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    Casey Batchelor is seen on the beach on holiday in Tenerife, 3/20/18
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    Homemade for the ladies
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  5. While i was at work, my husband sends me this picture: To add to this message, I come back from work and open the front door and he's laying on the floor waiting for me. Of course that not just end with a GS. I have not seen him in 4 days!! Lolol
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    Lottie Moss - braless puffy Pokies in crop top in L.A., 3/19/18
  7. Lessons in magick

    How is shame defined? Is it the rules imposed by society? or do we inherit some deep down programming from the days of the stone age? And how do you tell the difference? The three of us have resolved quite a few instances during our time together, and now we have grown so close together, we cannot bear to be parted from each other. When one of us sleeps in the spare room, nobody sleeps, we just cannot sleep apart anymore, not one of us. Is this an inherited trait arising from getting over the shame we felt? Sorry for all the questions, love this thread.
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  9. Lessons in magick

    like now gotta go take your time to write whatever you want see you soon love, Nancy
  10. Lessons in magick

    answers and doubts are welcome and will be answered swiftly (unless is night in my country and I'm sleeping) meanwhile I'll post a new thread about a powerful ritual for this Spring Equinox, which is to be performed on the first sextile of the moon, which means this friday night, and it involves alchool and naughty peeing!
  11. Lessons in magick

    So, my advice is this: first of all, realize that you are not transgressing any Law of Nature second, realize you are projecting onto Others your fear of being actually spoiled within you third, eliminate anything that could actually spoil you for real (Always remembering that you fear of judgement comes from #2 and not from any real problems of which Others are not knowing about, obviously!) to eliminate these wrong processes, de-censor them through looking at them with love and forgiveness they are maybe right and deserve de-censoring forgiveness or maybe they are wrong and in this case, they come from your misinterpretation of the right way to get your hands onto something good, as for example when we think that Revenge can make us feel better, and it is not their fault, but yours, and you can Always change de-censor your desires without mindlessly unleashing them and forgive your imperfections yet without endorsing them do this for a week and you'll feel light like walking on thin air and then get back here and share your thoughts
  12. Lessons in magick

    Raising the bar of the overall level of your unconscious, by starting to de-censor ALL of your hidden desires, being careful, meanwhile, to avoid unleashing them without proper reflections this will bring to the light ALL processes which are going on in your unconscious and it will make easier to perceive which are natural and which are stained by envy, hatred, and fear which stem out from desire to be happy, and which come from the need of censor something which you fear you will not be able to face making long things short, some of your attitude comes from a safe perceptions of your strenght compared to the outside world, while other are more nervous, coming from fear or, on the opposite, arrogance eliminating these processes will purify your unconscious, making you feel less under attack ashamed people feel so much under attack because they project on other their perception of being under attack by their own hidden demons
  13. Lessons in magick

    ...and in order to do this, you must purify your unconscious but how? It is so deep! and vast! Well, there's a powerful trick, but is a bit violent, only people which are both hard and flexible, both brave and humile, can use it avoiding backfiring
  14. Lessons in magick

    The problem then is not to find a way not to stir people contempt: I avoid telling people I'm a Witch or a piss-lover myself, it is simply strategy, I'm not saying you shouldn't keep this as a secret... ...but it shouldn't make you suffer! I do NOT suffer about the fact that people could misjudge me, and why? Because I am so severe toward myself and so knowing about Laws of Nature&Gods, that I am ABSOLUTELY SURE that I am fucking right THESE are the allies I was talking about: certainties that will help you be more sure of yourself and this thread had been built in order to give them to you all but they don't eliminate your inner doubtfulness, they only help. To erase doubtfulness, you must SILENCE THE ALERT ABOUT SOMETHING UNIDENTIFIED GOING ON IN YOUR UNCONSCIOUS
  15. Lessons in magick

    So, after all of this, let's get back to the problem: if you are not bold as fuck, people's contempt will make you feel... DOUBTS ABOUT YOURSELF!!!
  16. Lessons in magick

    If your body is healthy, your pee will also be, to the point it can be drank actually. Her relationship with unpurity is exactly the same a vampire could encounter drinking an obese man's blood. Nature created pee to be first of all the bringer of our chemical/hormonal signature: the fact that it bring away also waste product is secundary and very useful, but doesn't mean in any way that this truth backfire against the archetypical purity of pee
  17. Lessons in magick

    Pee is the water that liver and kidneys drain from limphatic system, which in turn is part of the circulatory system pee CONTAINS waste product but is NOT IN ITSELF a waste product
  18. Lessons in magick

    Nature bring together everything it can bring Pee, scientifically speaking, is NOT a waste product, let me clearify this to you
  19. Lessons in magick

    Imagine you are God, and every action of your should be perfect Now, living being eat other living being, their soul is immortal but their body needs food so unconsciously but powerfully grasping that their core-part is immortal they rush against each other and kill each other to feed, as Existence Always worked since You (who are god) created it You feel confused about your last night: you were drunk and created hyenas They feed on carrions and you do not think it is nice to them having created them to live that life they seem happy with it but you want to ake them live a more "normal" life, eating normal killed-on-the-spot food Now, after various animals hunting, some of the carrions are left, they are both a waste, and can fester and become poisonous You need something to remove them, maybe eating them so they would not go wasted You consider upon giving order to some animal (or one of your angels in your service) to go and eat the carrions But nobody looks happy with it You want to be perfect so you don't want to discontent anybody but who will eat the carrions then? What do you do? and then pop! hyenas pop up! and they say that they are indeed happy to eat carrions! Why "protecting" them from a strange life when they like it and you need somebody to do exactly that? At which point you realize that creating hyenas was a Genius pitch and not an act of drunkness
  20. Famous Babes

    Lea Michele - Black Swimsuit on the beach in Hawaii, 3/20/18
  21. Lessons in magick

    So, what I am saying, is that if you are not utterly friend to yourself in EVERY spot of your unconscious, people's contempt will #1 stir up your programming about the fear of being ostracized #2 actually make you fear to develop actual enemies! #3 make you fear there is something inside your desires that actually transgress Laws of Nature a Vicious example of #3? Unreal (luckily!) but Vicious? "Pee is a waste product. How can it be holy, if the healthy body needs to get rid of it?" Well, that is a good answer, because he who doesn't develop such a doubt, is careless toward the need to make every act of his life to be spiritually healthy the point is that existence is not that linear I'll make you a counter-example that is amusing just wait a little
  22. Lessons in magick

    (here also come the follow up of my last thing wrote about ALLIES and I explain what I mean)
  23. Lessons in magick

    Ok @steve25805 here I am Steve, in order to conquer something, realizing its nature of un-absoluteness is good but can backfire, because there are TWO kind of evil in the world #1 absolutization of un-absolute things (like society's rules) #2 wrong utilization by men (and so by society) of actually absolute things Unluckily, shames come from #2 There are some morals which even the Gods follows, and the fact that Nature seems not to follow them is only because we are not trained enough to see them so, exceeding in our effort to drag power from a so-called "discovery of un-absoluteness" about these matters can in the end results in failure, because we are trying to de-absolutize something which indeed is in itself actuall absolute, only misused The point Steve is not to fight back shame, is to go Beyond its structure. Morals exist also in Nature and in mind of the Gods, because Right and Wrong actually exists, they're only almost reversed to what common people believe, but are real and fiercely avenged by spirits. It is normal to feel shame if we made a mistake, the point is not to demolish shame but to conquer it, going Beyond our first line of analysis to peer at the Truth: we feel ashamed when we cannot trust the purity of our intentions now, you perfectly know that there is nothing wrong in your sexual exploration, but in your deep unconscious something strange happens: an alert rings, telling you that something unidentified had been put in your subconscious and therefore, since nobody knows where did it end, no psychological process can be fully trust because maybe, MAAAAAAYBE, he and HE alone is THE VERY motherfucker which penetrated 'till your subconscious. Can you understand? If you hate your cousin, your unconscious tell you that maybe you also hate flowers because there Always were many in your cousin's house. Maybe you hate flowers because your former one-true-love rejected a peace-offering rose from you when you were 15 and choosed insted to break up definitively with you, and your cousin's house didn't penetrated your unconscious enough to become relevant, but since you cannot be really sure, the alert rings nonetheless and advices you of some potential connection (in our imaginary scenario there aren't any, but the alert isn't sure so he rings anyway) between your hatred for flowers and their massive presence in the house of the cousin you hate part 2 coming
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