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    Georgia Harrison is seen on vacation in Dubai, 1/18/18
  3. Famous Babes

    Ashley Graham - Bikini - Gif x1 Duration - 15 Seconds
  4. Best Places to see Peeing

    Dorm rooms Rodeos Tailegates Lakes or beaches
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  6. Where, from experience, are some of the best places to see desperation and peeing? Off the top of my head: Concert tailgating in parking lots (particularly in rural areas) Large festivals Bar areas in cities Any one else have any places they have seen people peeing in public?
  7. Famous Babes

    Anna Friel - Dressed As Striper - The Street - Gif Duration - 10 Seconds
  8. Peeing like a girl

    Here is the result of me peeing squatted down behind a car in a car park. This was done in order to remain hidden behind the car rather than through desire of wanting to squat like a female. The car park was in full view of a busy road, so squatting behind the car kept me hidden and allowed me relief.
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    Kayleigh Morris shows off her stunning bikini on the beach in Cyprus, 1/15/18
  10. hi how are you ?

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      I have not seen you onย  here that much.

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  11. Goodbye

    Sorry to see you leave. Like a comet streaking through the cosmos you have appeared and now leave. The interaction of our gravities have changed us, and you. I hope to see you return some day, if only to read the further chapters of of my stories when they get written . Be well and I hope our orbits cross again some day.
  12. Famous Babes

    Amanda Seyfried - Topless Photoshoot - Gif Duration - 10 Seconds
  13. Spyware's last post talks of people with our fetish being thought of as freaks by a lot of people, sadly she is right, I'm sure we've all had partners at some point whom we haven't mentioned it to or if we have they've treated us like we're something terrible. It made me think about how little people understand, or try to understand, for most people, myself included pissing themselves at the wrong time would be terribly embarrassing. now supposing you were in a situation, I'm not talking about in front of a crowd, or it the middle of a shopping mall, I mean somewhere semi-private, stuck in a long jam or a lift or something like that, just you and your partner. Now there comes a point when you need to pee when you just can't hold it anymore, it's happening and there's nothing you can do about it, the only certainty is something, pants, jeans, skirt, whatever you are wearing is going to get wet, would it not make you feel better to turn it into something sexual, rather than just piss yourself. Imagine a woman wearing a pair of light grey pants, for whatever reason she's stuck with her partner somewhere where she can't get to a toilet, she's going to piss herself, and he's going to see it, would she not feel less embarrassed, would he not feel less awkward if it was made into some kind of game, for example, she places his hand on her crotch and he rubs it, then she says something like, I could really do with a piss, imagine your hand rubbing me as I take a long hard piss into my pants, imagine the feeling as it soaks into the material. Now you've taken it from something potentially embarrassing/disgusting to something sexual which would take the edge off the deed, so to speak, plus I think it would help the lady too if she thought her husband was getting off on it. I remember my wife, she'd done the very occasional little wee in her pants for me, usually when she'd had a few drinks, then one evening we were stuck in traffic a fair distance from home. She'd not had any alcohol, but quite a few soft drinks and as the journey was taking longer than expected, she found herself caught short. There was nowhere to go, and we couldn't even get off the motorway, whichever way you look at it, she was going to piss in her tight pants, no amount of squirming, bobbing, puffing or pleading was going to change it, there was only one certainty that evening, and it was that by the time we arrived home, she was going to be sitting in a pair of piss soaked pants! I hated seeing her getting upset at the thought of what would soon happen if I could have found any way for her to relieve herself I would of, then I had an idea. I reached over and slipped my hand in between her legs, the crotch of her thin black spandex leggings was quite damp the wetting wasn't far off. "feeling horny are we" I joked, "no I really need a wee" she whimpered, "I'm going to end up weeing all over my pants, my boots, the car seat, it's awful". "Oh I see" I said, reaching onto the back seat and grabbing an old coat that I kept there,"well stick this underneath you then", she raised herself up and placed the coat to cover the seat, I slipped my hand back between her legs, much wetter! "you can't kid me you know, you're getting horny, the possibility of wetting yourself is turning you on" I replied, "no I really need to wee, it's going to come very soon" she whimpered again, I began to rub her crotch slowly, a couple of spurts leaked out, "oww, it's coming" she wailed. I kept rubbing slowly, "listen, you are going to wee in our pants, but not before I tell you to, if you do then as soon as we get out of this traffic, I'm going to find somewhere quiet, spank your wet bottom, then pull down your wet pants and shag you", I slid my hand along her thigh, then when she was at her most relaxed I squeezed it hard and sudden, she squealed with the shock and at that moment began to wet her pants. I slid my hand back onto her crotch and rubbed it gently, feeling her warm wetness run through my fingers. "you lose" I said as she sat pissing in her pants, "that means a good spanking in your wet trousers, followed by a hard shag". by now I was as randy as hell and when we eventually got free of the traffic I lost no time in finding a quiet spot to park up. I got her to turn over and spanked her wet bottom, pulled down her leggings, leaving her panties up and began to ride her, each thrust causing the wet panties to push hard against her bottom. " I think you did that on purpose didn't you?" I asked grinding hard against her sopping panties, "no, I really needed a wee" she sniffled, her face pressed into the headrest. " I think you did, and the fact your hole is soaking proves it, you wanted a spanking so you pissed your pants to get one, knowing it would turn you on" I said, pretending to be annoyed, I pounded away and pretty soon she was making one hell of a noise as she came, totally soaking her already wet panties, I shot my load into her and after getting back on my seat, I felt the wetness on her crotch. "If you ever want your bottom spanking again you only have to ask," I told her, " and of course if I ever catch you weeing in those sexy little panties you know what will happen don't you". She smiled at me, "I suppose you'll have to spank me" she giggled, "but if you spank me I'll wee myself anyway, so I suppose either way my panties will get wet" There's been a couple of times since then when she needs to go but couldn't and she's just put the coat under her, sat back down and said "I think I'm going to need a spanking soon", usually followed by a slight hissing sound as she wets her panties. It's one way of turning what would normally be something embarrassing into something sexual, now who could complain at that!
  14. Goodbye

    Good luck in the future I hope you find what you are looking for, I enjoyed reading your posts, they made me smile,best wishes, not only from me, but from the rest of us "freaks" on here. We're only freaks to those who don't understand.lol
  15. Goodbye

    Ok guys, the time has come. I came upon the decision to leave this marvellous forum. I'm not saying I will never, ever, like a blood-oath, never come to this place again. Nobody knows the future that way. What I know is that something changed in the last days. I felt that something very important had been obtained, and that I gave something equal in return. Talking with you helped me a lot rediscover a playfulness that had been a bit lost in my sexual life, and found here marvellous friends. Really good-soulled individuals, which confirmed the decision I undertook years ago, when really chosing to undergo Adepthood: Mankind is worthy of being saved. You guys are wonderful, you are friends, more than friends. Yet, I felt I gave all that really makes me special. I know that people would like to see other pics of me or hear about more adventues (I talked about 15% of them) but that is not what I was up to. I was here to share something limitlessly more important than arousing: we ALL felt rejected by a world that consider us freaks. Who says elsewhere is a lucky or a liar, either. I wanted to assure you all that piss-orgies had Always been the only way to greet the only Beings that really could judge us. Piss-fetishists are the real "Flock of God". THAT was what I was really up to. And I obtained it. I notice, too, that in the last days, the main focus of the forum shifted from my threads to those of other people, who offer a complete different "atmosphere" than me, exactly during the same days in which I started feel this sensation and also lost the push to post as aggressively as before. It is some kind of cosmic timing. The attentions I got on my last important thread, "Post 666", and certain PMs I got from very particular members (not gonna reveal who) really helped me feel that something important had been built, and that now is the time of passing the olimpic torch to someone else. I'll not edit my post, not even the most intimate ones. Beside the fact that I KNOW the become un-editable after a certain amount of time, I didn't even tried to see if they still were: they are a gift, for people I loved more sincerely than you could ever understand. And THAT is the exact reason why I'm leaving. I had been a "very active lurker" in this forum since its Birth years ago, I joined to talk with people I had been knowing from posts and profiles for YEARS while lurking. I loved you. I still love you. I wasn't here to "partecipate in a forum". I was here to make love to people I loved. From my side, I came. Now it is time to re-dress and leave the room, leaving my lover with the memory of something sincere and potentially life-changing.
  16. I think your "page picture" is of Michelle Thorne ? She has done some lovely pee videos. Cheers X

    1. Natapee


      Yes. She is so perfect! ๐Ÿ˜Š If you have some links please feel free to share. ๐Ÿ˜‹

    2. Rich7



      Hi, that is one, not sure if you have seen, and hope to find some more soon


    3. Rich7


      A few more, first is one where you can download mini "vids" if you want to







  17. Famous Babes

    Lena Katina - Wet and Wild - Gif Duration - 8 Seconds
  18. sirhub

    All good, I've got it now. 426gb online
  19. sirhub

    ok, it is confirmed that you have actually no luck. Yesterday, as far as i understood, there were probs with the ISP, the Internet connection. Seems to be fixed now. See the post "When SirHub and SirForum were off the same time" : Also note: Do not wait for an Email from the forum!
  20. Famous Babes

    Selena Gomez - for Puma (2018)
  21. Famous Babes

    Danniella Westbrook - shows her fake boobs on the beach in Spain, 1/16/18
  22. Diuretics

    The worst I've had is just crippling heartburn, but an antacid will take it away. Mary has the constitution of iron, nothing makes her feel yuck, if we're in the middle of something, Maigh will ask her to have a quick shower, lol. Strangely, Maigh has an aversion to other bodily fluids, sweat, among other's and prefers to munch on clean things, where Mary will go to town on anything at anytime. To be safe and to keep the peace, we make it as clean as we can.
  23. Grizzlys pee pics

    I do to...**runs away **
  24. Grizzlys pee pics

    No i seperate work and play
  25. Grizzlys pee pics

    you better not lol
  26. Home alone

    Lol well you pick next time
  27. Grizzlys pee pics

    Never at work lol
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