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    Hi everyone, this will be something of a multi-chapter story, I think. Basically just an idea that's been floating around in my head for some time. I'll probably publish here and there when I have the free time, and I won't be taking it mega seriously in terms of editing to make it really "literary" or super fleshed out. Just want to have some fun with this! Please let me know in comments or replies what you think or what you might like to see! Chapter One Breakdown Madison and I have been friends forever. Well, maybe not, but it really feels that way. In reality, it’s been a little over three years, but we’ve crammed enough into three years to fill three decades. From holidays abroad, double dates, awful parties, four and a half boyfriends between us (it’s a long story), we’ve been through literally everything two maladjusted twenty-somethings could experience. That is, until the summer of ’18 when Madison broke both of her legs. I remember the middle of the night phonecall like it was yesterday. I had been up finishing an essay till 1am and when what I thought was an alarm went blaring at 4:18, I almost turned my phone off and went back to sleep. But when I saw Madison’s mother – (Mrs K saved in my phone) as the caller ID, I remember my heart plummeting to my stomach. The story was she had gotten on the back of a motorcycle. She knew the guy – well enough to accept a ride – but probably not well enough to trust him, she later admitted to me sheepishly. Of course he lost control of the bike, crashed into the arse of a Ford Fiesta at a red traffic light. The guy was fine, few stitches and right as rain, but poor Madison took the brunt of it. She spent five days in hospital. Most of which I stayed with her. Summer was coming and I had no responsibilities, bar a weekend job working nights. We sat and gossiped and giggled over the baby faced student doctors. Madison’s mother offered to take Madison back to the family home to fully recuperate. She’d be bed bound for at least a week, according to the doctor, and it would be too much hassle, apparently. Of course I disagreed. We had a ground floor flat, a well-stocked fridge and bedrooms right next to each other. The only time she’d have to spend alone would be a handful of hours on Saturday and Sunday. Luckily Madison agreed and we successfully wore down her mother. Madison came home on Tuesday morning, carefully assisted by myself and her dad. Once her parents finally left, leaving a laundry list of things to do for her while she was bedbound, I climbed into bed with her and we put Netflix on. We watched her favourite – The Great British Bake off – for a few hours when I noticed she was wriggling around a lot more than usual. “You alright, Mads?” I murmured, mesmerised by rising dough on the tv screen. “Mm.” “You sure? You’re fidgeting. Like, a lot. Uncomfy? Need more pillows?” “No…” “Itchy? Need me to get an itch?” “Noo…” she was still fidgeting, as much as her broken legs would allow. She also wouldn’t look me in the eye. “Maddie, what’s wrong?” I rounded on her, suddenly concerned. Her voice came out in a whisper. I paused Bake Off, asked again. “I need a wee…” “You need a…” I was dumbfounded for a second. “Oh, you need a wee! Silly Mads! You should have just said. C’mon, I’ll help ya.” “I… I can’t…” Maddie’s arm went limp in my hand. “I have to stay in bed.” I blinked in confusion. “Even if you need a wee?” “Uh-huh…” “But… you were in the hospital, right? How did you wee there?” “Bedpan.” Maddie’s face was beetroot. “Ohhh…Well, did they give you one for at home?” “I think it’s in that bag Dad left on the floor. Could you…have a look?” “Of course,” I rifled through the back. Maddie’s favourite shampoo, her cherry patterned short pyjamas, pain medication, instructions for keeping her cast clean. But nothing that looked like a bedpan. “Mads, call me stupid if you want, but…what’s a bedpan look like?” “It’s this rounded thing… looks kinda like a potty for kids.” I had another rummage in the bag. “Maddie, I hate to tell you this… but I can’t see it in here.” “You’re joking?” Maddie sat up a little straighter. “No, please tell me you’re joking…” “I swear on my life,” I said, upturning her bag and emptying it out. I watched her eyes widen with horror and her hands slowly drift under the cover towards her lap. “Why isn’t it there? Oh God…” “Maybe your parents have it?” “I’m not ringing them up to ask!” she squealed, her face blushing even redder than before. “They didn’t even know I needed one! You know my parents, we don’t talk about that sort of stuff.” “Then what can I do to help?” I asked, getting to my feet. “Can I help you out of bed?” “I can hardly walk!” Maddie protested. “I’m exhausted! And if I go down, I’m done for! I can’t risk it until the bone sets properly – or whatever the hell the doctor said.” I perched on the end of Maddie’s bed. “Well, what am I supposed to do?” I asked, feeling a strange hot rush of embarrassment go through me. Of all the things Maddie and I had shared, I couldn’t honestly remember seeing her pee before. She was oddly shy about bodily functions and while they didn’t bother me as such, I was in no way an exhibitionist. “How bad do you have to go?” “Really bad. Like an 8.” “Oh my God, Mads, why didn’t you say earlier?” “I didn’t exactly want to broadcast the fact I’m supposed to be using a bedpan!” “Well, you’re not using anything at this moment.” I mused. “Not unless we can improvise in some way. Where do we get bedpans?” “Medical supply places. Or online.” Maddie had both hands in her lap and was wiggling furiously. “But that doesn’t help me now!” “I know, I know…” I said, glancing around the room. “Gosh, Mads, I don’t know what to suggest here!” “Well please find something!” she gasped. “I can’t hold on long! And I really don’t want to wee the bed! I haven’t weed the bed since I was tiny!” “Oh my god…” I murmured. Maddie weeing the bed was looking like a dire possibility. But what could I do? Watching her squirming was an awful sight, her face screwed up in pain. To my horror, I saw tears dripping down her cheeks. “Stupid legs!” she cried. “Everything would be fine if it wasn’t for these stupid legs! I really have to gooooooo! Maddie, please, I’m gonna wee myself!” I couldn’t leave her like this. I glanced around the room and my eyes finally settled on something. “Hang on, Mads.” I reassured her. “I’ve got an idea.”
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    Chapter Two Of all the things I expected to be doing to take care of somebody, this was not one I had ever considered. “Alright, Mads. Let’s get this sorted.” Maddie was a meticulously tidy person normally - a place for everything and everything in its place sort of girl - but one thing I never got done telling her was leaving towels on the floor. Rather than dry herself in our cramped bathroom, Maddie preferred wrapping herself up in a towel and getting ready in her own room. Often, she left towels on the floor. And thankfully for me, one was lying balled up in the corner, forgotten about since she came home. It was still slightly damp and smelled a bit funny, but it was thick and long and I was able to fold it up three or four times to make a large pad. “You alright babe?” “I’m hanging on,” she said grimly. “Okay. Relief incoming, I promise. Come here.” I whipped back the covers. Maddie was in another of her favourite pyjama sets - a blue and lilac Little Mermaid set. “Can you pivot yourself up at all?” I asked. “Not well,” she admitted, but she gamely tried her best, supporting herself on her elbows to lift her bum up as high as she could. I slipped the towel underneath her and spent a few seconds repositioning it. The whole time Maddie squirmed all the more. “Please hurry...” she pleaded, her round eyes watering. “I’m doing my best babe. Am I... am I okay to slip these down?” “Of course! I don’t wanna wee in my shorts! That’s counterproductive!” “Alright smartbum. Hang on.” I grabbed the waistband of her shorts and pulled, exposing her tiny mound to the air. I had seen it before, so many times, as we had gotten changed together umpteen times and often walked in on each other in shared bathrooms. Hers was tiny and perfect. Scatterings of pubic hair had sprouted and I giggled. “You need a shave!” “Don’t I know it! Ahh, can I pee now?” “Hold it just a few seconds longer so I can check the towel is safe,” It wasn’t until I pulled her shorts down to her thighs that I noticed some tiny wet marks in the crotch of them. She had been leaking already? I felt my heart swell. Poor girl. She must be desperate. “Please...!” She gasped. “I’m gonna wee!” “Okay okay,” I said, hastily performing the needed adjustments. I hoped she wasn’t holding onto too much as the towel probably couldn’t handle a massive soaking, but if a couple of drops hit the sheet and mattress then we could live with that. “Right, I think you’re safe. You can g-oh?” She had started weeing before I even finished my sentence. With a long, guttural moan, wee started flowing from underneath her. I watched in fascination as the towel darkened, the clear liquid streaming out. “Don’t look!” She squealed. “I’m... I’m just making sure the towel doesn’t overflow!” I said, only half truthfully. I peered closer. Maddie showed no signs of stopping. The wee was being absorbed, trickling down across the slit of her vagina and pooling underneath her bum. “You almost done, babe?” “Nearly I think,” It was going to be okay. With a final gurgle and trickle, Maddie pushed the last of her wee out and her head collapsed back into the pillow. “That felt so good...!” “I’ll bet,” I grinned. “Come here, let me see that.” “Ewww, you don’t wanna touch my pee!” “Someone’s got to,” I fired back. I gently extracted the sopping wet towel, a large, perfectly circular wet patch in the middle of it. “How much were you holding?” I gaped “I hadn’t peed all day!” She admitted sheepishly. “You’re a wonder,” I grinned. “Hang on a minute.” Leaving her still with her bits exposed to the air, I dropped the sodden towel into the washing machine. Just before I went back, I grabbed a roll of toilet paper which I flung at her. “Here,” I giggled as it bounced off her tummy. “Can you wipe yourself?” “I think so,” She cleaned herself off as best she could and together we got her shorts pulled back up. “There. Good as new,” I teased. “I’m so sorry,” she said, reaching up to give me a cuddle. “That must have been quite a sight for you,” “Mads, there’s like nothing that can shock me,” I giggled. “It’s fine. You’re not able to get to the toilet.” “Yeah, but...” Maddie suddenly looked sad. “What am I supposed to do? I’m gonna have to wee and...other things... a lot during the day. I can’t wee into every towel we have—“ “Don’t worry babe. I’ll figure something out,” I said, though I was no closer to an answer than I was flying to the moon. “Listen, how long will it be till you need a wee again?” “I think I’ll be alright for a couple of hours or so,” “Okay.” That was a manageable timeframe. “Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll go stick a washing on, make sure to wash that towel, then take a trip into town. See if I can find you one of those bedpan things.” “Are you sure? That’s so much trouble...” “It’s fine! I needed to go down anyway. Right, you’re sure a couple of hours is okay?” “Yeah, pretty sure. To be on the safe side, I left her propped up under another folded towel. I made her a drink and a snack, turned the tv off and told her to try and get some rest. She looked exhausted and I’m pretty sure she was asleep before I turned the key in the lock. As I stepped outside into the brisk summer air and set off toward town, I took in a deep breath. Towels would work in a pinch, but was I really going to find a long term solution? I had to at least try. For Maddie.
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    I shot this in an Art Gallery Loo!
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    I haven't been on recently because of issues regarding me posting personal pictures, public and private, which my husband found out. He did not approve and it caused big issues on between us. I want to apologize to everyone about the confusion for posting a fake picture and story like I have with the soil story. I went the wrong way about it to finally find out if he was using my account and i am very sorry to everyone. Unfortunately, I won't be able to post personal pictures of myself or take video requests anymore for protecting our personal lives. I hope everyone understands and respects my decision.
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    Thought this would be a fun spot. Nice splattering on the concrete! Hopefully somebody finds it!
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    so. i think i just made one of my biggest puddles ever. unfortunately, i wasn't able to get a pic. but, i had been conscientiously holding for almost an hour and a half, but had to pee long before that. i got home from work, and ended up in just my bra and thong in front of the tv with some gelato while watching reruns. i had began having to squirm and hold myself but wasn't quite ready to enjoy going. while making some green tea- waiting for the kettle was excruciating- i threw on a cardigan and spent the time checking notifications on my phone standing on front porch. the whole time with my legs crossed. i had a few dribbles of pee escape and seep through my cotton thong and down my legs, but nothing crazy. then i heard the whistle so went in to pour my tea, then back onto the porch. while waiting for the teabag to steep another wave of desperation overcame me and i actually pranced across my porch holding myself, as more pee escaped. i could feel the wetness on my thighs, and my panties had darkened a bit. but i still didn't want to let go. i was able to hold on another 20 minutes and was about a 1/4 way through my drink, when i decided it was time. being a gorgeous night, my legs had already dried but i could still feel the stickiness from my lastloss of control and with my feet only slightly apart allowed the hot liquid inside me to leak out- though it was more of a gush; with it cascading down both my legs and loudly pattering against the concrete below me. holy goodness, it felt amazing! and it didn't seem to want to end. i had to look around to make sure i wasn't waking any of my neighbors lol! so when finally all was said and done, i was standing in a puddle that was a good 2' around, but also had flowed the 6' across my porch in a 1-2' wide 'river,' to the steps, with a 6 inch wide tributary making down them and all the way to my grass 2 or 3 feet further! with that, and my tea gone, needless to say i am incredibly relaxed, and ready for bed.
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    Chapter 5 I watched Maddie like a hawk all evening. Not once more did she say she had to pee all evening. And by the time night and bedtime rolled around, she showed no signs of needing again. Midnight came and went and I was getting tired. Maddie was dozing, half in and half out of sleep so I tried to take the opportunity to slip away to my own bed. But her hand closed around my wrist when I moved the covers. “Sleep with me...” “H...huh?” I gasped, thanking god for the dim lights that she wouldn’t see my blush. “Stay. Sleep with me. It’ll be like a sleepover. Like when we used to pass out drunk and share a bed,” “Ohh,” I said, finally understanding. “Well, okay, if that’s what you want. Can I go to the bathroom first?” “Why bother?” She giggled. “You should try these nappies. They’re great. You wouldn’t have to get up,” “Look at you. Diapered for a day and already a convert,” I teased. “Nah. They’re yours.” I surprised myself with how secretly open I was to the idea. If nothing else, it was convenient. “But I really should go to the toilet, okay? I won’t be long. I just need to do a wee,” “Me too,” Maddie said. “Well you’re all padded. Go for a wee.” “I already am!” She giggled and lifted the cover to show the diaper slowly inflating and yellowing again. I shook my head. “You are such an exhibitionist when you want to be. You needing that changed?” “I don’t think so,” It was hard to listen to her over the noise of her wee pattering against the padded nappy. I waited until she was done and inspected her more thoroughly. “I think you’re okay. You should be fine through the night. You don’t get up to wee do you? During the night, I mean?” “Not often, no.” “Alright.” A sudden twist in my own bladder made my thighs squeeze together of their own accord. “I really need to go wee, Mads. I’ll be right back.” “Okay...” she pouted. As I disentangled myself from the blankets and padded out the door, my gaze found one of the packs of nappies sat by the doorway. Without thinking, I scooped it up and took it into the bathroom with me. As I walked to the bathroom, my anticipating bladder screamed for relief. A bit of wee pushed itself out, dribbling into my underwear but thankfully going no further. Clenching my peehole to keep it in, I wriggled my jeans and pants off, then sat my bum on the cold seat. Immediately a gush of wee poured from me, tinkling loudly into the water waiting below. As my bladder emptied, I let out a satisfied sigh. I sat there a bit longer than I needed to, reading the back of the packet of nappies. I figured it was easier to keep the open packets In Maddie’s room. The others could be safely stashed in bathroom cupboards, on the offchance we had visitors. It was then I realised something. I’d forgotten to bring pyjamas into the bathroom. Ordinarily I wore underwear to bed or slept (at least partially) nude. Not something I could do while sleeping with Maddie. I doubt she would have minded, but I wasn’t about to subject her to that. So there I was. No pyjamas. A pair of underwear damp with pee. It was too cold to go strutting through the house completely starkers. The solution presented itself with remarkable ease. I am not as skinny as Maddie. I was cursed with wide hips, a pouch of a belly and “generous” thighs. An ex boyfriend once told me I could probably suffocate somebody with my thighs. Please note, “ex” boyfriend. Due to this, the nappy was a lot harder to squeeze on. Forgetting the difficulty with tabs and getting it all to sit right, just getting it to fit around me was hard enough. Eventually, I got it sitting right and vaguely comfortable. It felt...weird. Like I was suddenly carrying a load of extra fat around my bum and vagina. The padding was soft, almost like cotton wool, and squished under my fingers. Maddie noticed the second I slipped into bed. “Got one of my nappies on, have you?” “Excuse me, I paid for ‘em. So technically my nappies,” “Naughty girl.” “Says you who was enjoying weeing in them!” “I’m just embracing it!” Her hand found mine in the dark. Every time we moved it was to a cacophony of scrunches and creaks of the nappy fabric. “Don’t wee the bed for God’s sake,” “I never was a bed wetter...” she was sounding sleepier, her voice trailing away. “Sure sure. I believe you.” “It’s true...” “Well listen, if you wake up needing a wee, tell me okay? I’m a bit nervous about that nappy not holding much more.” She didn’t hear me. Already asleep. I smiled, squeezed her hand once and shut my eyes. I don’t know if it was Maddie, the nappy caressing my lower body, or some bizarre combination of the two, but I felt comfortable. Peaceful. At ease. As if everything was alright with the world.
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    Ok guys, I promised this time ago, and here I am!!! I have Always loved the snow every child loves the snow, but while growing up, I learnt its destructive power, yet I also learnt to respect its beauty in a more mature guise Snow is so viscerally connected to our uncoscious because between 100 000 b.C. and 10 000 b.C, so it means almost one hundred THOUSANDS years, all the world had been covered in eternal ice, yet we humans already existed, and absorbed that mindset deep in the most spiritual/animalistic fring of our soul and Collective Unconscious (and that is also the reasons, beside it being really a nice movie, for Disney's Frozen being such a blockbuster) Snow relates to deep emotions, ALL OF THEM, in fact, if you are sincere, you'll find that very few things are more romantic (almost to the point of solemnity) than pure white snow, yet very few things are more dense, visceral, and dirtily arousing on a sexual level, than dark Yellow piss on the pure snow Forgive my lovely pijama
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    Ok friends this is the new deal This is my pussy And this is my motherfucking boyfriend taking pics of me while down on ANOTHER pussy 'problems editing the pic to eliminate the other girl.... her face was much more visible than mine AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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    (I wasn't sure where I was going with this story and just kept writing. It contains some violence in case that offends you. I really enjoyed writing this and hope you enjoy it as well!) Urine of the Goddesses – Ch. 2 The Gush of Agnetta Forty years after the reign of Empress Glendella ended, her successor, Desmona was found dead from uncertain causes. Now, in the private suite of the Grand Golden Palace, 26-year-old Agnetta Netzalissen Renkard, the newly appointed empress chosen to lead the land of Estress in the wake of Desmona's passing, sat preparing to perform the mighty goddess gush for the eager crowd of supporters awaiting in the palace hall. Barefoot with her tall, pale-skinned body wearing only a white silk robe and bracelet on her right wrist, she brushed her curly, long black hair while asking Archduchess Zeena for guidance as to how to proceed with her new role. The older and wiser Zeena, a voluptuous busty blonde, still stunningly beautiful in her early fifties, was stood over a chamber pot holding her lavish dress up, her weathered labia fluttering under a blonde and gray colored bush, as she released a forceful stream into it. Some of it sprayed beyond the pot, splashing a slave positioned on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor nearby, which she found humorous. Chuckling while now intentionally spraying him with her pee, she continued to converse with the young empress. “Empress, with respect, I see a sharp edge in you needing dulled. You have the vengeful tendencies of your mother. I ask that you be mindful of your words and actions to be an effective leader.” Agnetta rolled her eyes in agitation at the criticism and replied, “Gone are the peaceful days of Glendella. We have to be more harsh than she was. Some men now have immunity to EvePoxia X. If they no longer need our golden liquid to avoid its ill effects, our dominance will suffer. It is how we keep them under our rule with minimal bloodshed. It is why they are smaller in build, unable to physically oppose us. Harsh times await all women if we fail to address this growing threat. A world in which men do not need our golden fluid is a world I wish not to live in. For it is their hands and backs that labor and subjugation is for. We are their masters. Consider for example that male scum you are enjoying gushing on now, that is what is best for him. Sequestina's word warns against the threat of a plague that can appear in any form and threaten our future. That plague is now among us, Zeena, in the form of our men slowly becoming immune to the parasite. But at this moment, we must perform the ritual, I cannot hold my golden release much longer.” Looking down at the frail-bodied slave providing her oral pleasure, she shoved him away and stood up saying, “I feel nothing. Your tongue is too weak for my clit. Useless. Have a drink and a properly endowed sexual servant awaiting upon my return.” Ready to appear before the crowd, she tied her robe and headed across the room toward the curtain. Zeena finished peeing and dropped her dress to follow the empress, saying to the soaked slave, “Oh goddess, where are my manners? You'll have to forgive my horrible aim, little one. I sometimes can't see over this large bosom. Let me tell you, these things can be quite a burden, but oh how I just adore them! Be a good boy and clean this all up, dear." Agnetta's appearance ignited the sea of excited female followers into a loud cheer. She looked around, admiring the massive paintings of Goddess Sequestina on the fifty-foot high ceiling, shiny tan marble flooring, and white walls with glistening pure gold trim around each of the large windows that ran along the sides, highlighted by the mid-day sunshine. The archduchess was close behind, proudly joining her on the large platform in the important moment. After enjoying the cheering for a few moments, she raised her fist to quiet them and began her opening address. “My sisters, it brings me great happiness to stand before you in this beautiful palace, this beautiful house of worship that was once occupied by the great Golden Goddess Sequestina herself. I am humbled by your trust in me to be your leader of this wonderful land. I shall serve as not only your leader, but also your inspiration, friend and sister as Empress to the throne. I will honor the traditions of ensuring that we prosper, raise our daughters to be powerful and free, contain the evil of men, strike fear in the hearts of our enemies, and brutally punish blasphemers who dare speak ill of the goddess. As her word compels, I want you all to repeat after me.” “Woman is all.” ((“Woman is all!”)) “Woman is the world.” ((“Woman is the world!”)) “Grant us the power to serve our golden goddess.” ((“Grant us the power to serve our golden goddess!”)) “To embrace and love our cunts and golden torrents.” ((“To embrace and love our cunts and golden torrents!”)) “In the name of Sequestina.” ((“In the name of Sequestina!”)) She looked on satisfied as her sisters cheered loudly in applause, clad in only their knee-level, skirt garments from the waist down with sandals. The roar of countless female voices was deafening throughout the hall. Agnetta raised her fist again, signaling her sisters to silence as she continued addressing them. “Our beloved archduchess Zeena will now pass around golden pots. Anyone needing to gush, please do so and pass the pots to your sisters. The collected liquid will be sold at premium price to keep this palace pristine. When they return, the mighty goddess gush will commence.” Agnetta kneeled in prayer, awaiting the pots to circulate. A few minutes later, the double doors at the rear of the hall burst open, interrupting the ceremony. Two female guards carried forth two young men, with hands tied behind their backs. The intrigued crowd grew silent as they approached. The empress returned to full posture and instructed them to speak of the situation. Bowing their heads in respect for a moment, one guard addressed her. “Empress, we have before you, two blasphemers. A townswoman informed us that she overheard them stating their disdain for the word of Sequestina, that her teachings were unfair and wrong. We bring these abominations to you, so that you may judge them and decide their fate. There is another important matter, empress, and the primary reason we felt the need to interrupt your showing. One of these wayward men is William Garthen, nephew of the Archduchess Zeena.” The collective gasp of the crowd was instant. Agnetta replied, “Very well. Thank you, ladies. I shall deal with them soon. Keep them at their knees. My sisters, I will return in short time, please remain present and continue filling the pots.” Agnetta returned to her private suite to ponder how to deal with the men. Her bladder ached for release, while she sat angered due to having the important day tarnished. Zeena stood nervously looking at William. The amusement she enjoyed by demeaning the slave with her pee moments earlier was instantly replaced by genuine fear of how the sharp-tempered, immature empress would punish her nephew. All in attendance eagerly awaited Agnetta's return. Roy, the younger of the two at age nineteen, raised his head to ease a neck ache, to which one of the guards sternly uttered, “Keep your head down!” She then placed her foot on his face and shoved him to the floor in a show of aggression. Four minutes later, three two-gallon pots returned to Zeena, filled to the brim, warm to the touch and smelling of urine, which she placed to the side. She could see another pot being passed across the walkway in the rear, still being filled. Soon after, the empress reappeared and stepped down from the platform to approach the men. Standing over them, she looked back at Zeena for a moment, seeing only the fearful look of disapproval on her face, as she was forbidden to speak during the ceremony unless instructed to by the empress. Zeena was too wise to misinterpret the intent behind the brief stare, knowing the vengeful edge that she spoke of was about to show itself. Agnetta grabbed one of the guard's swords and instructed the nervous men to rise to their feet. She stepped close enough to Roy that her large firm breasts made contact with his collar bones. He felt her body heat and erect nipples poking against him through the thin fabric of her robe. In a bold voice, she asked, “Peasant, do you have something you need to say about Sequestina?” He collected his nerves and said, “Empress, it is not true, the lady...” Interrupting him, “Empress is what my sisters address me as! Peasants with disgusting, inferior parts hanging between their legs will address me as Empress Agnetta!!” She then reached into his pants and firmly gripped his genitals tightly, squeezing until he gasped in pain. “Just as I said, inferior. Pathetic male anatomy. I've broken more of these while atop a man than I can count. This tiny thing you carry wouldn't last mere seconds with me! Now explain your blasphemous words at once!” “Empress Agnetta, it is not true, the lady was dishonest! Ahhhh, please!!! William and I said no such things. It's not true! She seeks to destroy innocents! I swear in Sequestina's holy name, that woman tells lies! Ahhhh!!! No, no, please don't!!!” The men looked around at the sea of doubtful and enraged faces that showed no interest in their story. A random woman in the distance shouted in angst, “Off with his head!” The agitated crowd was reignited into a frenzy. The empress stood staring at Roy, squeezing his testicles harder still. As the noise settled and she was preparing to reply, William stepped forward pleading, “Empress Agnetta, Roy speaks the truth. The lady down the road tells lies indeed. She carries hate in her heart toward us. Please, we have done no wrong! Aunt Zeena! Aunt Zeena, stop her!!” The archduchess held eye-contact with her nephew, remaining silent, as tears slid down her face. Agnetta released Roy from her grip, and in another indulgent abuse of her power, swiftly raised the sword and drove it into William's stomach, clear through his back. The crowd erupted again, satisfied at seeing their blasphemer slain. Roy and the archduchess looked on in horror as he drew his final breaths. Returning the blood-stained sword to the guard, she grabbed hold of Roy and turned him to face the hostile crowd. He looked down at William, his best friend of ten years, as his body laid motionless. With tears trailing down his face, the ecstatic empress continued speaking in a more urgent tone. “My sisters, what you just saw is what Sequestina demands, punishment! It pains me to have to waste the life of a young vibrant peasant that could've offered so much in labor and sex but it pains me not in the least to rid this great land of the evil that led this foolish boy to assume he could falsely accuse our sister and speak to me without being told to. Such insult cannot be TOLERATED!! This is why Sequestina warns that women must RULE the men with a brutal hand to control their savage impulses! Now this other blasphemer named Roy standing before you, has not only spoken ill of the goddess but has also come into THIS palace hall to join his accomplice in disparaging one of our fellow sisters as a LIAR! Do we take his word as truth?!” ((“No, empress!!”)) “For you all KNOW that this peasant is indeed the real liar, yes?!” ((“Yes, empress!”)) “Does he submit to our cunts?!” ((“No, he does not!!”)) “Shall we teach this evil man to submit to our cunts?!” ((“Yes, empress! Teach him! Teach him! Teach him! Teach him!”)) (chant continues) Agnetta stood looking upon her sisters, basking in their loyal worship. Roy stood there with numbed emotions at the display of the rabid, blood-thirst, knowing that his fate was sealed. The guards dragged William's body out the back door. Zeena stood as still as a carved work of art, her mind forced to wander elsewhere amid the horror of seeing her sister's son slain. Roy looked at the trail of blood left behind. Chants of “Teach him!” continued until the empress raised her fist. In a once again silent hall, she told Roy to turn around. He slowly turned, ready to meet his end. Agnetta approached, asking, “Are you ready to face Sequestina's fury?” He quietly replied so only she could hear, “I have no fear of you. I believe you killed Empress Desmona in your sinful lust for power. Your mothers hatred of her is well known. That bracelet you wear, William and I saw her drop it years ago. He returned it to her. Never seen another like it, with those red and green stones. Now you just happen to have one. The only savage here is you, feigning purity while you murder without proof of ill doing for your own childish amusement. Evil festers within you. Damn you to hell. I'm not afraid to die at your feet, you disgusting cunt.” His strong words had an effect on the empress of which she never before experienced. Tears over his slain friend were dried. His posture stiffened. He wasn't backing down. She stared into his soul momentarily, unsure of how to defeat such unwavering strength. She smiled and replied, “Then you will soon wish to have died at my feet.” She then gave in to her rage, swiftly raising her right foot and kicking Roy in the stomach, which knocked him to the floor. Her sisters again vocalized support. Stunned from the impact, he rolled over to crawl away. The empress stepped forward and placed her foot firmly on his lower back. With a sinister smile, she gradually forced her weight downward. As the pressure increased, Roy felt sharp, gripping pain ripple from his back downward. She pressed harder. His screams of agony were buried among the crowd cheer reverberating through the hall as his spine began to give. While grinding and twisting the ball of her foot into him, her toes turned white from the pressure applied. His arms flailed in panic as she continued twisting. An instant later, she raised her foot and drove it hard into his spine, instantly snapping it under her weight. There he laid screaming in horror, motionless and paralyzed while Agnetta shouted to the crowd, “My sisters, it is now time to teach this peasant to respect the CUNT!! The mighty goddess gush shall ensue at this moment in celebration of a defeated evil! In the name of Sequestina!!” Silencing her excited sisters, Agnetta rolled him onto his back and positioned her feet at his sides. She untied her robe and threw it aside, exposing her full naked body. Standing lustfully over Roy, she yelled out, “Sequestina, Golden Goddess, rain down upon this evil being! Make your presence known through me! Touch me with your power as I gush in your essence!” Yellow nectar erupted sideways against her left leg from the darkness of her thick, black bush, in such grand fashion that would seem possible only with the aid of a force beyond. Again her sisters cheered, unable to contain their joy. The stream, appearing inhuman in its volume, quickly straightened and struck Roy's face, flooding his mouth, nose and eyes. He moved his head what little he could in an attempt to breathe, as her fiercely powerful gush struck him with relentless pressure. Agnetta looked down at her violent stream as it punished her victim, getting intensely aroused, feeling her clitoris enlarge and tingle. Standing over him while committing such a vile act was the kind of intoxicating feeling of power that she deeply craved. The unwavering smile on her face clearly conveyed her sinful satisfaction. She raised a fist and the hall grew silent once more as she continued urinating upon a paralyzed Roy. In the dead silence, his choking and the loud splatter of her torrent against the floor was clearly audible. The potency of such concentrated urine burned from within her overfilled bladder through her urethra as it sprayed wildly. Many of the women observing were amazed at their new empress's impressive display, thrilled to the point of subtly pleasuring themselves. With her eyes now closed and head facing toward the ceiling, she exhaled in orgasmic-like release as her flow gushed forth. Several more seconds passed before it finally weakened, again spraying her left leg and foot in it's final drips. Agnetta opened her eyes to look at Roy, moving her wet foot over to rub it against his face. The remaining golden pot returned to the archduchess, now full. The empress instructed her to bring it over. She held the pot up high to incite her sisters further and signal her intent, to their excitement. A few seconds later she turned it, dumping the nectar of dozens of women down onto Roy. The huge volume of urine splashed far and wide, spreading out in a large flood across the shiny floor. She tossed the pot away, knelt down to her knees on the soaked floor and positioned her pussy over his head, as a few stray drips of pee fell from the thick curls of her bush onto him. Again looking upward with her eyes closed, she stretched her arms aside with palms facing up and prayed to the Golden Goddess. “Sequestina, I have done your duty. This little man now understands the perfection and power of the cunt. It is your word that guides me always. Give my sisters and I the strength to continue honoring your name.” Standing back up, the empress instructed the two guards, “Take this abomination from my presence. I want him stripped to bare skins and tied to the tree of shame at the center of town. There he will remain until his final breath. He is not to be clothed against the elements, fed or given water. Instruct the women of town to gush upon him at will, in honor of the goddess.” As they dragged him along the floor, she said to the crowd, “My loyal sisters, I thank you for your attendance and strong unity in support of the mighty goddess gush. This ceremony is now at its end. You are dismissed. Bless you all, in the name of Sequestina.” Before the hall finished emptying, Agnetta swiftly returned to her suite, tingling to the fingertips with arousal and wasted no time ravaging her sexual servant for over an hour before collapsing into sleep. Archduchess Zeena had walked to the river along the edge of town, her favorite getaway, where she sat in silence thinking of William. Late in the night after awakening from her sexual marathon, Agnetta stepped out of the palace in her robe, climbed atop one of her horses and sought out Zeena. Eventually finding her, she said while still seated on the horse, “Desmona was weak. It's bad enough that some men are now immune to the parasite. We have to control them now more than ever. I had to kill her to preserve our way of life. She let the boy live in the past, despite his evil tongue, out of respect for you. Such weakness cannot be allowed to infect this land. I will restore purity. What I did to William wasn't my fault, he did it to himself with his accusations. And in case you didn't gather, I deliberately chose Roy as my gush victim, to spare you having to see it happen to William. I easily could've released myself upon his bloody corpse, and I would've enjoyed doing so, but I thought of you. Don't forget that. We must stay strong, Zeena. Grieve for the boy tonight, but I expect your focus restored by sunrise. There is much work ahead of us.” The archduchess replied, “You...you are right, empress. William was blasphemous on many occasions. It was time to put him down. I always told Lily she was too soft on the boy. Women must punish such male behavior. I lost sight of that, blinded by my bloodline to him. Please forgive me. I will see you at sunrise.” Trotting away, Agnetta's final stop was the center of town, now dead silent for the night. Climbing down, she approached Roy, his paralyzed body seated on the ground with his arms and head tied to the tree of shame, distressed from the cold night breeze. The ground beneath him was soiled with the urine of countless local women that happily treated him to gushes of their own. He looked at her with fierce hate in his final hours. She stepped forward, untied her robe and squatted down over him, positioning her musky smelling pussy just inches from his face, and released another flow of urine. This time, only a slight stream was produced as her bladder hadn't yet stored much. Being so close to the source, Roy had little choice but to watch as her large hairy labia split apart as she sprayed her golden liquid onto his torso. Feeling her body heat radiating into him amid the frigid temperature served as a final unexpected comfort. Her breathing and the hiss of her folds were all he heard for the next 12 seconds. Upon finishing, she slowly rubbed and slapped her pee soaked slit right in front of him as a vulgar display of dominance. Standing up, she bent over toward him and uttered, “You're right, I did kill Desmona, and I do lust for power. One more thing you should know is that I look forward to gushing all over your burial site while you're rotting in the dirt. Goodbye Roy.” Agnetta then stood back up and mounted her horse to leave, soon disappearing into the darkness.
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    um, normally only about 3 feet forward when i manipulate myself to do so. if not, and i stand a certain way, only about a foot. otherwise it goes almost straight down. the farthest i've ever gotten, and this was totally unscientific, was maybe 5 feet, but i haven't been able to replicate that distance since.
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    So I told you all about her pussy showing through her leggings and revealing piercings. So today, all 12 of us went to lunch at a local place and her boyfriend joined us. As a reminder, this guy is ripped and in the military. So anyway, after lunch, we all paid our bill and stopped in the restrooms before going back to work. I was coming in the men's and he was standing at the urinal finishing up, and holy SHIT is this dude hung. Saying he's big is an understatement. Her jolly super nice attitude makes perfect sense now. She is one satisfied lady. Later in the afternoon, she came to my office for more training, as we planned in the morning. Before we started, she put her notepad on my desk and said, "I'll be right back, I gotta pee." When she came back, she sat down and said, "Damn, I've been letting all that tea out since we got back." Nothing major but I just love when women casually talk about their pee with no shame. There are 3 other women in my office I know of that have openly expressed the urge in the past. If only I could've heard how hard she was going today. I bet she can produce a nice flow, she just has that look.
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    everywhere in the world where there are not cctvs and I really mean everywhere
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    Great laying In bath. Me fillng cup up for some fun
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    Chapter 4 The best thing about my flatmate is that she’s not afraid to be herself. She isn’t one of those girls that chooses salad and water for every meal. She’s a steak and three sides with a dessert for a chaser sort of girl. I only have to look at a piece of cheesecake and I put on half a stone. Maddie could have the whole thing with cream and ice cream and still not gain an ounce. Even now, as worn down and exhausted as she was, she still shovelled down the Indian takeaway (my idea) with admirable gusto. It was like she was a machine - mouthful of food, mouthful of drink, repeat ad Infinitum she was incredible I was trying to keep track of how much she had drunk. We got a 2ltr bottle of cola with the takeaway and I’d refilled her lemonade at least twice in the few hours before the takeaway. She had made no declaration of needing to go, nor had any of her movements betrayed her. I wasn’t sure if she even would tell me. It was hardly a thing that you would just announce. “Here pause that while I wee in my nappy”. It wouldn’t happen. So instead I watched her out of the corner of my eye, listened carefully for the noise of trickling liquid. Nothing. 8pm came. It had been four hours since Maddie had put the nappy on. As I stood up to slot in her favourite DVD - Inside Out - she pushed herself up a little bit. “It’s strange...” she started. “What is babe?” “Weeing in a nappy,” “Are you weeing?” The DVD nearly slipped out of my hand. “R-right now?” “Not quite,” She said, frowning slightly. “I can’t seem to get started. I dunno - it was kinda easy to do it on the towel but I’m really struggling here,” “Poor Mads,” I soothed, settling back next to her. “Can I help?” I tried to make the noise of running water but all it did was make Maddie groan. “Sorry,” I said sheepishly. “Aw, don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. Promise.” “Mm...” “How bad is it?” “I dunno. Like a six. Maybe seven. I just can’t force it,” “Don’t force it, Mads. Just relax. It’ll come out,” “I know but it feels really weird. Like a rock in my tummy...” “That doesn’t sound good at all,” I murmured sympathetically. My hands found her tiny stomach under the covers. Sure enough, I lingered upon a tiny swelling at the lower end of her belly. With gentle pressure, I pressed my hand into her belly. She giggled. “What are you gonna do, tickle it out of me?” “Maddie you’re like the world’s least ticklish person ever,” I grinned, still applying gentle pressure, back and forth, back and forth. “That feels weird. Aaah... ahhh... ooh, no, I’m gonna wee...!” “That’s the point!” I pressed down a little harder with every movement. “Nooo no no no, nooo, I’ll wee everywhere! It hurrrts...” “Just let a little out, okay?” “Nuuu, what if it spills out? Or it goes everywhere?” “You’ve got an industrial strength and size nappy on. You’ll be fine. And even if it did leak, it’s just wee. Your comfort is a little bit more important. Now come on, babes.” I pressed down with all my weight. “Wee for me,” Maddie let out a strangled gasp and her rigid body suddenly went limp. I watched in fascination as she started giggling. Along with her manic giggles, I could just about hear the steady trickle of liquid seeping into the padding. The sound was incredible. The nappy slowly inflated, I saw the indicator strip at the front slowly turn the palest shade of yellow. She weed for a solid minute (yes I counted), with a dazed dreamy look on her face. “Wow,” I said as she pushed out the last drop. “You keep those up we’ll go through a week’s worth in three days!” “Oh do shut up,” she said in a blissful whisper. “That felt so good,” her hand sought the nappy and she poked it and squeezed it. “How does it feel?” “It feels okay. Feels warm!” “No, I mean does it feel... full, for lack of a better word?” “Nah, not at all.” “So you’re okay to keep it on?” “Yeah. May as well get the use of it. It’ll dry a wee bit, won’t it?” “Should do,” With that, we went back to watching the film. I found myself hoping it wouldn’t be the only time this situation would present itself. Little did I know, my wish was about to be granted.
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    without wanting to be pushy at all I really would like for people who sign in to display some gender informations if people feel they are reluctant to share their age fine with me, unless you are actually falling to pieces I have had sex with people of all age, what means to me is charisma, so fuck off what concerns age but I would really like to know if somebody is a man or a woman, straight or bisex (or even only bi-curious), it could help a LOT in personal contacts, and to get a better understanding of people's comments from my aggressively comments on girls pictures and videos I even got some PMs from people puzzled at me being a man or a woman, that's why now my profile is so rich of infos about me I'm not asking for people to write a biography in their profile, just to know a bit who they are, if they got a pussy or a cock
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    Hello fellow piss lovers. I’ve been a member of this site for a while but have never posted anything so I figured id give it a shot. I’ve been into efro since I was 11. I’m 21 now and I’ve never shared this fetish with any of my friends or family. I really into watching women relieve themselves, perticularlly voyeur pissing. I’ve never been into watersports but I’m willing to give it a try if I find a willing female partner.
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    I do love this thread, spywareonya...so many ideas. I've waited for months for some nice weather to bare my bum behind a bush, and have a little sneaky 'tinkle'. So in answer to your question; 'Where would you see me pee?' Outside, a secluded wooded glade, behind a bush...make sure it's a nice warm day! X
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