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  2. They never notice I guess because they are too polite to look. They know of course that I do it and just think it is funny - I guess that is the British way. They were all a little shocked at first i think, but fully accepting right from the start as soon as they knew. PP
  3. The amount of baby boomers, born after WW2, who do this.
  4. Do they pretend not to notice or are they just so used to you doing it? What was the reaction first time they realised? Were they a bit shocked or intrigued or impressed?
  5. Very British Problems...

    But we like offending our old foes.Which really inclides just about every European country we have battled,and won,many times over the years..Spain,France,Italy,Germany-obviously.Why not enjoy a bit of triumphalism?
  6. Very British Problems...

    I hate the way in which certain TV shows become like the kind of "bread and circuses" of the masses,like all the soaps,strictly come dancing,in which characters from the show,somehow get into some of the papers.Even on BBC news programmes.Soaps now seem to be the litmus paper of culture.They now promote "social issues" instead of being everyday tales of life,each episode now seems to promote gay rights,refugee problems.Things that most people in working life dont really think about.
  7. Peeing on the carpet in the pub, and all your friends are too polite to notice...
  8. The look on the BBC weather forecaster’s face when it snows.
  9. Frankie Babe

    yep she's my fav .She looks like she really enjoys her work.
  10. Arranging Meet-Ups

    Does any member or members live in or around the Plymouth UK area?
  11. This would be awesome. I'd be up for it.
  12. I know there has been talk here of a Midlands (England) meet up. I would be interested, and I know of at least one other, plus some above might be. I am East Midlands, but would be willing to meet either West or East Midlands if accessible by public transport. If I am not a lone voice then happy for first meet to be social, pub, cafe or something. Maybe we could do something at some stage, but not necessarily. To me any activity would be pee/nappy/possibly wetting fun (as I say maybe not on first meet) not any prelude to sex, for me anyway, so gender not crucial. To me any gender welcome, although I am Bi. Clearly people have their own likes, re activity etc, where meet might take place. Anyway putting it out there for anyone to respond. Meeting of course in safe public place, and any a ctivity anytime always by consent and with respect for each other
  13. A bit of snow causing total chaos.
  14. The best locations I have found have been in Brighton and Newcastle, unsurprising with the amount of hen do's and hedonists . I live in London, though have our ladies here seem more reserved, yet to find a spot that always yields sightings. Festivals are great for sightings in better lighting, though much harder to grab a longer coy look. My all time favourite is the notting hill carnival though I haven't been in several years now.
  15. Arranging Meet-Ups

    I should’ve told the group I was in London tonight. D’oh! A pub evening would’ve been just the ticket.
  16. Frankie Babe

    I've loved this girl since the first time I saw her. Great pictures. ?
  17. Arranging Meet-Ups

    I'm with steamlover on this one. An all-male group doesn't really work for me and a single female participant could find it a bit much. A fairly even mix always works better. Safety in numbers for both sexes and a better conversation, too. No ladies at all interested?
  18. Arranging Meet-Ups

    I'm in the West Midlands, happy to travel but really do need 50 -50 male and female for it to really work. My g/f would happily come along but we need another female at least, no other girls else willing to oblige? Don't be shy, its fun and quite safe!
  19. Is there any more interest in a get together? I hope so and happy to organise it but we need more people.
  20. Many years ago there was an old guy lived over the road from me, he'd worked in the local glass factory all his life, as a labourer actually, however one day he was talking to a bricklayer, "I was a brickie, before I retired" he told the chap, a few weeks later and he was talking to a joiner, "I was a joiner before I retired", was part of his reply.Every time somebody mentioned a trade, he'd always been it, the only thing he'd never been was an electrician (my trade), the guy was a nightmare! One Sunday morning around 5.30 am, there was a loud banging on my front door, I'd been on late shift the night before and had only had about 4 hours sleep. I threw on some jeans and a T shirt and rushed to answer the door, it was mid summer and quite light outside, stood on my doorstep was Frank,the old guy. "what's up, are you ok?" I asked, thinking he must be ill or something. "yes fine, it's just I've been cleaning the front door and noticed my doorbell doesn't work, can you come and fix it?" I wanted to strangle him, waking me up for a bloody doorbell! Everybody in the area new him, and what a pain in the arse he was! Fast forward about 5 years and I'm living 300 miles away, I'm having a drink in a pub and get talking to this bloke, he'd worked for the same company as Frank (in it's heyday it employed thousands of people) When I mentioned I knew the company he asked, "did you ever meet Frank, reckoned he'd done everything, he worked there, what a pain in the arse he was". Imagine that, you go to the other side of the country, meet a bloke who used to work in a factory in your home town, and out of the thousands of people he worked with, the one he remembers was Frank!, how mad is that?
  21. What annoys me about this country is the stupid governments who won't face up to the reality that we are finished! We give loads of money in aid to foreign countries, quite a few of whom don't need it, take India for example, they have a space programme, yet we still give them aid, if they can afford a space programme they don't need our money. Also how can we give millions to other countries when we have our own people homeless and relying on food banks? But what really boils my piss is the way we get involved in stupid wars, that have sod all to do with us! Going back many years, when we were one of the worlds leading players, any trouble anywhere and it was a case of "tally ho chaps, here come the brits, we'll sort it all out". Usually we left the place in a worse state when we left, but hey ho, back in the days when we ruled half of the world, that was how it went. Now our government still has that mentality, even though we can't afford it, and we have less military capability than we ever did, they still insist on dragging us into almost every conflict wherever it happens, I wish they'd wake up, grow up, and realise we are not who we once were.
  22. My favourite British pee porn starlet of all time is probably Frankie Babe, aka Clare Olsen. Here are 20 selected pics of her pissing......
  23. The way we still go on about the war. Just for personal amusement, the other day in work I greeted one older customer with "Guten Morgen, Mein Herr!" The response went something like this......."Don't give me any of that bloody nonsense! I remember that bloody shower in the war......." Cue five minute rant about how he never buys German cars, etc. If a German had actually heard all this, he'd have been most bemused, probably. And every time England plays Germany in a game of football.....the tabloids seem to react as if it is a re-run of World War 2, hahaha.
  24. The slightest physical contact in the street and we instantly apologise, regardless of whose fault it was. If we are not spending all our time moaning about the weather, we are spending it apologising to each other.
  25. A very British problem - Never being satisfied by the weather and having an irresistible urge to moan about it, even to absolute strangers. "It's too hot isn't it?"..........NO IT FUCKING ISN'T! Try living in Riyadh or Mumbai! "It's too cold.".........NO IT FUCKING ISN'T! Anyone from Alaska or Siberia would laugh at us! "It's too wet"........NO IT FUCKING ISN'T! Ever heard of the rain forest? It's called the RAIN forest for a reason! "It's too windy"......NO IT FUCKING ISN'T! Having your car picked up and thrown 100 yards by the same fucking tornado that has turned your house into rubble within seconds......well THAT'S windy. In comparison, getting your hat blown off or your umbrella blown inside out just doesn't cut it.
  26. So far we seem to have: me Adyguy6970 Sexismygod Are there any more interested in meeting up? We are all male so it would be nice for some ladies to join us, I know it can be intimidating but the first meeting would be in a public area, probably a pub or similar, so a safe environment and nothing expected more than a chat about our favourite topic.