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Like to see peeing in inappropriate places, other than the toilet? You're not alone. Join the club (literally)...

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  2. Sink and garden are the easiest, so you wouldn't look like a perv For my personal and vulgar delectation, (but I find very difficult for a woman to trust somebody who tell her something like this) I would have said the floor FROM the sofa or the table so to avoid spalshing, or even better the wall from the table, spraying it from a little distance and letting it pool on the floor.
  3. Elevator

    Ah aha ha ahaha!!! Don't know why but your stories always make me happee. They're funny, and the way they are written is funny too. I imagine you like a human-sized male fairy, cheeky and kinky but goodhearted
  4. so a few weeks ago, i had gone to have a massage and i guess i was way relaxed afterwards. plus it didn't help being kneaded while not having been potty for awhile. 😜 anyways, despite using their bathroom to tidy up a bit, i opted to hold instead of go potty. i was going to walk around the shopping center a bit, and maybe eat, but that pressing feeling was becoming more urgent. it wasn't long before i found a low pillar that offered some privacy from the main parking lot. i slid my pants and undies off, my pee began escaping as i squatted.
  5. Pissing against the wall

    Very nice indeed!
  6. Pissing against the wall

    Annie really gets some distance ... great pic
  7. Elevator

    I just did another elevator pee last night.
  8. Pissing against the wall

    Great image. Could just imagine standing against the wall being aimed at....
  9. Elevator

    On my way home from work I just peed in an elevator a few hours ago. It was one of those with a metal floor. It was an elevator for a parking garage that has no cameras. I rode it to the bottom level of the garage saw as it was late at night no one was nearby in that level. I waited for the doors to close. I realized no one was on that floor of the garage so it wasn't going to open soon without me pushing the button. It won't open on a different floor with out going up first. I unzipped my pants and let out a wee peeing on the floor of the elevator letting my beautiful yellow pee hit the metal floor and make a noise. I kept on letting it out making a large puddle on the floor, until the last drops. Then I put it back in zipped my pants up, rode the elevator back to street level and headed on to the bus. Now I'm really horny thinking of this fun adventure.
  10. Pissing against the wall

    What video's this from? Is that Annie?