto the ground and creating a nice puddle. He keeps doing this for around 20 seconds, shakes his cock up and down a few times, and shoves it back into his jeans and off we go!
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    What does it mean to be a man? I never really asked myself about that until I met Alex. I'm into witchcraft since when I was Young, but it hasn't been until I met him and accepted him as master that I was introduced to powerful (and dangerous) acquaintances and experienced real (I mean physically manifested) supernatural experiences. In the end all of these powerful Teachers passed away due to old age but I was forced to confront myself with what Existence holds for us. I undertook ritual that crushed my mind, forcing me to experience state of consiousness that was so altered that I actually lost myself in the process, forever. I met our animal side, in its most primal and destructive form, what modern fuckers calls the Werewolf, and it wasn't nothing about Twilight, which oh How I loved when younger. I talked to non-human things which were NOT projections of my mind. Not evil, indeed, fighting against evil in the world, is what They are about. But They are terrible. Outside any human moral. Predatorial and wild. Yet, with a gentle heart, and an Ethic. I started to understand that what make Them so terrible is not their behaviour (which is wild and cruel but Always wise and knowing and never stupidly destructive in any way) but the fact that we are not used to talk to our instincts, only to repress them. They talk to their instincts. Control through insight, not moral constriction. While walking with Them, I started to understand Alex, which at the beginning fascinated me but also scared me or sometimes had me a bit shocked by how daring or stern he was. I started to understand that, occult pratictioner or not, EVERY man feels the power of the Ancients within his soul, for the simple reason that They are not our creator like some not-that-scientific person would like to believe, yet we evovled alongside the same road that connect bacteria to multidimensional cosmical omnipotent over-being (which terrestrial "gods" are not, anyway). They are just ahead of us. And this means that They feel stronger than we do, what does it means to be oneself. It means to be in CONTACT with our instincts, just avoiding to let them control us. But being in contact with our instincts means that people feel enormous repressed sexual arousal, and anger. So now, what does it mean to be a WOMAN? It means to be a SOUL. Not in the "only-spiritual" fashion, not at all!!! I mean to be an Overseer and a helping hand in trying to enact a talking-table between people and their instincts. The reason why I am so active on the forum, beside of the fact that I move a lot during my job and this gives me time to post something, is the fact that I understand that a WOMAN, Witch or not, should be someone who help men contact their instincts, mold them through fantasies and why not, fantasies provided by me, and in the end, blow them off. Every time a man jerk off to me or a girl finger herself to me (in the latter case, I would like a PM) or simply appreciate what I do, I am not being myself only, I am being that SOMETHING, Greater than human and in love with every one of them, that helps people obtain insight through the EXERCISEMENT (and NOT exorcisement!!!) of their primal sexual drives. I offer fantasies. I promise people that everything in them, even the darkest of their fantasies, will find a friend and a mother in me, and though I obviously could advise people that not everything would be endorsed, nothing would be rejected. That doesn't mean that I'm up to being submerged by PM about people sexual fantasies, I didn't meant that! What I am saying, is that people can be sure that, somewhere in the world, somebody (...me) can swear to them that whatever they want, whatever they fantasize about, they got somebody on their side, somebody that is on the receiving end of every orgasm that doesn't find other way out, or else that cheers up with their performances with their partners. It is me. I offer fantasies.
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    My own rules for visiting the cinema: Never go to a popular film ... at least not at first. Even popular films fade so wait until the crowds subside. Whenever possible, go to midday screenings. Even fewer people. Pick films with plenty of noise. Battle/Fight scenes are great for hiding any splashing noises. Drink plenty of water before you go. You don't want to wait until the final credits to feel the need. If possible, sit next to the stairs. It's quicker when leaving (just in case) and you don't have to get the seat wet. No underwear! Should go without saying. Buy a large drink and consume quickly, for all the obvious reasons. Caffeinated drinks are best because caffeine is a diuretic (makes you pee). If someone sits to close, move or enjoy the added thrill/risk proximity entails. As a guy, you probably already have your cock out or at least trousers open so be careful. Relax and enjoy the film ... until you just can't wait ... then wait for a good noisy bit. Get your cock out unless wetting is your preference. I prefer to watch my pee arch flowing onto the stairs. Now really relax and let it go. A really good scene (30-45 secs) can drain your entire bladder. Remember to clamp if the noise stops, the splashing can be loud in a suddenly quiet place. Enjoy the rest of your film ... and smile the secret smile on your way out. i went to see the 14:45 screening of Wonder Woman the other day. Even at that time there were 20 people in the theatre. The little lights on the stairs highlighted a lovely, rather high, arch of piss as it landed on the steps. I did get hit with sudden quiet (annoying .. I was enjoying the moment) but overall very satisfying film. 😉 😎
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    Congratulations to all those who won in any category. You are all truly deserving winners. I personally would like to thank @Admin for rescuing this site and keeping it alive. Without him I'd be posting pics on Eroprofile, stories on Literotica, but would have totally lost any sense of belonging to a community. I'd like to thank all the other mods for all that they do for this site too, in addition to contributing in their own right as members. And there are so many awesome members who contribute so much, whether it be pics, links to vids, stories, anecdotes from real life, friendly discussions, or any combination thereof, that all your names are too many to mention. Thanks to all of you for making this site what it is, an awesome pee fetish site and top dog for naughty peeing especially, and yet so much more than just that. You all help to make this the friendly and welcoming place we began as and have gotten back to being, the kind of place where we are not just furtively seeking to get off (though we sometimes do that too, lol) but somewhere where we interact with each other as friends and companions. You all help to make this that friendly place. It is the great place it is because of all you awesome guys and girls and everything you contribute A heartfelt thanks to everyone out there who contributes in any way to our little internet community..
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    Just being jerked off on the ground etc by a girl is one of the sexiest things..
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    I want to thank everybody. I am very competitive, but that is not the reason why I wanted to win. The true reason is that this forum is going in a very different way than Others I visited in my past life. People here are very particular. The attitude, the overall lingering, boys and girls here are cool, and I really mean it. They are polite, gentle, open, and behave like cultured folks though remaining Always very humile. It is really astonishing. If humanity should be reconstructed from nothing after a cataclysm, I would pick up YOU, because the energy you emanate, is the one of people that knows how to take life. Why I know? Because with so much people registered on this forum, it should have happened at least once that somebody brought their personal problems here. A rude answer, an envious post, anything that force the Mods to step in. Yet, it never happened. When we feel down, we come here not to expel negativities, but to be regenerated, through sexual pleasure, and friendship. You probably do not know about it, but doing that, I mean exactly that, has been a fiercely guarded secret of Witchcraft, because it is the only true answer to life's problems, the only one that doesn't possess a week spot. You do it by instinct. You do not cling to anything, you come here to enjoy and later on, you give something back. When you take your mind to the limit through certain ceremonies, you learn that (and that is the concept misunderstood in modern Buddhism, and "fictionalized" in The Matrix series film) everything is as real as a dream, or a fantasy, and that only a few things are SO real that they can give you inner strenght in awful situations. The hope that sexual arousal, and friendship, will still be there after the storm, can sound silly to those who thinks that people should put their trust in something else/Greater, but believe me, when you reach the absolute core of Enlightment, EVERYTHING dies. "Who" you meet "there", what you learn from Them, laid waste of every human construct, included faith, moral, even portions of your personal character. Only two great columns remains: What is wanted by the Anima (latin for soul) and what is wanted by the Animal. The TRUE YOU, the Spirit, need both to manifest. Now, fill the blank spaces to complete the exercise. You got two questions, Soul and Animal, and two answers, Sex and Friendship. Don't think that the real answer is that easy Yet is in around there, though remaining ever-shifting. Sex and Friendship. We don't really need anything else. Everything of value, Art, Science, Tech, power, all of it stem from these "parents" and here both can be found. A limitless thank. I'll post soon the videos I promised. Meanwhile, my thread Where would you see me pee, hold a little gift for you all
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    and now for a few final words. First of all I want to thank each and every one of you who has contributed to the forum in some way, no matter how little or small. Whether it was a photo, a video, or even a story. It was greatly appreciated. Secondly, if you didn't win an award or even if you wasn't nominated, please don't feel sad. If I could give every member an award, I would. I hope this encourages you instead of discouraging, encourages you to post more, to share more, see how well you do in the 2018 awards. Who knows who will win? and finally, I want to say thank you to @Admin. Thank you for all the time, effort and money you have put into this site. Without you, we wouldn't be here. We wouldn't have this wonderful place to share our experiences, and discuss our favourite aspects of this varied and exciting fetish. You have created a close community and a lot of friendships, all shared with a common interest. So from all of us at Peefans, thank you. I hope everyone enjoyed 2017 on the forum, I know I did. Lets see if we can make 2018 even better!!!
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    At bus shelter, you have to understand that being too noticeable, too visible and obvious, can be counter-productive. I mean, it is done out of convenience, not out of kinkiness, not in those situations at least. So, I usually pee only when I'm alone, hiding from passer-by behind the shelter itself. I know this could maybe disappoint people but you have to understand: for me, peeing outside is something I was grown up with, I love to use it as a fetish yet it is part of my normal life, and many times, stealthness is more fitting than kinkiness For what concerns the motorbike, it was a little one, and from the colour and the features all around, it clearly belonged to a barely-legal girl. The helmet was haging from one side, locked to the bike itself, upside down, as a bowl I stood up in front of it, peeing standing, and really gave it an actual shower, it was one of the longest and more abundant piss of all my life, I am absolutely sure I peed much more than a liter that time. I peed on verything, filling the helmet up and peeing on the bike everywhere, being careful about actually hitting the heandlbars, the saddle, and to soak it completely. It rushed out like a hoose, I pushed with all my strenght and it was very exhausting from a physical point of view because I pushed really hard (and farted a lot while doing that) I wasn't concerned at all by the damages since they were fully intentional, this is a bit of my dark side coming out, like a time when a girl refused my sexual advances and, after a little arguing, I offered her, as a peace-offering, a beer partially "corrected" with something else, totally unbeknownst to her: When I'm really, really horny, If I cannot snuck into a girl's sex with my tongue (remeber? I was there to hook up with a girl that should have been brought along by an Alex' male friend, but she didn't came), I must snuck into a girl's life (not necessarily the same person) with my piss/power. The act was deliberate and plain-out sexually intended, like a bit of a r*pe. It gave me thrills, and in fact, as soon as we got to the club (we were in the parking lot) we left our friend to hook up with girls and went back to the car to have a fuck. When we got there, we noticed that both of us forgot about asking our friend the car-Keys, but I was so horny that I simply laid on the car-hood to get fucked from behind, doggy-style, in full view of Others...
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    No problems at all with the site. Just want to thank Admin for saving the site from a near death, and the people that helped at the time, without this kind of assistance, we wouldn't be here today. Thank you for the fantastic work you have done to make this site what it now is. Have a great Christmas and all the best for the New Year. Scot_Lover, Maigh and Mary.
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    Here in the UK, there was a programme called Top of the Pops, based on the single charts, it ran for years. Now, BBC show old programmes now and again and I used to love a song by Sophie Ellis Baxter called Groovejet (If this ain't Love). I saw her over the Christmas Holidays in one such programme, and loved her appearance, wearing a very short dress, lovely pair of legs, (envy!). So, I fantasised about seeing her take a a nice long hot pee...here she is, also pregnant, a nice big pot on her!
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    I started as a really young kid; loved peeing while sitting in the water's edge at the beach or standing knee-deep & letting if out before getting fully into the water, plus pissing through my swimsuit in the shower afterwards. Around the same time, not sure which came first- friends & I would sometimes take baths together & we'd watch each other stand up & pee. The naughtiness of it was definitely a motivating factor..
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